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police department the Commissionconsists of an all civilian panel of members from across the citythe Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all policerelations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deathsreceiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against swornRiverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing communityconcerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Departmentif you’re interested in learning more about how you can serve or forinformation on the Commission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C fall hasarrived to the Inland Empire and here on the campus of nor divisive high schoolthe football season is heating up it’s the River Valley League opener as theRamona Rams get set to pay a visit to the Braves of Nord Avista in ourRiverside TV game of the week hi everybody and welcome inside Zach ErtzStadium here on the campus of Nohr to Vista I’m Christian miles pleased to bejoined by Nick rice and Nick we have a good one tonight Ramona come in off aperfect start 5a no to begin this season however no slouches in their own righthere the Braves at 4 and 1 make no mistake in the River Valley League thishe’s a big one tonight certainly is the preseason is over so now we had serifeearly played and two clubs that may have been the best out of RiversideCalifornia and football coming into tonight to battle and this is thespecial thing about high school football yes you have a 10 game season but due tojust how good these two teams are a win or a loss tonight could go almost theentire way towards determining a league championship title implications timelet’s look at Ramona right now Diego moniece the junior quarterback having agreat year and a big reason why they’ve had such a good startwell the Rams have just been sensational but he has been the catapult of thatoffense specifically he is about as terrific a dual threat quarterback as wehave in the river valley league he’s second of the conference in passing oneof the best rushers in the conference as well and he should be real tough to stopnotre Vista is a good defense but Diego Muniz is that quarterback he’s just thatgood he’ll be tough and put up points tonight heyMisty’s got a pretty good offense it’s built on the running game and thesophomore Eddie Elaine is raising a lot of eyebrows yeah well he has been thego-to man for the Braves the league leader in rushing and he is about astough of force as there is he is big and bulky he had gained some weightthroughout the offseason and the weight training and throughout thenon-conference year he has torn the defenses to shreds and certainly shouldbe tough to stop tonight all right we’ve got a good one here it’s the RiverValley League opener last year it was Ramona losing out now Nord Avista looksto make it two straight when we return we’ll have the starting lineups and thefirst half kickoff it’s the Rams and the Braves next onRiverside TV and welcome in to Zack herb Stadium here beautiful nor two VistaHigh School the home of the Braves form one against the perfect ramona Rams inthe River Valley League opener happy to have you along Christian miles alongsideNick Bryce a little bit of an early kick-off here but we’ll start it offwith norther Vista in possession early on the first drive and certainly willget a look at that vaunted running game early on here nega’s it’s a draw rightup to godson as you would expect it’s the sophomore Auntie Elaine we talkedabout him in the open he is the key tonight for the Braves who’s been aroundfor a gain of seven by Eddy Elaine here’s a kid his justice sophomore ranfor over 1, 500 yards as a freshman last year and another pitch to the talentedsophomore right up the guts he goes short gainer that time and very close tomoving the chains and in fact it does so two downs and a first down here for thenorte notice two Braves we’re really excited for this footballgame tonight it’s the beginning of the river valley league and this most likelywill end up being the most important game in terms of playoffs and theconference championship in the season they’ll pitch it right back here andthey’ll go to you hey soos Gonzales and catch it up with head coach can’t batdork before the game here Nick he was telling us how talented this runningcore is a notre Vista they have the league’s leading rusher and Eddie Alainwho was just incredible against Ramona last year as well okö heavy ground andthey’re blocking up front has improved all year again they’ll go short thistime on the pitch and a short gainer after second 5 will be about third andfive-year all running game in fact we talked to Kent back tour if the headcoach had nor to vist he said hey you know we’re lucky if we throw it about 10or 11 times per game they did that about 11 times last week and that win overNorwalk with nine completions but it’s their running game it’s nearly at 280yards per contest that’s where they get the job done so it’s third and two forquarterback Daniel Gonzales and once again the draw very close to the firstdown for Elaine they might have to bring the chains out for this one Danny justgot it last year Eddie Elaine ran the ball 33 times for 161 yards and twotouchdowns and he has improved he is a very young kid has a bunch of talent andalso is seeking to vision one interest this man is a next-level type of playerand sock nor de vista they’d be Quinn cording that really 29 it catapultedthem to the playoffs last year such a big game of course Hillcrest having abig say in the title race as you would expect the big three in the River ValleyLeague and once again more of the run game more of the same hey if it ain’tbroke don’t fix it fort Notre Vista what’s fascinating and looking at thisteam it’s talking to the head coach they throw it back they’re an old fashionedteam they’ve run the ball here six plays to begin this Drive but when they’reasked with their quarterback Daniel Gonzales to throw they are a veryserviceable offense that can stretch the field in those limited instances soit’ll be second and six and I’ll throw it up to carbajal he tries to go rightup the guts right now hitting that line dead center they’re having success inmoderation and that will bring up third and 3o for those of you watching and aregetting a bit dizzy at these ball carriers I mean we’re the same theBraves they employ seven or eight different runners in terms of full backstail backs and wide receivers on those tosses those pitches all differentformations they throw out Ramona and all the defense’s they’ve played this yearand that really keeps the offense fresh so third three-point Lane and Goodsalleys it’s very close and he’s just short I believe the first down dependingon the spot in a lane trying to go up the guts once againquick pitch hanging off here is they slowly but surely March Stanfield notclose enough so forth and short an early decision to make for Ken backdoor andthe Braves it really is it’s an important football game betweeneau de Vista and Ramona and as we look at this for that one I believe that thismay be a huge turning point in the first half of this concept the bow on the 48and they’ll go right back to their tried and true just enough on the surge secondeffort got it so first down in the fourth down play good conversion herefor norther vista to keep the drive alive that was a physical run for a laneand he’s one of those bowling balls when he gets going he can lower the shoulderand he crashes into that line and moves the chains that was an impressive playas they’ve gone ground now was nine straight snaps tenth play thisincredible possession already 21 yards on those five carries for a lane andreferee puts a halt to this one on first down now speaking of penalties can backdoortelling us hey if we keep it clean we don’t get those penalties will stand avery good chance of winning and this is going to work in their favor 5-yardpenalty so first and short there’s a home team maybe we can look at that teamcomparison as we take a look at the River Valley League most specifically aswell these two teams can run the ball but of course no two vistas doneincredible a little bit more passing yardage here for the Rams as we’ll seeon their offensive possession so Gonzales on the pitch and stopped atnothing going there that time well-read by the Rams defense first to it veryvery quick off their defensive line so wouldn’t we spoke to know to Vista thecoaching staff throughout the week and of course leading up to this footballgame he believes that they should have even more than what we saw on the screenthere the 278 yards per game rushing the Braves he believes should have even morethan that and largely it’s due to the blocking and they’ll shed and head tothe second level bitterly that’s just a mental thing a notre vez does improvedthroughout the year in that regard second five for Jesse Carbajal getsabout three on the carry bring out third and short for noir toVista and indeed this is a defense for Ramona it lacks a little bit ofexperience only a couple of returning starters that being under fifty to oneswing Maya is really the leader up there on that DL ad the Rams you can seealready now the 12th play this possession some of those defensivelinemen they have their hands on their hips they’re a bit exhausted and gettingbeat at the point of attack here they’ll line up in the eye on the pitch to alane breaks the line of scrimmage but caught and dropped for a loss wellwrapped up that time by Brian Alvarenga the two-way player had seen here and wesaw this in the previous meeting as they’re denied on third down Ramona gotoff to that flying start the defense has some excellent especially up front somesize and some strength that can in those third downs as we see here Elainegetting stock they can’t move the pile however the Rams we will see over thecourse of the game as notre Vista has more bodies on their roster whether ornot they can exhaust robota throughout this second half so forth and two forthe brains another test and they’ll go back to a lane it does just enough alittle bit of a stumble there but it should be enough to move the chainsno doubt about it they’re not making any disguises they’re gonna run and runstraight at you yeah they’ve gone between the tackles carrying the ballessentially every series now this appears to be a closer measurementthey’re even bringing out the chains that we initially thought as Lane goesairborne their incredible job upfront paving the way by the notre Vistaoffensive line take a quick look at it lot is dependingon this spot here neck he was fourth in two looked as though on that trip overwhen he hit the ground it may have been enough but this flooring out the chainsin check take a closer look right this would already be their second terrificjob in a chain gang putting the hustle on to get over there but this hasalready been a sensational Drive and early on not only as the gameplan Bankclear that nota Vista will carry the ball led by a lane but also theirplethora of backs they also are going to go for it on fourth down their secondtry of the ball game well and that will be just enough just III water balllength a little closer than we anticipated but a first down nonethelessand we talked about this running game get this eighty seven percent of theirtotal offensive terms of yardage comes on the ground right rubbering justaround three hundred yards a game can bat door says hey I want to get 350 to400 per game right and he believes he can do it and this offensive line lookslike a unit that can do that here in the river valley they so first down in thisone from the 37 a nice sizable gain and a good carryfrom Eddie Elaine sophomore at 6 feet tall 180 pounds and Nick was talkingabout the success running for over an average of about 122 yards per contest blew the doors off the river ValleyLeague is a freshman last herb he looks like a senior already with just hispower in his athleticism really has been a sensational drive put together by anyLane Josef lucky and the notre Vista offense this is the most significantstat line to me not only is nota Vista running the ball as they have withsuccess here in the early stages in this game Ramona knows they’re going to runthe ball and throw out this Drive has been clear where they’re running betweenthe tackles in and I still paid huge dividends for the Braves early heyeverybody in this building everybody in this conference it’s exactly what Nortonvistas is going to do they’re making no bones about it but hey it may beone-dimensional but it’s very very successful they say if it ain’t brokedon’t fix it yes really bared the fruit and his drive brings them all the waydown this possession started at their all twenty they have marched to the34-yard 33 already and this is what makes the Braves such a tough out on theRiver Valley League this offensive line paved the way for a nine and threeseason last year the Braves work to get again a year ago the best run game ofthe conference and they are proving it yet again in 2019 powerful drive puttogether in over eight minutes by the Braves second and seven from the 34 inmotion because Gabe Kashmiri and on the runnot much game there so it’ll bring about third and long here for the Braves anoffense that returns eight starters this campaign from the team in 2018 they wentin nine and three and finished second to Hillcrest in the River Valley Leaguejust an incredible drive by no to Vista but this may be the first time they leanon Daniel Gonzales to throw even though this unit average is about seven yards arun and they’re capable of moving the chains on the ground so they line up inthe I third and six or nor to Vista and once again they go right back to andLane and does he do enough just that last-ditch lunge may have been enoughand it does appear that it’s gonna be enough for a first down and a greatsecond effort that time by the super sophomore incredible carry from Elainehe shows the balance there to take the initial contact from the defensive lineand spins right through it 80 Elaine so far has been a workhorse he is put in ahole a half’s worth of work just on this Drive alone and has carried Notre Vistaand the scoring range so first down for the 26 long methodical Drive approachingthe 10-minute span once again they’ll go back to the triedand true of Elaine short gainer once again and the clock keeps going lordAvista coming off that 28 to 7 win last time out against Norwalk and a bye weekto think about a loss on the 13th of September at home to Temecula Valley wasa nail-biter 16 to 12 but they really bounced back in positive fashion this isthe time of year that notre Vista plays its best football in the month ofOctober last year they outscored their opponents a hundred and forty six pointsin October last year and now in October 4th they’re doing the same again thiswould be Jesse Carr ball after the 4 yard game from a lane less than thatthis time for Jesse carvajal the sophomore at 5 feet 7 180 pounds verymuch a different runner a little bit of a wrinkle thrown into the running attackthat really is multifaceted yeah it’s been tough for Ramona to slow down Imean the Rams defense has been on the field this entire quarter and no matterwhat they throw out them it’s it’s been sensational how they’ve been able to beable to change it so third and three from the 19 inside the red zone now forDaniel Gonzales the senior quarterback and hands it off on the pitch and Elaynemuch wriggle wound that time close enough third downs have been more likesecond down four know to visit throughout this Drive looks like they’llgo for it again this’ll be the third fourth down it’s short that we’ve seenthey made some gutsy call sir Nick on 36 going to the run this one in the redzone not very often do you see a high school football game or a drive takesmaybe even over a quarter if they move to chains this is Christian the 20thplay of this possession and they’ve gone ground every time fourth and one for theBraves tight line throw it right back out and I believe it’s carbajal it is hesurges forward moves the pile and moves the chains in the process yet again Wowanother five yard carry for Gonzales and Notre Vista incredible block up frontthat was by way of Emanuel Rubio but he really just took Ramona’s defensive lineand pushes them 5 yards up the field and this I mean there’s no other way to putit notre Vista has just overpowered the Ramona defensive line to start this bookand it’s a real good way to put it here this is a Braves team it’s all aboutpower players shaken up on the play and get some medical attention because it’sbeats you down they play Smash Mouth football you can call out whatevercliche you want but certainly that running game is pounding on the defense offensive linemen and the Bravesthroughout this Drive I think the most significant moments of this possessionhas been those fourth down runs not just from a lane but by committee it showsthat this is a well coached football team and a club that isn’t phasedagainst the stout Ramona Rams defense on those third and fourth down situationsit brings up first and ten from Ramona’s 13 and the March continues Wow therunning game continues this time it’s a lane trying to go up and over the topthey’ve got some good stops initially but those second efforts have reallypaid off tonight for Nord Avista we witness it last year we’ll take a lookat that in the second quarter but note Arista can wear down a defense betterthan close to anyone else in the league incredible first quarter effort for theBraves offensive line through 22 plays well the Day of the Dead and of coursethat is Dia de los Muertos returns coming up on Saturday November 2nd atwhite park in downtown Riverside from 1 to 10 p.


July 22, 2020



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