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it’s been very competitive for the mostpart in this long-standing rivalry notre Vista has got the better end of themover the last couple meetings but La Sierra used to be the team takingcontrol of this series a short time ago swivel on second down is Saks loss offive against the La Sierra quarterback as axel Vasquez he was the first ofthree different players with a take away in the second half of no two vistas winlast week against Hillcrest and in that game we saw Riverside TV the Trojans itseemed to counter every scoring punch that notre Vista and Eddie Alaincountered in the second half of that game until the defense with thetakeaways really took control that game yeah and it really could have goneeither way in fact Hillcrest had a number of penalties that really workedagainst him I have a sixty heart penalty I believe in one of the one of the placeand really cost him the ballgame but the defense like you said stepped up coachAndy Martinez and his staff got his guys prepared and I think when you get to oneguy with two interceptions in the fourth quarterthat’s huge absolutely huge and that maybe the interceptions that he createdwas against the best I would say if it’s up for debate Cameron Payne the bestpasser in this conference I mean he has been sensational all year we saw him inthe opener and Cameron Payne who was hurt we have our condolences out forthat man as silk rest is underway tonight against your Ramona Rams intheir building we’ll try to get some scoresfrom the teams as the night goes on but I’ll tell you what if your coach GaryHanlon and you walked out of this first quarter only down 14 nothing they reallythey held the ball for quite a bit of time Barnabus that didn’t have the ballthat long yep so you’ve got to say that is a minorvictory if you’re coach headland and his staff so being down 14 nothing prettydarn good considering the high-powered high-octane offense of the bridge acouple of weeks ago go on a 26 play drive and that is just common territoryfor them I mean this offense I think it’s impressive one to know that theycan run the ball and move the line of scrimmage but to wear a defense knowswhat’s coming and they still can’t stop and I’ll tell you what coach bent Kenbad Norfolk I had talked to quite a bit you know that game the loss that theytook the Temecula Valley really was an eye-opener because they had to traverse70-plus yards in the last two minutes and that’s one thing came back dork saidhe wants to work on the last three games of the year because they’re gonna have atough games when they hit the CIF playoffs so if the biggest problemthey’re gonna have now is keeping those starters really fresh because if theybeat teams really bad those starters aren’t playing an entire game so what doyou do to counter that to get to keep them ready for the playoffsyou gotta score quickly on offense and I think that’s what we’re gonna see coachKen batt Dorf and his players they’re going to work on getting scoring quickand fast it’s been pretty quick for notre VistaBraves up 14 nothing but their defense will be tested as lost see our facesthird and nine to eddie Elaine touchdown runs in the first quarter and we headinto the second with notre Vista leading 14 to nothingEagles already have one third down conversion to this game a scribble firesa seam route off the hands of Jarrah in cook Lakes great play call wide open itjust I think anticipated the hit before should have caught the ball first thenyou worry about the hit a good pass from the young quarterback yeah Justin asquib l in and out of the lineup with injuries but he has nine totaltouchdowns this year and nearly a thousand yards all-purpose him returningto the lineup does wonders for the slaw Sierra offense and we saw thatperformance last week for the Eagles against chalupa Valley fourth and nine masya brings out Daris who will fake thepun he Sprint’s to the rights and he is drilled out of balance by Oscar Godoywho lost his helmet la Sierra Gamble’s down 14 certainly can’t question toomuch a coach who trusts his guys to go for it but it does not pay off and youkind of hoping that I’m sure coach Hebner was hoping they would catch themoff guard but the heard of this stuff seems to be very focused here tonightlike I said the toughest thing for novi for these last three games for hittingin the class is to stay focused for the entire game forty-eight minutes againstay focused yet tonight next week the 25th against Toluca Valleyand the regular season finale on November 1st against the Patriotwarriors first and ten Gonzales off play action fires to histight end and Manuel Rubio he takes a tumble to the 25-yard line a terrificcatch in traffic for the tight end 13 yards first down odor Vista well if youcan had a passing game to the Braves they could be pretty hard to stop in theplayoffs and I’ll tell you what if they can’t pass the ball against the Eaglesit’s gonna spread things out we’re gonna see more the Alleyne train story herefor the Braves slot backs are in the game now on this jumbo package Gonzalesfakes the toss to Elaine and feeds to his fullback Albert Gonzales and thesenior just his third carry of the year gains 10 first down notre Vistaand this may be a different wrinkle that they’re just throwing in now Kent batdoor throwing those play action passes into the mix throughout this promisingdrive from the 14 toss to Carvajal who then feeds on a sweep to Joseph luckyand this time he’s spun down for a loss taken down by Eduardo Estrada number 54talking about Carvajal Carvajal is one of those backs I really firmly believeis on par almost with Eddie Elaine and I mean this I think he’s a power back Ithink he would be a superstar for anyone you have a two-headed monster not a lotlike Latino white remember the thunder and lightning that USC he’s more of atwin deal white there’s some Lightning Daniel a touchdown Notre Vistaas the Lightning the thundered carvajal yeah and that brings up an interestingdilemma Jessie Carbajal knowing coming into the year because Elaine he cameinto this team and last year just with his 1, 500 yards rushing he really puthimself on the map right away and kudos to Carbajal for taking that backup roleand widows numbers called being prepared to make big plays as he has seeminglyall season and it’s really tough when you run that double wing offense is thatyou have the thunder and light you’ve got the power you’ve got the athleticismas we see Elaine who’s so quick but I’ll tell you if you’re a defensive line youhave to deal with Lee’s got this huge offensive line and the pounding wouldyou lead blocking your quarterback then your fullback and then you have to dealwith Eddie Elaine that makes it tough for any defense to stop let alone justthe glassy air eagles tonight and with 10 28 to go in the second quarter noteArista and are crisping clear nights a prime-time Friday affair in mid-octoberbetween the Braves and the Eagles 72 degrees some wins as well from the Westand what is an incredible matchup here tonight the kickoff was muffed but takenon a hop by Randle who was spilled about the 20 yard line as the Eagles begin their next drivenota Vista we saw the previous drive right they were putting together somenew play-action pass schemes and some new wrinkles and via play calling forhead coach can bat Dorf who’s seen just about everything for notre Vista 26years with this program as head coach I mean that’s just incredible run it’seither an incredible run or he’s incredibly dumb what I could barely beanywhere for 26 years let alone I’m telling you I have a hard time stayingstill for 26 minutes he did it for 26 years he’s got mental problems he’s agreat coach a great team oh but he’s crazythis game is televised man oh that’s right Ken bad or wonderful oh he’s righthe should be here another 26 years don’t get his don’t cuz nice this fool batDorothy is the real deal I don’t think you’ve heard of fly no he is the nicestand just his run for a notre vistas incredible the Braves 10 wins are morefor the last 10 years that trip to the 2016 CIF Southern Section championshipgame where they lost in overtime to San Gorgonio that’s as close as you can getwithout winning it and last year they yet again successful went nine and threeoverall and out of playoff win as well remember they were in the CI a– finalsin 2013 as well versus citrus pill lost that was a toughie but have been in thesemi-finals six times been in the quarter-finaleleven times is he yeah and outside of this streak right here between NorcoNorco High School has made the playoffs thirty three straight years thirty threestraight years that is a CIF record but nor the Vistaunder Ken bat Dorf has made the playoffs as we see here on the only replay let’ssee if call nope ball hit the floor yeah looks forward pass it the floor thatshould be incomplete Nathan Torres number 44 the intended target was shovelpass there’s something like second but good job with the guy is up in the truckat Riverside TV for being on top of that the officials unfortunately don’t getthe advantage as we do with those replays and those other angles asEsquivel completes the pass on a crossing pattern to Nathan Torres andthe tight end on third down games 10 or rather 11 yards first down la Sierra itjust think of this 26 years at the helm can you name the last president first ofall I wasn’t warned 22 are you you’re just a little kids the baby I was bornyeah I’m worried about you know girls and college and stuff like thatand Gary headlands worried and Gary Headlands out here worriedabout shoot probably he’s seen kids that are twice my age play for him when hefirst got started that’s incredible can’t bat Dorfprobably has great-grandchildren that he is ok let’s let’s slow down all rightyou made your point all right Jeff you made your point he’scoached for generations here nuts that’s Vince Carter type stuff he’s had he’s had a dad beat all-cifhe’s had a son be all-cif and I’m sure there’s a grandson in there but now truestories had two father-son duo that were both all-cif swivel pups and he goesdeep he’s got Chara and the pass is caught by jar at the 50-yard line thatmay be the play of the first half as Esquivel goes for the deep ball andJarrah the wide receiver makes a sensational catch a great play theregreat play call great pass let’s take a look at that Esquivel he he had somesome heat towards his right side and the coverage was from Wilson charethhad the pass right in the breadbasket Esquivel now looks towards jar again andfires over the middle this time Wilson makes the play for notre Vista drawingthe ball away from Jarrah in completes yeah Wilson was the victim on that lastpass and became the the shark on that one as he was the true predator abig-time tackle there to unhinge him he was was Berto jar yet again the intendedtarget this may get lost in the first half because the Eagles are down bythree scores but Jarrah he’s quite the athlete and is just a sophomore squiggles pressure but he shovels theball inside and one of the linemen real that it’s Seth Morgan who was hurt inthe first quarter somehow came up with that football and he gains a couple onthird down 6-2 to 315 pounds what just happened there they ran a total screento Torres and there’s the big fella and there are five waves hats that’slike five Braves attacking a Kodiak bear in Alaska right there you know it kudosto Seth Morgan who knew what to do with the two and there’s one of the los Sierra Eagleswho never hits the sideline seemingly their defensive tackle and also theirright guard so after Morgan gains three yards Esquivel gets rid of it again thepass is off the fingertips of Jarvan tougher for catch that time incompleteJoseph lucky on the coverage for notre Vista three rushing touchdowns we have seentoday by the Braves running back any Elaine Eagles looking to respond Jarrahmade a fine catch earlier the drive but couldn’t reel it on that play setting afourth and eight short eight in Christ Jeff gormer Lee second-quarterdota Vista elites 21-nothing they’ll go for it will the Eagles again la Sierraold for two on 4000 so far the first at three-man rush Randal makes the catch atthe twenty and a spun down to the 15-yard lineCJ Richardson makes the stop another great play there from Esquivel a perfectpass a dime down the the sidelines as his bikes had perfectly thrown notrethis the secondary has been sensational this year as we saw with theinterceptions two of them last week the squib el fires the slant leaping catchfor jar at the 10 and he takes a tumble to the 9 yard line another’s terrificthrow from Esquivel who’s having one of his best drives of league play right nowbrewing his la sierra inside the red zoneyou see Jessie Carbajal number-23 sprint on for the Braves defense as this lasierra possession began at their own 21 yard linewe saw a 25 yard throw from Esquivel to jar begin this possession on third downand the quarterback moving the chains on fourth and most of those tosses to jarhas been solid so far well coach Kim bat Dorf called timeout saw something thathe didn’t like or once just wants to talk to his guys and say hey secondarywake up yeah cuz they have tested the secondary and done a good job but youknow what it is it’s October again and you know whatthat means I love the talks like it no it means it’s Halloween time all that toSaturday October 26 get those little kids in their costumes my kid is myson’s are going to be Tiger Woods and a ninja the older boy refuses which I willhave to disown him for it but bring your Kozma hit the white card can join us indowntown Riverside for Halloween fest between 2 and 10 p.


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at white partynicely done are you out of breath I am alright excited for Halloween though Ilove candy who isn’t squid Bell sends it towards jar again who makes the catchand is tackled by pesos Gonzales about a yard short of the first outsetting up third short what was lost during that Halloween readis nota vista head coach ken bat Dorf all right that may be one of the firsttimes I’ve seen his him raises voice and complete frustration I mean does he knowthe Braves are up 21 nothing in this game he’s a perfectionist who like saidhe’s really gearing towards playoff mentality we’re seeing his play callNaithon no huddle a few times which is totally different than we’ve seen from aKen bat door team changing up his offensive series methodical drive fromLa Sierra we’ve got a flag thrown six 14 to go the second quarter and that hurts loss for a false start so La Sierra comes in this game isunderdogs there 2 and 5 overall and have lost their first to River Valley Leaguegames to the likes of patriot and Toluca Valley meanwhile motor Vista fresh offan emotional win against Hillcrest comes to two-and-oh the league and of won 6 of7 start the season their lone loss 1612 to the Golden Bears of Temecula Valley it’s mega Valley High School’s lookingvery good final 2 to start the season third down and 6 for La Sierra in thered zone four-man rush the squib el looks andfires into the end zone and Christian Toronto makes the play againhe has intercepted Esquivel in the end zone three interceptions in two gamesfor that young man in fact he was the England sports play of the week thisweek on Wednesday on our show of pet Fernandez a great defensive playerswe’ve seen these last two games and that was a big time save which would havebeen a touchdown so another interception there from Gerardothe swivel head with just four interceptions thrown at seven games hehad been the model of efficiency he intended humberto jarred on a baddecision he has been the top target seen with the all gear for the Eagles but itwas just the step late Gonzales on a bootleg fires towards the sideline andoverthrows number 16 Isaac Gaines incomplete meanwhile let’s take a lookat notre Vista and their playoff scenarios currently the Braves areslated fourth in Division tent standings they’re sitting there in the likes ofSager strim Crescenta who are both seven and O in the six and one Westernpioneers they’re right up there towards the top of the division 10 standings aswe see a lane take off here he is towards the sidelines with astraight over at the 30 and Elaine is drops at the 38 yard line David Campos made the stop saving atouchdown for a lane as he gallops over the century mark and rushing today onthat dazzling run they’ll go back to the ground auntyAlena the one on the chase for lost Sierra was Chris Terraceand he didn’t have a chance number one a D Alene he was the leadingrusher among freshman and not just not just all the team not just in theconference but in the CIF southern section and he has just improved overthe course of his sophomore year named on the top fifty of sophomores in theentire country really earlier this year just an incredible young player he wasgrowing up to four eyes Salcedo drills the extra point over a hundred yards forthe fourth game this year he may go over 200 yards for the first time since weekone but Eddy Alain whether he gets five carries or 20 carries we take a look atthis scoring drive he was the capper of it but Eddy Alain really threw out thispossession la Sierra had very little options to bring him downhe just is so tough to tackle there was an 18-yard burst and on the next playstraight ahead run a lane makes a move makes a second those are the type ofmoves we saw Tyrone Davis make for the Broncos he’ll make a decision cut and gowell Davis yeah I took a couple classes with him he lived on Bayou to make itbut he was taken class at Cal Baptist and 12 Davis and I have mentioned beforebecame buddies I think I cheated off him and he cheatedoff me and a couple of papers but no well Davis I mean I think you’re ateacher Jeff oh you know I don’t want to ever say that I was a wonderful guy withTerrell Davis but we assumed we had a class together and learn Lots reallybecame pretty good friends with him now he’s you know he was the coach at RanchoChristian for a while but decided to give it up I think he’s working for theNFL Network now so he’s moved on but you know that’s the funny thing you know younever get rid of that football diet and that’s been the case with both of thesecoaches because they come from a family tree of coaches before them and mostlikely after them as well I mean when you interviewed Gary headland the headcoach of La Sierra this week he mentioned his dad was part of that longline of Hedlund football coaches as we see Randall on the run here for LosSierra he gains five and it’s a similar story for Kent back north – they cameback door started his career coaching career in Orange County but locally wasthe JV coach at Centennial High School with Matt Logan who was not the headcoach at the time Matt Logan went on to become the leaderof the Sith Empire of Corona centennial and then can bat Dorf after there cameover here and has been here like I said for 26 years a court over a quarter of acentury receiver end-around a branded vow of LaSierra and with Micah Gaines stopping him in his tracksBrandon Ville loses looks about five now la Sierra wipes out that first downyardage for Randall there’s a look at the play Randall tosses the Brandon bowthere’s the first time he has touched the football tonight right he had someblocking up front but it’s pretty hard to get through the arms of Micah Gainesas he tried there third and ten Eagles at three first downs on apromising drive the last time out but Esquivel through an end zoneinterception of christian hirato the squib l scrambles towards thesidelines at the quarterback will be short of the first downescorted with Carvajal and what look like could have been a late hit no flaghas been thrown as the quarterback gains five just a squiggle he’s got a rare one ofthe few quarterbacks in this league where he has a very talented scramblingability but also there’s a solid pocket passer game five there whether vistastrong starts twenty eight nothing it’s a similar story for you to Jeff I meanyou would think after your playing days and basketball and your coaching days aswell at Riverside college that you’d be done with sports you’ve been doing ityour whole life and this is it but here you are coveringstill still getting that out that just that weekly thirst of a high schoolsports you know I love high school football more than anything and I reallyenjoy covering all these games rivers ITV you know my fourth year doing it andI’ll tell you what it’s a great way for the community to really kind of followthese teams through rivers ITV it’s a wonderful wonderful time of the yearthen we get into basketball than me start the baseball season yeah oops ITVthere although all the way dance soccer we do it all here covering the college’sUC Riverside RCC football which we’ll be back next week when they battle GoldenWest we’ve had a little hiatus from our CC football the last few weeks butlooking forward to seeing them they’re gonna affect we’re gonna have a coupleplayers on the coach’s perspective show next Monday we have a couple our CCfootball players we’re all you know who I do but it’s not confirmed yet okay totwo of them two of their favorites two of our favorites I think it probablywill be a quarterback and a defensive player but we’re gonna have them thenversus Golden West and then we’re going to have a great one next week NorthOrange VISTA that’s going to be and that’ll be good it has to be great whenthere’s oh moles and with that we could look at the Inland Valley standingsafter this play the throw towards Gonzales the quarterback who slips rightthrough the defense and he will outrun the Eagles Alex Perez to the end zoneGonzales the quarterback touchdown Notre Vistaa little trick play and that’s what we came to see tonight Jeff a love trickplays Hillcrest up twenty eight to seven and half over Ramona oh all bad and truth be told that’s the alma materof our terrific Jeff Gorham Ram I’ll make a comeback and feel it give mybones yeah we’re not writing anything down youfar from over but but kudos to the Trojans to come back off of an emotionalloss because football is a very interesting game I mean what we candecide your season and what we can decide the mood in a locker room let’stake a look at that incredible play toss to Elaine the quarterback and then handson a receiver and around to Buddy Wilson the wide receiver and he launches abeauty 78-yard touchdown pass to the quarterback Daniel Gonzales we’ve seen just about everything fortonight’s game can that Dorf we’ve we’ve route pokedand prodded this this head coach for motor businesswhy doesn’t he throw the ball bore and as he told me an aerial circus hewas going to throw tonight aerial circus I don’t know if we could actually saythat because they do run the ball quite a bit and that’s a little overstatedthere Kenny hey the circus part on that play I’ll give him that that was thatwas something good Brandon Bowe returns from the nine yard line and he makes amove at the 30 Brandon bowl a solid return it’s a 24-yard run back for thela sierra junior receiver Brandon foe five foot six 135 pounds Brandon fellwith that visor on very early do you see the high school athletes bring it offthe visors and the shooting sleeves and the gloves as Brandon bow house yeah Idon’t understand the sleeves and all stuff maybe hit me if you’re on turf Iunderstand it but grass come on it’s a grass field we’ll sleeve old grasslittle injuries those creeps hard to fault him after that excellenteffort on special teams a good return sets up solid field position as we seedavon Coleman check in that’s the wide receiver joining Humberto Charala Sierra has over a hundred yards today searching for their first scoring driveand this handoff is going nowhere fast Oster Godoy makes the stop for notreVista of the short yardage run from Ethan Abajo we came into this game tonight withnotre Vista beating two other two teams atop the River Valley League they hadknocked out Hillcrest last week beat Ramona so no two vistas – and on theconference four teams are wanted one and the only team yet sava Conferencevictory are these lost Sierra Eagles so not’ve histah came in knowing that theyhad an edge and they have really performed very well in the first half ofthis football game we see a scribble go deep towards jar again underthrown butJarrah adjusts and makes the catch 18 yards first down la sierra they’vebeen great through the air tonight that could have been by design the passa bit underthrown but a squiggle fakes the past short and Buddy Wilson thoughtthat ball was going longer jar does an incredible job as a receiver yer taughtto catch the ball at the size point and Jarrah yet again makes another big play jet sweep the jar he’s smoked for a bigloss that may just wipe them out on this Drive loss of nine Toronto on the stopnumber five and a very clean half so far from both teams not a lot of laundrybeing through all let’s see if let’s see if I kink stuff yeah ma cierra I meanwith all of the kudos to the fact that they’re able to overcome quite a few thesecond and third long scenarios they’ve been off schedule quite a bit tonightbut the connection of a squib el to jar a popular one has gotten him out of thethe jams they’ve had the first half Squibbles pressured and has dumpedquickly Tony Valdez records his second sack of the year number 18 and all theknow nervous to stop and up 35 nothing we may have we have a timeout here and the Braves scores have come all yesa timeout called by Ken batt North all five touchdowns have been before ratherfrom their running back Edea laid the other tailback and Buddy Wilson launchedthe touchdown to Daniel Gonzales the quarterback on the previous possessionfor a team and the Braves that control their own destiny for a playoff spot andalso for what they hope to be at first see you’ve said that’s huge towards theirsuccess potentially the playoffs yeah right now you’re playing for likesucceeding it’s very important because you you play the the top seed will playthe the lower the lowest seed and then vice versa so they have a chance youreally want to give this high as you possibly can you want to get a one or atwo seed if your coach can backdoor and the Braves and they’ve certainly takencare of business thus far tonight the Braves currently slated for thatdivision tenth football with nearly a hundred teams in Division ten it’spretty good a pretty good mark for an order Vista and to me I think which willcertainly help their chances towards the top seed is that the Braves lost earlierin the year and they came back in a big way I mean their conference run has beenjust magnificent 43 7 against Ramona of course close against Hillcrest we’rehere 35 nothing at Sloss sierra these are some good football teams thatthey’re blowing out so far squib el is pressured and Jesse carvahal stops himin his tracks and makes the play for notre Vista it’s his fifth sack of theyear he and those defensive hands are justcoming from both sides escarole has nowhere to go no time to throw it no andthey’re trying to throw the football hard to throw in the defense knowsyou’re gonna throw as fears that the Eagles may bring outthe punt team meanwhile you know last year this league included four playoffteams go to vista rabona Hillcrest and Patriot and as we look at this thisconference we could have four teams again do you think so it’s tough to tellwell you definitely could get four just because you have so many differentdivisions from these teams and it looks like La Sierra is going to take thepenalty and then just sit on this and go into halftime pretty smart move by CoachHedlund they’re certainly the Braves are capableof calling a timeout here and getting the ball back and trying to do somethingwith it a nota Vista will let the clock run fourtouchdown carries and over a hundred yards from star sophomore the Elainetrade aunty Elaine then the scoring throw of 78 yards from Buddy Wilson toquarterback Daniel Gonzales gave notice to the five score lead and will stop theclock with 3.

5 seconds to go in the first half it should be noted that notreVista does receive the ball to begin the second half the Braves I’m sure with Kenbat Dorf they’ll keep the starters in to start the second they’d look they’d likenothing more than to come out into the third quarter and play like they did tobegin this game because they need to stay fresh for the hope is a playoff rundarris on the final snap barring a penalty of the first half his punchsores and that will certainly help his statistics Wowwhat a putz 55 yards and that is down at the 25 first halfcomplete noted wrists up 35 nothing but the Eagles can take away a hundred andsome-odd yards of offense Jarrah played well their quarterback also reallypicked apart that defense for long stretches but they just couldn’t getthat scoring drive in the first two quartersyeah I thought La Sierra played very well offensively but defensively it’sjust it’s really tough when you got that huge offensive line and great runningbacks it will be difficult here for la sierra here in the second half butplayed very well that last quarter I thought well when we come back we’lltake a look at the standings of this conference along with the other one theEngland Valley that will be on display throughout the course of the yearincluding tomorrow when Pauley takes on lakeside La Sierra down at the half tothe Braves 35 nothing notre Vista will return to start the third quarter alsohalftime highlights are coming up next this is the Riverside TV game of theweek the Braves up 35 to nothing the Community Police Review Commissionwas created to promote public confidence in the professionalism andaccountability of the City of Riverside Police Department the Commissionconsists of an all civilian panel of members from across the citythe Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all policerelations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deathsreceiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against swornRiverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing communityconcerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department if you’reinterested in learning more about how you can serve or for information on theCommission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C here in California citrus is a part ofour lives every day but what if it all just disappeareda devastating plant disease called huanglong Bay or HL be spread by theAsian citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your ownbackyard that’s why it’s important that we all doour part to keep California citrus safe don’t let California citrus disappearvisit California citrus threat org to learn more got junk too big for thetrash can then call 3-1-1 to schedule a bulky item pickup Riverside residentsget to free pickups a year but you got to follow three simple rules both theitems must be curbside by 5:30 a.


July 22, 2020



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