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so it’s Wednesday again yes these weekskeep flying by did you see the football match lastnight some people believe that Colombia should have won the match whilst othersbelieve that England played a fair game anyway England are through to the nextround of the World Cup even I watched it and I’m not even a fan of footballcoming up later we have mr.

Steve who will be here to talk about all sorts ofthings and of course you are here on the live chat and you are more than welcometo say hello during this special livestream after all it’s Wednesdaynight it’s just after 10 o’clock here in the UK and this is Late and Live English doop doop doop doo doo.



how are you today oh yes what a week it’s been for the wholepopulation of not just England but also the United Kingdom it’s been a veryinteresting 24 hours hi everybody this is mr.

Duncan in England how are youtoday are you okay I hope so are you happy I really reallyhope so yes I am feeling so happy today and I hope you are too because well didyou see the football match last night there is only one story in town as faras the population of this country is concerned I’m not sure about the othercountry I’m not sure about Colombia hmm apparently all of the presenters lastnight who were commenting on the match we’re all pronouncing the name ofColombia wrong it’s true so here we go again it’s Wednesday night and this islive English late and live and of course it’s myself mr.

Duncan how is my hayfever I can already hear people asking yes there it is there is the questionhow is your hay fever mr.

Duncan my hay fever isn’t too bad it is there but itisn’t causing me too many problems at the moment although having said thatanything can happen because this is late and live English and of course we can’tstart off the show without having a look out of the window so here is the viewearlier tonight so here is something I recorded earlier looking outyou do window and there you can see the sun is about to set and you can alsosee lots of flies and insects flying around they are a real pain in the neckat the moment I must admit they are an absolute pain whilst outside earlier Iwas being bitten and all sorts of insects were trying to suck my bloodfrom my body and I was saying go away go away you annoying insects you can’t havemy blood I need it and here is the view outside right now and there it is nowyou can see that the sun has gone and it is starting to get dark so there itis the live view looking out talking of live views at half-past ten mr.

Stevewill be talking to us live from outside yes I thought tonight we would dosomething a little different so for the first few moments of mr.

Steve’s arrivalhere tonight he will actually be outside and I thought it would be interesting tosee if we can actually do this so it might all go wrong so if you are lookingforward to seeing something go completely wrong you’ve probably come tothe right place because it might be a complete disaster so please stick aroundfor that I know that people love to see the views in my garden so I thought itwould be nice to see some more shots in the garden as well okay then here is theview tonight around the garden the view this eveningwhen the sun was still in the sky there it is and the garden looking very nicein fact mr.

Steve at the moment is outside watering the plants he’sactually putting water on the plants because many of them are starting to dryup as you will see in a few moments you want to see what’s happened to the poorDahlia it does not look very well at the momentbut there you can see many of the plants don’t seem to be suffering very muchbecause of the heat yes the heat wave in the UK is still continuing it is stillhappening and today it was very warm about 26 degrees and there you can seeif you look closely you can see that the grass is looking very dry and this issomething that is happening across many parts of the UK at the moment many areashave become very dry and you can see there the grass that the back of myhouse is looking very dry and in some parts of England there have been seriousfires across areas of grassland and there have been some terrible fires andcan you believe it one of the fires was started deliberately someone started thefire on purpose now can you believe that can you believe that there are suchsilly people around that would do something like that to start a fireduring a heatwave crazy and there you can see languishing and enjoying theevening sunshine you can see the cows and also the bullocks as well enjoyingthe evening sunshine so there they are this evening I didn’tsee them today until until this evening they suddenly appeared so I think Ithink the cows and the Bullock’s have been hiding in the shade that’s what Ithink anyway so there it was would you like to see mr.

Steeves de leus oh dearit’s such a sad thing poor mr.

Steve’s wilting dahlias look you can see mr.

Steve’s dahlias have been suffering from the heat they really do look in a sorrystate if something is in a sorry state it means it looks awful maybe it looksuntidy or maybe unhealthy so you can say thatsomething is in a very sorry state and that means that the thing in questionthe thing you are talking about doesn’t look very good maybe it looks unwell sothere you can see the dahlias are really suffering they are a very sorry sightthey look very dry and as you can see on the screen they are wilting wilting ifsomething wilts to wilt means to lose your springiness or your energy youstart to collapse you start to fade away you start to wilt and also wither ohdear that doesn’t sound very good does itso there you can see the sights tonight in the garden and everything is very drymr.

Steve was outside earlier watering his flowers and we will see mr.

Steve in15 minutes time outside he will be outside hopefullywe’ll be able to see him because it’s starting to get dark now so it’ll bevery interesting to see how how well it comes out one thing I’m forgetting ofcourse we can’t forget about the live chat and there it isyeah who was first on tonight’s live chat I don’t know I’m going to have alook I think yes Pedro Pedro Belmont is first on the live chat Francisco is alsohere hello Francisco and also hello to all of the classmates watching tonightthank you very much Julie Julie Ramos or Ramos is here also Gretel Gretel Lucianosays hi guys hi to you as well also Arslan ours LANAli says hi to everyone that’s very nice I always love to see your warm welcomesI always like to see all of the lovely greetings at the start of the livelesson because it makes me feel very very welcome just as you areFran’s civil friend civil oh I like your name by the wayFrance of all France evil Pig Sato I hope I pronounced your name right andalso Nicole is here buzz Wow mr.

Duncan I’m happy to see you again are you happyyes I’m very happy because England won the football match last night so theywill be playing I think it’s the quarter-final is it the quarterfinal Ithink it is so hopefully England will get through tothe semi-final so all remains be seen oh did you hear that somethingvery strange is happening in my studio at the moment I have a new mobile phoneat the moment and unfortunately there is something that’s built into the phonethat keeps talking to me even though I don’t want it toI’m sure if you own an Apple phone you will know exactly what I’m talking aboutif something is in a sorry state it looks awful yes you are rightto be in a sorry state yes an idiom that means to look unwell or to look as ifyou might be losing your energy or your life or maybe you look untidy you are ina very sorry state hello mr.

Duncan and mr.

Steve were youcrazy last night over the England team win well I was watching here but mr.

Steve wasn’t here last night he was actually away on conference but he wentout with some of his work colleagues and they were watching the football match ina pub and Steve said it was very very noisy people were getting very excitedand even Steve got a little bit excited as well about the football match whichis very unusual because neither Steve nor myselfneither of us follow football so yes very interesting so the live chat is upand running and as you can see you are more than welcome to say hello on thelive chat and of course I am here as well mr.

Duncan is my name and teaching English is my game I’ve been on YouTube for overeleven years it’s true I’m not joking and you can catch me live on Sunday 2p.


UK time and as you can see now you can catch me every Wednesday at 10 p.


UK time so now it is 20 minutes past 10 o’clock and for some people some verylucky people you will have live subtitles at the moment so not everyonewill have them some people will and some people won’t but is a new it’s a newfeature that YouTube has just introduced I’m living some of the messages by theway on the live chat oh yes mr.

Duncan you must cut your wilting flowers sothat the other birds will grow yes you are right Nicole that is true yes that’sexactly what I’m going to do I will cut the old flowers off and then I will addsome hopefully some new ones will appear hello mr.

Lincoln from Bolivia roseyellow is here hello red jello nice to see his hair there and also I’m tryingto get another message on the screen but it’s not working at the momenthow annoying mr.

Duncan I was shouting loudly because the England team wonyesterday Thank You Gretel for that yes even people who didn’t support or don’tsupport England we’re getting very excited yesterday by the football matchand even I was getting a little excited so I was watching it here mr.

Steve waswatching it in another part of the country but for those who are lookingout for mr.

Steve don’t worry he will be here very soon Steve was very busyearlier he was outside in the garden do you want to know what he was doing hewas doing what he does every evening he was watering the flowers in fact he’sstill out there now doing it and we will join mr.

Steve in the garden in aroundabout 9 minutes time it’s very dark outside so I hope we’ll be able to seemr.

Steve that’s all I can say and there’s mr.

Steve watering his plantsand last night whilst mr.

Steve was away I was left in charge of the plants so itwas my duty last night to water all of Steve’s lovely plants and there he is heis now filling up his watering can with water from the tap fortunately this weekwe have water so we actually have water tonight thank goodnessif you remember last week we actually had no water the water actually ran outlast week so that was a very good but tonight we do have water fortunatelythere is not a water shortage at the moment here in the UK so you’ll bepleased to hear that everything there is all right oh look do you like thatthat’s a little conifer a baby conifer and that one gets dry every single dayduring the heat wave because it’s very small I like mr.

Steve shoesdo you like Steve shoes they’re rather nice they are their sandals sandals Ilove mr.

Steve’s sandals come on Steve hurry up get that watering done so therehe is or should I say there he was earlier inthe garden and we will be joining mr.

Steve very very soon hopefully he willhave something very interesting to talk about because of course today it is Julythe fourth the fourth of July and for those who know their history you willprobably know why why July the fourth is a special day for some people Pedro saysI was watching Oh watch the football in the British pub looks very cool yes I’mnot a big fan of pubs especially when they’re very busy and noisy but yesSteve said that everyone in the perb last night was getting very very excitedso I think it’s safe to say that many people last night were screaming andshouting and they were hoping that England would winyes mr.

Steve is a very busy bee at the momenthello mr.

Duncan Morocco is watching Mohammed Toby hello to you and thanks alot Gretl says I was so annoyed for you and mr.

Steve because of the last classthere wasn’t any water in your house yes that’s true last Wednesday lastWednesday we had no water can you believe it but tonight we have water mr.

Steve has been in the garden busy watering his flowers would you like tosee my socks because I was out in the gardentoday in my socks I didn’t put any shoes on so here are my lovely socks the socksthat I’m wearing tonight and there you can see I am standing on the dry grassso that is the dry grass in the front gardenand you can see it is very dry very burnt by all of the Sun we’ve hadrecently and it doesn’t look very healthy you might say that the grasslooks like a very sorry sight a very sorry sight mr.

Duncan I can hear thesheep in the distance probably yes you can probably hear the sheep in thedistance because there is a microphone outside right now ready to pick up mr.

Steeves lovely voice that happening very soon so yes you are right you can hearsheep in the distance it really does sound like the countryside a beautifulplace and so many plants and of course this week it is the 70th anniversary ofthe NHS the National Health Service and that is something that was created 70years ago this week and it is something that has helped millions literallymillions of people during that particular time so yes it’s safe to saythat the National Health Service is a very good thing indeed I hope you wereenjoying the sounds of mr.

Steve moving around so those sounds you could justhear weren’t me they were mr.

Steve he is preparing to go live yes Americacelebrates its independence day on the 4th of July yes so the 4th ofJuly is seen as a special day in the United States because that is the daywhen it became an independent country and of course around the world manycountries have become independent what about you have has your country inrecent years become independent born on the 4th of July is is it a movie titleyes you are right yes there is a movie called born on the 4th of Julyand as I remember it is all about the Vietnam War aren’t you hopped wearing your socks mr.

Duncan yes I am a little bit hot I’ve still got my socks on now but I amwearing my shorts so don’t worry too much about that yesquite a few people have got it right yes the 4th of July today is the anniversaryof American independence after the Revolutionary War which took placebetween 1775 and 1783 so yes thank you very much for all those who guessedcorrectly wow so many people tonight on the live chatah we have someone who has had an Independence Day yes in Peru wecelebrate our Independence Day well in fact it will be this month on the 28thof July so on the 28th of July in Peru they celebrate their independence day itis coming up to half-past ten half-past ten is on the way I can see that mr.

Steve is ready so without any or delay we are going to do somethingvery unusual I’ve never done this before we are going to go outside into thegarden and join mr.

Steve in around about 25 seconds time do you this should be very interestingnow this will either be successful or a huge disaster so let’s press the buttonand see what happens mr.

Steve outside with the beautiful sunset behind him youcan see the red sky are you there I am here mr.

Duncan can you hear me I canyou are very loud wait there a moment now you don’t have to turn me down mr.

Duncan I know you like to be louder than me on the live chat to everybody outthere around the world and a special welcome from me and to anybody watchingin America the you are celebrating the 4th of July which I heard mr.

Duncantalk about so congratulations on beating us 200 odd years ago well he did are theFrench to help you you know what Steve what’s interesting is that theperception the view that people have of the American war with Britain is notquite as people imagined because there are other things involved did you knowfor example that the war was never actually won did you know that in factwhat happened was that the American country they prolonged the war for aslong as they could so the resources of the British would be used upand when I say resources I mean money well we weren’t we were we were fightingsee there the French turned to the Americans and the French of course hatedhis back then they probably still do because we were beating them left rightand center so they they teamed up with the Americans to try and try to try andto try and beat us but we were also simultaneously fighting wars with Franceand Spain and other parts of the world at the same time so all our resources asyou quite correctly said mr.

Duncan were being used up to fight all these otherWars and also we were to defend England at the same time so wejust spread our resources too thinly and in the end we lost but apparently in thebeginning the the states that wanted independence from the UK didn’t reallywant complete independence they just wanted us to give a bit more control tothem and this is interesting because I was at work as mr.

Duncan said this weekin Manchester Manchester which is sort of north in the UK and probably thethird largest city and so I was at work and we was somebody who works for as isAmerican and he was telling me all about this and of course they have all thesebig celebrations don’t they mr.

Duncan on the fourth of July they’re parades inthe streets have fireworks all the families get together and they haveparties and picnics it’s a big celebration day and would it be nice tobe there of course we had a big celebration yesterday as well I heardyou’re talking about the football match that was very exciting I’ve never beenin a pub surrounded with hundreds of people when England have won a match Itell you if they hadn’t have won I think there have been riots in the street ohyeah I don’t think I’d have got back safely to the hotel in fact you were alittle bit you were a little bit worried weren’t you because you thought IIIdon’t want to walk around Manchester just in caseEngland lose but fortunately fortunately for Steve England actually did win and Ithink they are playing on I want to say Saturday I think it’s Saturday they’replaying and they’re playing Sweden I believe they are I mean this isincredible we don’t follow football at all and we’re finding out all sorts ofthings about it that’s the wizard season 80Steve that’s the weird part you and I are actually getting excited by footballI know do you know we don’t follow football but yesterday when England wonI actually stood up and cheered and I wasI was going all that patriotism came rising to the surface that patriotismthat there’s always there because when you grow up in a country and when whenone country is is is pitted against another in in what is you know the thishuge match football match one country against another all this patriotismrises in you and you get carried away with the crowds and feel sorry forColombia but someone’s got to lose unfortunately and we never normally winwhen it comes to having to score goals penalties because it went to penaltiesEngland traditionally we always lose because they’re not very good at thepenalty shootouts yes but yesterday we did extremely wellso well done I think it’s a spooky out here mr.

Duncan because it’s dark I’venoticed like and behind you there’s a beauty you can see the sky is lovely andred look at that it’s red as the jacket that I’ve got often that the polo topwith no stripes tonight but yes and it’s a bit I can hear Al’s hooting I’ve gotI’ve got sort of moths flying across my field of vision there’s things crawlingaround and in the bushes here and I’ve got three watering cans by the side ofme because I haven’t finished my watering yet being late back but you mr.

Duncan while I was away I instructed you to water all my plants and you’ve donevery well you’ve done a very good job thank you because they’re all stillalive I Kate I thought I’d come back viewers and expect all my plants to bedead and wilted and dried up and shriveled in the Sun and lo and beholdmr.

Duncan done a fantastic job well well done mr.


July 22, 2020



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