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Fox West Texas winner of two prestigious regional Edward Armour Awards [Music] box football live starts off with the first game of the year wall versus mason the brady bulldogs head to Ballinger where the Bearcats look to reunite a community that is planned for much more than the names on their Jersey and it’s our game of the week love Mesa versus Lakeview Fox football live let’s go [Music] welcome welcome to Fox football live it’s West Texas football highlights show that’s right here on Fox West Texas I’m your co-host axe great standing along with my buddy Tim O’Brien we’re coming to you from a different location every week and where are we this week Tim yeah we’re coming to angelo stadium for our game of the week where it was La Mesa golden tornadoes against the Lakeview Chiefs and it did not disappoint coming flying high over the san angelo stadium this game was amazing written picked to be our game of the week this game went down to the wire and it just shows you that the game you’re never out of it no matter what that score was at halftime that bobby takes one big play to get you back into the game build some momentum and what we got to do now is show you our fans new week every week we’re gonna have three contestants that you can vote at home for your fan of the week and we will tell you at the end of the game excuse me end of the day of our show who our fan of the week is let’s meet them now [Music] hi my name is MIA Rodriguez and I deserve to be the end of the week because lakeview become my family and no matter what they’re always gonna be my family I’m a key forever hello my name is agent foster I really be high school and I just ready to be pet of the week because I really like having school experience especially with the band the band members are like family to me I like watch I like hyping up the crowd and hyping up the football players I like walk here everyone’s reactions whatever we’re playing for pep rallies because I love hyping up and I try to spend as much time as I can with the band and I love seeing the faces of the people whenever we do markings on the field it’s just like when so I’m gonna make an arrow like amazing [Music] it is super easy to vote each week you can go on our Fox West Texas mobile app click on the vote now tile or you simply go online Fox own comm slash vote and you will see the option to vote you’ll have your three contestants you’ll pick which one you want to make the top and it’ll get your champion of this week into the champions championship at the end of the season that’s fantastic you guys guess what it is time to show you some highlights let’s start off with Thursday night game mall versus Maison wall coming out of the field hot and they stay that way all night and not skip a beat Mason with the ball first their first possession they fumble the ball and Hawk say we’ll take that now inside the red zone they’re in x-play wall quarterback mason books hits Connor deer spot or debisch excuse me on the early touchdown 10-yard pass leaves that two-point conversion of eight-point lead for the hop very next possession it’s gonna be my man chase Rios he’s gonna be pushing dudes away he’s gonna be like yo I’m running 40 yards to paydirt come follow me now the hawk team is firing on all cylinders just taking the punch of dome down they simply were outmatched those mason punters moving onto the second corner it’s 20 bucks finds the debisch again for the touchdown it makes it 27 nothing he gets behind the center cool calm and collected Ralston his right and connects for the second score of the night the wall Hawks are just beating the drum all night look at my boy quesadilla gets on still in the third quarter books want some more action and he takes it himself so let me go ahead and get that stat sheet up high Mason gets punched in the face and they snap a 40 game winning streak at home at the punter dome your Hawks use that lethal uppercut to the punters and win huge on the road the wall Hawks beat defending to a state champion 47 to 7 this game was not even close from the start the game was all wall all night from the start two huge runs from cinch Dicky and chase Rios and the game got out of hand after that the Hawks had 357 yards on the ground which was the backbreaker for the punters Mason well travel to Johnson City next week wall has a huge matchup against Cisco wall quarterback Mason Fuchs threw for two touchdowns then ran for one in the third quarter this wall Hawk team should be on the lips of everyone in West Texas celebrated or feared you should start to watch this team Tim got to talk to coach guy after that big win alright coach congratulations forty seven seven big time wins statement win you had a little bad bug from last year a bad taste in your mouth you want to come back in and win this game you never you never forget those losses at home you know last year when they beat us over there you know we don’t lose very many games at home and you don’t forget those and so as our game ended last year you know we kind of mark it on the calendar and you as August 5th rolled around and we showed up for that first day or two days you kind of you know bring this game up and you started you know start to talk about it and start to get your kids minds start to you know kind of get them focused and dialed into this is the this one we’re practicing for and this is the first game so I thought they were dialed in tonight not that they’re focused yesterday we were at the Mason wall game and we got all access to wall head coach Houston guy and his pregame talk with his players check it out everybody get your rest coach make sure you got your wrist coaches going out that’s what you’re gonna start out with and your no huddle make sure you got along you think the helmet out you can take the helmet off you nervous [Music] all vini air you’re gonna get choice ready tails he’s called the tail what tech is that you got the head so your choice defer you want to receive right take the ball let’s go everybody up I hear it front take a knee real quick we’ll get a quick prayer ten minutes before we take the field get your mind right do you have three weeks you’ve prepared for this night three weeks of practicing in the morning dirty three weeks practice into the hot 100 degree days block out all the distractions that are around you execute defensively and offensively out execute you got to win the game in the trenches tonight that’s where it’s going to start off it’s indifferently in the trenches and if you win the game in the trenches and you not execute them you will not come away you will not come away a loser nuts you will come away victorious won that game in the trenches out execute but most of all be the most aggressive team tonight from the very beginning we are receiving that kick okay be the most aggressive team on the field take it to the very beginning [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey baby I want to know if you’re ready for the game of the week what do we got Tim yes the Lakeview Chiefs and the La Mesa golden tornadoes this game I’m telling you right now the first time you would thought this game was over second half did not disappoint amazing let’s go to the highlights here we go Lakeview come into play tonight and it shows off the vet the Chiefs are rallying the troops and the tribe the slow start for sure but late in the first quarter La Mesa quarterback Ryan Aguilar heaves up the pass prang that comes down in the right hands well guess what it doesn’t and it finds Allstate mention senior defensive back Johnny Espinosa who led the state last year Biggs picks up where he left off the mises next possession quarterback Carson Sims he’s gonna be the next victim in line for the Chiefs defense it’s brandon herrera with the pick lake use defense came to play that interception sets up Lake view’s Albert Rodriguez as you see him shake one defender and fold goes into the end zone Lakeview with their first lead of the season six nothing the defense was all over the golden tornadoes here Jeremy Hernandez with the sack one of five that kid was sideline to sideline all night long offense was lethal in the first half Rodriguez who the coach hector Guevara had all the faith in the world in the beginning this season takes the snap finds the mark that mark is Anthony Martinez in the back of the end zone touchdown Chiefs Lakeview are your winners 38 to 30 we could talk about this game for the next hour that was an amazing game of the week what a huge win for Lakeview who didn’t even have a wind during the regular season last year they started off with a win this season and guess what they’re undefeated after third year coach Tucker Camaros looking strong for the Chiefs that final score 38 to 30 we will break this down later without you know throughout the next half hour there was a couple controversial calls here at the end on both sides but you know what we’ll break it down we’ll get to it and that’s what we’re here for yes game it worked in our favor you guys are watching Fox football live this is our high school football show and we have a lot more coming up Abilene is taking on at home the task goolies backsies I got tongue-tied on it that’s coming up next then we also have is the youngest player to make the varsity squad and he’s already become a big leader he showed up tonight and we’ll take a look inside the Chiefs locker room more fox football live coming up after the break I am the head coach heck you are from Lakeview you’re watching Fox football live Fox football live presented by Dr Pepper man I wish we had some and rich delicious dr.

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pepper so nice to treat you they know all of your secrets used to wear leg warmers look-alike contests and wine Ross came in fourth and cry but they love you anyway five nights a week I think all judges are the same my son should really be here to represent yourself and you haven’t met this one Hall Judge Frank Caprio rules his courtroom like no other we make a deal with your debt if he takes you to breakfast will dismiss the case can you hear that bought in Providence welcome back to Fox football live here from San Angelo Stadium let’s just get right into the highlights up in the big country it was the disc ocean rebels and the Abilene Eagles looks like the rebels came to play coming out of their dome the Eagles are not gonna lay down at home max Burleson takes the ball down the field the first quarter aveline’s running back funds though Dotson he’s gonna go ahead and get the rebels a run for his money here the fans showing up with those funky hats look at that Abilene era Gavi makes it to the first and goal line before getting knocked out of bounds by major Evans of Disco’s so close to getting in there so close as you see the cheerleaders are all about ready to go not an environment up there from what we understand the back and floor play and you can see it here on your screen Cisco so revels pull it out 19 to 14 over the Abilene Eagles up in the big country I’ll be visiting Abilene in just two yes we will a very tough loss for the Eagles we were hoping they would pull it out but Abilene will be short and they’re heading off to Midland Lee next Thursday and teske loose excuse me miss cosa Tuscaloosa you’re thinking of Nick Saban and company Yeah right they’ll travel to our Miller now this next highlight here was Brady and Ballinger there’s much more to this game in the communities that come together and Ballinger is playing for more than just the name on their jersey so let’s go to those highlights and check it out Ballinger was at home against the Brady Bill dogs and Ballinger here they’re gonna be lining up in the red zone can they get in it looks like somebody’s gonna get in no it’s a safety it’s a safety oh boy Ballinger next is gonna have the ball anytime you see those hands go up like a shark it’s not a good sign no III do like baby shark though Beringer Darrin Hall makes the deal go for the score another touchdown for Ballinger deep in the end zone look at the concentration he has to three strides ahead of the defender and off he goes the Ballinger Bearcats pull away with the win just after it 10:30 tonight it’s gonna be a 26 to 22 victory Ballinger we’ll go ahead and travel to Regan County next week and Brady will host Haskell at home on Friday the back and forth coverage tonight I think the hardest part about this not necessarily just doing the show it’s the live tweeting getting updated constantly anyway you know the team here congratulations everybody here we’re doing there we go we have a lot more of Fox football live coming up it’s my favorite show a part of the show it’s a band of the week we show you who it’s gonna be coming up after the break and every Friday morning on anywhere any platform that you listen to podcast you’ll hear Dax and myself will also be teamed up with the standard x san angelo standard x amy McDaniel will have Charles Bryce as well couple codes throughout three but it’s released every Friday morning recapping the week before and looking ahead and that’s it you know a lot pumpkin yes and you know what Paul Harris might be jumping in on that and to do you guys a favor we probably are not going to have it on Fridays we’ll probably get it up to you on Wednesdays just you have something that listen to more fox football live coming up next [Music] [Applause] a breakthrough and shopping is here the cons low payment finder finds the lowest payment tailor to you good credit or building credit and now during the four-day Labor Day big red tag event at Kahn’s home plus the more furniture you buy the 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get four Howard you know me to be a very smart man don’t you think if I were wrong I’d know it these thermonuclear here let’s college-ruled I hope that’s not too intimidating Big Bang Theory five nights a week [Music] welcome back to Fox football live here on Fox West Texas to make varsity as an underclassman is such an accomplishment to do it here in West Texas while you bring in your game to a whole nother level today we feature remember I don’t know it’s never lets say we’ll go there Joshua Torres with Lakeview just a sophomore doing his thing check it out [Music] 15 year old sophomore Joshua Torres is the youngest player on varsity for Lakeview high school’s football team it’s like a little kid again just jumping around in my room just happy about it but in the beginning Torres did have uncertainty about making the team yes like my guinea of the seat a year of freshman I was just having my doubts just going off freshman and JV never thought would make varsity their running back being on the roster is no accident he put in the extra hours after practice to wear the number 19 on his back on Friday nights it’s a lot hard work um a lot of hard work in the weight room my teammates just encouraging me my family just trying to keep me going follow my dream with varsity being a more physical game with a quicker tempo all eyes are on the underclassmen to perform and keep up with the older group a lot of pressure a lot of pressure as a sophomore everyone everyone looks up to me and my grade just trying to play my part my team Taurus may be the youngest chief on the field but his drive and determination are matched with his teammates to bring home the first win of the season it’s gonna be a lot of hard work a lot of great guys on this team a lot of competition just just keep a I gotta keep my mentality up Fox West Texas sports hopefully I get to stay on this team I’m Monica Coleman Thank You Monica and we have reached halftime of our high school show and what does that mean it’s time to bring in the band our band of the week is going to be the Lakeview cheapens and they did a number of the James Brown’s I got you babe when he didn’t score any points didn’t make it to the end zone but he stopped the other team next on set Fox football live coming up after the break I’m Abilene High head football coach Mike Bullard and you’re watching the Fox football live [Music] [Applause] Oh what kind of SUV is that it’s a brand-new Buick Enclave that really makes it easy to unload all those little maniacs sure does hey honey we should get one of those and have like a ton more kids yeah I love that more kids yeah introducing the all new Buick Enclave tomorrow’s SUV for today’s family get over fifty eight hundred below MSRP on this 2019 Buick Enclave a veneer visit Mitchell Buick GMC in San Angelo this Labor Day everyone’s excited about Chevrolet oh wow they’re all really cool cars ride out the summer and a new Chevrolet this Labor Day time to upgrade get 0% 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pepper [Music] Fox West Texas winner of two prestigious regional Edward Armour Awards welcome back to Fox football live we have some special guests here on set today Tim yeah listen to us we have head coach Hector Navarro and you can introduce the player of the game okay sure let’s just get it going get it over with right out of the gate I can ask you how you feel but you win the first game in season is awesome you guys you’re gonna be nearing your focus and I saw it last week at practice that early morning you guys are a well-oiled machine one team all on the same page and it’s really impressive so congratulations on like you lost your voice their contractor I raised my voice a little bridge mark and all good cause you guys are undefeated let’s go to our Player of the Week Jeremy Hernandez 5 SEC’s to block PA tease this kid is a monster how does it feel to have such a great start to your season and you guys getting the win it’s also that’s the main goal we have for decisions get the W and for me down five stacks understood and all I mean talk about your two days you these are 6 a.


practices and you finally get it done doesn’t it feel like it all paid off this is amazing closely that’s great we’re gonna wish you guys luck next week and we are gonna try to find out who our fan of the week is now and I believe it is fan of the week is congratulations to Adrian and we are going to have him be in our champions of Champions championship at the end of the season and we are going to toss to break Fox football alive coming up next [Music] [Applause] [Music] man I wish we had some rich delicious dr.

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pepper so nice to treat you you welcome back to Fox football live it is now time to tell you where we will be next week we are going to grape Creek Christo Ville its crystals homecoming it’s gonna be a fun one yeah they had their band and cheerleaders there on the plaza this morning at the studio here on Fox West Texas unbelievable energy they are ready to go it’s a big deal they burn some flowers they do a whole big assortment of things and here on FOX football live we appreciate you joining us – great Tim O’Brien we’re going to send it back to the studio to our Kenny Mack who has some breaking news [Music] thanks guys yeah really sad to have to report this tonight on such an exciting night for so many people across the country at least ten people have been shot at ladd-peebles Stadium after a high school football game this is in Mobile Alabama mobile police are responding to the shooting at ladd-peebles Stadium according to Mobile County Sheriff’s Office crime map now at this time we can confirm that ten people have been shot the ages from 15 to 18 years old just another reminder to be kind to everyone enjoy your time and be safe on these nights no matter where you are thanks so much for tuning in tonight to fox football live we hope to see you back next week.


July 22, 2020



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