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and welcome to the Riverside TV coaches perspective I’m Pep Fernandez we got a big game coming up on Friday night nor the Vista back home to take on Norwalk at your Riverside TV game of the week of course you can watch it live on the City of Riverside Facebook page the City of Riverside YouTube channel watch Riverside calm the cable channels as well so you can find the game in a lot of different places join us live in the Riverside TV studio the head coach of the Braves kid bat Dorf coach it’s always good to see you you’re flying the colors lots of red to feel good about the team right well I always were the guys it was the only two colors you wear red or black well really bad I do i always wear school colors and before I went to door to Vista twenty-five years ago I was at Centennial same Cal and before that my first full-time teaching job was Palm Springs High School read same color right black and white so I got a lot of red black and white so when you say I’m wearing the colors I always you’ve never changed no if you go to your closet at home it’s just the Auto red black and white some people will buy me other colors to wear on vacation because when I go to school I really do want to wear the right colors it’s part of the school spirit it’s the little things that we do to make a difference well you look great today you always look great it’s coming up Friday night you’re three in one through your first four four games if I would have told you before the season began that you’re starting running back would go down and you would still be three in one after four games would you say yeah I’ll take that I mean what would you think well first off I’d say what are you drinking I want some of that but yeah you know what really proud of our kids the kids have done a great job stepping up our plan preseason before the season was put our best athletes on defense and what we want to do is we want to control the defensive side if we do that play smart football we run the ball don’t turn the ball over and we’re going some games and you know you got a guy coming back with 2, 500 yards sound like a good plan right yeah it did but Christmas let’s see oh right now with the knee injury but you had in fact we interviewed you a postgame after your Thursday night game against Corona which is a big win for you guys and I think you called them the four-headed monster you yes or guys that you can stick back there running back right now all of them making contributions but who are the guys that make up this floor headed monster back there well and the reason that it’s four headed is I don’t want any one of them to be the guy right now Eddie Elaine is a freshman brother the younger brother Freddy Holly right right you know what he will be fantastic someday still needs to get bigger stronger and faster and I don’t want to put the pressure on him even though he’s ran for over hundred yards a couple touchdowns I don’t want that pressure and then the other three guys he’s is Gonzales he’s our starting strong safety he’s a sophomore you don’t want to do that to him we have mirror on his team same thing a seam is a fantastic outside linebacker and I’m pretty good running back but I don’t want to take him away from defense and then the latest kind of the puzzle it’s Joseph lucky starts at corner so three guys start on defense I don’t want to rob the defense for the offense you know I think we’ve talked about this before playing Ironman football we’re guys you know you play on both sides of the football you were hoping to maybe have the luxury of not having to do that then Milesi o goes down and you’re taking some of your stars on defense putting them that running back you got the young guy Elena back there as well so putting it together right it’s just tiny it’s fight through this you know as a coach and I’m getting a little older unfortunately but one of the best coaches and I’ve learned this talk to older coaches were successful and you learn a lot dick broke was a genius sure Don Markham was a fantastic coach in my mind and did a phenomenal job around the ball but Gary Campbell told me one of the smartest things he ever did was have different starters on offense different starters on defense and you could talk to those kids when they come off the field so for that reason stealing Kerry Campbell’s thing let’s do that and we did we had 22 different starters now we don’t but we did for a week or two it’s a nice thing right to have 22 different guys different rides that you could run out there be like that’s that’s a starter on our football team you feel confident and right and the other idea is we want to talk to the offense the defense is out there I get all the offensive coaches we get the kids and we can make an adjustment if we need to same thing to be said for the defense we’re out on offense now we do let the kids play both ways so I may have to steal a kid for a second or you know our D B’s play receiver but the idea of being able mr.

Haymes you’re an aerial circus but on Thursday night we could believe in a thousand percent i meanwe know where we’re all there one for one or two for 200 it was the circus three for three three for three so you know but it does allow you to do your things and you know what this week we’ll try to throw the ball more than three times it was a situation where we were gonna throw more and we got up on Crone a little bit and I just wanted to play kids I’m not the kind of guy who’s gonna go out and try to do anything crazy play all your kids it’s an opportunity for us to play some young kids I know everybody gets caught up with the CAO preps ratings and I know that’s a big deal but what’s a bigger deal is our kids so get the win come out injury free right exactly exactly when you run the football that clock just melts away right it’s just a nice thing as well okay so you got Norwalk final non-league game before you jump into the River Valley League play what are you hoping to see from your team the Braves in this final non league game is there certain things that you’re hoping to you know see signs before you get to the RVL like hey we’re doing this well I want to make sure we’re working on this like you said the aerial circus maybe gonna throw the ball a lot so you work on the passing game but what are things that you want to do against Norwalk in this final non league I think a big thing is we want execution um we want to do we we did do pretty well against Corona don’t take anything away from them they got great coaches good kids we played really well in that game and I got to build on that so we had a few minor mistakes some blocks I didn’t think we’re quite as well as they should have been we didn’t have some to the ball as well as I would like in the second half little things little things add up to make a big thing so I want a little but fundamentals done correctly and then obviously we’re gonna heal Chris get crest ready for non-league I know he wanted to play this week I probably won’t play him so Norwalk is a team that searching for their first win in a season but sometimes that can be dangerous because the teams are all hungry they’re desperate they’ll do anything to get that win do you kind of have to you know kind of you know preface that to your team like hey you know I know when loss wise they might not look real strong paper but this could be a dangerous team they have some good athletes I look on film they got some big kids they look like our kids huh yeah hey that guy’s like 510 and 300 that’s a tailback but in all seriousness they had some good-looking kids and get after it so we can’t go in there with a bad attitude we can’t look ahead to League we got to take care of Natalie first I’m pleased with the way we’re playing but we still have to improve you know I know you just said you can’t look ahead to League but we do here at Riverside TV we’re looking at all the teams and you know last year we’ve touched on this before but last year there’s that wacky five way tie for first place in the River Valley League my hunch is that we’re not gonna see that again this year and you never know it’s happened once lighting could strike twice I guess but but looking at the River Valley League there’s some good football I mean we’ve seen Ramona playing a lot better there present no question we’ll be there I mean the RVL is a hole right now I mean that’s a pretty good football when you look at it top to bottom it is I really think our league is kind of the Rodney Dangerfield of high school football right now no it really isn’t I mean la Sierra’s 3 & 1 Patriots 3 & 1 we’re 3 & 1 yeah Ramona’s 4 & 1 Hillcrest is much better than a 2 & 3 team yeah I got to see them last Friday night and they pleat temazcal Canyon so there’s five outstanding teams and I still have to give a shout-out to Roopa you know Rick Covington over there any one of you guys yeah he’s trying to pull it together he’s a great guy and you never know so it is it’s a good league for football all right so it’s Nord Avista taking on Norwalk this Friday and I live on Riverside TV you can watch the aerial circus yourself as the Braves as we heard they’re just gonna air it out all game long you know what our quarterback is a baseball player pace plays baseball for Jason Klug at our school and Jason and I joke about it and he’s like hey you know don’t wear out my guys are because our quarterback does play baseball so huh a big deal there but you know what I don’t want to say the easiest job on the field but there’s probably other guys like the running backs who see a little more actually let’s be honest our quarterback doesn’t get a lot of praise but he has to do one run the offense efficiently yes people don’t realize how hard it is and we jokingly call him a glorified guard because he does block and I was listening to the broadcast last week and Tim hatch said it hey look at Julian Corey downfield blocking and he is and to be a quarterback in our offense you have to be tough and we try to teach toughness and hopefully we do and when people come to play us they know we’re gonna be a tough team a quarterback slash fullback or something something like that that is kin bat Dorf he’s always looking good he’s got the red and black it’s novi taking on norwalk this Friday night live on Riverside TV City of Riverside Facebook page City of Riverside YouTube channel again you can also find the game at watch riverside dot-com and of course the cable channels as well good all good to see you coach always a pleasure three-in-one feeling good go to this last Nottoli game this is it this is got to keep it rolling and keep doing little things right all right that’s good bat Norv head coach of the Braves we’ll see you on Friday and I on Riverside TV.


July 22, 2020



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