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oh it’s time for the twelve SportsZone brought to you by Toyota good evening and welcome inside the 12 sports down here at Wayne Jameson field in Bridgeport ahead of tonight’s matchup between the Morgantown Mohegans and the Bridgeport Indians and enter clash matchup between double-a and triple-a schools we’ll

get to that matchup here in a second and we’ll talk to the head coach of the Morgantown Mohicans met Lacey here in a second let’s preview this matchup first as this is a big matchup separated by just 40 minutes on I 79 this is the first meeting between

the two schools since way back in 1984 and it’s only the fourth meeting all-time between the two schools ever Bridgeport one the last one Morgantown one the first two and Bridgeport comes into this game want to know on this season and is one of the top teams in

double-a while Morgantown lost last week on the road and looks to avoid an O in to start ball so what can get back to the postseason this year schedules get tougher for both teams after tonight at Bridgeport plays two of the next three games on the road with

a game against the defending champs of double-a in between and then the Mohegans they also have multiple playoff teams from a year ago on their schedule coming up and we’re now joined by the head coach of the Mohegans Matt Lacey and coach what start with the magnitude of

this game it’s been 35 years into all that’s played what did that like you know I think likes to be in such close proximity this will be you know playoff type atmosphere will draw a big crowd they’ll have a big crowd and then you know a lot of

playoff points at stake for both teams I mean you know Bridgeport is going to win nine 10 games you know hopefully we can rebound after last week’s tough loss and you know get back in that eight nine win call them ourselves so a lot of playoff points at

stake and you know early on here in the season you were telling me that the two teams used to scrimmage basically up until this year because of the regular season meeting a lot different than between a preseason scrimmage and regular season battle yeah you know that’s and we

had some film and while obviously went back and watched you know last year’s scrimmage but you know those types of things that coaches are on the field helping the kids and it’s a little different because it’s very scripted you know we go ten plays they go ten plays

you know and you know if you want to do something over again you can do it over you don’t he do overs out here tonight so you know what to strap it on and be ready because they’re very good fundamentally coached football team and they’ll be ready to

play for sure last week you didn’t get off to the start that she probably wanted to especially there in the first half you warmed up in the second half how do you kind of not fall into that kind of pit there this week yeah you know we talked

about it with the kids we had that lightning delay last week that we started off great four or five plays and we were moving the ball picked up I think three first downs and then the Lightning came we had to sit for an hour and I don’t know

if that had an effect on us or not but came out and you know just just couldn’t fire on all cylinders like we were early but we rebounded well play in the second half and you know held them scoreless and found the end zone a couple times ourselves

and even had a chance to win you know go up there Tyler with about four minutes to go just couldn’t capitalize all right coach thanks for joining us we appreciate it good luck tonight make sure to follow all of our reporters on Twitter this evening to keep you

updated from games around the region will be everywhere tonight keeping you updated on that reporting live in Bridgeport I’m Ryan Decker make sure to stay with us while the finals the weather coming up after the break [Music]


July 22, 2020



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