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do let’s head on in to the interview set I’m joined now by the Borah lines coming off that big win last night over Capital 42:35 the final we got the hero right here Austin bolt Austin he had 44 carries 289 rushing yards in six touchdowns yes all six touchdowns at Borah scored last night this guy he counted for him so I’m gonna start with this how are you feeling today pretty good any ice bath anything like that not yet that’s probably gonna do it after this okay no I mean it fast could you play tonight yeah fellas Congrats on the win let’s go back to last night big cam you had the pick that we saw in those highlights how big was that play to kind of swing the momentum around the ball back in Austin’s hands and let him make plays on offense just helped us roll back into that game fella we sorry about that fella fellas what was that what was the key to your success last night against Capital Touche Touche total team effort though you know when capital and Bora play one another I go back to last year first first round to the playoffs a battle and that one what was last night’s game like how physical how much of a battle was it oh it was I mean it’s always a fight when we played capital I mean we hype it up it’s a big rivalry rivalry between us it always has been and I mean when we play them they come to play us we come to play them it’s always gonna be physical and it’s always we always play hard they play hard so getting back to Austin’s performance last night I’m curious I have my thoughts on the performance and what impressed me most but what’s actually your teammates here what were you most impressed by with his performance offside it’s just so crazy watching him how no-one can tackle him like we try and practice but you can’t believe he actually hurdled me in practice one moment I mean just seeing him be so elusive and just his will to school or in the will to win it’s amazing I think the biggest part is well like we have so many option plays for us and we’ll run up the middle like I don’t know probably eight times in row and then I’ll sudden he’ll just break away and it’s not like they don’t see it coming they know options coming but once he gets that breakaway no one can catch him Isaac I know you’re on defense with him as well yeah I mean he takes every snap a quarterback runs the ball so much but he’s also out there on defense with you yeah and returns punts and kicks we want him to get the bump we give him the ball yeah it’s pretty it’s really crazy I mean a lot of us go both ways but I mean we all get tired Austin really doesn’t get that tired it’s it’s incredible but where where does that come from his giant chest nope I just basketball and ran the track and the 400 so I just keep me in really good shape and have a good motor so we through that you want a state championship in the 400 hurdles last spring right yeah there was a for hon in the open 400 open 400 and then how’d you guys do in basketball let’s see that bad boy oh she went off the bling love it love it do you have a track ring – no I just have medals okay so if he is wearing a sweatshirt and he’s trying to hide his bruises and I can see one and I want to show it off where’s it where’s the one on your hand here I just saw this one look at that thing oh my gosh I’ve kept on that year and half my look at that raspberry can you zoom in on that oh man so how are you walking doing uh I mean I I got to skip my first period because the its weightlifting our coaches I not show up I mean just I mean I was able to walk decent today I was limping a little bit but it’s just I mean nothing serious so made it through I want to see another day you pick up the rivalry win last night can’t want to get back to you unsung hero of this bunch you make plays on offense and defense week in and week out in almost the entire group this but you go back to last season you got yeah guys like Ellis Magnuson you had Jake at quarterback I’m missing out on some other couple standouts but there were so many guys that you lost from last year’s playoff team what was the mindset for you guys cuz I on the outside looking in it was like well you only have three starters returning this fall baura doesn’t have much experience might be a down here for the lines what was your guys mindset though well we kind of came in this year like just knowing that we got to carry over what happened last year like we got to keep that fight going and I feel like we’ve proven that we can keep that fight going even without our quarterback very good quarterback Ellis behind sin Jacob all to bingo and Jason and stuff so I mean those are some studs that you just listed there I mean how did you guys replace him and you you’re off to a fantastic start yeah I think a huge part was just coaches helping motivate us like people like obviously we only had threes are returning starters and people kind of counted this out and we didn’t want that to happen because we know we can make plays we can have a good season and so we just tried to change that mentality of like oh we looked at as a bad team but we change that and try to be like hey like you think we’re bad team but then we just shove it back in the face is so absolutely how about for you yeah coming into the season I mean we heard it from our coaches where it’s like we don’t have these same guys you guys are gonna have to step up and I mean coming from all of us we we were upset about that and we wanted to come out and prove that we could all play too and so we came out and we’ve had that chip on our shoulder all season and working to carry it through to the end so absolutely certainly are are you miked up yeah yeah just having a success with all that the the success and experience that you lost last year I really think it’s just an attitude this year kind of an attitude that nobody’s gonna beat us and that we just have to stay baura you know last year we were good but we want to be good this year two big fellas up front I know I know we got some of you up here how much show how much do you guys just carry on your shoulders like hey we gotta make holes for this guy this guy this guy how much do you guys take pride our coach our coaches tell us there that there is pressure on the old line but we know that we just got to do enough to get awesome camera certainly did that last thing how much pride do you guys take when you look at Austin’s numbers you’re like I love quite a bit of pride yesterday our culture’s and it’sit’s us like you know he doesn’t go to 89 or whatever was without the Lions yeah does Austin take you guys out for like dinner breakfast nobody sure you mentioned the coaching staff coach Burton I don’t know if there’s another human being that walks this planet that has as much energy as he does it’s infectious I know you guys feed off it I feed off it on the sidelines and I just pulled the camera what’s it like playing for Coach Burton it’s intense we we sometimes have to get like coached up about trying to be on his level of hyping this because he’s just he’s just going going going and like he won’t ever let us get dull at ever on the sidelines even if we’re up 20 points if we’re like the end of the quarter we he still wants us to be had till the end cheering on our teammates making sure that no play goes by that we’re not excited and shown pride like even a halftime when that’s supposed to be your cooldown moment he it’s his heat up moment he’s everyone off he just gets everyone going it’s really good coming out its third quarter they keep stuff pumped up for the third quarter awesome was he for everything about the playing for Coach Berg I definitely feel like he acts like he’s one of like us kids he’s running around jumping around that’s bumping everyone even I practiced sometimes and we have a couple guys banged up he goes out and plays linebacker without his badges comes flying in and just tags off and such trash-talking days I mean just mean there’s I mean that as a coach as really as I mean just kind of get feeds off his energy and just wants us to be like that hyped up in like that have that energy on the field because I mean if he’s doing that just for us I mean we should be bringing the same energy for him it’s like you guys actually feed off it oh yeah it’s not like a cliche like it’s like all right coach brings it really does I mean one time we wind a halftime and it’s like we weren’t playing the great game but instead of yelling at the players he was yelling at the sideline for not being excited enough for when we did make plays I mean he’s he’s all over the place I mean he cares I mean obviously he cares about the given football but he cares so much about us being excited at all times so so let’s have some fun on this interview set it’s very rare that we have Rubik’s cubes on Friday Night Football I understand Isaac has a little bit of a unique talent when it comes to Rubik’s cubes walk us through this my man so when I was I don’t know like eight to nine years old my mom like bought us a Rubik’s Cube and it’s like everyone has a Rubik’s Cube or has seen a Rubik’s Cube ever played with one and it’s like you see it and you just think like oh my gosh I’m gonna figure it out but it doesn’t ever actually happen and so one day my mom decided to sit need not sit me down she sat down figured out how to solve it and I mean I’m very competitive and so is my brother so me and my brother both learned after that and then it became who can get the fastest time who can get the fastest time and then it just became all about like learning the best fastest way to solve it I got to the point where you know how to solve it every time it could be any scramble somebody could scramble it up for however long they want you’re gonna be able to solve it every single time and so I just took it upon myself I wanted I wanted to be the fastest and it’s like so I would practice every single day my fastest time I’ve ever gotten is 13 seconds 13 13 seconds so cam are you scramble on this right now okay well before he gets back I’m gonna run and get my iPhone it’s just right at the desk here oh man we’re gonna time this now I’m on the spot if I if I give a new best Oh freak out television is freaks me out knock NDL all right we’re talking football Rubik’s cubes who doesn’t love it all right so we got my iPhone timer here Isaac you feel like you can set a new record live on our Katie VB YouTube page and I’m gonna be honest with you no I don’t I’m genuinely curious how long this takes all right we’re gonna start in 5 4 3 2 1 it’s gotta focus guys this is awesome yeah 22 yeah I was shaking camera zhonya 22 seconds that wasn’t safe that was more aggressive than any touchdown to interception you’ve had I know I can see myself a better athlete than Austin [Laughter] [Music] Boise in Bora it’s homecoming yeah and I mean it’s Boise Bora oldest rivalry in the state we’ll assign myself yeah yeah oh man it’s gonna be a lot of fun um what’s spear a week like Borah high school it’s crazy visco girl typical high school okay clearly getting home [Laughter] okay then spirit outs okay Oh that’ll be a blast fellas enjoy it as someone that’s that’s been in your shoes one day a long time ago shout out to Waukee high school class of 2007 senior year I remember senior homecoming like it was yesterday it’ll fly by soak it up enjoy it but also just just have fun keep the ball rolling it’s been a blast to watch you guys you guys are off to a fantastic start this year keep it rolling we’ll keep continuing to to give John Anderson some love and get the smile on to his face I think he might and coach burger that is true that’s the one guy absolutely fellas congratulations thanks so much for your time really appreciate it Rubik’s Cube champion Isaac Newton that is gonna do it for this week of Friday night football if you missed any of the highlights or this interview just head on over to our key key to the youtube page as well as streaming online over at ketv.

com we will see you same time same place next Friday night.


July 22, 2020



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