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we have the Hawks in studio with us tonight on Friday Night Football fellas thanks so much for taking the time really appreciate it coach young how’d you spend your free Friday night tonight tonight was date night tonight was date night where’d you go old Chicago Oh pizza Italian nacho well fellas let’s start out with last night you take down Boise what was the key to putting up 51 points Danny we’ll start with you defensively I mean the big play that interception how awesome was that coming just until a week making my adjustments are key fans knew him guys around Trevor the past play that was I got a question was last night’s game a little chippy or or key or if a better word will go competitive competition-wise there was like repeating how big was that victory for you guys and will will continue on down down the bench how big was the victory last night for you guys it was great honestly it pulls us all together and just it was awesome all together and we played as a team we won 11 on both sides yeah you know this is an offense that under guys like Wyatt store I mean it was a prolific offense for the last few years and those are tough shoes to fill no doubt but looking at the scoreboard and seeing you know 51 on it how good did that feel what does that do for your guys’s confidence and knowing that you know you you can do this you can’t move the ball and put points on the board it was great we’re a very young team we’re building up to everything so confidence is awesome just everything to us and so we get it get some leads or just awesome big win like that it means everything to to the team gotta ask you what do you do first game smashed my hand wipe it in the face mask right after halftime oh and I’m breaking my pinkie how to get three screws in it no kid three screws you play last night no we’ll be able to come back now oh no sorry know that yeah oh yeah well it’s tough luck but I’m using that’s just the way life goes sometimes I guess I just have to learn from it I mean my whole new I just it’s a whole new leadership role for me I just got to be out there on the sidelines just pumping them up and hey I’ll just get my teammates hype and so love that fantastic we got to find a way to grow I mean it’s not as a you know on the field you got to find a way off the field that was awesome at attentively play next level oh well it depends you know just whatever happens and whatever is meant to be that’s that’s the best you know whatever happens happens so you have a good head on your shoulders yeah yeah great perspective early coached young what’s I I know I talked with you before the season started when we were doing our prep previews but what’s a season been like for you when you had to replace a guy like why it’d have to replace a guy like Tyler who are two of the best football players to ever play or walk through the halls of Skyview high school you’re replacing a lot of production you know guys that are three-year starters and but that’s life of high school you know that’s just life in general people grow up people move on and then we get these guys you know and it’s it’s been awesome faced a lot of adversity hasn’t been easy by any stretch of the means but that’s part of the game that’s you know why would coach that’s why we play football that’s why these guys show up is everybody wants to battle everybody wants to compete and see what you can do and you know we’ve hung in some games and just not quite finished shot ourselves in the foot quite a few times but last night was a glimpse of what we can do now can we do it consistently that’s the next challenge coach you know oftentimes it’s it’s tough to take off the the coaching cap but I do want to ask you to be a dad for just a second what did it mean to see Camden scores his first varsity touchdown and I’m assuming it’s the first of many considering he’s only a sophomore but what what did that mean to you did you have a chance to soak that in for just a second at all for just a second you know I’ll give you kind of a quick glimpse my oldest son last year was our starting center so don’t get to see a lot just and and this little guy is a sophomore and it was a big grab and but it’s his job that’s what he says to do you know and and and he did a great job and it was a fun highlight you sent me that you know a little I know I know we got it coming up here on the big screen in just a second I think it’s a one of the next couple of plays here it was pretty cool now give you the other side of it yes yeah at the end the game he got nothing sportsman like penalty and he’s lucky coach Sorenson got ahold of him before I died right there we’re watching it on the big screen right in front of us Camden hauling in a touchdown number 13 it was it was a cool moment I’m not gonna lie that’s a big moment in the game I was fourth and long you roll the dice kind of caught in no man’s land a little bit there in terms of field position but you’re able to get it done coach did you guys need something like this last night to build a little bit of belief I mean we are only halfway through the season well one of the big things you don’t see on the clip is the the pocket that the offensive line okay provided Clayton Baker you know our quarterback and we’ve got puga and Josiah back here and that play happened because the old line and yes that’s what we needed we need the old line to step up and play the way they did last night guys who do we have next week Mountain Dino Mountain View big game thought you thought thoughts on that match it Danny go ahead yeah good athlete sure but I think if we fair enough this week should be game came out ready to play with posit mindset we should should be should be good game Danny wanted to ask you you’ve you have a pretty unique and cool journey yeah I know I know we could spend 30 minutes probably talking about it give us a brief eiated version you didn’t play last year the year before that I believe yeah yeah walk a walk us through what what led you to coming out and played football this season well I just junior year was going through motions first kind of quarter of the school year and saw all of guys dressing down their Friday night football games and was getting excited and I was I kind of missed a Mista game more and more and as season went on I end up actually asking coach young if I could join like the season and of course you said no because I mean team but no yeah that’s gonna world right it’s been oh yeah you’re clearly a playmaker a pic and a touchdown last is yeah I got one touchdown do you have multiple yeah you did have multiple you had a kickoff return to I was pulling up always have the camera rolling I’ve pulling up you blazed right by me cut it back up across the field we’re though I say only two were those the only two for total I had four touchdowns in my varsity career well done young man well done is a reason man played off will played offensive line believe it yeah guys we really do appreciate you joining us tonight we know it’s a rare Friday off but back in action next Friday a big one against a mountain views at and your guys’s Kerber do you travel to Mountain View okay so you own your place you guys excited to get back home yes yeah that’s celebration but seriously guys we really do appreciate you joining us tonight best of luck the rest of the way obviously a a positive step forward last night against Boise so thanks for having us yeah thank you absolutely all right that’s gonna do it that’s gonna do it for this week of Friday night football if you missed any of the highlights just head on over to ketv.

com or you can watch the entire extended version on Rt TBD the YouTube page we’ll see you same time same place next Friday.


July 22, 2020



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