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There’s nothing between my teeth.

Sh*t, F*ckkkk.

Oh f*ck.

You are insane.

I can’t breathe.

Holy cow.

How nice of you.

You weren’t ready for this.

I have tears in my eyes.

So, is there something between your teeth or not? Are you excited POG? Yes, can’t wait to see the monster.

The problem is, that it’s closed.

I’m in communication with Edouard through DM, but it’s not on this phone.

I don’t have his WhatsApp.

So if you could just open up Edouard… Thanks.




Now we want to succeed, to write another story.

And like always, to share that story with the world.

You are one of the family here.

So, who better, than you here to appreciate this spirit.

So, € 3 million before options… There is an option pack.



Before taxes? Before taxes.

So that’s roughly € 4 million.


It is something else in real life.

That spoiler! So Maude, what do you think? Basically, the car you prefer the most of all, right? Yes, the Chiron is my favorite.

They, frankly, really went all out on this one The Pur Sport, wow.

When they removed the cover, I had tears in my eyes.

Second time today that you have tears in your eyes.

This time, it was for a good reason.

Really, wow.

It really is in the details, refined yet ferocious.

Unbelieveable, really mindblowing.

The Bugatti won everything back in it’s racing days, because it was an agile and fast car.

With the Pur Sport, they wanted to return to these two concepts: agility and speed.

Do you want to check if the roof is strong enough? This kinda looks like a footrest.

I think it’s designed so you can stand here.

A first step there, a second there.


You have long legs, you can get straight up here.

The advantage is that you have these things here, that allows you to keep your feet on each side.

And You have the big spoiler to catch you just in case.

In terms of breakfast capacity, the spoiler is very good.

Enough space to sit down.

Well actually it’s a two-seater.

You’re right.

Romantic picnic and a play.

We should do it Maude.

Right? Yeah, makes sense, let’s do it.

60 copies, not to be confused with the 16.

60 in total, for the whole world.

This is an air outlet, it’s new, compared to the Chiron Sport.

Two big air intakes here.

A carbon line.

It’s a lighter color than usual on a Bugatti, because it is more sporty.

It’s the Bugatti made for cornering.

After producing the fastest car in the world, with 300mph or 494km/h.

And the most expensive car in the world.

Here it is, the best Chiron for cornering, perhaps even the of all cars, we will see.

Totally in love with this gigantic spoiler All carbon fiber, 7300:04:57, 240 –> 00:04:58, 280and super beautiful.

The engine, 1500 hp and 1600 Nm of torque.

As you can see, it forms an X.

Titanium, 3D printed exhausts.

The profile is also very nice with these shapes and especially this spoiler.

I can’t get enough of it.

You know for in the garden.



These seats are very good, they give good support, right? Yes, good stuff.

Do you think it’s going to be comfortable enough for you? It’ll be more comfortable than the Mini GP or the Kangoo I think.

In the garden, I would love to try it, to see how it would do.

Because I did 16.

58″ with the Mini GP in my garden, transformed into a track.

But this one… What time do you think it will set? Less than 10 seconds, might be possible? You have to be ambitious, it’s a Bugatti after all.

It’s very wide though, a lot wider than the Mini.

I fear that in the tightest spots between the bushes, it will get scratched.

Yes, it fits! At high speeds it will be difficult.

How fast do you think it can go? On my track? Well it’s not really a track, it’s my garden.

With the mini, I did 55km max, that’s quite fast already.

Perhaps 100km/h? 100km/h? 4 wheel drive, 1500hp.

We’ll see.

The video will determine what’s possible.

But, no hand brake? It’s electronic.


At worst you can add one.


That’s true.

This is good, you have the paddles behind the wheel, good.

Everything is accessible.

You may have to close the windows, because there’s a lot of dust.

Good point.

Good after that is cleaned up, it’ll be brand new again.

Pleasantly surprised, can’t wait to see how it looks in your garden.

Nice hat by the way.

This is my favorite, the Pogoo cap, the one that suits me best.

It has the vibe of a tuned Bugatti.

Just imagine that on the ring around Paris or in the Paris traffic jams.

Doing 0 to 50km/h sprints with a snap of your fingers.

It’s always this mix between comfort and performance, because a Bugatti is super comfortable.

Considering in this case, the suspension is firmer.

It’s also quite spacious.

It weighs 2 tonnes, for a car that goes on the circuit, that is still quite heavy.

What do you think? Is it too much GTA Style? Or is it cool because of the GTA Style? In any case, it is a piece of art.

It’s an example of French ingenuity, but not only French, because it’s very European as a brand.

The factory is located in Alsace in Molsheim, it belongs to the Volkswagen Group and Ettore Bugatti is Italian.

So it’s all of that, but I think it’s something the French can be proud of.

Let’s take another look at the interior, so beautiful.

Ah, hi Maude, how are you? It’s going great.

Hop in the passenger seat.

Okay, let’s go, we’re going to take advantage of the end of the lockdown.

It feels good to finally be able to ride after 2 months.




The steering wheel, “EB” for Etorre Bugatti.

Here, the different modes.

“Start Engine”.

The appearance of a few LCD screens, there were none on the Veyron.

This is very characteristic, the gear lever.

Some space for small stuff.

Very nice, but do you know what the best thing is, in here? No.

The highlight of the show is behind us.


Look, direct view of the W16.

Great view.


July 22, 2020



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