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r hadn’t carried the ball in a coupleof weeks so good one-two punch with him and Jalen McGee in the backfield andthis is pan Toya again but this time t-mac a lon date alamak is the first manto him and will drop him in his tracks at the line of scrimmage so no game clock continues to movelakeside down 43 27 here the Bears just trying to take care of business that’swhat their goal was to come in hey we’re playing at home let’s take care ofbusiness check the win column off and move on tonext week Mike coach rice said earlier this week on the coach’s perspective youknow he really wants to make the playoffs it’s a big deal for him in hisfirst year another run play this time to McGee I’m talking to coach Rice he hadglowing things to say about coach DeWitt who was the former Bears coach the lastcouple years in fact he was very appreciative of bringing he and BillPowell on as staff members last year and he said hey he started this culture andwe’re gonna continue it and we’re gonna build upon it so very complimentary kindword for Coach DeWitt who was the former coachplay-action Tappan Toya over the middle complete for a first down the ball completed to James Nicholassophomore he’s a old lineman converted a tight end so having to move thingsaround we mentioned because of injuries they can’t even feel the JV team copewith a pretty good throw finds him in the middle of the field first down ballmoves inside the 20 they’re in the red zone hope little bootleg shoved out ofbounds and gets to about the 9 tell a Mac making the play may have somethingtacked on to that their offense is figure it out today talking aboutlakeside it’s gonna be against Pali so move it alittle bit closer so 809 to play in a strange thingshappen at sundown GFI you know and obviously we learned that lesson earlieryou play to the whistle right you play the play of the final gun doesn’t matterthat Lakeside’s own seven or whatever coming in it’s thebest oh and seven team I’ve seen in a longtime so first and goal line is the five pan toy of the tailback garsa stuffed shifting into motion maybehe did something wrong as a flag comes in see orange vista and north that’s a bigone next week jeffer and i can’t wait to see mecca la nasty but he’s fun to watchyou know we had just our Harrison up in the booth he’s a alum he’s up at greedlycollege but came back for homecoming and he played for for Coach do it and coachrice he was a defensive player last year and one of the highlights I have my realeye is him kind of getting one-on-one there with Mikayla late at the end of arun hope can’t get away coming in and submarining him Hayden browning makes the play Oh rainin ran into Penn Toyathat’s what happened that’s exactly what I’m gonna bounced him off so second andgoal ball back to the 8th give up the middle pan Toya fighting hurtling insidethe 5 to the 3 to third down and goal will come up from the 3 yard line so I’mwondering is Magee now you don’t you hope McGee is not hurt he might begassed just keeping them off the field to keep him fresh for the defensive side panto has been doing a good job thoughthird down play pan Toya shoving driving he’s in touchdown lakeside so a gooddrive for lakeside in response they get the penalty after the p80 which pushesthe kickoff back it helps them get good field position and then the offensiveline does the rest pantalla hits paydirt and it’s a 10-point game pending the p80with 616 to play so the Lancers after throwing a scare into north last weekhang with poly this week Lancers going for two Pope throwing incomplete Penntoy at the intended receiver and now more curricular extracurricular activityand now flags just flying all over the place you hate to see this these twoteams have both played a great game they put in a great effort and you know it’sfootball it’s physical it’s gonna get a little bit chippy but you hate to see itkind of overflow like this yeah when they gets to multiple guys I understandthe frustration yeah here and there but it’s like you both play such a good gameyou know I’m saying you both played well and you hate to tarnish it by having abunch of flags and penalties and ejectionsso the two-point conversion no good it’s a 10-point gameLakeside has already recovered one onside kick the officials caucusing yousee the flags lying there on the right on the carpet I think this could resultsome ejections they’re writing down something which Robbins has the pencilworking he’s our referee tonight and it’s interesting because for most of thefirst two and a half quarters was a pretty clean game very clean and then itstarted to get a little bit chippy that’s one thing that Coach Rice talkedabout specifically to us you know we’ve had too many penalties we need to reducethose penalties and he you know we had a very candid conversation he said heyweek seven that’s on me I’m the head coach so I need to figure out somethings to make sure these guys understand that that is not acceptableI believe there’s gonna be some objections here the problem with aninjection the high school level is kept my next week by next weekend everyit is pivotal for Polly to get into these playoffs scanning the sidelinesPat Lakes I do not see well Jalen Magee now looks like he is getting treatmentand looks like the pads are coming off so that’s not a good sign if you’re alakeside fan he’s on the trainer’s table near the 35 yard line and the pads havejust come off get a look at the stands here tonight atKing high school the home field for Riverside Poly homecoming night onSaturday happy to be with you Kazaa Hasan along with Jeff Gorham Nick riceon the sidelines our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew also onboard tonight Brad Ross Bob Jason Ryan Steve Scott Carey Douglas I’m always I’malways leery of Douglas though why it’s a nice young man I don’t know sometimesand shifty and Kate’s always one was that guy so a bunch of penalties that have offsetI always hate that you know old guy used to work with Jeff culture and you knowJeff he did not like the offsetting personal fouling what good does that dothere’s nothing except for it now they’re probably gonna go over it nowyeah with ejections now and that’s interesting now the new rule John Ricethe head coach of poly they’re being getting an explanation from ourofficiating crew tonight and he’s walking back to the sidelines 4333 now Seidler getting the explanationfrom triplet james island had caused a lakeside first-year head coach lookingfor his first career win Jeff’s very good friend rate Triplettthe head linesman tonight his son late great ray a triplet yousaid he is the best basketball player you ever seenno he was great phenomenal we’ve got the Riverside Halloween fest it’s SaturdayOctober 26 from 2 to 10 p.


kids come on out kids 14 and under arefree adults are just $10 is gonna be a costume contest for kids and adults ahaunted trail I love those haunted trails Halloween vendors kids own freecrafts and games food and beer garden once again at white Park RiversideHalloween fest Saturday October 26 Nick rice what do you say quick injury update Jana McGee’s justbeen an absolute star for lakeside tonight he is set to return in shortorder just a very minor injury just some precautionary factions where they’retalking with the medical staff about what’s going on with the legs both ofthem are going okay and he should be set to return on the next drive back to youguys on sidekick from Lakeside Hicks the high hopstill loose on the turf did poly pick it up looks like they did so Polly takespossession at the 43 yard line or so good job on the onside kicked the doublebump and then scouting on the hands team scoops it up at the 43 and that’s wherePali Hill started off well the offense hasn’t been the issue tonight for theBears but Bernie run for a touchdown thrown for four touchdowns what a gamehe has had tonight senior three-year starter for poly justadding to his record on Homecoming he was also part of the homecoming courtLaMontagne up to midfield stepped out of bounds they blew the whistle this timehe’ll say he’s out at the 44 yard line of alum of lakeside so a 13-yard pickupMedina with the stop just confidence just throwing that out LaMontagne started here at carnagieright he did last year’s first year with Polly on apretty good year made for jason macmaine’swhat a great job he’s doing citrus huh huhgreat guy they win last night he did pier 71 now first and tenth line is the44 toss to Harold how do you do and in second effort what a great second effortby him he gets just to the 48 it’ll be a loss but he could have been cowed in atmidfield and the only guy who is really givinghim a problem is Perkins who’s the you know kind of the d1 level guy good playby Perkins so loss three yards from the 47 of Lakeside second down Bernie overthe middle tipped nearly intercepted but incomplete third and long intended forthe tight end tella mac clock stops for 29 to play well they can get Polly off the fieldhere maybe you shot for lakeside this is a big play third and 13LaMontagne split out to the near side right next to him is brown and then TArena ma to the top of your screen Berni on the option Burnie spins off atackle Burnie second level Burnie to the first down inside the 30 well we’ve beentalking about him all night Jeff he is phenom I mean he took a a shot spunright off of the defender and I was able to really extend this game and possiblyhurt the Lancers because I’ll tell you what now they’ve got four sets of downsI can run this clock down wow what a great run by the senior so Bernie gets 18 on that play for thefirst down under four minutes to play clock moving from the 29 of lakesidestack formation to the top of the screen LaMontagne to the near sideLaMontagne in space oh what a move touchdown poly 29-yard catch and run by ethanLaMontagne i thought he was tackled three times another look here just aquick throw to the outside and once he parks the defenders and this might be some of the fatigueplaying in Lakeside remember eight guys playing both ways offense defense nowthere are a couple of guys who were healthier so he’s been rotating hiscoach Seidler for lakeside but LaMontagne just so dynamic in the openfield then it’s a 49:33 lead and now it’s 50 points so here’s a look at thedrive one throw to LaMontagne gets him a first down nearly spun that one off too and thenBernie with a big run this is the big play here this might be the coup de Grasbecause it was a third and 13 he got them to the 29 and here’s the touchdownLaMontagne nice little Juke move there breaks the Medina’s tackle and then easeto paydirt eight five guys around five in traffic as they said exactly it’slike you and you’re playing hoops for a moment no matter how many guys were inthe paint you were scoring I was gonna shoot I don’t know if I was in score butyou were passing we knew we know that no nancy Dawson just stuck in here off theass Kim how often you passed said Gorham he’s never had an assist in his lifesquib kick and bounces oh that’s a live ball so picked up by Romero Romero atthe 5 up to the 10 driving forward and will be back maybe to the 15 yard line so I got old like I did an argument withHollywood just wanted to clarify and random he was saying hey Joaquin Phoenixgonna win an Oscar for the Joker how can you say anybody’s better than him I saidwell coach it’s a whole movie dedicated to him you know yes Cesar Romero wouldhave three scenes and he would steal it was like it was like when Heath Ledgerwas in The Dark Knight it’s a Batman movie but he stole themovie that Cesar Romero would do every week he was the only villain you caredabout a little bit burgess Meredith as the penguin I think those are very goodand of course the Riddler was Frank Gorshin Frank Cuccia Phil the JohnAustin also played him a little bit first downhere’s the give and Toya cats stacked up maybe a coupleso we saw Miki on the sidelines take the shoulder pads off never a good signit looks like the injury is not serious but he’s not back in the game you don’twant to risk it at this point so ball maybe a yard on the play we wentto the 16 yard line call it the 17th actually so second and eight coming upMedina to the top of the screen for lakeside turn and give and Toya forward to the 21third down and four coming up Ledbetter the senior three-year varsity playerlittle slow to get up and this week eight so maybe a little bit of a stingerhe’s grabbing the wrist poly next week they’ll be at Paris andthey finish up with John W Norris and his own man fell on him and he’ll comeoff the field training staff for poly lakeside I Canyon Springs next week theywrap up at Paris and you’ll have John W North Orange Vista on Riverside TV nextthat’s a big one yeah it’s a great one I’m excited for that one Dennis Brownagainst the Somme all brothers almost sounds like a wrestling it does DennisBrown off the brown family very distinguished football family in thecity Riverside third and four line is the 21 for lakeside Pope pump-fakelooking down the field from Edina incomplete the flag comes in well they’ve done a good job on Medinaat night he went remember he ran wild against the Huskies last week 200 yard11 catches 201 yards incredible that may be some sort of either a defensive holdor pass interference on that play but got a like what the defense is done forthe Bears on the outside and it will move up it’ll be a penaltyagainst the bear so it stops the clock moves the ball up they move the ball to the 36 hope he’llkeep it pope angling to the sidelines I will cut back inside near midfield so 15yard pickup what late sides gonna have a pretty good future they’re young they’vegot a coach that cares the culture like we said it’s changing the new athleticdirector coaches are here supporting yeah they were ready we’re gonna look atthe play I mean Pope hope he’s only a junior next year he could be doing whatBernie’s doing for poly a very good football player plays both sides playson defense as well as a defensive back help quick throw slant route complete toMedina about eight yards on the play late site was kind of turning aroundMark Chandler came in went five and five the first year that went seven and fourgot from the playoffs for the first time in school history to school open in 2005in 2017 then had health issues last year so when he had to step down it wasn’treally a clear line of succession so then we’ll kind them on their way upand then coach James Tyler hopefully will get him the rest of the way here’sthe gift to pan Toyo twist inside the 40 to the 38 and I like what I’ve seen fromhim obviously we’ve been very impressed with Magee the four touchdown rushesthat he’s had but panto has come in the senior andwith Magee out they really haven’t skipped a beat on the running gameGeoffrey no they have not Montoya has been fantastic to watchespecially in the fourth quarter Medina to the top of the screen here’sPope launches it down the field one-on-one he hauls it in at the 1 whata catch by Medina in double coverage Medina double coverage down the fieldmatched up with Sammy Sanchez t arena comes to help out over top Wow whatconcentration to reel that one in so here’s the give and the touch down topen Toya his second touchdown of the evening 52:39 of the Lancers in the lasttwo weeks they put up 34 on north and they’ve rung up 39 points here againstthe Bears and pant wedge is running right behind the two big boys Martinezand Santa’s Oh two-point conversion attempt here Popein trouble he’ll keep it and he’ll get it two pointsDakota Pope makes it a 5041 game with 43 seconds to playwe have an update from the sideline with Nick rice do we have Nick right thanks to SaulLeadbetter their team captain defensive tackle tight end for Paulie he’s backinto the game but it seems with okay so let betterwe saw him kind of come off the field Daniel Ledbetter the defensive endsenior returning starter from last year hopefully he’s okay if you’re a baseballfan thrilling ending in Houston bottom of the ninthAstros walk off the Yankee six to four so the Astros and the Nationals in theWorld Series Yankees were down four to two in the top of the ninth tied at 4-4and it came down to Jose Altuve in the bottom of the ninth he’s a little biteager for the Astros swift kick scooped up and just meal down and then it’ll bevictory formation time for the Bears with 39 seconds to play in this one andwell Lancers will not get their first win of the year James Tyler denied hisfirst career win as a coach but you had to be impressed with what lakesidebought today they did not play like a known 17 to none no I said it’s the best17 I’ve ever seen and they ran their stuff well they made very few mistakesbut they played smart it was it was for a team that’s as small as they are theyplayed with heart you played with strength and they just looked like afootball team you would never guess they were 1 7 and I think they’re gonna getit I’ll win here definitely before the season is out because they’re playingpretty good football Canyon Springs in Paris left and they they’re hard part ofthe schedules kind of out of the way they’ve already played both north andcanyon spring and orange vistas Bernie we’ll take a knee andwhat a game for bud Bernie tonight Jeff touchdown run a couple of touchdown orfour touchdown passes what a job he’s done and what a great time in homecomingsenior year he was in the homecoming court the guys had a great night yeahZach ma also on the homecoming court for poly and nice to see the handshake someof the testing this earlier 52 41 the final tonight the Bears of poly get thewin over the Lancers so okay part one is done poly now four and four two and onein league play they need to now take care of business against Paris next weekwhich sets up the showdown in week ten against John W North Jeff Gorham well Ican tell you right now they’re gonna take good care pears and I have to saythis I think it’s gonna be a good one in two weeks from these goals two teamsbattle it out two good friends too as well I also want to wish coach JamesSadler’s wife a happy birthday so having a birthday this week and they also havetheir wedding anniversary this week and he was great with us this weekend histeam played very well tonight it’s despite losing this one 52-41 knowit was one of the better games we’ve had on Riverside TV this year and say everyone of those players don’t hang your head you guys are gonna be very good ina couple years stand behind your coach stand behind your teammates and followyour your team is they’re gonna be pretty goodso we’ll have a postgame wrap-up with Nick rice I believe he’ll have John ricewith a mill relation doing John rice and Nick rise well the faithful for Pollythey’ll go home happy on homecoming with a 52-41 to win tonight thanks forjoining us on this special saturday edition of the CIF high school footballgame of the week and we’re back next week with another doubleheader Fridaynight it is a showdown in the Inland Valley it is John W north and orangeVista and then on Saturday me and Jeff will be back together as RCC takes onGolden West Tom craft and the Tigers rolling forward on their schedule and Ibelieve how a coach rice is down there with Nick will toss it down to the field excuse all John rice as you mentioned norelation to myself well this is a win and there are some great things to takeaway from this game but of course there are also some pretty sloppy things totake away from this game yeah I was not happy with our demeanor we have to learnto walk away when you when you’re getting yelled and yelled at and pickedon and we have to learn to walk away and we’re better than that we represent thepoly community we have to do a better job on the other hand the offense scored50 points we haven’t done that all year so we’ll regroup we will correct ourmistakes and we will be ready to play next week that was a team that didn’treally have a lot to play for so they came in motivated confident and I wouldsay offensively to score that many points that has to be pretty impressivegoing forward the rest of the year I don’t want to take anything away fromthem they played hard but we didn’t play anywhere near our capability like wepaid last week and that’s my fault I didn’t do a good job getting us readybut we are much better than we showed and we have to correct that for nextweek well coach Congrats on the win defensively how do you fix up some ofthe miscues tonight effort and if they can’t adjust and do we expect them to dowe got to find 11 guys that will do it and we’ll make those Corrections when wewatch the video looking forward to how you performed the rest of the year coachand congrats on the win with Riverside Pauly’s victory there now right lookingat the playoff picture a tune one of the league four and four but I’m sure coachdoesn’t want to hear any of that as they look forward to their next two gamesguys back to you well now going talking about Division eleven time I playoffthere have 22 team to four wins or more poly is one of them as we get a look atJason arrow he opened the scoring in the first quarter and then coming right backwas Jalen Magee he had four touchdowns on his own for lakeside the storytonight though Jeff as we got a look at the two-point conversion attempt thestory is is but burning yeah the senior the playmaker thethe leader of this team was really dynamic and I mean that wholeheartedlyand sincerely he was great he ran for a touchdown he threw for five and itseemed like whenever a play needed to be made but Bernie made the play the bigone was late in the game a third and 13 situation it has a turnover that thatlakeside eventually turned into this touchdown it was in the fourth quarterand lakeside still kind of hanging in there was a 10-point game and Bernie ranfor a 19 yard play on third and 13 and subsequently they put the ball into theend zone did the Bears of poly and just everything he’s been through in terms ofwinning the job as a sophomore and the coaching change that became you know theoffseason this year what a career he has had here at poly and he’s a multi-sportathlete but you can’t tell you know that here’s his touchdown run for but Berniethe senior was part of the homecoming court as well tonight for the Bears andif the Bears can somehow squeeze into the playoffs he is such a factor forthem because he can do it all Jeff no I’ll tell you there’s just certain guysthat can do you know their can play any sport and do it well Bernie is that guyand he’s gonna go down to the lure of Riverside poly as one of those guys athree-year starter from oops high quality football is a big deal and havea homecoming on TV great game for a goodyoung man jaylen McGee also with a big game for Lakeside he scored fourtouchdowns before having to leave the game with an injury event hisreplacement Rudy Pam Toya also had a couple of touchdown runs as we seeLaMontagne there with the score and then the turnover really this was kind of theone that more or less end of the game were at Lakeside their effort they theystayed close they stayed close into the fourth quarter they made it a game togive credit to the Lancers and both teams Seidler as you mentioned they’regonna be a pretty good team to have some young guys coming back Dakota Pope isback next year for them and a couple their starters on defensive back forthem next year as well they should do some things next year once they have thesecond gear this regime in place yeah and I’ll tell you the covers notfair very young very few seniors and the thing is they just need to buy in loveto see more guys student body members come out and play football becausethey’ve got a great coach they’ve got a great system so far congratulations tothe poly bears they win tonight on Homecoming 52-41 for Jeff Warren forNick rice my name is Gonzales on also for the entire Riverside TV through ouraward-winning crew the final from King high school tonight poly 50 lakeside 41we’ll talk to you next week so long everybody.


July 22, 2020



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