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yeah Brian I’m here with the stud athlete TJ Finley what a night he had tonight four touchdowns beating beating Denham Springs but but did it in a great fashion but let me ask you this just right on the gate that TD pass to your brother your first one

what does that mean to you it mean the world to me you know just seeing him you know running full-speed to the end zone you know just seeing him in the clear he actually didn’t know what was going on I scrambled his man came up and he just

turned around the ball was in his face and luckily he had you know the best hands on the team so he caught it and got going but as you can see on the replay if y’all watch it I got on the knee and I just bust down in

tears because you know just to see my little brother as happy as he was you know catching that touchdown from his big brother means the world to me I didn’t get y’all there at the end when y’all kind of you embrace them it was it was it was

touching you I was very impressed with what is this to finally get this first one of the season under your belt and kind of moving forward um you know it means a lot for our team it builds a lot of confidence you know that we got two more

home games before we go back on the road the crowds are gonna be pumped they’re gonna come to every game now now that we’re one-on-one got our first win of the season actually the first win first win outside of you know yeah right in two years on but

you know it’s a lot of you know positive for our team which is gonna get in the lab Monday and get back to work so I have to ask how are you feeling you got pretty beat up there your old line kind of struggled to keep you safe

but you definitely made some moves outside of the pocket that really helps your team tonight yes ma’am my line I give all them all the credit for each touchdown that we had east touchdown I let them know before the play you know give me time display I promise

he’s gonna be a touchdown so you know they stepped up to the occasion you know they gave me time when I needed time you know unfortunately you know I got set which is gonna happen in football but you know I give all the credit to them for each

touchdown I know last week against I both you guys were shutout in the second half was that more my motivation going into this game knowing that you didn’t do as well as you typically do oh yes ma’am everybody knows we have seven freshmen I mean seven sophomores actually

starting off and so the first game was a lot of you know mental mistakes um jitters and and scared and nervous and stuff like that so just you know coming into the lab Monday actually Sunday night me and coach Anker watch Monday we implemented a whole new you

know system to get the ball on my hands faster get our guys in space to get to make one-on-ones and that touchdown run there at the end the TD pass in the fourth quarter really kind of put the game away what did it mean to you know hey

this is basically game over here yeah um you know I always tell my team the game ain’t over until the horn sounds so just knowing that you know I put my team in a position where we can get on the field and stop them and win the game

you know I just let them know just give me one stop and this game is over every well good luck going forward and thank you Brian I’ll send it back to you this big game from a big man right there just for context TJ Finley six foot seven



July 22, 2020



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