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Hi guys ! it’s Pond Review channel here today I have a watch from Seiko 5 sports to review for you guys ! what special is, this is the latest model, lots of details added, which we all may not familiar with first, let’s have a look at its box it’s the same with other Seiko 5 sports the design is like military pattern here, the soft pillow the ref.


is SRPE55K1 this is the additional model form the diver watch which came out before probably you kind of familiar with the dial of this watch because it’s the same with the present Seiko 5 but the bezel is being cut off so it’s kind of clean, and give the different feeling I think this is one of the watch that Seiko wants to do the promotion in 2020 as the looks and the design are quite interesting, and suit for Asian’s wrists so the first thing that differ from the old Seiko 5 is the size only 40 mm.

smaller than previous Seiko 5 the previous model is around 42 mm.

around 2 mm.

different side by side, you can see they are pretty much different in sizing sure you can get the dress watch feeling more the old one has bezel, it gives sporty look, tool watch style but the left one, instead of bezel, here is the stainless steel, shiny one I feel the luxury sense and I really fall in love with it at the first time I see alright, let go through the details the dial has matte black color first I thought it would have the sunburst, but no, it’s real matte black so it looks quite neat the markers, the hour and minute hands, they come with the lume and of course the markers here are just like the Seiko 5 Sports, which is diving style watch so you can ensure the light in the darkness, it’s quite great however, this has no stopwatch function on the bezel so it’s the sport-dress watch that has the looks of diving watch down here says “automatic” this automatic movement from Seiko is quite new version this can do manual winding up, without screw down crown pull one time, to set the date Sunday comes in red color pull one more time, to set the time the glass comes as the hardlex crystal ok, let me explain like this Seiko has developed their own glass by improve the mineral crystal, to make it harder and this, they called it hardlex crystal many times I do the review, I said it mineral crystal the hardlex crystal, Seiko claimed that it’s stronger than mineral crystal but not as that as strong, like sapphire well, honestly from my experience I don’t see any different between hardlex crystal and mineral crystal they both are easy to get the scratch just can’t compete with sapphire I believe this can protect at one stage, but eventually it’ll be a scratch anyway for the case, I like the design, it’s quite interesting this is not about it’s the new model it’s actually the same Seiko 5 Sports case but leave out the bezel and it totally changed the feeling, the mood and tone, of this watch and of course this won’t be the diving watch for sure it’s more like sport casual watch, every wearing while some other Seiko 5 recently, they changed the bracelet to nylon strap and the looks just change to be like field watch it’s kind of the watch that good for everyday wearing not for like special event or special function mode, as it’s good for read the time only well, this kind of looks, it made me think of.



Tudor Black Bay 41 it’s the famous one from Tudor, that has similar mood and tone with this one this is it if you are aiming that Tudor, I think this Seiko 5 could be the answer I love the design and how luxury look it is the thickness is 11.

7 mm.

not too thick the case back, as same as Seiko 5 style, regular movement no any special design, like coloring the pieces inside, like those expensive watch it’s see through case back, showing that it’s automatic system watch for the bracelet, like I said in many vdos that the quality of the strap is average the weight of the bracelet, I think it’s lighter than what I expect if it’s the solid stainless steel, it would be heavier than this pretty sure, they have some technique to do with the bracelet, and inside it’s the hollow steel when I adjust the length of the strap, I can see the connection or welding part of them so I guessed they would may be fold the steel, and hide the jointing parts and that’s the reason it’s not heavy the end link is not the solid steel, it’s hollow on the back you can see its hollow well, talking about this strap, I would say it’s the average, not that a good one many people like to change this to be a Strapcode one Strapcode has a great quality one, it’s solid all give a great feeling when you wear the previous model would be 22 mm.

this one is 20 mm.

so the strap can’t wear together you have to find the 20 mm.

the buckle size is smaller 2 holes for micro adjustment, I think it’s a bit less because each joints are quite big 2 holes sometimes is not the right fit, when you try to find a good spot ok, let me try on and here is the watch 40 mm.

on my 5.

5 inches wrist (or 14 cm.

) you know what ! this is the size that I really love usually I wear Seiko 5 Sports, it’s kind of a little too bold to me and here, only 2 mm.

less, it’s perfect fit with a small wrist person like mine actually I would say, people who has big wrist also can wear this size 40 mm.

is just good size for every wrists sizes but for a small wrist person, it’s like a soulmate, you know what I meant the way it curves and tights to the hand, it’s just perfect fit I feel it’s a sport watch that can wear everyday like me, when I pick the diving watch to wear I knew that those stopwatch function, I won’t use it it’s just the additional function that isn’t really use in daily life mostly I wear it for read the time and this watch just answer what I look for plus, it gives the looks and the mood and tone of Seiko 5 if you were asking me how much I love this watch, the answer is absolute brilliant I’ve never bought the new launched watch at this fast I saw this on facebook so I ordered it right the way I’m so excited about this watch ok, I’ll change to other types of straps to change isn’t difficult at all, push the springbar hole I’m going to start with Nato strap actually this one has the Nato strap option as well but I have lots of Nato, so I chosen the bracelet for you guys, my recommendation is also, get the bracelet first, and buy the additional Nato strap later and there you go ! this is quite easy-going feeling as well as the field watch sense even on the dial doesn’t look so, but overall it made this become a little bit of field watch and it can be everyday wearing watch I would say this Nato is so great with this watch for the small wrist people, you may have the same problem like mine which is, the Nato makes the whole watch looks too big especially Seiko 5 Sports, where they have the oversized design but now it’s 40 mm.

it’s just perfect, gorgeous the feeling is more relaxing that wearing the stainless steel strap I just love it and this is the rubber strap, this probably 100 THB (US$ 32) the quality is quite ok.

I’ll put the link under the description honestly I love the rubber strap it’s easy to care, it’s good with water, no worry about the smell what do you think about this ? pretty cool, right ! and the good thing about this strap is, lots of holes for the adjustment and this is it ! well, it’s very comfy on top view, it doesn’t too wide like the Nato strap talking about the comfort feeling, it’s the same with Nato strap, but this is more neat and since this watch has the luxury style, I recommend if you appear to change the strap pick the strap that have the plain style, not lot of lines or pattern with rubber strap, it made the watch looks quite more expensive this rubber option I recommended ! next I’m going to try with leather strap this is the vintage leather strap, one thing that this strap seems to be so well fit with this dial, is the black color dial and white color lume match to the black strap and white thread stitching their colors just match this gives the comfy looks while you still have the vintage style I think this leather and previous rubber, there are not much different, depends on what you desire ! for me I love the rubber strap more, it’s easy to care, and last longer I’ll put all the links for the strap I showed, under neat the description overall, I think this watch is good for people who aim to get the new Seiko 5 Sports but there might be some part of that watch that not catch you like the bezel, or some functions that unnecessary for your everyday usage even the sizing is too big all these problems I think this is the options that could clear those problem for you guys this is one of the everyday watch that I would pick it’s unbelievable that only cut off the bezel and reduce 2 mm.

size, it’ll give more premium feeling to this watch alright, if you like this, you can go check this out the price, the tag price is 9, 900 THB (US$ 330) but the actual paid is around 6-7, 000 THB (US$ 230) pretty much similar to previous Seiko 5 model alright guys, this is all my review for today if you have questions, please drop at my below comments and don’t forget to give me a thumps up, and subscribe my channel too I’ll see you guys next vdo, have a fantastic day.


July 22, 2020



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