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but these are some of my favorite sunglasses I don’t know why but they just look good on me I don’t know who it is really I might wear my whole interview from here on up what’s up thank you this is beyond burger it’s completely delicious best vegan burger

out there in my opinion and I’m vegan of course so this is a key component standing healthy and getting a nice hearty meal no I really don’t crave it’s like a meat person I’m like the type of person that just does it like I’m a cold turkey person

I’m not like a person who’s like one who’s gonna be beating on Monday and then the next week two days a week when I do it I just do it so that’s really how I roll like I see other people like eating a chicken sandwich they’ll feel guilty

and around me I’m like I’m not that person like you have fun enjoy it but uh I’m gonna go ahead and get some of those vegan chicken this days just because I’m not working out as much so I’m not burning as much energy and I got a lot

more time to just sit in the house and look at the refrigerator it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with strawberry jam has been a lifesaver for me not currency peanut butter creamy for sure my Nexus is delicious a complete MIDI keyboard I produced music this is a key

essential in producing music without this I wouldn’t be anywhere this is very necessary when you’re making music and just trying to get the vibrate this keyboard specifically it has everything on a tempo record play stop you can connect it to to to logic or your FL or whatever

you’re using and it’ll sink in with a program it’ll light up here to tell you the keys no this is the one this is mainly the one if I’m like on an airplane or anything I’ll probably have like a mini one but I had to Korea for sure

this one this is all I really need you don’t need your they need 149 keys we can change the octaves and everything so it’s really not that important to have a hundred and four keys but this is the the key component that really gives me for my musical

endeavors some beaver song on for sure move a couple of keys you know play a couple these right here and the magic happens that’s where the magic happens for sure bar number nine along is one of my favorite two loans it’s sort of essential when I want to

walk around the house and smell good because I have nowhere to go and it has a bow tie on the bottom I mean on the bottle so maybe the bottle has somewhere to go but yeah it’s really I really like it it smells good it’s more of a

has oh yeah real real strong sit yeah there it is grow strong scent it’s amazing and it’s called the scent of peace for him you know I’m saying it smells like peace smells like it’s peace had a smell I thought it would be my Sony a7 three camera

I really like to shoot a lot of content from when it comes to just Instagram YouTube music anything I just really like shooting stuff so this is extremely important to me because I just like I like to do stuff and I’m a real creative when it comes to

certain things I feel like I film everything basketball is the main thing is I get to film um but I also good to film music and also get the film just like day-to-day fulfill my daughter I didn’t have a lot of video of myself as a child the

kid so I always told myself like if I ever get the opportunity to have a child which I did I wanna have so much video and photos over to where she’s like let me see the archives and you can just see this when you’re three just muna for

this one you’re gnarly so if you don’t definitely doing more creative things for example making music what’s our he was doing but I have a lot more free time to do it so it just makes it’s like if you do anything every day you’ll get better at it

so I’m definitely getting better in my quarantine times and also playing video games I just became a streamer it’s just something new that I’m really into it I’ve always played video games others never let people watch me play video games so now it’s a different thing but I

really enjoy it it’s a screen recording but it’s also a camera facing me and it’s watching me play the game as it’s being recorded it’s kind of a inception type of the next item is my daughter’s backpack this is extremely necessary just keep dollars snacks in it our

ler whenever like you can go to the park because that’s really like the only place you really can go so like you go to parking anything I could put some snacks in here put some waters in here a couple of our toys our iPad if we go to

the park and use the iPad which is really like contradicting why going to the park but sometimes it’s necessary with the child Oh her sunglasses don’t forget those she also has a monkey purse but I don’t think it’s in here all it is for monkey purse yes definitely

the monkey purse is very necessary let’s see how much money she has in her monkey purse that would be funny okay big baller she got about seven dollars in here hey I’m spending all in one place young lady it’s a lot of stuff in here all her stuff

those socks hairbrush Mintos and I said she had bad for everything but that’s the more sunglasses too he’s the cool cool kid can’t really stop her definitely the workout ball sometimes I replaced my like computer seat with this just because it’s really good for your back and your

core stabilizing your core and everything so this is definitely a key essentially it’s good on your hands if you’re not trying to work out and you’re just sitting at the desk it’s definitely good for your core cuz you definitely have to balance a little bit but it’s a

lot of stuff you can do on the ball abs arms legs there’s just a lot of things that you really can do with this [Music] my sunglasses they’re extremely comfortable these sunglasses probably for years now and they’re holding up pretty good I’m not gonna lie I’m not really

good with keeping up with sunglasses but I’ve kept up with peas one is a jug life water jug half a gallon water jug you can put as much water as one here goes up to half a gallon stay hydrated jug life is my foundation we build water wells

in Uganda and we also teach kids all around the world the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle and drinking water so that’s what this bub for using water bottle biodegradable you meet it at jug like water calm if you want one it’s just a great Beretta

looks like a whole gallon when my hands it looks like a quarter of a gallon but it’s about a half a gallon water so my next essential is I definitely have to have the three pictures my daughter’s three years old I have three pictures Christmas photos of her

taking a picture with Santa the funny part is in everyone she’s hysterically pissed that Santa Claus was touching her so I’ll slowly show you each one each year after another you got year one which is her crying hysterically year to where it is completely the same and your

three I can’t wait for this year to get another one hopefully we’ll be able to go outside and do it strangers are not her thing so just Santa alone is like I don’t want to do this like verbally she’ll tell you like no no Santa no Santa and

we of course you got to do it for the for the picture and it’s just hilarious because every year it’s the same thing she’s pissed and in the Santa is sitting there with this jolly smile just trying to add normal while she’s literally throwing a fit and she’s

not a little a little child she’s like 40 pounds so son it really has to like his it’s hilarious mine existential is Vega protein powder when it comes to working out so I’m still work and I have a little gentle my garage and I give it in sometimes

just run out of your food and refrigerator energy being so let’s go ahead and make you a shake you know the halls of over to get back to the supermarket the nettle is my favorite really attractive person definitely completely beaten off though and I literally just I put

water and be good but sometimes you know like the spice it up real risky you do not get some vegan ice cream maybe right thanks for being my friend put in a blender take some almond milk pour that in there a scoop and a half a bag of

protein powder and then go ahead and blend that up to a nice little beat your milkshake and since I for a short got keep your hands clean especially in this pandemic that we’re going through so it’s really important to that it has aloe in it so it’s pretty

good for your skin I’ve never really been like super OD about germs and always wash my hands of course and all of that but I’m not bidding the hand sanitizer every time I shake some hands either person I’m going to like the supermarket probably the supermarket like 132

weeks and like oh people come up to me and once I can picture so we have those loose six feet of distance in pictures so there’s definitely some pictures up there of me standing six feet behind someone like this so is whatever is no biggie [Music] thank you

guys for joining me thank you GQ for having me you guys stay safe out there especially in the quarantine and this pandemic that we’re going through and stay blessed [Music] [Applause]


July 22, 2020



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