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welcome to orange crest were on thecorner of wood and Van Buren at Martin Luther King high in the land of the big8 the CIF high school football game of the week on Riverside TV I’m Gazala sonJeff warm alongside and the matchup tonight a very special Thursday nightedition here in week 10 the wolves of King taking on the Sharks of Santiagoand Jeff quorum it’s been a tough year for Pat McCarthy and the wolves but theywant to close it out in a positive fashion I’ll tell you what the wolveshave nothing really to hang their head over they’ve had some very close gamesthis year but they’re young and tonight is gonna be a good one because guesswhat they’re playing for nothing go out and be a giant killer you mentioned theyplayed a couple of close games they lost in overtime to Riverside Poly a onepoint loss to Elsinore on a close loss to Corona if you’re coach McCarthy inhis step what are you telling these guys in the locker room before they come outfor this one let it fly guys let’s put something together let’s get momentumgoing into next year we’re a young team let’s show them were ready to playmoving on to the Sharks of Santiago they’re just five and four with Jeffthat record a little bit misleading their four losses come the teams of thecombined 33 and three record as a result they’re ranked fifth and Division threeand they’re just looking forward to the CIF playoffs oh and they have everyright to be they have a very tough non league schedule and then the gauntlet ofthe big eight was Centennial Norco Rosevillethose are tough tough games but I think they’re kind of gonna find their way andget it firing on all cylinders tonight bonus coverage at the home of the Wolvesits king in Santiago coming up next the CIF on Riverside TV we are back in the land of the big eggis all Hasan Jeff Gorham with you the top Martin Luther King high the toss hasbeen decided in the home team the wolves of King will take the opening kickofffrom Santiago and good evening folks back week 10 Jeff can you believe itwe’re almost to November it is the final week of the regular season here in thecity Riverside Inland Empire football well we’ve covered so many games fromweek zero which I still don’t understand is all we can have to explain this to mein the offseason because weeks zeros goofy to me but ten weeks of footballand we’ve had some great ones this year it’s been a tough one for King the keysto the wind for them really they want to finish a game and we mentioned in theopen they’ve been close in a couple of games but they have not been able to winthey were closely against poly they lost a close game to Elsinorethey had a 10-7 halftime game against Corona and the neighbor competitive withRoosevelt also I talked to Pat McCarthy before the game and he’s like hey we’veworked hard all year just cuz whirlwind linemen mean we’renot gonna get out and compete tonight and then finally let it fly he’s got 14seniors it may be their last time playing football he said hey leave itall out there on the field as far as for Santiago you know they have playoffs toget to get ready for they want to finish strong they’re five and four wementioned the open their record little misleading for losses the teams that win92% of their games they have a senior class of 33 which isn’t all thatdifferent than a lot of teams Jeff but 24 of them have come through the programsince they were freshmen and really they just want to get it going for theculture Scott Morrison the head coach of Santiago we’ll get into that as a partof the broadcast he really believes in establishing a culture for the team andthat culture is hey we play ten weeks and our goal is to play in November andI’ll tell you what his goal is right on task tough losses to Rancho Verdecentennial Eastlake and Norco but the gauntlet of the big 8 will get themready for those playoffs ghazan Angelo Bayeux tees it upfor Santiago Trey Anderson will feel the ball at about the six yard lineand Anderson will be tackled over the 15 making the hit on the play for Santiagois Luke Smith the sophomore and that’s where King will tee it up first in 16 weget a look at their starting lineup and they’ve got very young you mentioned inearly four of their five starting linemen are sophomores all five of themback next year trey anderson josh carne rana the only seniors Joseph Ryan alsoat tight end Dylan Kelly got a blonde look last week as well against Santiagolooks like Nate Hernandez in there he’s also an underclassmen as a junior firstand ten from the 16 for King Hernandez with the carry finding some spacesqueezing through over the 20 and finally goes down over the 25 yard lineon the tackle for Santiago is Jack Wolfe good tackle but a great run here to kindof get King some momentum nice running up first down here so wow they theymarked it up give him 11 yards on the play Hernandez gets a first down greatrun there by Hernandez they liked him he’s been battling injuries though allyear first and ten from the 27 of King for the Wolves here’s the give againHernandez trying that left side over the 30 down to the 32 yard lineMarcus news Nesby steps up and makes the hit for Santiago secondary for Santiagoall seniors all two years starters one of the strong points of the team fouryards on the gain for Hernandez and you’re looking at Santiago right nowthey’re putting five on the line going with those big defensive ends trying tokeep king within inside those tackles Ronny Coffman bottom your screen tightslot to the far side that’s Drake Dustin this is Ryan shuttling inmotion another handoff to the inside up to about the 33 yard lineHernandez again making the play tackle on the play made by Adam Glee aiming forSantiago look at their starters Santi had a little undersized to up frontthey’ll rotate for guys up there the linebackers we mentioned the defensivebacks Nesby Wilson Lee and wolf the very strong unit for the Sharks so a couplemore yards on the play for Hernandez it’s third and four for King from the 34yard line give inside Hernandez’s met trying tofight through he’ll maybe get back to the line of scrimmage first man in therewas Cody blows OH Ryan Williams also went on the hit let’stake another look Hernandez though Abel’s keep his feet up keep movingdidn’t get much off the play but he you start up pretty well here tonight herefor the Wolves so wolf enly back to receive the punt Joe Ryan will kick itaway for King Ryan the tight end a defensive end and a punter extremelyversatile senior good kick feel it at the 30 yard line by wolf 45and finally did Janeiro will wrestle them out of bounds at about the 48 yardline well wolf they’re stopped on a dime twice Gasol decided to move go insidesaid nope I’m gonna go outside gets a couple yards a great run here as we seehim stop the 37 yard kick almost an 18 yard return as Ethan de Janeiro one ofthe seniors spins him down at the 49 yard line and that’s where the Sharkswill start the Sharks offense extremely potent coming in they can put the pointson the board averaging three hundred thirteen point seven yards per gamethey’re led by their quarterback the senior nonno Castillo he’s a three-yearstarter for head coach Scott Morrison top of your screen is Tate cha Giles heis dynamic in the open field Jurong gar calles right next to himsplit out to the bottom of the screen is Jackson Kurtz tailback is Vincent PAClive and there’ll be a timeout called on the play timeout called by ScottMorrison and the Sharks get a look at the starting lineup they had to makesome adjustments an injury early had made them shuffle their offensive line alittle bit but they do have three seniors returning pack Lib the tailbackGiles the wide receiver are their dynamic players also we’ll get a look atGarrett McMurtry he’s a senior running back as well kind of a change of pace aguy as well as Nick Camarena they’re trying to get him back in it he wassupposed to be their lead tailback was injured early in the year they’re kindof working him back as they move back to the playoffs they were talking aboutmoving him all over the field offense early right was also mentioned thatbeing a receiver he’ll play in the slot a little bit but you know they’re theywant to take it slow they don’t want to ask him to do too much he actually gotinto the game against Corona last week and carried the ball three timesfrom the 49 first intent Santiago play fake throw to Kurtz Kurtz into Kingterritory at the 42 yard line Kirk’s will be tackled by Logan Diaz at the 42yard line nine yard pickup on the play he’s nice when you have a big targetlike Kurt’s ok he’s a big fella out there on that and trips to the top ofyour screen Kurt’s to the bottom of the screen PAC Lib the tailback give 2paclip right up the gut find some space down inside the 30ethan de janeiro with the tackle for a kingit’s about a 13-yard pickup on the play for parkland back lib look at that abreakaway speed like crazy there on that last possessionCameron Kyle’s actually subbing in for Strickland at the middle linebackerposition linebackers for King and then the defensive backs to seniors Meza andCoffman on the edge first in 10 Santiago from the King 29 child’s in motionCastillo swallow it up he’ll run Castillo to the25 for yards for a Castillo on first down not only is he a good threatthrowing the football 5, 200 yards throwing the ball for his career he’srushed for nearly 900 three years starter as I mentioned never playedfootball before he got to Santiago he was a baseball player in fact playedbaseball at first summer her that first spring in school didn’t come out withthe football team option keeper by the quarterback Castillo maybe two morebanks never played football huh now he’s the quarterback Kenta that’s anall-american right there for you they identified him as an athlete in thefreshman team and coach Morrison was telling me that one of the assistants onthe Freshman team said hey this kid’s gonna be your quarterback third downfrom the 23 a first down he’s inside the 20no score just under way under seven minutes to play here in the firstquarter good drive being put together by Santiago here’s the gift up a club hegets the first down to the 15 Joseph Ryan will spin him down at about the 14yard line we’ve seen a lot of those smaller backs this year kind ofreminiscent of that young freshman at North and Dante Roby at Ramona justpowerful smaller backs that just continue to grind with those legs andpicking up extra yards first and ten from the 14 yard line of King rollingright Castillo slings it down the field it’scomplete to Schneider and Schneider immediately hit it about the 11 yardline coming over and making the play isaac Meza before a king so about athree yard connection on the play so no big rush no big plays here so farjust methodical offense but King kind of hanging in there pretty well right nowplaying matching up on those receivers you’re gonna force this is the pace Kingwants to what they don’t want to get into a track meet here they can dealwith this second and sixth line is the 11 misdirection the gara galas aroundthe outside trying to find the edge can’t quite get there met in tandem mateHernandez got over there on defense along with Ethan de Janeiro they’re bothflying around the football ball moves up to about the 8 yard line 3 yards on thegame Geron agar galas with the carry third down they can get a first downinside the 5 gar galas in the far slot top of your screen is Giles split out tothe bottom of the screen is Kurt’s flexed out Schneider in essence playingtight end on the left side pack Lib up the middle finding space first downinside the 5 pack love running behind the big boys dish and arrow there forthe hits they go up to the hurry-up offense heretrying to throw King off for the rhythm here playing great defense first andgoal PAC lab takes it the rest of the waytouchdown Santiago methodical drive by the Sharks Jeff that was impressive theymoved 51 yards down the field they jump out on top six nothing you know 51 yardslike you said but they didn’t score quickly a lot of time off the clockpretty solid defense from King didn’t give up any home run balls and anybreakaway so good start for both teams here eight plays 51 yards resulting inthe touchdown here’s bio on to kick it and it’s good seven to nothing thekicker angelo Bale spells its name B ayo Ohunlike the former cha Chi and Charles in Charge star Scott Baio’s ba I oh can westill make jokes about it though and of course Jimmy Bell who was carmenronzonni in Bad News Bears breaking training that’s right he’s an answer toa trivia question the only player to ever hit an inside-the-park walk-offGrand Slam at the Astrodome try that on your friends tell them you can’t findthat on baseball-reference here’s a sequence of the drive starts off a goodpart returned by jack wolf wolf brings it to near midfield to get the fieldposition for Santiago and then they just run their offense Scott Morrison came upat the university of Pacific played wide receiver his quarterback was currentCleveland Browns head coach Hugh Jackson did he win there he was a pretty goodquarterback I tend to be skeptical when play when coaches talk about theircollege exploits but Scott Morris he’s very sheepish about it he’s like yeahyeah you know I played their onside kick for Santiago and the Sharks they had thefirst shot at do they come up with it and they dofirst down Santiago the boo birds are out here well I just Iunderstand the frustration on the kingside but as Jimmie Johnson once saidI can only coach one team folks Scott Morrison’s responsibility used tocoach the Sharks and his responsibility is to win the game first and foremostand second to get get his guys ready for the big picture and that’s the catch-22cuz I talked you know we talked to Scott Morrison he’s one of those guys thatgets it he understands it but he’s got to prepare his team you have toespecially when you play every single week you’re playing against theCentennial’s the narcos does the Roosevelts pack l’m running the sweep tothe outside I’ll make somebody miss and he goes down inside the 45 to about the41 yard line seven more yards for him when I was talking to coach Morrisonabout Vincent pack level what he said is he’s got great balance and got greatcore strength and he’s hard to tackle because you can’t really square him upit’s heart you notice he’s got those kind of side angles almost like amartial artist he does it move he runs north/south but he’s kind ofmoving like a Cobra almost as he’s uncoiling into the offense six-yard gainsecond and four from the King 41 pack love again the initial path is blockedhe’ll go down at the 40-yard line flag comes in from the backside tackle on theplay for King is made by Jordan parrot the senior defensive end and will sortout the flag it’ll be a hold it looks like again Santiago our officiating crewtonight rich Robbins back at referee as we get another look at the Play justwatch that balanced parrot just there waiting for him good job underneath onthe contain for Logan Hancock for King is they’ll March the penalty off againstthe Sharks so rich Robbins is our white hat tonight Jeff Mike bum Berger theumpire your good friend Raymond Triplett the head linesman Rob Robbins the linejudge the back judge is Mark Chisolm marking the old Chisholm Trail here atMLK now Chisolm he’s the guy I’ve talked about over theweeks doesn’t have the white his hat ever but he’s the guy huhthere isn’t I’m done he must chalk it every single week ball back in Santiagoterritory at the 49 second and 14 here’s Curt’s coming in motion high snappressure Ryan comes in with the underneath completion to pack lib andhe’ll get that all that penalty yardage back and more Vincent pack leg up insidethe 30-yard line Ethan de Janeiro the man on the spot fora king they’ll mark him looks like right at the 30 I’ll tell you what though youwatching the replay here Nana was on his heels and throws a BB shot as you watchhere he’s on his back heels those impact lip is everywhere he’s like the littleboy in the bubble you can’t touch him he’s just got his barrier around himfirst and ten from the King 34 Santiago Castillo flushed out he’ll run Castilloto the 20 Castillo dives down at the 10-yard lineparrot combining with Dylan Kyle’s on the stop about a 20-yard pick up for aCastillo who now has 26 yards on three carries so Castillo for his career over900 yards on the ground so a couple of playoff games he may be able to be athousand yard rusher as well as a five thousand yard passer they marked it atthe 11 first intense Santiago Castillo with time over the middletouchdown Tate Giles reels that one in the seniorwide receiver and Santiago leads 13 nothing you know because all we’ve seena lot of high school football this year in the last three years here inrepresent and I will say this I have yet to see a quarterback throw that hard Imean he throws it full stride as hard as he can he’s got a cannon of an arm andthrew it right between about three guys there Castillo with his 12th touchdownpass on the season for Giles his fourth touchdown reception and Val puts itthrough the uprights to make it 14 to nothing so the onside kick paysdividends another look at the drive first run by PAC Lib I mean he’s so goodthe penalty will be on this play comes in that’s a hole that takes it back andthen here’s kind of the play that breaks it out the little under screen gets deepinto King territory and the run by the quarterback has do hear it gets flushedout and gets down to the 11 yard line and then the next play they go into theend zone so five plays 49 yards for the Sharks they chew up two minutes and tenseconds on that touchdown drive here’s the kick


July 22, 2020



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