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welcome to Jaguars Stadium on the campusof aruba Valley High School for what is a critical matchup on the Riverside TVgame of the week I’m Nick rice joined by Jeff gourmet hearing shortly from Jarrahbara of the battle of the shield as we have here Jeff it’s an incrediblematchup and we yet again tie it up here tonight this is not Game of Thrones Iknow I am holding the holy war shield this is what they’re playing for everysingle year and they keep it very very tight I had to have a guard walk me overhere with the shield it’s a big deal here at Jaguar Stadium most hard tobelieve that there’s nobody here attacking you I almost want to grab theshield myself because yet again these two teams meet what should be anincredible matchup these two coaches it seems not only are guiding these teamsto playoff berths but the team who wins the CI a– of southern section typicallyis one of these two teams and yet again it may be the case tonightwell there were a long time and Vassar League flows and right now Notre Dame isout of that league but they continue this rivalry every single year I’ll tellyou what it’s gonna be a great one they’ve got a great freshman phenomquarterback Dre Robles Johnny Manziel like he is going to put on a show heretonight but I’ll tell you what Aquinas is not a slouch they are pretty darngood yeah Aquinas took the shield last year we’ll see who wins this go aroundas the Falcons of Aquinas take on the Titans of Notre Dame next on theRiverside TV game of the week welcome to the Riverside TV game of theweek we bring you Notre Dame and Aquinas from aruba Valley High School at JaguarStadium for yet another matchup it’s a renewal of this incredible rivalrybetween the Falcons and the Titans for more on this rivalry let’s send it downto the third member of our crew JR Obara guys the tradition of this game goes wayback to 1955 when it was first conceived it has consistently played since 1966 infact in that timeframe there’s only been three different years where there’s notbeen a matchup between these two teams what is really interesting to see isthat you have Riverside County versus San Bernadino County so there’s a lot ofpride on the line for these two football teams to try to come up with this greatrivalry victory in fact it’s Aquinas that has the last two wins and lookingfor a third in a row tonight top players you want to look out for tonight DreRobles the freshman quarterback for Notre Dame he comes in with over 700yards on the season his favorite receiver is Devin hoodak as he’s beenvery effective in catching the football here in 2019 in terms of quarterback forthe Aquinas team it is Mario Perez a sophomore who likes to throw to Terrenceball who is a great receiver who stands 6-3 so this matchup has a lot of prideon the game here so it’s one of those things that you just don’t want to misslet’s tee it up let’s play some football yeah it’s hard to believe this is anon-conference game again thanks junior as Notre Dame and Aquinas gets ready foranother matchup yeah these two teams were longtimerivals in the Ambassador League and I’ll tell you what every single year whetherit’s basketball football tennis whatever they play it is a giant one and this isgoing to be a classic Notre Dame is dressed in the for the Titans what lookslike Fighting Irish colors and different schemes arose Cole will kickoff forNotre Dame meanwhile Aquinas is dressed in the white tops and the blue bottomswe are her way on a squib kick it’s bounce inthe air were covered by Aquinas taken by Michael Villawood saves what would havebeen a turtle from right off the bat they’re a great on tight kick almost hadit there but went through the hands of that often – guys the Aquinas Falconscome into this game two and two on the season led by their sophomore signalcaller at five-foot-ten 175 pounds Marco Perez is running back as Terry onsweets thus Aquinas offense is coming offback-to-back wins where they have scored 17 and a half points per game and led byPerez by the Falcons offense is enjoying their best run here of the season boththese teams are gonna run a lot of pass a lot of run it’s going to be fun towatch both these coaches coach Bruce ik coach we’re to like to run a lot of goodgreat offensive schemes Aquinas begins the game Perez has the field and goesdeep downfield the passes knocked away intended for Terrence ball knocked awayby Devon Hudock the junior quarterback deflects and brings up second down I’lltell you what that was a great pass but even a better play by Devon hoodakbecause he was able to get that right hand onto that ball tip it away if hedoesn’t do that he is off to the races for a touchdown as we see here in thereplay hi Marco Perez shows certainly no signs of really any sort of nervesbefore what is maybe the most important non-conference game of the year for bothof these teams and I’ll tell you what you look at the crowdthere is a line I kid you not a quarter-mile just trying to get intothis ball game maybe we can get our camera crew on that in between downs Aquinas brings in the i-formation onsecond down to 10 falcons go ground isaac handy heads to the right and picksup an aquinas first down gate of 14 notre dame’s defense has had a stellarrun this year the titans come in two and two Devon Hudock who is the quarterbackof Notre Dame he is a junior and just deflected away the pass from Perezmobile to go hakuna Hernandez and Anderson are the front line RussellGertie burrows Gorgon the two brothers along with Orozco and again no row thetwins yeah snappers to Perez on first out heis pressured but gets out of it and a spun out of the 39 yard linehe had last year coach Aaron where it’s his first year here he came over fromServite went over to Notre Dame he has a great coaching staff led by Jasonmacmaine’s who is now the head coach at Citrus Hill so Aaron Huerta has nowtaken over the defensive coordinator job as long as as well as being the headcoach so he’s got a lot on his plate both teams run a three-four defense sowe’re gonna see a lot scheme wise the same from both the Falcons and theTitans the affirmation Titan head coach Aaron Herrera de he was a formerdefensive assistant at Servite back in the early 2010’sinside run to Terry on Suites and the senior gallops for a strong gain onsecond down setting up third shorts Notre Dame’s head coach Aaron huido nowin a second year with the Titans enjoys an 11 and 5 record with the team thatwent nine and three last year undefeated out of the Sun belts and hasthis team rerd up for another run in that conference this yearthird out of three for Aquinas as both teams come into this game two and two onthe season and flag is thrown two minutes into thisfootball game Aquinas is manufacturing an oppressive Drive and they garner afirst down by way of penalty yeah and if you’re looking at the top of our screenyou see all those people lined up on the fence those guys are trying to get intothis ballgame we are gonna have a beyond packed house here at her PO Valley HighSchool home of the Jaguars by this stadium Jaguar Stadium appears more likea collegiate feel with just how large this building is and up here in thebooth we got plenty of space and enjoy what should be an incredible footballgame here today Isaac handy he is parried to the line of scrimmage yougotta like that quickness off the line there of the Titans they were in thereso quickly Nathan Hernandez the senior safetyhe runs downhill and was one of the first ones there for the Titans joinedby number 22 Lance Russell Lance Russell the son of the former NFL Rookie of theYear Leonard Russell played for the NewEngland Patriots he’s in the bleachers sitting right in front of us and thatjust goes to show the powerhouse programs these two are jet sweep forAquinas and Anthony Cooper the junior gains six on second down Notre Dame andAquinas have consistently met not just in these important holy wars but also inthe CIF playoffs they have been a regular in the postseason has both madeit to the playoffs a year ago in fact two years ago they had brandonRankin’s who’s the best running back into Sammartino County and coach BruceVick told us that he’s got a couple sit-out said he’s gonna have a backfieldsimilar to what he had a couple years ago with Brandon Rankin to we weanointed Saint Brandon Rankin’s on the inland sport show it’s a goodidea Perez throws into traffic knocked away by Christian Hernandez in completestook two great defensive stops on the pass for Notre Dame and ChristianHernandez keeping his hands in on that one almost for a pick his second passbreak up of the year and Aquinas has an interesting decision to make on fourthdown after the play made of the secondary by Hernandez falcons beganthis drive at around their own 40 they have foregone at least at the moment afield goal try and will keep the offense out there on fourth down and a long fouri formation they’ll go for it the run is to isaac handy and he’s gotthe first down on a dazzling 7 yard run coach Bruce ik rolled the dice on thatone got the first down that could have been a big time turnaround for NotreDame if they were able to hold on and stop them defensively now Falcons havegot a two-headed monster back there couple seniors at running back Isaachandy and Terry on Suites and number 25 sweet returns to the game he’ll flankthe quarterback Marco Perez for a team of the Falcons enjoying threeconsecutive double-digit win seasons speed option Perez keeps it himself on adesign quarterback run he breaks a tackle at the five and dives towards thegoal line but it’s marked short boy they’re going off tackle pretty wellhere to start this game they’re able to go in and outside we saw that Falconsoffensive line the pulling guard was Francis Mo Agua just a freshman at6-foot for 270 pounds number 61 of the Falcons offensive line paves the way forfirst and goal for Aquinas and he’s never played football can you imaginethat he’s that size never played a game of football till this year he’s startingon the varsity as a true freshman incredible story to go along with thefreshman at quarterback for Notre Dame boy here of a bit later on first andgoal from the one the handoff is to handy touchdown Aquinas one series one score so far thoughchildren will remain on the Aquinas sidelineyeah clientís want this first or last year’s meeting 31 to 17 week for a yearago and the Falcons enjoy a 60 yard scoring drive excellent effort the snapand a fake with a flag thrown is to the outside of Jalen Cooper who strolls infor a two-point conversion and we will see a lot of that kind of place tonightlast year we saw a lot of trickery angel pace was the quarterback a sophomorelisted at wide receiver in corner a direct snap to pace who throws quicklyto Cooper to what the call is is Notre Dame defense still remains out there andthey’re gonna wave off the flag the Falcons score eight to begin this gamenick rice Jeff Gorham on the sidelines JR Ibarra for the Riverside TV game ofthe week the Falcons drive nearly the length of the field and cap it off witha two-point conversion after this one-yard touchdown run by Isaac handythe two senior running backs both him and Terry on sweet were integral on thatscoring drive and pace throws two he was at the corner of the screen there JalenCooper for the two-point conversion and all of the yardage gained on thatscoring drive of four minutes 48 seconds for Aquinas must buy the ground game theFalcons went heavy on the ground the quarterback Perez was old for twobut it didn’t matter Jeff yeah an eighth up you know nearly five minutes on theclock that could be key to the ballgame if Aquinas can do that consistentlyversus the Titans but I’ll tell you what I feel like I’m just woke up it’sChristmas morning I’m giddy with anticipation because I have heard somuch about this great quarterback his young freshman the Johnny Manziel likewhoa yeah that’s it that’s the comparison and he is Dre Robles can’twait to see the young freshman we’ll get a good look at him Notre Damebrings out the return team as the kickoff soars downfield and into the endzone last year’s quarterback for Notre Damewas a good one rodney Koenig tossed for nearly 3, 000 yards for the Titansthroughout a nine and three campaign he had 35 touchdowns in just seveninterceptions he has graduated from the Titans andNotre Dame brings out their signal caller a freshman Dre Robles 510 165you’ve heard great things for this quarterback he is joined by the runningback of Joseph Greene the wide receivers are Devin Hudock Sebastian ball astirNathan Hernandez and Lance Russell Hernandez story QuinteroJorgensen and dehghan ro is the Notre Dame offensive lineTitans come in 2 and 2 on the season Perez first throw the game is shortcomplete right sideline to Devin Hudock and that will be his number one receiverhe is number one and I’ll tell you what a great start for the young freshmanplaying in the biggest game of his young career Jay Robles 68 percent passcompletions as you mentioned as a freshman at quarterback a Notre Dame 701yards passing 109 yards rushing with five touchdowns so four interceptionsthere’s a good look at Robles and his first completion of the game out toDevin Hudock who has also had a sensational year for the Titans thepasses completes a Sebastian ball astern of Notre Dame and that is good enoughfor a Titans first down that’s just the second catch of the year the seniorwhite out at 5 9 145 pounds you know the big questions will be with the truefreshman as you go over this defense will yes an excellent Aquinas defensemolohia mo inga to eat Cipolla and Montenegro or the front four with PerezBruno Hernandez the Cooper brothers handy in Austin as the remainder of theFalcons starting group we are already midway through the first quarter thisfootball game snap – Marco Perez he throws intotraffic a vicious hit was by way of Oscar Montenegro but the pass is caughta couple that was a dart thrown by Robles he’s three of three so far thisevening but I’ll tell you what he’s gonna have to learn on the fly truefreshman he’s gonna learn how to get out of bounds how to slide he’s gonna haveto get this is a big learning curve for him against a very good Aquinas Falconsevent the Falcons defense has been throughout this two-game winning streakscertainly they’re the unit they’ve leaned on on the run deep downfieldhernandez was in the area joined by devon who docked with the pass fallsincomplete the Titans this year averaging 28 points per game thisoffense can score in a moment’s notice I’ll tell you what that was a greatthrow on the run such poise here couldn’t ran for the ball if you watchhim he looks his reads just overthrows it a bit but they’re gonna call roughingthe passer so that’s not anything he is still three for three with a free passright there yeah he is completing nearly 70% of his throws now this season and tothink about the growth potential for this Notre Dame quarterbackit must be encouraging for Titans head coach Aaron Herrera and Notre Dame thisyear and over the next three seasons he will stay with the team he’s eligible todo so anyways first in Santa Notre Dame Aquinas lines up with a nickel defense Notre Dame goes ground and gains threeon first in ten and Joseph Greene senior running back who is just one of three orfour a real stable back there for the Titans Robles has played well as we’vementioned quarterback but the Titans also have a punishing ground game theyaverage over a hundred and fifteen rushing yards per game does Notre Dameso they can do it both ways on the ground and in the air they’ll go groundyet again dancing is Joseph Green who has stacked up with a 43 yard linedid you say Mean Joe green he might be a little before your time but Mean Joegreen was awesome yeah the Steel Curtain there you go but about that guy andironically wasn’t he one of the more quieter players on that teamhe was quiet but he was mean yeah she does the term mean Joe and he went tothe Mean Green North Texas University that’s rightthird down and four for Dre Robles and Notre Dame the freshman quarterbackremains perfect three for three incompletions in the first quarterAquinas up eight nothing Robles fakes the scramble and gets rid of a team thepass his cost Lance Russell dives and reels it in inside the Aquinas red zoneI think everybody in the entire stadium wondered what the heck was going onthere but there’s gonna be a penalty called against the Titans put a greatplay call by Coach Huerta by Robles who faked the run found a wideopen Lance Russell a better pass and Russell strolls in the end zone ofcourse as you mentioned it won’t matter but that was something special on thereceiving end to the senior wide outs Lance Russell there’s Robles who ispressured and there’s some poise for the freshman to avoid the rush by faking ascramble and getting rid of it downfield and tough throwing on your back heelsthey’re running backwards had enough power to threw it over the top and aperfect throw after the penalty Notre Dame has retreated to a third down andnine and a timeout is called by Titus Aaron cuerda the head coach of NotreDame who last year in his first season with the Titans want a playoff game thisteam looks very poised towards another big run in the CIF Division five thoughthey’ve had some great success and coach works has just taken over where it wasbefore Derek Johnson who was a longtime coach at Notre Dame had wanted a couplechampionships done a great job for the Titans he is now an assistant coachunder Daniel al goddess at San Marino Valley College and coach where it hascome in throwing his defensive hat into the Titans mix and that offensive we sayis still potent I think this is going going to be a great game this eveningyes certainly some promise the Titans had moved on from a number of graduatingplayers of 2018 but Notre Dame after a slow start a tough loss of the opener -Xavier Prep they’ve won two of their last three glai games including ablowout last Friday to the Falcons of Rubidoux 56 – 12 so they come in two andtwo on the season and the momentum is certainly on theirside after what has already been an oppressive drive for the Notre DameTitans off the timeout from Haren Huerta NotreDame faces 3rd and 8th Robles in a bootleg looks downfield the freshmandirects traffic and he’ll run and slides past the first town as he’s tackled tothe 35 Bruno makes the stop there’s the Johnny Manziel like footballrun a boot go outside get the first down big-time play by a big-time freshman hecame in averaging five yards a run so he is one of the better scramblingquarterbacks out of the Sun belts and takes off to move the chainsthe Titans have converted already to third downs on this Drive including thatthird and eight with four wide receivers the Titans spread it out on first downin ten bass rush is coming for Robles who firestowards the sidelines and wide Nathan Hernandez the intended target a little outside throw there but you gotlike the confidence I’ll tell you what if they continue to play like this theyonly might get to touch the ball four times the entire game one team touchesthe for after the quarter and now the Titans the second half now methodicalDrive and what is really just perfect conditions tonight 75 degrees crystalclear skies and a prime-time football game here in September and ray Robles isflourished with these wonderful conditions he remains perfect and pastcompletion or rather four for five he missed one just a moment ago toHernandez Robles rolls out he’s pressured and lost the ball forced byexude suppo and recovered by Aquinas Jonathan Bruno and that’s one of thosefreshman mistakes no you can blame it on maturity you can blame it on size orstrength but coach Aaron Huerta gives his young quarterback a high fivebecause he gets off the field can’t be too deterred a great run so farby the young freshmen but just holds both is one hand got to pull that insidetake a dive number 48 there for Aquinas the Falcon middle linebacker to paint itto each suppo came and nearly scot-free to the quarterback Dre Robles and JeffI’m sure the coach is preaching after a quick word from him that he might aswell throw that football away yeah he got outside the tackle box you got tothrow it or take a dive put both arms on it can never hold the ball one-handedFalcons with a short field began with the passplay-action for Perez the pass is deflected and dearly intercepted knockedoff the hands of Titan cornerback Christian Hernandez Aquinas marched 60yards on their first drive capped off on a 1 yard scoring plunge by the Falconrunning back isaac handy but they’re gonna call hold so they’regonna go back five yards but I’ll tell you what couldn’t have asked for abetter pass if you were Anthony hakuna because he was wide open for the Titansjanicoo Nosa listed tight end a SMO he has the capabilities of returning backfor a score you gotta catch that look at that what is that looks like a jousterrs bring your utilities for a holy war I hope he’s just wearing that he’s justas it friendly hey I hope he’s just not weird looking under that mask jet sweepto Cooper who reverses field and gets a good gain after the holding penaltieshave hampered the field position for Aquinas on this drive that was kind oflike a medieval times thing that was a jousting helmet have you ever doubtedyou’ve ever rode a horse Nick oh man I’m missing out you’ve never runa horse no no I have ridden the horse have you ever doubted no oh there’snothing quite like it it’s so exhilaratingI’m feeling poor horse hire only right Clydesdales those giant ones with bigBudweiser horses yeah the ones they show on the commercials huh yes second downto 19 no I looked pretty good in that shieldbut when we did the opening I’ll tell you what I am gonna be I I am I amplanning because Halloween’s coming up my wife is gonna be the Khaleesi so Idon’t know if you know I’ve Game of Thrones stuff but my you know I’m gonnabe Jon Snow I’m gonna have hair I’m gonna go all out all I know is you’re abig guy so that shield didn’t really cover much it’s a really thick shieldand it’s been in favor of Aquinas the last two years for those of you whojoined us in the open that shield is currently sitting on the Falconssideline the quarterback run is from Marco Perez and he is denied on thirddown by Marco Perez orchestrated a sensational Drive for the Falcons andnearly got Aquinas out of a first and 23 but Notre Dame wins that quick battlehere late in the first quarter and for the first time today the Falcons willbring out the punt team first time for either Club blow snapscooped up by Terence fall or gets rid of a downfield it bounces inside the 28and is down at the 18 yard line Nick rice Jeff Gorham JR Obara as theFalcons lead eight to nothing and that was fresh off an incredible story driveby the Falcons capped off by way of the aquinas running back isaac handy on theprevious dr.


July 22, 2020



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