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– The M&P15 from Smith & Wesson coming up.

(upbeat music) Hey guys, I’m Johnnywith pewpewtactical.


Your definitive source for gun reviews, gear guides and all things that go bang.

During the quarantine, my editor asked me to review a ton of black rifles.

I cried myself to sleep.

I got another one foryou right now to try out.

Having a lot of fun withthese black rifle reviews.

Today we’re looking atthe Smith & Wesson M&P15.

I’m gonna tell you all about it.

I’m gonna get it out to therange and help you decide if this AR is right for you.

Shout out to gun primefor loaning me this rifle.

You can find them over at gunprime.


Hey, if it’s your first time here.

We always, you know what I’m about to say.

We put a ton of stuff rightdown below for you to check out.

Including a link in there that’s gonna jump over to our website.

Once you get on our website, look around.

Lot of stuff up above and down below to help you out, in the bang department.

So Smith & Wesson has amassive line of AR-15s.

This one is from the M&P15 line.

It’s called the Sport 2.

But even in the Sport 2s, there’s like 20 somedifferent configurations.

They can be a little bit overwhelming.

But, they’re essentiallyall the same rifle, with just a few different add-ons.

It’s essentially anAR-15 chambered in 5.


Now the one that I gothas a short rail up top and a short hand guard andit comes with a red dot.

Now the Sport 2 is 47 strawberries long.

It weighs in at sixpounds and some change.

So it’s pretty light.

The barrel sports an A2 style birdcage and it’s overall 16 incheslong, that’s the barrel.

But overall, it’s a bunch of strawberries.

Now, for all of you operators, the gas block has an extra rail on it so you can accessorize.

Now the one that I got has a flat top, a really short flat top, but it also comes with a Crimson Trace redand green dot in one X.

It’s a neat little red dot that has a riser already installed.

I’m a big fan of red dot risers.

What it comes with is a cardboard box and a 30 round magazine.

That’s all industry standard stuff but, this rifle is ready togo right out of that box.

I think as a first AR, it’sprobably gonna be a good fit for a lot of folks becauseof that very reason.

Just add in ammo and headstraight to the range.

Now the functionality is gonnabe completely Mil-Spec AR.

The controls are gonnafeel familiar on day one.

It’s got an adjustable stock and it supports a Mil-Spec grip.

I think the aesthetics areokay, I’m gonna call it okay.

I do like the classic Smith &Wesson roll mark on one side.

But maybe that giant M&P logo on the other side is alittle bit obnoxious.

Nothing that a Sharpie and alittle willpower can’t fix.

Current MSRP is tested as 711, and that comes with the red dot.

But the street price, I’ve seen it online for as low as high 500s, 580, 590 somewhere in there.

All right, let’s get out to the range.

For this test I usedevery different magazine that I could find in the shop and they all ran fantastically.

And for ammo, I know this’ gonna shock some of you regular viewers.

Yep, I used Federal American Eagle and some Russian Barnaul steel cased ammo.

Both are 55 grain and full metal jacket.

And as far as reliability, no major problems.

The gun ran great.

It’s a Smith & Wesson rifle, of course it’s gonna run great.

I did have one failure to eject, but, with a brand new rifle, I’m gonna call that forgivable.

The trigger on a Mil-Specrifle like this one is, yep, you guessed it, it’s Mil-Spec.

So it’s not really that great, but I’m gonna call it serviceable.

Funny thing on this one, the trigger pins did wanna work their wayout just a little bit on me and I got a question for all y’all on that one coming uphere in just a minute.

Now like all ARs, the Sport2 is not made to shoot in the half-mile sub MOA category.

So I just set up some torsosteel and I went to town.

You can absolutely drivenails at shorter distances with what I’m gonna call ease and I also did not seeany difference in accuracy between the ammunition types.

Both were about three MOA for me, which I’m gonna call, just fine.

Okay, lemme tell you what I like.

First, it’s that Smith & Wesson name.

You know it’s gonna run and it runs.

Second, I do like thatlittle Crimson red dot that it came with, it’s easy to use.

Now keep in mind that that giant green dot that you’re seeing there, that’sjust my camera being funny.

In person, the red dot is tiny and crisp.

Finally, there’s something tobe said for a bare bones AR.

I think it’s a great truck gun or a farm rifle just to grab it and go.

And again, I do think it’s perfect as a first rifle for new AR owners.

Now as far as the drawbacks, I do think that theshortcomings on this rifle are in the Mil-Spec area.

For example, that thinplastic on the hand guard got crazy hot at the range andI wasn’t really mag dumping or doing anything out of the ordinary of my regular normal testing routine.

And that guard got absolutelyuntouchable towards the end.

So if you’re gonna get this rifle, you might consider a hand guard upgrade, super easy fix, or just burn less ammo.

Now let’s talk about that trigger.

The pins again, they did try to back out on me just a little bit.

It was an easy fix, butwhat I did instead was to install the new PalmettoState Armory drop-in trigger.

I know absolutely nothingabout this trigger except that it’s blue, but, my first impression is that the brake is a huge improvementand I’m really excited to get that one out to therange and give it a try.

But my question today forall of y’all is right there.

What recommendations do y’all have for me for controlling those trigger pins? The stock trigger pins, theywalked out a little bit on me.

How do y’all address an issue like this with your personal rifles? Leave me a comment right down below and let’s have a conversation.

But overall, I had a lot of fun with the Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport 2.

It’s certainly serviceable.

It does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

So for me, a big thumbs up.

Also, a big thank you togunprime.

com for the loaner and on behalf of the entirePew Pew Tactical team, I’m Johnny and we’ll see you soon.

(upbeat music).


July 22, 2020



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