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So friends, a new video! In fact.



a really really special video and an especially exclusive one.

Good morning! Today is about the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport.

This here, the Jaguar F-Type R is “only” my transport vehicle.

It brought me here to the “Bilsterberg”.

And when I’m talking about exclusivity, I’m actually meaning it.

Because today I’m really the only one that is shooting a video.

I’ve been invited to exclusive test drives and last acceptance runs on the “Bilsterberg” and I put myself on this location on the entrance to give my nervousness free reign.

Because when Bugatti calls you.



then you can expect big things.

And that actually makes me nervous or rather happy and excited with anticipation.

And I want to explain how it really started before we begin.

Bugatti called me 4 days ago.

That is very very very very short notice.

They were like: Hey Matthias do you have time next Wednesday? Uhmmm.



I just easily said yes even though I didn’t know what it is about.

The girls that called me said: Yoo It’s actually about the Pur Sport and you are allowed to film and you can sit in the passenger seat.

I was like: What do you mean passenger seat? Yeah we are still unsure about it, because these are the last test drives and the cars are super expensive and such.

And everything is dangerous, also the “Bilsterberg” isn’t the easiest racing track.

Let’s see.


And you can be sure of one thing I will try everything, really everything in order to sit behind the steering wheel.

I’m not sure if it will work out, but what’s certain is.

And there are at least 3 of these 3, 57 million Euro expensive vehicles.

We will drive with it together! 100% And even if I’m only going to be sitting in the passenger seat, it will be an unforgettable experience, especially because I’m the only one filming it.

Holy moly, that’s so crazy that Bugatti invites me to something like this.

I’m really excited.

You can probably tell and I will enter my car now and we will drive there together.

So real talk, I still can’t believe that Bugatti calls me! And says: Matthias come by and we drive Pur Sport.

And it’s also crazy that they let me get in contact with test vehicles and stuff.

Never happened to me.

Bugatti is always ultra exclusive, ultra special.

You can probably tell that I’m slightly out of breath even though I only did 3 steps.

The car is something very special.

It’s going to be crazy, because 1.

500 horsepower.

The car became lighter, more brutal And is made to perform on the racing track, to deliver, to be the ultimate car on the highway.

Therefore many measures have been taken.

And I’m curious about the effect on such a heavyweight that still weights around 2 tons driving on the “Bilsterberg”.

That’s intense.



And when Bugatti says: Yes, we gonna do that and we let people, or 1 people film during it then they have to be really certain that the vehicle is gonna function and deliver on track.

And that it is a hyper performance car.

Holy moly, I still can’t believe it! It’s a great honor for me.

That I soon will sit down inside in such a vehicle.

Be prepared for a lot of very exclusive video footage of the car.






titanium, magnesium.

It’s going to be funky.

Last test drives are taking place here with the Pur Sport.

And the boys should be driving by now.

My appointment is at 3pm.

It’s 2:30 pm.

Every time I get here by the look of this place.

How beautiful it is.

It resembles a holiday resort.

Less like a racing track.

Upper driver’s warhouse.

Can we already take a peek? So Bugatti acutally brought the show car that was supposed to be presented in Genf here.

And exactly that we’re going to look at.

There he is and next to it is Jachin Schwalbe.

Greeting, Jachin! Oh no, we’re not allowed to.

We’l do this instead.


So you know everything about the car? Of course, everything technical! And I’d like to request to walk around the car once and see what it can do.

The difference between it and the “normal” Chiron.

Let’s go.

Where did you start? What is the concept of the car? Yes, we can talk about the concept of the car before watching the details.

We noticed that the Chiron was a all around usable car with a big bandwith and if we want to improve it then we will hit technical walls.

We get to a point where we have to decide.

That means we can’t improve every part and have to decide.

There is a car that we also broke a World Record with.

It was brutally fast and drove 490 km/h.

Goddammit! 490! Rocket speed and.


there is a complementary part.

That would be agility and handling.

Driving dynamics.



here is the Pur Sport that is a show car And we took radical measures to improve the handling.

We had a vision.

Now we’re here at Bilsterberg and have prototype, test cars here that we’ll look at later.

The cars driving soon, we need to walk over there.

I need to interrupt you, sorry! So that’s.



a little taste of what we can expect.

Let’s go through it: What did you change about the car? In short.


this is supposed to be the racing track vehicle.

This time around it’s about the rear, very big.

We have a new diffusor with huge down force.

Unbelievable, how far it sticks out of the rear.

Of course we also have on the front a bigger diffusor to balance the back.

The front splitter completely out of carbon.

A nice and new big front splitter.

It’s wider.

It’s the counterpart to the rear spoiler and diffusor in order to maintain the aero balance across the whole car.

Yo can see these wide holes at the front.

We have this speed because of the performance increase.

Wheels with different camber Tell me more about the wheels and its camber.

Yes the camber we folded in significantly.

On the front we changed it from 70 minutes to 150 minutes.

More than doubled it.

About the same on the back.

We went all in here.

You can actually see it.

And because of the high performance the cooler will get more air through the vents.

And for the driving dynamic.

And we’ll get more onto the brakes, because of the big holes and the splitter.

Also we have an air curtain here for the air to pass through.

The air will get partially on to the engine and will partially pass through.

Building pressure here and letting the warm air from the brakes out.

It will hit the pressure area here and get sucked to the back.

Now I just noticed these super hot what are they called? Louvers? Yes Louvers.

Yes an additional ventilation to get the pressure out of the car and onto the road.

And also warm air will flow out.

So 2 in 1.

Aerodynamic and thermal.

You told me before that these windshield wipers are made out of carbon.

I speculated what difference in weight it will do.

How much weight difference do you guys think these make? Ye the whole wiper is made out of carbon.

I think they might be one chocolate bar lighter then the normal ones.

What’s the real difference? The real difference is 2 kilograms.

2 kilograms! Just the wipers? Plus the spring and stuff.

Maybe you can imagine it better when you imagine the normal ones as metal ones plus spring and the trick to it is to change the heavy spring and metal with a one-piece wiper arm.

The whole power of the arm now comes through the stiffness.


July 22, 2020



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