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we are moments away from the kickoff ofthe CIF semifinals here at Ramona high schools the Rams are going to take onalhambra moors earlier this week I caught up with Ken moshevsky and we havethat interview coming up next good evening and welcome to the coach’sperspective here on Riverside TV is we are dwindling down and there’s only oneleft in Riverside and that is my alma mater remote high school and we are nowjoined by the head coach Ken machine ski how you doing Ken fantastic in a goodspot right now I’ll tell you what just coming over here I had I had goose bumpsI had butterflies in my stomach the Rams are on pace I mean you’re playing in thesemifinals this is this is big big news for you I think the third time this hasreally happened in school history they’ve won two championships you goingfor a third right right they they haven’t been in the CIF semi-finalssense I believe oh three Burt Esposito coach who’s now to make a Valley doing agreat job there in the summers I was actually at that game it was Ramonaversus Kaiser in oh three I was standing on the Kaiser sideline because a buddyof mine Phil zalaya was a defensive coordinator good-look was the head coachand I remember going to the snack bar and I bought a 50 50 50 tickets andloaned ahold third quarter end of the third quarter came aroundI’m stay on the sideline and I won the 50-50 so there you go there you go soit’s how I could repeat itself again and that’s that’s awesome coach I was atboth CIF championships at Ramona or stuck a bitch back in the day and thencoach Markham in I believe 1988 was the last time I was at both games they tiedDamien but it would be nice to see Ramona get a clear one all by yourselfand I’ll tell you what what has it been like for you the last couple years hereat Ramona oh it’s been fantastic you know we I talked about I just talkedabout it with a couple players today during our office hours just thetransition from three years ago to what the expectation is now it’s it’s beengreat the kids bought in three years ago they bought in last year but this yearthey just seemed they seemed to click they seemed to really understand it andwe’ve been fortunate we’ve been fortunate through injuries we’ve beenfortunate through who we’ve played I think that we played a tough a toughpreseason obviously our league was tough very tough and it has really prepared usto get to where we’re at and I’ll tell you there’s a buzz around Ramona there’sa around the community because thesemi-final game is right around the corner well I’ll tell you what coach youknow following you guys over the last couple years you brought in some guyswere part of that 1988 championship team I think you have a couple on your staffas well we do we do it’s funny because now that I’m older and obviously theyare older we’re all this I graduated 1989 so we’re all the same age theirkids are now playing at Ramona so you know Frank Berber is their Chris Wileyis like yeah you know Steve Sanchez you know Justin Bruins Adam Gonzalez who whowasn’t a member of that but but you know he’s our wide receiver coach it’s it’sbeen great you know you bring back those alumni you bring bring in the communityand it’s just a win-win situation for everybodynow last year you guys took care of business what was the score 44 to 14 isthat what it was again to your last go yeah yeah last game against Cantwell wewe played really well both sides of the ball you know offense was able to runthe ball kind of control the clock throw when we needed to we put up 24 in thefirst half it was 24 nothing going in which is real nice our defense that youknow they played a real bend don’t break mentality the first half the second halfthey came out just dominated the D line you know had several sacks we gave up acouple big plays here and there and you know we go away with a 44 14 win yeah infact I was calling a basketball game calling a UC Riverside game up atSacramento and I had the score on my phone during the game fact I mentionedit on the broadcast and I honestly I think it texted you right afterwards itwas it’s just one of those moments I look back and I’m just so fired up notonly for you for the school but the community because I remember back in theday when when a local team would make us CIF semis or the files it really is abig deal and what’s it been like around campus ah it’s pretty it’s been greatlike I say not I think our kids are our players they really don’t understandexactly how big it is but they’re starting to you know yesterday atpractice there was kind of a little buzz but not what I expected I was thinkingman we’re in the semi-finals this is we’re gonna be Punda and they weren’tthere they were kind of kind of you know mellowI think today’s practice and I know our Wednesday night practice will bepretty high tempo the kids around campus have been have been great the the fellowcoaches the administration just there’s a real excitement around around Ramonahigh school right now and it’s just great to be a part of itlet’s let’s move forward to this week how amber the Moors what do you what areyou taking away from them the ranked number one right now they’re 12 and OHthe first time they’d been 12 and Oh since like the 1950 correct I mean whatdo you see in this team so alhambra has a very very good quarterback the funnything is he’s a sophomore he’s young but super super accurate he distributes theball very well to everybody he he runs well throws well they have a coupleplaymakers especially number three a pretty good running back their defenseis just just everywhere they fly around the ball they have guys in differentspots they don’t just stay in one defense so you could tell they’re verywell coached but the one thing I take away from Hamburg is the fact that theirspecial teams are extraordinary you could tell that their coaching staffdoes a really good job all facets of their special teams so we’re definitelygoing to prepare for that and it’s gonna be a good game Friday night no doubtabout it now you have a pretty special quarterback of your own as well who canis a dual threat guy I’ll tell you what seeing his growth in the last year hasbeen something spectacular especially he remembers I can tell it sure has Diegomuñoz as a junior and he has grown immensely and and and I’ll take a littlebit of credit for it but I’ll really give the credit to two guys one is ourquarterback coach Carl Moore he has just done a fantastic job he was actually myquarterback back at King back in gosh I don’t know 2005 Carl is a fantasticcoach but John Tibbles who’s the athletic director at he was my coach Ihave Ramona he I don’t know why but he really took a took a special interest inin Diego and he’s kind of nurtured him and and and been tough on him give himonly a little tough love and he has just responded I’ve responded in such a greatway it is it is a true pleasure coach in Diego and I expect not only big thingsfrom him Friday night but as we move forward looking on down downrode down to his senior year he has to take over he has to be that leader and Ithink he knows that and anchoring that offense is really the running back DanteRoby who’s really I mean just a phenomenal player and himself you guysrun better than alhambra they have a little bit on there throwing edge statwise but tell us a little about about your great running back well so you knoweverybody talks about Dante and I’ve come on the show and talked abouttelling me a lot and I’ll continue to you know last last game I think he had22 carries 190 yards for four touchdowns that’s correctDante’s fantastic played both ways with a broken hand but I’ll tell you I thinkthat the guy that gets overlooked a little bit as Kevin Sanders he came outlast last game had two touchdowns I think he rushed for 122 yards but youknow he’s only everyone makes fun of him he’s only five five a hundred and threehundred and what do you whatever pounds but his attitude and his work ethic aswe have progressed into the CIF season it’s it’s unparallel you know he’s kindof a goofball he he dances around in practice he has fun and we got it wekind of have to get on him a little bit but in the games the last three game orthe last two games he’s shown something that that I haven’t seen the previous 10games and he said before we got into CIF he text me and he said coach I’m gonnawork hard I’m not gonna screw around anymore and he has shown it so you knowI love Dante Roby but Kevin Sanders has really been the spark plug for uswell that’s great now this al-hamra team could put put the ball in the end zonethey’re averaging a lot of play are can you tell us I mean your defense hasreally been surprising this year I know that was the big question mark talkingto all the coaches is what would Ramona’s defense look like can youhighlight some of those guys well I’ll tell you the hard thing about ourfootball team and it’s not our offense or our defense rating is we don’t have aguy we don’t have like when we played Rosemead you know we knew we had to stopnumber four we know against how hammer we have to stop number two we have tostop their quarterback I don’t know what other teams say about Ramona because youcan’t just focus on one guy and if we go to our defense I don’t know who I’dhighlight I mean we have four extremely you know tall I think our defensive lineaverage 6:3 you know we have the two outsideguys Cato Davis and and iike Esau they’re probably six three and then onthe inside our smallest guy is Alton Durden at six two and then we have youknow Don yay romaine a basketball player at six six so we’re pretty big of upfront our backers are not the biggest guy you know Bobby Villalobos is theonly only returning guy and he doesn’t he doesn’t he probably is five eightfive nine the tallest guy we probably have has is his number 13 JulianCastaneda a senior doing a great job I believe he led our team in tacklesthis year during league season and then an outstanding junior number six as aRas playing great outside outside backer and another guy who’s really stepped upwho actually was almost a thousand-yard wrestler Forest last year’s number 30Brian Alvarez I remember them and and we just talked yes I said Brian you’rereally really improved on defense and he said I really understand the role now Iunderstand what it means to fill and what it means to cover so you know withthose backers and then you couple in Dante Roby goes in and plays backer alot that’s a great front eight right there but who we’re really leaning onthis week is the back the back guys Kevin Sanders is going to play safetywith Marcos Hidalgo back there but our two corners Alex Martinez and andRaymond Valdez are gonna have to come up huge because they throw the ball a lotthis week now we were talking a little bit before the game it seems like allthese teams are playing in the playoffs are from your area grow up and youplayed Rosemead you’re playing out handsome what’s that been like so I grewup in a small town temple city just southeast of Pasadena it was a footballtown yeah Friday nights you know and this was 30 years ago – yeah so Fridaynights when there was a football game everybody went it wasn’t what are youdoing you’re going to the football yeah so yeah the first game we play isRosemead Rosemead coincidentally my junior there they broke my legI played Rosemead forever my junior all-american years and when I was like10 years old we play for the championship we played Rosemead theRosemead rebels and we tied 0-0 oh so we actually so we fight we beat Rose me andCIF and then we get you know Cantwell Sacred Heart out of manaanother school that’s five minutes from Temple City and then you know we beatthem and who do we pull we pull alhambra which is the the neighboring city oftunnel city so it’s been kind of exciting for me you know we get threeSan Gabriel Valley Schools I don’t think are our players our students know youknow anything about that area yeah but for me it’s definitely special now ifyou win or win you win I should say who would you guys possibly face soInglewood versus Esperanza has the other side of the bracket both two very goodteams I don’t I don’t know who’s gonna win that Inglewood is going in at 12 andoh so they probably are favored but Esperanza their league is legitimateEsperanza I think was a number three or number four out of that league but youknow the competition they faced it makes it kind of even either way it doesn’tmatter I don’t I face either team the biggest part is we won both coin flipsand when we win this Friday and I we get the championship a home game at Ramonaso there there could be a possible ramona home game for that’s that’sincredible yeah what we gotta get we have to get past this one way and andour focus is on 100% well take care of all your neighboring schools that yougrew up playing against and we hope to see you in the CIF championship I thinkyou know I’m saying because I want you guys to win I’m a local only tonight I’ma Ramona Ram but the whole community’s behind you coach mush and I’ll tell youyou’ve done a great job at the program I’ve worked for two years to comethank you well he’s cameras schinsky and we’re gonna have the game of the weekthe semifinals as Ramona’s gonna take on alhambra a tram hi it’ll be on RiversideTV game of the week at 7:00 p.



July 22, 2020



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