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Toyota now has a GR Sport-version of their Corolla.

This particular Corollais a regular 2.

0-litre Hybrid, producing 184 horsepower.

It has a slightly different trim, but it’s not a special edition or anything.

Despite all that, we’re putting it up against the Kia Proceed GT.

A real GT-version, and not a GT-line, that produces 204 horsepower.

The Toyota Corolla Touring Sports already has some impressing looks, but the GR Sport adds a little bit more.

The front bumper is even more impressive with a different meshgrille and sharper angles.

You can also recognize the GR Sport by the 18-inch wheels, the black strip on the side and the logo at the back.

On the inside, Toyota hasn’t really done anything special for the GR Sport.

It has some nice sports seats, which are a little narrow for my taste.

Despite that, they offer enough support.

On the sills, there’s a smalllogo saying GR.

That stands for Gazoo Racing, of course.

Other than that, we’ve said and written a lot about the very niceCorolla-interior.

We’ve had this Corolla TS with this engine as our longterm.

Not a GR Sport, but the same base car.

And we really like the seatingposition in it.

Again, we’ve written a lot about the interior.

One of the biggest weak points in the interior used to be the multimediasystem, of which we weren’t very convinced.

However, nowadays Apple.



CarPlay and Android Auto are available.

That’s a big improvement.

It even looks better, so yeah.

Toyota fixed that problem neatly.

The biggest improvement compared to its predecessor however, was the great chassis.

It was first used by the C-HR, and the Corolla became much more dynamic than before.

Sure, it’s not athoroughbred sports car now, but it’s a very nice mix of dynamics and comfort.

It’s a great chassis, the car positions itself pretty quickly for a corner, but the steering isn’t incredibly direct.

The Kia has a more direct steering.

As a whole however, the chassis very good and it fits nicely withthis car.

However, this particular car has Falken-tires, which make quite.



a lot of rolling noise.

That’s the only real drawback of the otherwisevery good drive of this car.

The 2.

0-litre Hybrid produces enough power.

Toyota states power outputsof 190 Nm of torque for both the combustion engine and the electric motor, but they won’t tell us the combined amount of torque.

But you get a very distinct diesel-feeling actually.

It’s feisty in the lower revs so it produces its power without too mucheffort.

The automatic gearbox, which works like a CVT with a planetary gear, doesn’t have to rev a lot.

That generates the diesel-feeling.

So, it’s quickbut it doesn’t feel quick.

The 2.

0-litre Hybrid has 184 horsepower combined power and it’ll do0-100 km/h in 8, 1 seconds.

That’s decent, with a limited top speed of 180 km/h.

A rapid car, but not a racing monster.

Of course, the Hybrid is mostly meant to drive on electric power.

If you’redriving in the city, you’ll notice it will switch to electric power a lot.

On average, you’ll do 17 kilometres per litre.

So yeah, it’s a little lessefficient than the 1.

8 Hybrid, but in return you get a lot more power.

Usually, you buy a wagon for its interior space.

However, if you preferdesign over practicality, Kia has put the Proceed next to the Ceed SW.

The Proceed has a sloped roof, and my 1.

81 m.

tall self almost touchesthe ceiling.

For the body shape, it’s not that bad at all, but I do have less legroom than in the Corolla.

Again, if you want space, youshould get the Ceed SW.

However, that’s not available as GT.

Only as GT-line.

And when we’re talking petrol engines, that means you can only have 140horsepower.

As opposed to this 1.

6 T-GDI-engine, which produces 204 horses.

The drivetrain of the Kia Proceed GT is incredibly enthusiastic.

It has a nice buzz to the turbo-engine and the double clutch 7-speed.



automatic gearbox knows exactly when to change gear.

They worktogether incredibly well.

You can also get the Proceed with a manual gearbox, but I wouldn’tknow why somebody would take that.

I do actually like the buzz of the little engine.

When you press Sport, it gets a tad louder as well.

Not bad at all.

Also, when you push the Sport-button, the instrumentcluster changes as well.

Another big step forward.

Just like in the regular Ceed, the Proceedhas a bigger infotainment screen with a very pleasant system.

Just like in the Toyota, it’s able to use Apple CarPlay and Android Autas well, but the system itself is better than the Corolla’s.

The Proceed feels a tad sharper than the Corolla as well, and you canclearly notice that Kia has tried to make it a truly different car.

There’s quite a big difference between a GT or a GT-line.

The GT-line only has additional looks, whilst the ‘true’ GT has.



a different chassis and a 1.

6-litre turbocharged engine, producing 204horsepower.

The steering is a more direct than the Corolla as well, and it’s just clear this is a separate car instead of a trim level.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that with 204 horsepower, it’s quicker than the Corolla on paper.

This is supposed to do 0-100 km/h in 7, 8 seconds, whilst the Corolladoes it in 8, 1 seconds.

And the Proceed does so with ease.

It immediately feels quicker when you set off and the gearboxis very quick.

It’s a much more enthusiastic car which positions itself.



in the corner, which is very pleasant.

I didn’t think I’d like this car this much.

The Proceed GT is clearly the top-of-the-range-version, and it shows in the trim level.

It has very nice seats, which are a tad bigger than in the Corolla.

They even offer more support as well.

In the interior, there are some GT-elements.

In the upholstery, in the seats, so that’s good as well.

Also, it has heated seats just like the Corolla.

It even comes with a heated steering wheel.

And when it comes toactive driving aids, both cars are very close to each other.

I do have to say that the adaptive cruise control in the Corolla has betterreactions when someone joins your lane.


July 22, 2020



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