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man are we excited about our first guest today she’s the first lady of UK football we’re talking about Chantelle Stoops she’s the wife of football’s fearless leader head coach Mark Stoops when it comes to fans coach Stoops has his own cheering section his wife and two young sons so we wanted to know what is life like in the Stoops household on a big game week like this one as the cat’s prepped to take on the Florida Gators tomorrow so let’s find out Chantel since is here with us today to answer that question woman in break this for me I’m excited to be here yeah you met this guy at the University of Wyoming is that right did I met him at the University of Wyoming he was coaching there he was coaching there at the time yes how did that encounter take place what were you guys doing well well I had you been gone I had gone to school there for all you know four or five years and I was finishing up I was gonna go through my student teaching and I worked at this Italian restaurant and he had come in and I met him there and we literally hit it off and have pretty much been together ever since yeah cuz you guys have been together 20 years I mean it’s been 18 20 mm we’ve been married 15 years yeah yeah it took a while to get him to you know make a commitment so we did a little slower yeah okay so you know it’s something you don’t often think about you know you so focused on a football coach you know when they’re with the players and you know when it comes to game time but you’re someone who sees coach Stoops in a way that we don’t in a way that fans don’t what’s he like at home on a week like this this is such a big stressful game I mean what’s he like when he comes home or you like let me stay away I don’t want to chat about it well I mean you know it sounds cliche but it’s true all games are big games they’re actually you know for us it’s it’s been such a rebuilding process so all of our games have been pretty big games but these games are a little more exciting because the fans and the atmosphere is a little bit more energized so that part’s always really fun but for the most part I mean it’s not home a lot during the football season which is you know helpful kind of keeps the peace in the house but he’s really pretty good mark has always been when those type of people that can separate it we have two young boys so you know last night Thursday night is the night they get off a decent early they call it family night and so he gets home around 7:00 and we usually grill out or do something and last night he was outside playin baseball the boys in the yard and this is kind of what we do is he do the grilling yes he does even fruit is the adequate is he okay well actually I’m gonna tell you it’s gonna be hard to beat his steaks anywhere you go as far as throwing when when you met this guy he finally wakes up and realizes he needs to marry you you had you were married into this football family though so what’s that like around the holidays and everything is football do they try to avoid the topic or does they always find its way in conversation well you know it isn’t it’s very natural for them his father was a football coach his mom’s been going to football games for 60 something years they’re all belly very very knowledgeable he has two sisters as well who are very knowledgeable very interested they’ll be here this weekend for the game but all four of the boys are college coaches and so it they do bounce ideas off each other and they help each other out and they’re really really supportive of one another they always talk to each other after the games before the games but vacation time is it’s not like you had to think it’s really pretty laid back and fun and you know it’s nothing yeah they’re a family when you get down to it that’s what they are yeah definitely what do you guys like to do for fun away from football what is it that level we both love the beach we go to the beach a lot and a funny football family story every year marks family for years forever has gone for a week the entire family goes and they rent a big house and everyone stays there and there’s now there’s around 38 of us and this year we Bob had just retired and so it was kind of a big year and we’re all down there and they’re playing bocce ball and this guy comes up to Bob and he has on one of those big hats and he’s talking to him and in Bob thinks they’re having this conversation about him and retiring and they have this whole conversation mark was up at the house and he leaves and the guy goes go cats oh yeah just kind of funny with all the whole family just started laughing we’re like well see what happens when you retire I’ve been a year yet they’ve already forgotten great it’s very fun March families a great time and it’s you know it’s intense when they’re in football his mom gets really intense everybody’s pretty intense but when we’re not it’s really yeah just average normal well you mentioned intense I know the it’s hard to avoid criticism when he gets it and that’s got to be the toughest part I’ve been married to a guy like this but how’s the Commonwealth been so to you guys since you’ve been here I mean overall I’m sure you’ve found friends and hopefully developing roots that you can lean upon want to get the little tough yeah you know I don’t know if you both are from here originally but Lexington is a really phenomenal City we have lived and I think six or seven different cities and for a college town to have the city that you guys have with the places to go to eat and the shopping and the different things that’s really uncommon for a college town unless you’re in a bigger city so that part’s been great I feel like the fans here are very generous they’re very kind and they show up which is great you know and it isn’t you know when Mark took the job I was a little bit nervous because I knew it was gonna be tough and he had been working so hard for 20-something years to build his career and I thought oh that’s gonna be a tough job right and but he you know mitch barnhart had made him a lot of promises and he’s come through with all of them and we’re grateful for that and it has helped it just kind of keeps going and going so it’s one of those situations where you get to live in this city and you get to be around the fans I just said out there at those two fans out there the kindest nicest people it’s really a nice blend of like southern hospitality but with a little bit of a Midwestern feel and it’s for me it’s like the perfect case scenario we absolutely love it here we’ve made great friends in our neighborhood great schools so but let’s break the here I mean I’ve been here my whole life and like I promise you this game coming up on Saturday is the most excited I’ve seen fans who all they anticipate doing really well right and that’s unusual for component so I mean that’s credit to you so well yes our staff my husband our players they have just really worked hard and just continued to just build and build and building and when things get rough you know forgetting the season last year when we weren’t winning the games and they’ll come after you a little bit but it makes you tougher and you just kind of learn how to build on that and I feel like Mark and the staff did a really good job of nesting the guys together and and taking it to the next level and those things do in the long run make you better but in all honesty you know the one thing I love about the Big Blue Nation is it’s been 30 years since we beat Florida but they never give up there every year they’re like this is going to be the year and so I want it for them just as bad as I wonder for myself how about your son’s I mean are they so pumped about the game our and my son so we’ve been at the University of Miami in the Florida State University and now here so we have never been a gator but we’ve coached against them for yeah you know I don’t even know how many years is now I mean it’s got to be 11 years yeah and so my kids have never been Gator fans I don’t think they have it in them to ever cheer for the Gators yeah so they have always disliked the Gators with such a passion that you know they’re so excited about this game and my son this morning was like saying something is like Oh can’t get cocky let’s not get cocky now right well it has been just such a pleasure having you one last question what’s your prediction final score for tomorrow what are you thinking I’m really bad at this let’s say 27 21 okay it’s gonna be tight weird say 2 to nothing with a safety then been great well goodness it has been such a pleasure really hopefully you come back and see us sometime I will I will thank you it’s great thank you so great to meet you thank you so much be sure to cheer on the caps tomorrow night against the Florida Gators at kroger field kickoff is at 7:30 p.


all right now straight ahead more prep for tomorrow’s Kentucky Florida game we’ve all heard the term house divided when dueling fans live under the same roof well straight ahead we’re gonna a Kentucky couple that agrees on everything except for the cat’s in the Gators will introduce you to them live oddly are live Wesleyan hey Lena.


July 22, 2020



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