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yes uh the citrus hits hard in our liveshanging the final and honest it awkward spout of the year la Sierra and Paris onthe campus of notice the high school of Zack herb Stadium I am Nick rice joinedby GF Gorham will hear shortly from JR Ybarraon the Riverside TV game of the week for La Sierra their head coach throughoutthe week had talked about the powerful offensive line that they will reallyemployed throughout this football game and they had played well in the firstfour weeks well tell you what the offensive line are the unsung heroes andtonight without their starting quarterback they’re gonna have to relyon that line they’re gonna play Smash Mouth football and really rely on therun game la sierra last year had played paris in their building and it was athrilling football game which the Eagles pulled out they trailed for essentiallythe entire game came back from 120 114 and a game-winning touchdown with undertwo minutes to go what do you expect in this matchup tonight well I’ll tell youwhat both teams are sputtering on offense Paris has yet to yield atouchdown the last three games la Sierra has started off really well scoring alot beaten San Bernadino to start the year but they’ve kind of petered off alittle bit lately they’re gonna have to score to make this a very good game nowthe La Sierra Eagles come in this matchup searching for win joined byParis in their final non-conference game of the Year kick-off between La Sierraand Paris is coming up next riverside TV game of the week nick rossiof Gorham and J ara bara with you in our week 5 matchup between the Owen forParis Panthers and the 1 and 3 la sierra eagles should be an incredible matchuphere at zacchara Stadium on the campus of notre Vista High School as we getthings kicked off between two teams that met last year and a whale of a footballgame Jeff hey exactly it was a great game last year and looking forward tothis year because both teams right now aren’t playing their best football butthey’ve got to do something to keep kickstart before they hit into theleague I’ll tell you what the River Valley League is tough this year top tobottom you got Nord of those two right now is playing at the best football youhave Hillcrest the defending champions who’s played great and La Sierra canstill be in the mix for a playoff spot but they’ve got to figure out soonthey’ve got to be able to score the football and tonight they’ve got a startyeah that often struggled last week but lost Sierra Juan against Paris a yearago and searched for another victory against the Panthers tonight for morethis matchup J Oro Bora joins us on the sideline jr.

yeah guys these are twoprograms that are really trying to get some traction as they hit into leadplays starting next Friday as you mentioned they have both reallystruggled offensively and defensively in terms of the Paras in terms of the parasquad and I’m getting really blinded by that light right now Mike Mesa in hisfirst year as head coach has really had really nothing to lose as he was tellingus before the game he says that he has a very inexperienced squad and he’s justtrying to keep them in to the basics throughout the entire game throughoutthe entire season one of the key players you want to keep a look out there forParis is Chris Maps the running back in the very first game of the season hecarried for 30 30 carries for 228 yards so had a pretty exceptional game eventhough they wound up losing now for La Sierra they are a bit injured JustinEsquivel their cornerback has a bad shoulder will not be in tonight’s lineupand whom Berto Hara who’s a wide receiver normally will take over in theWildcat position he’ll be backed up by Jalen Ross who has 243 yardsin rushing this year so both teams really looking to get thingskick-started as they head towards league play starting next week let’s tee it uplet’s play some football bye good job junior dealing with thoselight conditions Jeff I don’t think we have that sort of situation up here inthe booth I’ll tell you what though it’s tonight it’s homecoming here at lastyear’s the fiftieth homecoming of the school so a lot of the alumni are heretonight we’ve got a lot of dignitaries a lot of famous people will talk aboutduring the broadcast but yeah there’s gonna be a light show at halftime forthe homecoming game nearly perfect conditions for this football gametonight and the final non-conference tilt of the season here between LaSierra and Paris 70 degree conditions with cloudy skies we’ve got just a bitof wind coming from the West and also some humidity should be an incrediblefootball game tonight and the final non-conference tilt of the year Pariswho led for a majority of the game against the Eagles last year wound uplosing when they spotted a fourth quarter lead they were up 14 to 13before Bryce popped the former quarterback of La Sierra now the Eaglesare down not only him from graduation of a year ago but also their starter ofjust an s-curve all but he led a game-winning snoring jive and convertedon a quarterback sneak to win 2114 La Sierra over Paris last year and weshould have a similar performance tonight from two teams that I’m suregoing into conference play are anxious and are maybe even a little desperatefor a win tonight yeah if you’re lost last year you got you’re starting asophomore quarterback Humberto Jarrah who is really never been a quarterbackand you’ve really been thrown into the mix right before league play you gottahope that they’re their starting quarterback can make it back for RiverValley starter next week la sierra with of course a new quarterback but theyhave a veteran at the head coach position who Jeff you talked about lastweek or you talked throughout the week in Gary headland and in speaking to himI was surprised watching you talking to him about just how much he raved whenasked about who to look for in tonight’s gameof his offensive line and they have simply been the strong unit of thisfootball team in 2019 yeah and really the unsung heroes if you’re not winningball games but you’re getting to the field are you getting yardage it’sbecause of those offensive line if you’re losing stars you’re losing you’restarting running back you’re starting quarterbackyou’re gonna have to rely on those guys more especially going into league playguys have to step up and those guys have done it so far this season under Garyheadland there was a look at La Sierra head coach Gary headland in his fifthseason with the Eagles he is searching for a winning record with La Sierra butthey were strong last year winning five games under his guidance just a seasonago which is the program’s most wins since two coaches ago in 2011 under markrecktenwald meanwhile for Paris they’re led by a young head coach and PanthersMike Mesa he took over for a team that struggled two years ago didn’t win agame two victories last year for Paris and they are looking to get off thesnide they nearly wanted week one and a tough road loss to Western Christian 24to 20 and since that game it seems Paris coming into tonight their offense hasn’tbeen able to recover yet to score since week one yeah and that’s really tough Imean it’s got to be tough mentally physically and emotionally if you’re oneof those players but you can’t give up you watch the coaches you talked youknow you talk to the coach before the game they’re not gonna give upfirst-year coaches you gotta have buy-in regardless whether you win or loseyou’ve got to play hard and continue to get better I’d love to see Paris finallyscore some score some points tonight before going into a very tough toughleague of their own yeah the Inland Valley were right nowthey’re locked up in the bottom of that conference at the moment in thestandings with Canyon Springs at Lakeside our official for tonight’s gamewas wrong Wade umpire Shane saw its head linesman Phillip Walker there’s a lookat the guys on the field here the beautiful conditions joined by the linejudge Joel malkor and back judge Chadwick Mazzone those would be intergoal for tonight’s game because they’re there in the trenchesand there’s also an important guy the superintendent of school districts whois one of many dignitaries watching this football game tonightAllen Missouri note took over the last year the helm of Alvord Unified SchoolDistrict and has kind of been at the helm to turn things around get everybodyinvolved in it’s great to see him here tonight with all of the dignitaries hereon the sidelines the one of three La Sierra Eagles they want a toss anddeferred they will kick-off to the members in white black bottoms in thePanthers of Paris who made the trip up here just a bit earlier today for weekfive at the CIA up southern section after this game both clubs head with noby week zoo conference play la sierra out of the River Valley Paris out of theInland Valley and to kick off for la Sierra is Nathan Torres he’ll cue up thefootball for the Eagles to get this game started Paris has two deep inside theirown 10-yard line led by the dangerous Joshua Ramirez Brian’s have paid us backthere as well for Paris and here we go final non-conference battled the yearthis is Riverside TV’s game of the week Nick rice Jeff Gorham JR Ibarrahere on the campus of notre Vista High School at Zak herb Stadium forhomecoming for la Sierra and a non-conference battle and a rematch of athrilling football game last year is a kerb stadiums a kerbgreat-great-great-grandson of Wyatt Earp did you know that I did not know thatbut that’s why you’re here to help us out tonight I do know some of the guysdown on the field who we will rave about throughout this broadcast and there iscertainly some very impressive resumes standing on the field tonight here’s thekickoff from Nathan Torres Joe go to the ten Joshua Ramirez scoops it up on a hopat the 4 yard line and he has wrapped up at the 9 by Zack Martin’s of La Sierranow the Panthers of sputtered this year offensively they’ll take the field withpenn deep a porous fuel position to start the game and you got to be happyfor last year a bobble of a catch there by the Panthers let’s see if last yearcan play some defense and stop this offense that has yet to yield a point inthe last three games yeah coming off shut off shut out losses 59 nothing toBeaumont 38 nothing at Cathedral City and 50 to nothing against the FightingScots of rim of the world in Lake Arrowhead have you ever been to LakeArrowhead remember the world not been there I’ve been to Lake Arrowhead notnever been to a football game I’m telling you I’ve been to a football gameat Lake Arrowhead rim of the world one time and I could not see the players inthe field the fog was so thick Wow all right the clouds are thick hereno fog however here at Riverside Californiathe quarterback prepares the important player to watch in this football game isthe seniors signal caller at 6-3 175 pounds and Anthony DePaul he is thestarter for Paris under center the running back is Chris Maps wide receiverAndrew urias and the critical offensive lineman is a senior 62 240 pounds heplays both ways for Paris as does a number of these Panthers offensive skillposition players up front Samuel Munoz anchors the offensive linesecond down and 12 maps the single setback they’ll toss it to him and hebreaks a tackle spins out of another and has wrapped up near the 18 yard linephysical run from maps who as jr.


July 22, 2020



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