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good evening everyone welcome inside the lion’s den here at Orange high school for wky Seas game of the week in high school football week number three as the Lions from Orange high school take on the Wickliffe Blue Devils I’m Dave Deena Talley alongside d-man Dennis man a lot happy to have everyone with us and Dee man we come into tonight’s game starting an hour early because of Mother Nature there are storm predictions all over Northeast Ohio tonight and the orange high school in addition to many other schools in the area moving up the start time one hour so we can hopefully get the game in without any weather issues yes it’s it’s been interesting to see how everything’s been put together in such a short period of time the orange people have done a phenomenal job of getting everything ready including the concession stand maybe I should stand for water was open that’s right listen it’s priorities yes we need our water the beautiful hosts and a lot can’t wait to get started by the way Bravo to everybody both at Wickliffe and orange you voted for us to be here beating out some heavyweights in Northeast Ohio Solon and Stowe was one of our other nominees and so was Twinsburg Aurora and I don’t think a lot of people thought we were going to be here but this won the vote and it won by a nice measure so the first time we’ve had a chance to see either these two teams first time I’ve ever a chance to broadcast either of these two teams and wit clip comes in two tonight then is playing some really good football there to a know and they steamrolled their first two opponents overland and Harvey and kinda feels almost like though the run that Kinston has been having maybe not quite to that effect but they’re just they’re playing good solid football and to think with Wickliffe there are 21 players dressed for tonight’s game yeah you pointed that out it’s sort of like the wave Watchers roster it’s lean and mean I mean I couldn’t believe how few guys were out there looked like you said 21 and then a 22nd guy had a cousin stick close yeah he calls salt Wickliffe is gonna need to stay healthy obviously but a lot of guys going to weighs against a fortified orange team so I can’t wait to see this get started yeah these both these teams made the postseason last year wit clip was eight and two and orange was seven and three for the Lions will talk about them there Owen to Cummings and I’m there desperate for victory they lost date they had the lead on beechwood an opening night they couldn’t put away the beechwood bison and so and then last week they ran into that same streets burrow rocket team that we talked about last week with Chagrin Falls that’s been dismantling everybody they’ve played so far and the speed of streets borough was a real problem for Orange but this is a team that’s trying to get to the postseason for three the third straight year and have their fifth straight when it sees it’s something that you have to go all the way back into the 1950s to find the stretch that’s been this good that when Orange has had right now right and oranges biggest task against Wickliffe obviously is gonna be stopping the run because Wickliffe is a run heavy team and I hope their interior is up for it you know for their sakes because you know it’s no secret what would be nice to do to you it’s just a matter of okay are you gonna be able to be physical enough disappointed of attack and follow the coach’s instructions the way they want you to Wickliffe has three different guys that they like to use to run the football Jay sport camp is the young man will be calling a lot tonight he’s a junior and of course it’s like I feel like just a movie Necessary Roughness the Texas State armadillo everybody Ironman football more camp will go both ways he’ll play linebacker and also running back now as a linebacker he is a Kent State University record already as a junior as a running back this year he’s already amassed six total touchdowns and 222 yards rushing in the first two games yeah that’s that’s very true and we’re getting ready for the captain’s to come out and we’ll see who wins the toss it’s a beautiful evening I will say this do you know when I was walking the track a couple hours ago the wind and it’s blowing into the press you can feel it somewhere yeah and that is going to factor into the passing game because you won’t really have a wind at your back or in your face it’s gonna be a cross when it quarterbacks have said that’s the worst kind yeah deal with the wind behind you you can deal with the wind in your face to a degree but the crosswind is the one that’s hard to measure so that’s a factor tonight and you know you’ve got the the turf the field turf so and with the no inclement weather at this moment I’m sure it’s playing fast well and you might be asking hey we haven’t done the coin flip already well because everything got moved up an hour that affects every facet of a game day operations crew including making sure the officials are available to start at six o’clock they you know doing their other full-time jobs and their other responsibilities having to come out here to Orange a little early they weren’t able to get here while the teams were warming up so they’re just all kind of stretched and loosened up you’re warmed up now so that’s why the captains will do the coin flip now as opposed to doing it usually around thirty minutes before kickoff right huge props to the orange athletic department for their lobbying skills to make sure that the officials come here for the six o’clock start you wonder if they were all on board at first but they were told hey we got to do it because here’s here’s what the scenario we were presented with if it is to be delayed they can’t just turn around and play a resume in the morning this would be an evening resolve yes tomorrow and nobody wants to do that so they impressed upon that – the referees about this six o’clock start and therefore they went ahead and said yes yeah here at Orange high school tomorrow they’re having their a CT test for the students in the morning and then there was a girls soccer game during the day so you you just don’t have the ability to get the players and and gameday operations and everything back here in one place to do the game so everybody was flexible enough to move up to six o’clock and we were told and I think you said over on the Westside Bay Village of the bass playing O’Leary Catholic I believe tonight that game got moved up to six o’clock tonight yes as a mother I know that wasn’t the only one it correct and as you can tell as the listeners can tell we are a minute past 6:00 now and we’re still not underway which is understandable it’s funny these teams are ready and ready but the refs are a little bit behind schedule the officials and they’re talking to I believe one of the members of the orange coaching staff but not exactly they talked to the head coach yeah we’ve got out of Beckham and our man Brian Crane is waiting waiting grant cranes been waiting at the 50-yard line for the coin toss for about 45 minutes he was ready to flip the coin himself if he if he needed to do so one of the things I’m sure they’re talking about is if and we looked and look I talked to Matt wince about this last night our meteorologist but if the storm comes in what are the protocols once the the alarm goes off and everybody’s got to you know get the players back into the locker room fans need to clear the stands etc etc so I’m sure they’re going through as much as anything else making sure everybody’s on the same page if mother nature should strike earlier than plan but the belief was that by virtue of moving it up to six o’clock that they would be able to get this game in even if we have anything that would delay of overtime or something that before the bulk of the storms come in but we’re just waiting to get things started here for week number three of high school football this is voted in by you the fans at wkyt.

com out beating two-and-oh Solon and to know Stowe tonight and to a no Aurora against one in one Twinsburg I mean it’s exciting for us to be here and to see these two terrific teams and two great programs that we don’t often get a chance to to broadcast in this is just one of the many games going on across the area tonight that will be of interest I mean tonight d-man the I think the big game in high school football is gonna be going on down in Akron as you’ve got st.

Ignatius and Hogan meeting up tonight and when we got off here last week we got there pretty early from the Kenton Chagrin Falls game at that point Ignatius was leading mentor and it I think was like 31 to 17 and it felt like it was gonna be a pretty secure win for the Wildcats and men are made a furious fourth-quarter comeback won that game and you know suddenly now Ignatius is is you know coming off of a loss and having to play hoping tonight I hear you Dena I do want to go back to one thing we were told in the preparation for tonight’s game that I found fascinating and maybe I’m living in the dark ages and it happens everywhere but the orange lighting system at this facility has an automatic shut off when light lightning is within 10 miles which I found to be really yeah I was a nice where I’ve heard of that either it’s that’s pretty cutting edge I think and very very smart the the 10-minute war a system that they has been put into place and I think it’s it’s really not become a protocol for you know high school college professional outdoor sports and we saw it last night in the Thursday Night Football game well that storm gets within 10 mile or 10 minutes away you know basically that’s it everybody’s out and they don’t they don’t you know used to be well if you saw lightning in the distance that was your clue that okay we’re gonna go ahead and and and put the game in postponing mode but things have changed technology has gotten better and that’s why we’re able to do this but that can still in a bit of a delay big hearted I truly have nothing against coach Beck lone wolves orange but I’m wondering what is going he seems to be just fine talking to the officials giggling laughing meanwhile we’re at 605 I don’t know if there’s a sense of urgency here we get things out at hand handshakes there we go oh he’s gonna jog off the fear there’s a reason why we got here early yes and it doesn’t look like it now but we were told that storms could come so all right so finally we are getting ready to have the captain’s come out and flip get this get this ballgame underway yeah I want that we’ll have to find out afterwards what some of the discussions where it’s always curious but everybody apparently is satisfied officials are ready the captains are ready we’re gonna march out to the 50-yard line for the most dramatic coin flip in school football that I vow it’s intense it is it is I mean but the sense of urgency to get this game in was was right and I think everybody handled this the right way with the two schools the officials the OHS a and everybody else yeah and Who am I to say that about whether you know you can’t take enough precautions but well I hear here’s what I can say last night I put meteorologist Matt Winsted the test I said back this factor fiction that’s um one of the models yeah one of the models say it’s fact or fiction our game is gonna have a storm delay and he said I think that’s a fact all right there’s our man crane or photographing the videography the coin flip yes all right here we go yes you have a crosswind so you don’t really have a definitive advantage I don’t think was honestly I don’t think so to either side it’s because it’s coming it’s cutting right across the field that’s officials showing the coin here yeah so we’re sure we’re sure it’s legit yes yes we’re good yes here we go a lot boy let’s go yeah let’s go six o’clock start start time let’s get it on let’s go oh you fumbled the flip No yeah he had to reset all right no all right he play by play of the flip he didn’t let it land no they defer or yet orange defers to first okay he didn’t even let it hit the turf no on it you know yeah yeah basharat was the the captain out there for orange and he’s just laughing right now okay we’re gonna defer so that means we’ll see the Wickliffe offense to start the football game Evan right Penske is the quarterback he is a 6-foot senior he’s throwing three touchdowns already on the season he’s also rushed for a score chase for Camp Isaiah bola a bowline and also Mason Bala are the three backs that we’re gonna keep an eye on tonight Nick Martin itis Mario sefirot II and Dukes fans AK are the receivers Jack bun Mikey moon Anthony Ellis Tyler Fisher and Zac Estevez are the offensive linemen for the Blue Devils Marcie Porcello is the coach at Wickliffe this is his ninth year at the helm of the Blue Devils and he has put together a terrific program the problem QuickLIFT always seems to run into is actually they didn’t have to worry about last year in the playoffs but they always seem to have to run into kirtland to two events and as we saw certainly last year and the Hornets rode to the state championship beating them is very very difficult not a lot of teams do so last year whit cliff lost in the regular season they finished eighth to their two losses were to Cuyahoga Heights another power in the small school in Northeast Ohio and the same Kirtland Hornets last year orange was seven and three and they advanced in the playoffs since we said that was the second year in a row for the Lions to get in you know you are a savant of high school football what do you see and what your early thought about how this game might unfold I’m curious to see it’s the speed of orange against I think the physical play and the running game of Wickliffe and which which tempo is going to kind of dictate the flow of this football game third point for orange tan or white men will kick it off back deep for Wickliffe is chase for camp he’ll stand at the 8 yard line we are finally underway it’s a squib kick over on the left side of the field one of the up men have it for Wickliffe at the 20 yard line out to the 30 and believe it I say a bowline took it out to the 32 yard line and that is where the Blue Devils will start 1st down and 10 right away you saw the I believe that the orange does not squib kick all the time so you saw the effect of that cross when they don’t want to get the ball up in the air where the wind could perhaps push it out of bounds and all of a sudden you got a penalty orange will run out of a 4-3 defense grant fell Sergio Johnson Tanner Coker and tarik Taylor up front Adam Drucker PJ Fisher Greg beer or the linebackers Brian Cornell Marvin Davies Mike McNeal and Deonte white in the secondary first and ten Blue Devils they’ll spot it at their own 33 repent ski will turn give the ball chase poor camps got it crosses to 35 and I’ll take it out near the 38 maybe the 39 yard line will spot it there for a gain of six or camp six to 210 pounds he’s only a junior he’s gonna get better and that’s why I have a feeling Kent State won’t be the only program that offers him a scholarship I hear you Dino and I’m I saw in the first snap let’s see his seconds up no orange player is deeper than a one orange player now is beyond six yards of the line of scrimmage for camp will get the carry Kent running left side runs right into a couple of orange lions the puts him back at the line of scrimmage for no gain you may have even lost a half yard on the play good movement over there by the Lions Adam Drucker the linebacker leading the charge I’ve got Marvin Davies with good run support off the corner yeah he did a nice job there as well and Drucker slowed up up Davies finished off it’ll be a third down and four and a flag goes down Paul Starr will start back it up five now make it a third and nine here for the Blue Devils ten fifty to play opening quarter no score wkyt-dot-com high school football game of the week Wickliffe at orange the penalty makes it now a third down and nine Evan or Penske gets the call from his head coach Marcin Porcello going out wide left is done L Jackson two receivers to the right including one on the slot repents key to throw on third and nine has time now he throws behind and incomplete looking for Mason foul at the 35 yard line Drucker over there on coverage and Greg beard over there as well so it’ll be a three and out for Wickliffe and we’ll see a punting situation that’s a bad pass low and behind the target but even if it’s on target orange is right there to make the tackle and they’re not getting the first down orange will send Tiant a white and Marvin Davies and double safeties back at their 35 yard line Isaiah Boland will stay in the punt the football that will move to him to his right but no pressure gets the kick away and a fair catch is caught and made and they’re made and caught it should say by Deon save white back at the orange 30-yard line and the Lions will start their first and ten Deonte white is an exciting player for the Lions he’s already rushed for 290 yards on the season went over 230 yards in the opening game against beechwood including a 77 yard touchdown run Greg beard in the back deal with him Bryan Purnell is the quarterback Marvin Davies Trayvon Davis Steven the wide receivers Steven fel ensures the tie first and ten as quarterback Brian Cornell least I think I don’t think this Brunel it sets Basharat is in their quarterback and I’m first down he’ll turn give the ball to white stutter step right cuts back left likes attack gets to the 35 goes to the outside at the 39 yard line then brought down there as chase for camp made the tackle but a nice piece of open field running by running back Tiant a white gets him nine on first down that’s called making something out of nothing I don’t know how he got out of that pickle behind the line of scrimmage and he turned it into nine yard game we’ll get back to the quarterback situation in a second they’ve gone with two different signal callers this year pronoun was listed on the depth chart as the starter of a basher at got a lot of playing time he’s 9 of 12 throwing the football this year for a hundred nineteen years second and one orange at their own 39 yard line out of the pistol Basharat I’ll keep it puts his head down gets the first down to the 45 and he’ll take it out to the orange 48 yard line fort camp on the tackle with Anthony Ellis as well for the Blue Devils and that’s the value of Deonte white because you fake fake the handoff to him going right they have to respect that and then as a quarterback you go left and Greg beard and the pistol look is over on the right almost says that slapback white stands to the left of Basharat ball near midfield at the 48 yard line of the Lions first and ten you got an audible hair called from the sidelines and Basharat now will shift back to the shotgun here first and ten and in motion they’ll give the ball Greg beard runs left side gets the first down to the 50 to the 45 yard line I should say that a first down but he got into Wickliffe territory and picked up about seven on first round Greg beard that’s only his eighth carry of the year came in with 33 yards on the ground but it’s another option D man if you’re gonna be keying on Deonte white yes and you’re seeing you know that inside handoff becoming more and more prevalent in the college game for sure is creeping into the pro game and you of course you see it here already in the in this game Davis and Davies blanked out wide right Basharat to throw looking deep right side in the past broken up at the 20-yard line it was intended for Trayvon Davis but pretty good coverage over there on the right side Duke’s tanzic was there to knock it away I’ll tell you what Geno that is a pass break up by Trayvon Davis because that had a potential option written on it it hung up in the air and Davis to the heck of a job to jump up and knock it goes back to that cross breeze you were talking about humming that ball up there trying to throw deep D know it today I believe he 57 to go first quarter it’s a third and three orange at the Wickliffe 45 the give is the white stumbles but he’s able to fall ahead and should have enough for the first down let’s see maybe not they’re gonna say his knee came down about a yard shy of the first down at the 43 yard line that’s a quality play by Boland to shoot the gap and he got the shoestring tackle Boland and look at this look at this yeah alright fourth down in less than a yard and they’ll just do the quarterback sneak and pile forward we got a flag we’ll check on the flag it might be motion it would be a first down if it’s a fan it’s something that’s on orange yeah I think you’re exactly right so instead of fourth and one it’s gonna be now fourth down and presumably six that will change the play call quite a bit so move it back to the Wickliffe 49 yard line now what what is that called II know I’ve never seen that the official I’ve never seen the official do that on a call sideline warning no and I know right that wouldn’t have been a penalty yeah that’s weird he throws his arms out to the side all right they’re going for it anyway fourth and six by Allah and this time I think it’s good to lay a game as he was trying to get these snap in now that’s Paul start back him up another five and now I wonder if we might see oranges punt team in there yep so back-to-back penalties including one we weren’t sure about one for sure was a false start knocks orange out of Wickliffe territory and puts them in a punt situation so that’s costly Tyler Hoffman will kick the football for the Lions and chase for camp who doesn’t take a playoff will be in single safety it is 23 low kick they’ll bounce inside the 20 inside the 10 inside the fight can they say that nope out of the end zone almost able to save that Brian Pernell hustling down nearly able to save that from being a touch back but it’ll be first into 20 for the Blue Devils do you know while you have been well you’ve been with yeah yeah I’m looking we’ve got our official signals it might have been a chop no it couldn’t been a chop block that would have been a 15 yarder right yeah it so it was a weird signal where the referee fanned out his arms I’ve never seen that before haven’t either all right ball 220 first and ten and the pistil everywhere Penske a quarterback for the Blue Devils no score here is the first quarter 750 to go and a high snap pulled down and the ball goes to bowl to a balla balla will run to his right side and run into a couple of orange jerseys you got two white leading the charge their gain of two second down and eight tremendous job by wife you know these orange is well coached of course and you know they’re DVS art all day when you play Wickliffe you got to be ready to shoot the gaps and run support because that’s what they do and kidnap tan and keep containment yes and white did a terrific job of that second down and eight as for camp stands behind repent ski with two wings on each side and they’ll go now to four camp straight ahead he’ll take it out to the 25 and go forward to the 26 for a gain of four that’ll set up a third down and four for the Blue Devils but I mean they’ve only been in the first two games and I realized some of them have been blowout scores but Wickliffe has only thrown 17 passes on the year in the first two games so we’ll see a lot of running it’s very similar to a Kirtland type of look with the double wings in that watching coach Beck plum he’s looking at his iPad I’m wonder if he’s trying to figure out what that penalty was I’m still hoping it what’s either is the second comes out here for Wickliffe third and four for the Blue Devils from their own 26-yard line rip in ski gets the snap hands for camp runs to his left and in traffic and he’s not gonna get now second effort he’s gonna get close to a first down but he’s gonna be about a yard short for camp really trying to dig in there and get that first down PJ Fisher among those to make that stop and that’s gonna set up fourth and one and another punt here for the Blue Devils yeah good extra effort by for camp but he just couldn’t get the first down press with oranges defense so far yes stop fast and physical bowling the punt it’ll be white this time boy will safety I snap I know how Boland got it down buddy did White’s gonna watch this bounce at the 40 take a Wickliffe roll and it’ll stop at about the orange 32 yard line I don’t know how Isaiah Bolan got that snap that I thought for sure that was going over his head towards the end zone and it did he’s fortunately to it had a little sink to it it just kind of went it dropped a little after it reached its apex almost a game breaker right there instead it’ll be first to 10 they’ll move it actually up to the 33 yard line for the Lions and we’ll check I think Pernell is gonna be the quarterback on this Drive he is so back and forth Bachelorette started the game at quarterback and now Brian Purnell will go to the shotgun white stands to his right first and ten Lions at their own 33 prunella will run right tried to read a block and then took it forward to about the line of scrimmage and then got knocked back fort camp and Boland leading the charge yeah Bowen does a nice job there he and his what are the yellowish gold shoes oh yeah oh yeah almost fluorescent yes he did a nice job coming in there and got the the ankle tag no gain on the play second and 10 as we approach five minutes to go first quarter no score here at orange high school inside the Lions Den brunella on the shotgun white again stands to his right one receiver on each side and now Davis will go in motion they’ll give it to him on the jet sweep trying to commit cut will get a CFL back inside the 30 they’ve actually spotted at the 31 yard line but that’s a heck of a hit by Chase for camp port camp frustrated on the offensive side hasn’t really been able to get going takes out a little of that frustration with a tremendous tackle for loss Wickliffe trying to make it clear that orange is given a hard time going to the outside against them so now it’s going to be a third and long third and 11 fortunate it was only a one yard loss frankly it could that they could have marked it at the 30 they wanted to Bernal will run to his right and cuts it back inside got back to the line of scrimmage but really not much else slow going for orange and over there on the far side to make the tackle was jack bud I mean that that’s a sign of a well coached team in wiglet they’re both well coached of course but witless defenders didn’t buy the fake screen pass to the left the guy the guys on the left side of Wickliffe sysd just stay at home and therefore the QB had nowhere to go so for the second time Tyler Hoffman will kick the football away for camp and single safety at the 30 could pressure by wicked close and for camp will make the fair catch call at his own 33 yard line so Wickliffe will begin their third possession of this first quarter back and forth we’ve gone here with the defense’s really standing out here in the early going no score with 3:25 to go here in the opening frame as we are in a race against mother nature want to get this game in tonight with the prediction of storms coming later on this evening now you would think that Wickliffe is gonna need to throw the ball but that’s not their game so I I think they stay with what has worked for them we’ll see if they can wear down orange instead of panicking already and saying alright we’re not running the ball we got to throw it we’ll come back to that here after this play on first down they go on the inside give bola breaks the tackle at the 40 gets to the 45 and a first down as Isaiah Bolin will take it out to the 47 maybe the 48 yard line repents key has completed seven passes this year three of them to Fort camp told them to Boland two of them ‘no bala and under wide receivers we saw right away that first play just stick with what you are stick with what you know and Wickliffe knows running they know rushing and that’s what they did on the first play Bala and Boland are there to wings then the pistol look now repents key has for camp behind him first and ten and it’ll be a keeper and repents key is drilled back behind the line of scrimmage at the 45 as Tanner Coker made a terrific read from his defensive tackle spot and knocked down the Penske for a loss of three yeah I think it was a repent ski juggle of the football after the fake handoff which threw him off yeah threw off the timing on the plate of for camp loss of three second and 13 103 minutes now to go in the first quarter still no score and again it’s Bala and Bolin on the wings to each side fort camp behind repents key port camp will get the carry runs left puts his head down to the 49 yard line gets to midfield and he’ll be put down there for a gain of about five it’ll set up a third and eighth for the Blue Devils than their deepest penetration thus far in this football game that’s classic hat on hat PJ Fisher is there for orange and he you know he’s all by himself there and has to make the tackle and he does Wickliffe needs to get to the orange 42 for their first first two other all the second first down of the game first first down came a little bit earlier in the sequence as we’ll see Nick Martin Knight is coming out wide right here on the near side third and eight for the Blue Devils back to throw a Penske has plenty of time over the middle pass caught first down while at the 40 cutting inside is Boland and he’ll be put down at the 37 yard line eight completion of the year for Evan repents gives a nice one Isaiah Boland his third catch of the season well-designed double fake and ballin does an excellent job with his feat of avoiding a tackle that probably would have occurred right at the sticks and is able to gain a couple extra yards I got the five yards extra picked up 13 on that play as we approach one minute to go here in this first quarter Wickliffe and orange are scoreless in our WKYC high school football game of the week Blue Devils though on the March for the first time tonight here for Penske has Boland and Fort camp to each side of them in that short pistol look now give Fort camp to the 35 and that’s really about it Greg beard and Adam Drucker the two linebackers on the tackle for a gain of two second down and eight and may get one more play in before the end of the first quarter not surprising a pretty fast-moving first quarter with two teams that like to run the football we are down to 20 seconds to go here second and eight Blue Devils from the orange 35 rip in ski gets the high snap keeps it runs it to the 30 head down and he falls forward very close to the first down and where they’re spotting it it will be a first down at the orange 26 yard line so that is a gain of about 11 and I should take that back make that about a 19 yard game and that’ll take us to the end of the first quarter you figured there we’re gonna work in the fake the handoff quarterback up the middle action and there you saw it work to wants a perfection but good enough for what you needed which was the first time well it’s kind of like with white with orange you know when you see for camp you know with his hands out to go get the football B I think your natural thing is to go after go after for camp got stop for camp down it’s not for camp and you forget any Penske is a good athlete you can run with the football so that’s one quarter in the books here at Orange high school and we are scoreless here in this football game I think I’m kind of frankly surprised Eman that with these offenses that we haven’t seen any scoring yet but it’s been the defense’s for the most parts that have kind of dictated the tempo this football game yes and you talked about it earlier Dean often it’s easier to say than it is to do but setting the edge staying in your lanes you know executing your assignment that’s what both defenses have players on both defenses have done they haven’t wandered off and tried to make some circus play and got burned for the most part they’ve stayed home it’s done what they’re told to do and as a result no explosive plays I mean some nice gains but no explosive plays yet so out of the break here’s the team’s switch sides it’ll be first and ten for the Blue Devils at the orange 26 yard line after the first down run by Evan repents key the viewers don’t know this but I’m up against it on the wall here in the press box so trying to have Dino’s gonna have to make the call and help me out as I can hear from the aisle peer around the job around the wall try not to get in your way you’re the most important guy Mort camp stands behind rep in ski with the wings on each side first and ten and the give will be to Isaiah Boland and Bolin will be brought down back at the 25-yard line actually


July 22, 2020



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