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box football live starts now welcome welcome welcome it’s Friday night and it’s a good time to get down if the feelings are right I really don’t give the song by the reading any justice but you know how the feeling is I’m trying to portray here it’s Fox football live West Texas high school football highlights show and for the next half an hour we will bring you the best West Texas has to offer I’m your host Dax gray and we have crews all around the region bringing you the best in high school football so let’s start off with some shots of where our first of two games of the week will be from tonight’s first we have we’re going live with our Tim O’Brien who’s down at cristobol cougar Stadium for the district 8 to a division 2 match up against the miles Bulldogs coming up later we check in with him and see who came out on top but before we get started it’s time to find out who our fan of the week candidates are this is a great interaction for you the viewer at home to meet the candidates and vote for your favorite one so let’s meet them now [Music] and I am the man of the week because I love because I like to dig v Chiefs it is very easy to vote for your fan of the week your favorite candidate you can vote by texting us three to five four hundred eighty seven eighty five go text us right now for your favorite candidate you can vote as many times as you want just send us text right before the end of our show where we will announce the vote by you the fan of the week so now let’s get to the highlights first off we’re staying in San Angelo the Lakeview Chiefs started the season off three know but at fault Lakeview Chiefs trying to win it home for the first time since September 12th first raft Mustangs with the ball at six foot three quarterback Brett leach with the leg work coming into your living room brought down after a 40 yard run setting up the next play a 50 yard a 15 yard pass and catch the senior Roger Rodney Lopez and drew scores early and often in this one the Chiefs having a powwow looking for some answers they found it in the defense bobbled pass finds its way in the hands of senior Tony Martinez who returns it for a short gain momentum for the Chiefs chief quarterback Albert Rodriguez looking to run on the momentum but it comes down in the hands of the Mustangs senior Bodie she rod with the interception returns at 20 yards but Andrews with the ball here at midfield and it’s Lucas s pizarra explodes through the line and he finds it extremely hard to bring down finally tackled right before pay dirt next play it’s only fitting that Esper’s ara finishes that drive to the touchdown and Drew’s rolls to their eighth win of the season Andrews was too much for the Chiefs tonight they win 61 to 18 the Chiefs have not won since September 12th good news they automatically qualify for the playoffs the Mustangs will head home to finish off their season a huge matchup against the Seminole Indians the Chiefs will travel next week to Big Spring to face off against the steers for their second to last game of the season it’s now time to bring you the sounds of the game and tonight we bring you the people who make the game fun with the entertainment so here is the sounds of the game with the cristobol cougar marching band [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] it’s now time for our first of our two games of the week we check in with our Tim O’Brien who is at the district 8 – a division to match up between the undefeated Chris dovell Cougars hosting the miles Bulldogs Tim did the Cougars make the hometown crowd go home happy yeah hey Dex they certainly did you know what before we get into the game here in itself we’ve been doing this for 10 weeks now and I can confidently say that cristobol Cougars marching band is probably now it definitely is the best band that we’ve seen all year they are electric they are smooth they do everything correctly but now as we get what’s going on from behind me what happened here earlier tonight let me tell you something we talked about the offense every week we talk about quarterbacks receivers running backs the cristóvão Cougars defense is the real deal Dax gray they cannot be stopped not only has the offense not seen a defense the Cougars offense has not seen a defense yet this season to stop them what’s the other way around as well the Cougars defense has given trouble to every single offense they have come across and that sets us up completely for our giant matchup next week in Eldorado but before we get to that we got to go to the highlights here tonight that what happened behind me just a bit of go you see your cristobol Cougars your Myles Bulldogs meeting at midfield the Cougars win the toss and they elect to receive all right so we’re gonna walk us through you’ll see there we’re not gonna have our highlights here so I’m gonna stay here on Cameron let me tell you this what we’ll talk this out Brady Wilcox is this junior quarterback that we had talked about right we’re talking about them all season long we marked him in our preseason meetings he had six total touchdowns tonight dykes gray six unbelievable he had four on the ground and then he had two in the air he can’t be stopped and that dual threat style quarterback with now who has over 3, 000 yards on this season is the real deal he is going to be appointing the challenge for the Eldorado Eagles next week and let me tell you something that the defense of the cristobol Cougars had just given up their 100th point tonight in nine games so your average in a little less than 12 points a game against so kudos to the defense of the crystal ball Cougars their offense can’t be so if you have played in Edmonston who is an unbelievable senior wide receiver Josh father the running back who we had mentioned earlier tonight on the rundown you want to have a thousand points pours as a basketball player well a thousand rushing yards as well as a running back it is pretty unbelievable so the final score here tonight we apologize that the the highlights are not in but let me tell you this Chris dovell Cougars ran away with this pretty much in the first quarter but your final score here tonight from Jack Pardee Stadium and cristobol 55 to 13 we caught up with Braden Wilcox after the game [Music] [Music] you’ve had four in the floor on the ground and two and there’s total touchdowns out of you tonight they got they got some Cougars he’s the big difference each and every week thank you very much Tim and yes Braden Wilcox if you don’t know his name by now you should now right I mean this kid is amazing we saw him in week two and he’s just built this team to an undefeated run they have a chance to go undefeated for the entire season next Friday night will that be our game of the week next week find out at the end of the show we have a lot more fox football live coming up we’re just getting started so you don’t want to miss what we have coming up I’m Abilene High head football coach mark fuller and you’re watching the Fox football live [Music] welcome to America so it’s the exciting new game of fill-in-the-blank fun is be for baking with a preview on the laughs host when I think about baseball I think about Sammy Davis jr.

Sammy Davis the fourth great baseball player he’s flied into home plate and tap-danced on it are you ready for this John Michael Higgins hosts America says Fox football live presented by dr.

pepper in Molly’s Minds marching band just makes sense five nights a week order a Fox football I’ve come on bitter strong you can rest the halftime this is now time to check in on our fan of the week buddy remember you can vote by texting us all night until our show has is a very end we crown or reveal our crown of the fan of the week so remember to text that phone number and all and all night during the show now it’s time to hit add the double of our two games of the week first we brought to you the Miles Cristobal game now it’s time to check in with our Casey butcher who’s down at Blizzard Stadium for the district 3-2 a matchup between the Ozona lions and the winter blizzards now how you doing Casey are you there Ozona topped winters tonight 25 to 6 here at Blizzard Stadium Ozona came out aggressive with two early touchdowns in the first half from abraham Rodriguez his connect with Alec Lora led the Lions all night alec lara such a great playmaker for this Lions offense and for the blizzards their first score of the game was at the end of the second quarter and then they remain scoreless in the second half and that is when Ozona took over and had all the momentum into the fourth quarter coach McCarty told me earlier that he wanted his team to limit penalties for this game that is not what they did they had one penalty where Alex Sawa scored and they did not get that touchdown so they really struggled with penalties this game and defensively against this high-powered Ozona often so this was not how I thought this game would match up I thought this would be a lot closer game as it was winters last home game and senior night but now Ozona is still undefeated in district at three you know and winters is one in three a district play and now they wait till these playoff seedings come out for now in winters I’m Casey butcher back to you guys in the studio [Music] Ozona off to a quick start to the game and gets on the board first doing what they do the line is running into a [Applause] [Music] [Applause] struggle too hard to heat with Alec Lara [Applause] [Music] [Applause] zona is your winner they played very good on the road they ended up winning 25 to 6 thank you very much Casey for that report more fox football live ahead for you coming right up the Abilene Eagles are looking to win their help their playoff hopes they’re in a huge way they had a huge task tonight could they pull it off find out more fox football live coming up next I’m coach Kevin Shero from the Sonora Broncos and you’re watching Fox football live man I wish we had some and rich delicious dr.

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pepper so nice to treat you baby there’s a new radio animal in town yo it’s the new 101.

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1 the bull place country’s greatest hits for people who crave real country variety [Music] Johnny Willie Merle plus songs from today if they’re country so make the switch now to a new breed of country the new 101.

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pepper so nice to treat you good people can I ask everything of it to offer all themselves I got you I’m gonna get you out of here [Music] [Applause] we got her she’s here nine-one-one mondays on fox or watch anytime on demand or Fox now [Music] welcome back to the third quarter of our box football live highlights show it’s now time to hit the field hard but a little after our rest in the locker room we have a little six-man football for you last week poised I promised you more six men and now I am delivering we have the Eden Bulldogs against the very best Falcons let’s go to those highlights the difference in numbers and size is what’s going on to drive the outcome of this game both crowds were just staying rowdy Eden leads 32 nothing going to the second quarter and big man under center hundred Rodgers looks for an opening and he decides to run with it and he lands it in the end zone making it 44 nothing the Bulldogs aren’t letting their opponents go off easy they go for the onside kick and it works balls back in the Eden stands Rodgers to Xavier O’Malley takes it all the way in for the touchdown make it a 51 zip somebody throw in the towel very best tries to get something out of game before walking into locker room with this pick he’s going going and God but he stopped out of bounds of Eden would go on to win this one big 52 to nothing the Falcons season has come to a close on a very harsh harsh night the Bulldogs won more regular season game left and they will head home to face against Robert Lee steers next week well the Abilene Eagles are on the outside looking in on the playoff picture in district 3 6a and a solid win tonight would help their chances into the postseason but the task tonight was a hard one facing off against the top team in the district let’s go to the highlights Abilene trying to play spoiler tonight at home it’s shot well looking for the huge upset of the powerhouse visitor from the east Ulis Trinity Trojans trimming in white with the ball it’s Addison Davis advancing the pigskin and brought down an eagle territory inside the red zone the Abilene band try to pump up the defense for a goal line stands with Trinity was too strong running back Zachariah more dives into the end zone in doing so he puts more points on the board Abilene with the ball and it’s going to be a great catch by frederik Johnson who gets the first down in shows with his little arm up there yeah Eagle cheerleaders are liking what they see in the field later in the game it’s Isaiah Jax with a nice run but he’s brought down by Trojan John Sneed but Trinity but tonight it was all Trinity this team is trying to win the district and they will not let anyone get in their way and just like Trinity quarterback Valentino Fani he says get out of my way he’s going straight to the end zone all night Trinity 42 to 21 and just like that the Abilene Eagles season has come to a close they fought Barrett to the end but the playoffs seemed just out of reach the mighty Trojans will head back east and have a home stand against Richland rebels next week for their end of their regular season game now it’s time for my favorite segment of the show it’s time for the band of the week and this week we bring you the winters marching blizzards [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Fox football live presented by dr.

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July 22, 2020



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