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well of course we couldn’t end this broadcast without continuing our Friday night light coverage of course the fall 2019 season of high school football rather officially kicked off tonight whose post bother we’re not ending the show by the way now we still have a ways to go I

don’t know I’m ready for Labor Day yeah so here’s the thing we’re gonna send it out to Tim who was at San Angelo Stadium and I do have a question for Tim because I again we mentioned earlier I was out there but Tim I’m curious your thoughts because

you got to continue watching the rest of the game what was it that Lakeview had on the field that allowed them to pull this off their offense was killing it tonight yeah the offense was absolutely flying around on both ends and then when the defense comes around Anthony

Hernandez and Zeke Davila both have three sacks apiece it was 32 to 630 2 to 14 at the half it’s 32 to 22 and Lamesa is actually driving so everybody hold on hold tight there is nine minutes left here in the fourth quarter from San Angelo Stadium but

that first half was about as impressive football as you’ll see from the Lakeview Chiefs Hector Guevara the head coach had this team focused and ready to go I love it yeah so that could come back a little bit a little bit of a comeback we can’t say an

official comeback but they are getting closer to us tying that score up and now we’re here here now so I don’t want to know what’s going on I literally I was there cuz I’m out there because I got to a pick six and a touchdown as soon as

I walked out there yes so basically what just happened is Johnny on spinosa number 15 the defensive back Allstate senior from Lakeview just batted a ball down in the end zone against Lamesa so they were this close to scoring once again and thank goodness they didn’t because the

band is literally right to my left you all right so I would have not been able to hear you guys and whatsoever but it is 32 to 22 nine minutes left in the throwback to guys we’ll see what happens hopefully late you can hold on here another ten

before you go because of one of the reasons why we were going to bring you on the broadcast tonight Fox football right tonight at 10:00 Thurman can you give us a little preview what can people expect when they tune in tonight yeah so Fox will go live at

10:30 right here on Fox West Texas we will have player highlights we will have coach interview player the game interview from our Fox football live game of the week here at San Angelo Stadium Blake G sweeps La Mesa golden tornadoes will also have features from Abilene from Stillwater

stadium will have Ballinger and Grady so we’ll have a couple games around the big country in the console valley to highlight to you but definitely stay here because we’ll do a fan of the week will highlight the band of the week a lot of good stuff and we

had a chance to go inside the locker room last night pregame with Houston guy the head coach of the wall Hawks we had a really really cool inside look yesterday to really fire that team up so you guys are really gonna enjoy this at 10:30 absolutely thanks so

much Tim we look forward to that and we’ll talk talk with you a little bit more detail coming up in just a bit I’m super excited to see that inside look in the locker room because the big guy is a great space also not a place where a

lot of people get to see you know that the inside where a lot of these kind of intimate talks happen and to be in that space is something that I’m really looking forward to again Fox football live tonight at 10:30 hope that you can join us then it’s

interactive to grab your phones tucks us what you think of all the games three to five 480 75 that reminds me who are you rooting for text us give a shout-out to your favorite player your favorite team in West Texas three to five 480 75 we’ll be right

back after the break


July 22, 2020



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