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there are many professional athletes inthe world who managed to overcome their physical limitations and emergesuccessful against all odds some of them had birth defects that resulted in theloss of their limbs others however sustained life-altering injuries afterserious accidents but these misfortunes did not stop them from achieving greatfeats in

their sports today we’ll take a look at ten such people be sure to stayuntil the end of the video and check out our number one pick because if that guydoesn’t inspire you I don’t know what willbefore we move on I’ve got a little challenge for y’all that’ll take

5seconds to complete so here’s the deal you just leave a like on this videosmash that subscribe button and hit the notification bell and you’ll get 10years of amazing luck yep try it it really worksJim McLaren it I said something last year in the interview Bob I said youknow

this could really could be an infectious attitude and you have blasterwe had 50 people and sponsors and people giving money and Jim McLaren was once aYale football star and an aspiring actor but that all changed when he was hit bya 40,000 pound city bus in his early 20s

in fact he was even pronounced dead onthe accident scene eight days later he woke up from a coma with his left legamputated below the knee but he didn’t lose his will fast forward a few yearsMcLaren supported by a prosthetic leg became the top amputee triathlete in theworld competing

in the grueling Ironman and setting a marathon record amongamputees brilliant unfortunately in 1993 during the Orange County triathlon Jim’scareer came to another cruelly abrupt halt when he was struck again this timeby a van doctors declared him quadriplegic but Jim didn’t let thataccident stop him either he once again

recovered and used a wheelchairunfortunately Jim McLaren died in his sleep on August 31st 2010 he was just 47years old Oscar Pistorius Osbourne in Johannesburgin 1986 grew up they have a older brother and a younger sister and OscarPistorius is a former professional sprinter and Paralympic champion fromSouth Africa when

he was just 11 months old both of his feet were amputatedbecause of a congenital defect he ran in both non-disabled sprint events and insprint events for below-knee amputees in 2011 Pistorius became the first amputeeto win a non-disabled world track medal and then a year later at the 2012

SummerOlympics in London he became the first double leg amputee to participate in theOlympic Games how impressive but in 2015 Pistorius was found guilty of killinghis girlfriend model reeva Steenkamp he was sentenced to 13 years and fivemonths in prison Bethany Hamilton 30 year old Bethany Hamilton is without adoubt

one of the biggest comeback stories in the history of professionalsports at the age of 13 Bethany survived the attack by a 14 footlong tiger shark but unfortunately lost her left armhowever she returned to professional surfing just one month after theaccident just one month how inspiring not only that

but Bethany also managedto win her first national surfing title within two years while this girl issimply amazing Bethany also wrote a book about herexperience entitled Soul Surfer a true story of faith family and fighting toget back on the board a few years later the feature filmtitled Soul Surfer

was released Bethany has been able totouch a large number of people with her faith message charitable efforts andoverall spirit she is still an active surf competitor to this day can yessesor twenty-four-year-old can yes sesor wasborn without legs but that never stopped her from pursuing her love for sportsshe

was born in Thailand and abandoned on the steps of a Buddhist temple themonks at the temple took care of her for two years she then lived in a hospitalin Bangkok Kenya lived with her grandparents for awhile before being adopted by David and Jane sesor from Portland Oregon shequickly

developed a flair for sports and began skating and surfing at the age ofnine she even uses her skateboard instead of her wheelchair definitely anawesome sight to see aside from skating and surfing Kenyaalso played competitive wheelchair basketball and narrowly missed out onrepresenting Team USA on the track at the

2012 London Paralympics althoughKenya has had to deal with stairs her entire life she just brushes it off andcontinues to live life on her own terms Jessica long my name is Jessica long I’mfrom Baltimore Maryland and my proudest achievement was winning a Paralympicgold medal as a 12-year old Jessica

Long is a 27 year old Paralympic swimmer fromBaltimore she is considered to be one of the most accomplished swimmers in UShistory winning a total of 23 Paralympic medals well done Jessica she was bornwith fibular hem Amelia which is why her lower legs had to be amputated when shewas

just 18 months old I know that’s sad but her condition didn’t stop her frombeing involved in many sports growing up including gymnastics biking ice skatingand even rock climbing Jessica began swimming in her grandparents pool and itwasn’t long before she joined her first competitive team a year later she

wasselected as Maryland Swimming’s 2003 female swimmer of the year with adisability when she was just 12 years old Jessica participated in the 2004Paralympic Games in Athens where she won three gold medals but that was just thebeginning more gold medals were to come at theBeijing Paralympics in 2000 London

in 2012 and Rio in 2016 you arean impressive woman Jessica and don’t let anyone ever tell you differentJosh Stevens they watch they’re amazed at what he can do the whisper is apitcher with one arm you never seen beforeeighteen-year-old Josh Stephens was born with amniotic band syndrome who it’sshortened

his left arm about two inches above his elbowJosh began playing basketball at age five and quickly developed his ownunique style that allowed him to play the game despite his condition now he’sa starting pitcher at Vestavia Hills High School with a college baseballscholarship sarff our Steven has met every

baseball challenge that’s come hisway it wasn’t unusual for him when he was playing baseball for there to be aline of kids behind backstop watching him or a line of coaches or parents andthey returned to their kids and a lot of them would say see if he can do

this youcan too so josh has been a source ofencouragement whether he knew it or not to people everywhere sarah Reinertsen ilost my leg as a child I was born with a condition called proximal femoral focaldeficiency 44 year-old Sarah Reinertsen was born with a condition calledproximal femoral focal deficiency

which in the simplest terms just means thather left leg was significantly shorter than her right one so when Sarah wasseven years old she decided to have her left leg amputated above the kneeinstead of feeling sorry for herself and focusing on the one leg she didn’t haveshe decided to

focus on the things she still had two strong arms a strong leggreat mind and a really powerful spirits Sarah began to run at age 11 at herfirst international track meet when she was 13 she broke the 100 meter worldrecord for female above me and he’s she was also

the first female lagamputee to complete the Ironman World Championship in Kona HawaiiMallory Wegman when I first get in the water there’s just such an enormoussense of freedom that I have 30 year-old Mallory Wegman is a Paralympic swimmerfrom the USA she became a thoracic spinal nerve 10 complete paraplegicafter

an epidural injection to treat post herpetic neuralgia back in 2008however her condition didn’t stop her from winning multiple gold medalsincluding the one at the 2012 Paralympics in London during her pursuitfor another Paralympic gold medal at the Rio 2016 Paralympic GamesMallory severely injured her arm in a catastrophic fall

for many athletes itwould have meant the end of a career but Mallory’s not like most athletes insteadof simply giving up she’s training harder than ever to once again shatterexpectations and reclaim her throne atop the podium at the Tokyo 2020 ParalympicGames Melissa Stockwell I am a mother I am

a wife I am a veteran 40 year oldMelissa Stockwell lost her leg in Iraq in 2004 while serving in the Army shewas on a routine convoy through central Baghdad when her Humvee was struck by aroadside bomb which resulted in the loss of her left leg above the knee

shesubsequently became the first Iraq veteran chosen for the Paralympic Gamesshe competed in the 2008 Summer Paralympics in three Paralympic swimmingevents Melissa returned to the race in the 2016Paralympic Games in Rio and won a bronze medal in the inaugural paratriathlonevent Zion Clarke what you’re born with is what you’re

born with you can’t goback in time and change things you gotta keep moving forward 22 year old ZionClarke from Columbus Ohio was born with a rare medical condition called caudalregression syndrome which basically means that he has no legsnot only did Sian managed to live without legs but he

also grew up to be arenowned wrestler he started wrestling from a very young age but it wasn’tuntil high school that he took this sport seriously Xion eventuallyqualified for the Paralympic Nationals at UCLA in California where he competedusing a specially designed wheelchair and went on to become oh hi

OHS fastestrunner he is now training to be a world-class Olympian with his eyes onthe 2020 Tokyo World Olympic Games which one of these people has inspired you themost let me know in the comments below and I’ll handpick and feature yourcomments in the next video so look out for

your comment so the one we pickedthis time is from faith Benavides she says Donna Moore sounds like a realsuperhero well she certainly looks and trains like one no doubt you shouldwatch some of her youtube videos of her trainings unbelievable


July 22, 2020



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