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Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette.

In today’s video, we’ll discuss how to best wear Sport Coats, Blazers, and Jeansas outfits and why those will work best for you.

Now there are very differentsituational examples where we can discuss how you might be able to wearsport coats and blazers with jeans.

You can also look at the different times where you might have seen someone at a semi casual occasion, perhaps, a businessmeeting or even going out on a date.

Time after time, we’ve seen men pull outthis outfit but only a few do it well.

One of my favorite go-to is actually aburgundy with a light gray checkered blazer.

I sometimes wear that with a button-downshirt usually white, maybe even a light blue and then a pair of dark jeans andbrown boots.

I really like going for this, even though sometimes I wear it out ofseason, because the color really complements my skin tone.

Now, you might be wondering if you should ever even pair Blazers or sport coats with yourjeans.

For more information on that subject, check out our video here andit’ll explain everything.

Now, let’s figure out the few key things that you need to be able to wear this outfit appropriately.

Often, we see men thinkthat it’s acceptable to wear any kind of jacket with any pair of jeans; and thatwill make an acceptable outfit.

So, is it appropriate to wear any pair of jeanswith any kind of a jacket? Now, a jacket is inherently much more dressy thanjeans.

Jeans always look much more casual.

So, you might be wondering how to bestpair those together.

Now, in certain situations this might look appropriate.

The main reasons why it would not look appropriate, are usually due to both fit, and to the overall formality of the combination.

Now, in this video, we’regonna go ahead and assume that you already have a well-tailored blazer orsport coat, and some great fitting jeans.

If you don’t, and you want to find outmore of how to find something that fits you well, you can check out our jeanguide here and our blazer guide here.

Here are the Blazer and Sport Coat details to look for on pairing with jeans.

Blazers are not a one size or one style for allsituations item.

Now, when selecting details to pair with jeans, you’re gonnawant to look for things that are gonna casualize the jacket as much aspossible; so you gonna want to look at fabric weights that are gonna look alittle bit more warm and less like a suit fabric.

Now, fabric weight for your jacket or sport coat is available in a number ofdifferent densities depending on the season, and what you’re wearing it, andwhat outfit you’re trying to put together.

That’s important for both yourtemperature, but also for your appearance; that you pay attention to the overallbreathability and the weight of the fabric you choose to wear for yourjacket or sport coat.

You also want to pay attention to the weather and whatyou plan on wearing your sport coat, make sure that it seasonally matches andthat you are comfortable.

Now, for example, today I’m wearing dark denim with adarker patterned mid-weight jacket; I can wear this at almost any seasonthroughout the year.

I’ve added the light sweater; it’s not super bulky, but it isable to be worn or an extra layering piece adds a little bit of color as welltoo.

Now, mid-weight jackets are beneficial for a number of reasons, but Ienjoy because I’m able to wear that almost any season throughout the year.

Now, in the summer months, you could try wearing a linen or a cotton jacket.

Thiswill be much more breathable, much more comfortable for you when it’s warmeroutside.

And when it gets to be a little bit cooler outside, you could try wearing something that’s gonna keep you insulated, perhaps a tweedjacket or something a little bit warmer; this will help the overall outfit tolook much more cohesive in that season.

Perhaps, patterns that lay more casual, things like elbow patches, or contrasting buttons; different details that will helpcasualize the overall outfit with the jeans.

Now, in addition, you can also lookfor things like patch pockets and notch lapelsthat will help casualize the overall outfit with your sport coat and jeanscombination.

For more information on how to find the differences between SuitJackets, Blazers and Sport Coats, check out our video here.

And, one of theeasiest ways to know what to look for is to know what to avoid, and one of thefirst things we’re gonna look at is unnecessary flamboyance.

Now, here at Gentlemen’s Gazette, we certainly believe in you being able to express yourselfand have a great time with your clothing but we don’t want to cause an accidenton the street.

Unless the event you are attending calls for you to be able towear a lot of extra flair, it’s usually best to operate with the philosophy ofless is more.

Now, overly flamboyant things that we’re gonna want to avoid, for example, will be some really large bold patterns; perhaps something like aPaisley or something really bold like that; maybe some really bright neoncolors or even something in really shinyfabric.

It doesn’t really add that nice polished look that usually are gonnawant to see when you put together your blazer or sport coat in your jeans.

Now, patterns in smaller doses is much more acceptable; if you try to gooverboard with this, where a lot of excessive pattern, for example, you runthe risk of becoming much more visually confusing to people in your presence.

So, you should avoid wearing things like an old pinstripe that maybe looks likethey’re missing their suit pants, and you should also avoid things like a fastfashion floral print jacket or something maybe with a metallic fabric to it.

The next thing to avoid will be a poor fit in your jacket or sport coat.

It’simportant that you focus on the overall fit for your body type when selectingyour blazer or sport coat.

Don’t get too confused looking at the quality of thefabric or the costs on the price tag.

All of that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fitappropriately; It will end up looking much more sloppy.

Now, for generalinformation on how a jacket should be fitting, check out our video here.

Thegoal here is to casualize your jacket while elevating and dressing up yourjeans, while still meeting in the middle so that things complement one another.

Let’s avoid different extremes that maybe make you look like you’re going tothe boardroom or out to a club; that is not the purpose of this outfit.

Now, we’vecovered the top half of the body, now we can look at the bottom half regardingthe jeans for this outfit.

Let’s look at some great jean options that will workbest with your sport coat or blazer.

Now, the goal here is to make sure that thejeans that we’re choosing to wear are going to look much dressier, that aregoing to compliment the jacket in general.

Now, what kind of jeans and cutsand details are you going to be looking for to be able to wear with your sportcoat or blazer? Now, number one, the biggest thing is you’re going to want tomake sure that you are paying attention to your body type and finding somethingthat fits you appropriately.

If you’d like to find the best fit for you whenit comes to jeans, check out our video here.

Now, there are a wide variety ofdetails which you might be able to see regarding the jeans that you can chooseto wear.

But don’t get overwhelmed by those details when selecting somethingto be able to match with your blazer or sport coat.

Once you’ve selected a fitthat works best for your body type, it’s important to make sure that you find a sport coat or a blazer that complements the same styleof denim you decide to wear.

For example, you don’t want to wear a slim fit jacketand really wide-cut jeans.

In terms of the details on the jeans themselves, it’simportant to remember that less is more.

Jeans by nature are going to look morecasual especially when you have things like whiskering or certain differenttypes of embroidery on the jeans.

Now, there are three details regarding jeansthat you’re gonna want to avoid when selecting certain styles to be able tomatch with your sport coat or blazer.

The first one that we’re gonna talk about isdistressed jeans.

The first thing that we’re gonna look at here, is whatdistressed jeans usually even look like.

One thing that might signify adistressed Jean is something that’s heavily detailed, heavily whisker allover the leg, maybe some holes in the knees; things like this are not going tobe something that you should be wearing with a sport coat or blazer.

This isusually going to look much better when you’re out casually with a t-shirt, perhaps.

However, when we’re talking about jeans to be able to be worn withthe Blazer or Sport Coat, we’re usually not talking about distressed jeans.

Now, are there some people that are able to pull off a look of something withdistressed jeans and sparkles and blazers? Yes, but typically these peopleare looking for more of a trendy look not necessarily a timeless look.

Thewhole point of having distressed jeans is to give a very lived-in look to youroutfit.

However, when you blend this more casual aspect of the outfit with a moreprofessional aspect of the outfit being the sport coat or blazer, the entireoutfit starts to look much more incomplete.

So, for a timeless look, remember, we should be skipping the distressed denimwhen worn with a blazer or sport coat.

A great example is if you look at what I’mwearing today, I’ve got a clean dark washed pair of jeans on with my blazer; nofrills, no whiskering on there at all, and it looks quite timeless.

Now, the secondthing that we’re going to look at as to what you should be avoiding with jeanswhen worn with a Blazer or sport coat, are jeans that are far too tight.

Now, there are some of us like myself who do enjoy slim or tapered fit to their jeans.

The key is to make sure that, number one, you have got a fit that matches yourbody type, and that two, you are finding something that ideally complements theoverall look of your outfit.

Now, the third detail that we’re going to want toavoid in our jeans when blending them with a sport coat or blazer is contraststitching.

Now, there are certain contrast stitchingthat is acceptable and actually enhances the timelessness of your jeans like asmall yellow over a dark washed jeans which you might be seeing on my outfittoday.

We want to avoid the really loud enhanced contrast stitching that youmight see on more trendy jeans.

For example, we should avoid a contraststitching that is really enhanced and ornate on the side seams of the jeans, alsocertain ornate details on the back pocket of your jeans as well.

Now, thatwe’ve discussed the issues that we want to avoid in sport coats and blazers andalso jeans, let’s go over three great outfit ideas which will help you pulltogether and unique outfit with your blazer sport coat and jeans.

Now, as we gothrough these outfits, we’re going to start out with the most formal optionand then work our way down to something a little bit more casual.

Our firstoutfit is going to be a timeless option which combines dark colors and a uniqueway for a really polished and timeless look.

This look combines wearing adark washed pair of jeans with leather dress boots and a neutral colored shirttopped off with a navy jacket.

Similar options could also be a gray jacketwith dark washed jeans.

Now, why this works? The neutrality of the colors usedin this example, ensure that you appear professional yet still casual.

Thiswould be ideal for a business trip or local meetings over lunch with colleagues.

The second half that we’re going to look at right now is a smart-casual optionwhich combines the best of both aspects of sport coats, blazers, and jeans.

Amedium wash pair of jeans with a lightweight sweater and a small patternblazer.

Similar options to use would be a dark wash pair of jeans and a neutralcolor sport coat, maybe with a small to medium size pattern over on neutralsweater.

Why this works, is the outfit combination plays with the contrast ofboth the sport coat and the jeans.

From there, using a sweater or cardigan underthe support coat, this relaxes the entire outfit but stillallows you to appear distinguished.

The third outfit that we’re going tolook at right now is the most casual outfit option on our list.

This outfit is made with a dark wash pair of jeans and white leather sneakers, a boldcolored double-breasted jacket, and a neutral colored sweater over a patternedshirt.

Similar options would include you swapping out your bold colordouble-breasted jacket for a more pattern blazer or sport coat.

Why does this work? This is certainly the most casual outfit out of the three thatwe’ve discussed so far.

This outfit allows you to combine a few differentelements of style while still giving you a single outfit that works in manysituations.

If you’re curious about where to shop for jeans to startbuilding some of these new outfits in your wardrobe, and maybe you’re curiousabout the different price points and where to select based on your budget, youcan find out more information on our video about jeans here.

If you’relooking for further information about where to shop for blazers and sportcoats, stay tuned here at the Gentleman’s Gazette for a future video.

So, while pairing a blazer or sport coat with jeans seems like a very easy thingto do at first, it’s important to remember that if the formality of the ensemble is not working together, overall you will look mismatched.

Today’svideo, I’m wearing a sport coat and jean combination, this includes a really darkbased gray jacket with some really unique blue and leather gray tonesinside of it, and some really cool Brown horn buttons, the dark wash jeans are aslim fit that I got from J.

Crew, and then I’m wearing black brogue dress boots.


July 22, 2020



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