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I have about four or five years experience with the Howard lights and about two years experience with the Walker raisers and we’re going to take a look at both and try to tell you which one is the best how’s it going guys welcome back to the pilot Patriot

Channel now today we’re going to be looking at two of the most popular electronic earmuffs that you can get for shooting sports and shooting activities and that kind of thing now most of you are probably already familiar with electronic earmuffs but for those of you that aren’t what

the electronic earmuffs are going to do different than regular shooting earmuffs is that electronic earmuffs are going to they’re still going to muffle the loud sounds like gunshots and things like that but they’re going to amplify things like talking and stuff like that so you can hear everybody

around you but as soon as that gunshot goes off it’s going to muffle it to protect your hearing and if you’ve never used electronic hearing protection before you really have to do it it’s it’s this is really a must-have for anybody that likes to do a lot of

shooting you will really be amazed when you put these things on not only does it still allow you to hear people talking around you and things like that but it actually makes you hear even better so for you hunters out there if you really want to be able

to hear those leaves crunching with that big buck walking in behind you this is something you might want to consider taking with you when you go hunting but anyway guys we’re gonna dive right in before we do that if you haven’t yet make sure you hit that subscribe

button down below hit that notification bell and give us a thumbs up we really appreciate that now the two that we have here are the walkers razors and the howard leight impact sports now these are two the most popular and that’s for several reasons now these are probably

going to be around the best price point you can get they’re in the thirty to fifty dollar range so they’re super affordable for anybody to get now electronic hearing protection can go all the way up to two and three hundred dollars if you want to get really crazy

fancy with it but really these are gonna be more than enough for what you need I have about four or five years experience with the Howard lights and about two years experience with the Walker razors and we’re going to take a look at both and try to tell

you which one is the now let’s start out with the howard leight impact sports the ones I have here are camo pattern they do come in several colors as you can see these are much thinner than a lot of hearing protection that you might have seen or might

have used in the past and that’s really one of the biggest benefits of something like this is so that it’s nice and low profile so you can still get a nice cheek weld with rifle and things like that these impact sports are some of the thinnest on the

market it’s hard to get much thinner than that we’ll go ahead and put them on here so you can see just how nice and compact they are how tight they are to my head I can easily get a cheek well with a rifle if I need to and

it’s not going to get in the way they are pretty comfortable the headband here does have a little bit of padding there and obviously these ear cups have a little bit of padding on those they have a noise reduction rating of 22 which is good the impact sports

have a microphone on both sides here and that’s going to just take in sound and that’s what’s going to amplify in your ear these microphones here on the sides they do have a foam wind blocker on there which is nice so when it’s super windy that’s going to

help kind of cut down on that wind noise these are omnidirectional microphones what that means is you hear pretty much everything you can’t really tell what direction is coming from but it is going to still amplify that sound and it does a pretty good job of that it

does have a volume dial here that’s also the on and off button it has a nice tactile an audible click that you can hear when it clicks on and off they also have an auxilary import here which is nice you can plug in an aux cord and listen

to music on the range if that’s something that you’re into and there’s a lot of good things about these that these are like I said these are one of the most popular on the market and that’s because they get the job done these are very good ear muffs

I will say there are a few things I don’t like about these for one this rubberized material here on the side it’s really just a visual thing that doesn’t serve any purpose that I can tell but over time like I said I’ve had these for years they’ve rode

around in my truck for a long time in the heat and the cold that kind of thing and this rubberized material is now sticky so if you touch it like my finger actually sticks to that and so that’s just happened over time and like I said it’s been

a long time so so that’s maybe one downside it doesn’t affect the functionality of it at all it’s just you know kind of annoying I will say while the headband does have some padding it doesn’t have much same thing with the ear cups here they are very thin

which is good because that’s what’s going to allow it to get tighter to your head but it doesn’t provide much padding there so it’s not super comfortable it is comfortable but if you’re going to be on the range for over an hour things like that it could start

to get uncomfortable especially if you’re wearing eye protection and you should be it’s really going to push that into your head so that could get uncomfortable but otherwise these things are great they’ve been through a lot of abuse and they’ve held up to all of it one other

thing that I do wish it had was some way to cover this auxiliary port if I was to drop these in the mud or on a dusty windy day or something some dirt could blow in there whatever rainwater could get up in there and damage the electronics inside

there so I do wish there was some way to cover that auxiliary port one other thing that I have noticed is sometimes I’ve noticed that when I fire off a gunshot it does block out that sound but its reaction time to me seems to be a touch too

slow so I feel like I still hear a little bit of that gunshot before it starts to muffle it that may just be me that may just be this pair but put down in the comments below if that’s something that you’ve experienced too with the impact sports overall

very good very good price point and I could definitely recommend these to anybody out these are very good electronic ear muffs now we’re going to move on here to the Walker razors now right off the bat I can already tell you and this I know this isn’t super

important but to me the wall Razors just look better they have a lot sleeker cooler more tactical look to them which I like these are in black they do come in a lot of different colors just like the Howard lights I do think the walkers probably come in

more colors than Howard lights do and to the touch it has a little bit of a rubberized feel to it and I like that it feels really soft and comfortable as you can see here it does have padding on the headband just like the Howard lights now the

walkers are going to have more padding and to me they’re a little bit more comfortable the ear cups also to me are a lot softer and a lot more comfortable on your head now the ear cups are a little bit thicker on the walkers than they are on

the Howard lights which might make it stick out from your head a little bit more but that added comfort level to me is more important and I like that these are super comfortable on your head I’ll go ahead and put them on and you can see how nice

and tight and compact and slim they are to your head now I do think the Howard lights are a little bit slimmer so that’s one win for the Howard lights but still you can tell that the Walker razors are still going to be one of the most slim

electronic ear protection you can get on the market and they are very comfortable know the ones I have here are the Patriot versions and you can see here on the side that they have a little field of velcro so you can put morale patches there and they do

come with two American flag morale patches which is really cool otherwise they are the exact same as the regular Walker razors and you can see here on the sides they do have those microphones on both sides and those are omnidirectional microphones it does have really good sound quality

the sound quality on both of these is great I do think the walkers can get a little louder and when I say louder I mean the sound that amplifies you can amplify it louder which to me is a good thing you can always to loud you always turn

it down turn it up to whatever volume you want you will see here this is the on/off and volume nice rubberized button here you do get that tactile and audible click when it turns on and off they do have the auxiliary port here and on these you’ll see

that they are covered with a rubber cap which I like a lot it’s going to help keep any dust and dirt and water and mud and things like that from getting in there and damaging the electronics so that is nice that is oh definitely a win in the

plus column for the walkers I also like that auxiliary port points down so those cables and stuff can be routed down rather than on the Howard lights it’s going to either point out front or out back you know depending on which direction you wear these now the microphones

do not have the foam windshields on the walkers like they do on the howard leight I don’t really notice much wind noise at all when I’m wearing these the noise reduction rating on the Walker razors is 23 so that’s one better than the Howard lights they were 22

and also I don’t notice that lag time with the walkers like I do with the Howard lights like I said whenever I fire off a gunshot with the Howard lights I thought there was a little bit of a delay where I could still hear some of that gunshot

I haven’t heard that at all with the walkers every single time I fired a gun it completely blocks out that noise which is great does exactly what it’s supposed to do and one thing that I don’t want to forget to mention here is that the Howard lights do

have an auto shutoff so if you accidentally leave them on after a certain period of time they will shut themselves off the standard Walker razors do not have an auto shutoff so that is one major downside to the standard Walker razors is that they don’t have that auto

shutoff walkers has come out with a new Walker razor Pro digital version that does have that auto shutoff if I was to buy a new set of Walker razors I would probably get the pro version so I could get that auto shutoff another great thing about the Walker’s

is they have several different variations no I know Howard light does too but I think Walker has more variations as you can see here I have the Patriot version there’s also the regular Walker razors these other ones I have here are the odd beat T’s these are bluetooth

so they don’t have the auxiliary port you can actually blue to your phone which is nice and these actually have four microphones that are directional so if sound is coming from this way these microphones is going to pick it up and you’re going to be able to tell

that it’s coming from that direction same thing if you got sound coming from this direction these microphones will pick it up and you’ll be able to tell what direction is coming from so that is definitely a plus for the Bluetooth versions of the Walker razors that is very

cool I do like to jam out when I’m on the range shooting sometimes so it’s really cool to be able to just bluetooth to my phone like that Walker’s also has a lot of different accessories like this nice hard carry case that I use a lot they also

have a really cool to a radio attachment that goes on to the Walker razors which is awesome and I have them and I’m planning on doing a review on it so make sure you stick around for the review on that now comparing these two both of these are

great you can’t go wrong with either one of these I could easily recommend either one of these to you and not feel bad about it I mean you will be satisfied no matter which one you get but to me because of several things as far as aesthetics as

far as that cover dogs they report a wider volume range a little bit faster reaction time and really to me most important is comfort for those reasons I’m going to say that the Walker razors are going to be your best bet these actually are a little bit cheaper

than the Howard lights to the razor’s come in anywhere from like 35 to 40 bucks the Howard lights are going to be more like 40 to 50 bucks depending on where you find them I will link to both of these and all the variations of them down in

the description below so you can get them for yourself like I said you can’t go wrong but in my opinion the win goes to the Walker razors these things are just way more comfortable and they look better and to me they’re just all around a little bit better

than the howard leight impact sports but it’s something you I recommend trying both out like I said I have both I have several different types of hearing protection and I use all of them still my howard leight kind of turned into a backup pair i hope you’ve liked

this video guys i hope it’s helped you out if you’ve been to decide on some new electronic hearing protection hopefully this has helped you out if you have it yet guys don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below hit that notification bell and give us a thumbs

up we really appreciate that and if you want to help support the channel so we can do more videos like this make sure you follow us on patreon and visit pilot Patriot apparel calm thanks for watching guys please like share and subscribe and happy shooting


July 22, 2020



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