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It’s finally here.

My first Wui.

I’m like, 15 years late, but that’s fine.

I never had one before, I’ve never playedwith one before so this is going to be my first time playing with the Nintendo Wii.

So I’m kinda excited.

But before I do that, let’s see what do wehave here.

Well, maybe we should start with the unititself.

This is suprisingly a lot smaller than I expected.

I was expecting for it to be as big as a PS3or something.

But it’s heavy and thick.

This is obviously pre-owned.

I’m not sure if you’re able to see but ithas a lot scratches on the top.

But that’s completely fine because I’ve gotthis for a really good price, I’ve got a very good deal.

Wait! I need to check something.

Yes! You guys probably know about the Wii Mini, right? Everybody hates it because it lacks so manygood stuff that the original had.

But apparently there’s another version ofthe Wii, that looks exactly like this one but it also lacks Gamecube backwards compatibilityand other good stuff like that.

It’s called “The Nintendo Wii Family Edition”and it’s the one that usually comes in that turqoise color.

But it might be black or white.

And it’s so weird because it still has thislid, but when you lift it up, there are like four blank holes instead of controller ports.

So, if you’re out there, trying to get yourselfa Wii, maybe you should be aware of that.

Alright, so, what else do we have? We have this really dirty looking stand righthere.

I’m a germaphobe and a hypochondriac and I’mscared of touching something that could trigger an anxiety attack and we don’t want that.

Okay, so, let’s do this.

Is it the other way around? Now it looks like a Nintendo Wii.

Nice! And then I have this Wii Remote Controlleror WiiMote controller.



Again, a lot smaller than I expected! Maybe it’s because I have huge hands.

And this is not a regular one, this is actuallya Motion Plus one for, you know, more.



accurate motion controls.

Unfortunately this is the only one I haveso I won’t be playing with my friends, but that’s okay because I don’t have any friends.

And then, I have this.






I wanna say Nunchuck controllers? That’s what it’s called, right? Isn’t nunchuck is like, two wooden piecesattached together with a chain? Bruce Lee? The reason why the United Kingdom banned NinjaTurtles? I just don’t see the resemblence, you knowwhat I mean? I’m not sure if you’re able to tell but thishas a very loose analog stick and I was aware of that and I actually went online and actuallyordered another one.

This looks like a legit box, right? See, it’s Japanese.

It even says “Kuro” It means black I think.

But I got scammed.

This is not a legit Nintendo product, thisis like a really cheap looking, cheap feeling.



and guess what? It already has a loose analog stick and Ihaven’t even used it yet.

That was my fault though, because that waslike, dirt cheap and I should’ve known better.

I think that’s it, the rest is like, boringstuff.

You know, the sensor bar.



You need this if you want to play with yourWii.

We have the AV cables.

A power brick that’s actually a lot lighterthan it looks.

And ofcourse, Wii Sports! Unfortunately, this is the only game I haveright now, and this is what I’m going to be playing in a minute.

I might be wrong but I think Wii Sports isthe best selling Nintendo game of all time.

“No, actually.

I wasn’t wrong.

According to Wikipedia, Wii Sports is thebest selling Nintendo game of all time with 82 million copies sold.

Closest ones are Pokemon Red, Green, Blueand Yellow with 47 million copies and Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus with 43 million.

” And finally, I have this extra stuff.

This is a Wii-2-Hdmi converter.

I have seen videos about this and I know thiswon’t make your Wii run at 1080p because.



things don’t work like that.

But I got it anyway, I just wanted to seewith my own eyes if this improves the image quality or not.

Alright, so, let’s move on to my editing roombecause that’s where I have my TV and let’s play some Wii Sports! So, we’re in my editing room.

As you can see I have middle-sized TV righthere.

I wanna say 32 inches or something like that.

Let’s see the back of it.



Fortunately, it has a SCART so I can testboth the regular AV cables and the HDMi converter.

Alright, so, moment of truth! Oh my god, yes, it’s working! I wanna create a Mii.

Okay this is not working.

Wii Remote is not working.

Oh okay, wait.

Something happened.



I think batteries are dead.

Okay, I changed.



yes!!! YES!!! Sorry I’m just so excited.

By the way, this looks really bad right now.

When you watch a Youtube video that’s like, too old, and it’s only 240p.



that’s what it looks like right now.

What’s a homebrew channel? Oh wait, I know.

This is a softmodded Wii.

And I remember that guy told me that I candownload games and put them on a USB stick and play, and I’m not going to do that.

Because it’s illegal so.



don’t sue me Nintendo.

And also, I’m going to turn down the volumeas much as I can because I don’t wanna get copyright striked into oblivion by Nintendo.

Which game would you like to play? I think I’ll go with the classic.

Okay so, we have Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing.

Let’s go with Tennis.

This one kinda looks like me so I want tochoose him.

“Are you using your Wii Remote Jacket?” What’s a Wii Remote Jacket? Start! Alright, I’m the server, I’m serving and Iguess I have to do.



this! It was so bad.

Oh my god.






I’m bad at this.


Why? What’s happening.

What?! This is so.



Alright, so I just plugged in that Wii toHdmi thing and let’s see if we see any improvements.




Wii2Hdmi converter actually makes a differencebut not like a huge difference.

But I can see that image is a lot clearerthan it was before.

Alright, so, a little bit of an update.

I was just messing with the settings of myTV and actually, it has something called “Super Resolution” and when I turn it on.



Oh my god, it actually makes a huge difference.

This is like.



wow! I’m not sure if my camera’s picking it upbut it’s.


July 22, 2020



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