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I got home from practice and started putting all this together and I’m just making a sheet of the things that I do live and figured it talked about what I’ve done because I got home from practice at about 9:30 and what what we do to try to get better each day well what we do to try to to improve on on our team each day and what I’ve tried to do just in general now I was gonna pull up my huddle account and like show it and I realized like it’s got our play calls on it it’s got you know we’re gonna show our kids like on our second well third offensive day making some mistakes so not gonna show all that but I am gonna be on here and I am gonna take a minute to pull up a little chat and talk a little football and I’ll answer some questions if everybody hasn’t and I again this is kind of impromptu not really planned I’ll just talk about some things if it goes well maybe I’ll do more of these so what I’m looking to do here is is just kind of take a look at just a little bit just a little bit of what we’ve done and and what’s really worked for us what really worked for me over the last few years and I guess the first thing is during practice I’ve got an iPhone 7 and I’ve got that out and I am filming as much as is possible um so I’m constantly filming I’m constantly trying to film and and see what’s going on so I stand behind our offense and I film when I film when I film when I film check up on Maya things here you um I film everything so I film everything and again this is just brought this is part testing and part talking so if that frustrates you alright I try to film as much as I can now mostly what I’m gonna get is is during team and I’ll get some drills here and they have a lot of time during drills I’m working because and it guys always tell me I can’t do that I can’t focus I can’t because I’ve been doing the filming with the whole app from behind our offense or or behind our defense or whatever for I don’t know for years however long has been available I do it without paying attention now but what I what I’ve developed more into now is I don’t want to stop and talk about it I’ve got one thing to say I’ll see one thing I’ll mention it and then we move on and then when I and it I want to do that because I want to get as much done in a short period of time as is possible and then move on like let’s let’s go to the next thing let’s let’s go to the next play so trying to get reps and between 99 and I don’t get every play because I don’t like just not possible although my filming today was impeccable it was it was pretty good it was pretty spot-on I filmed 52 clips today okay that’s like half a game so an all I film was 99 which was 15 minutes and I filmed team which was 15 or 20 minutes which was longer than I like but there 99 in team so 20 35 minutes I’ve filmed 52 so not bad for third day of offense I think we probably got maybe 60 plays snaps in we’re at a hurry up anything like that so I mean we’re humbling each time so and where there’s still some stoppage here and there there’s definitely stoppage when we have to for example sub guys in and now you know we don’t have a dedicated scout team though if you know what we’re getting is of what we’re getting might be of 30 Kansas nap and I think that’s pretty good pretty pleased with that considering we’ve got like 25 little more than 25 maybe 30 all playing bar seaside right now babies off but I’m getting 52 clips of that so what I did finish everything up leave practice I’m home soon as I walk in the door you I pull it up soon as I get on the Wi-Fi I pull it up we don’t have Wi-Fi available at least not to me at the high school I’m not a teacher so the first thing I do is I pull it up and I start uploading that fill but I’m getting better at remembering that there are times I definitely forget sometimes but that’s like the first thing I’ve done this season when I walk in the door is boom upload the film and it takes no time takes absolutely no time so if you’re not doing that that’s the first thing I can tell you obviously if you’re not using huddle that’s it’s still okay you can still do it I don’t you know you can’t share it with your players on it and if you’re using some other service that does that I don’t know but you can film it just with your smartphone and what I do is like I do that for the weight room out or put our weight room stuff on Hubble what I’ll do is take that and just go into iMovie edit it up on iphone out that’s that’s one of the first things that I do trying to get make us better um is upload that film now here’s where probably slightly different than what you may be used to or be expecting and it may not be it may be something again I haven’t come up with any brilliant tricks or anything like that or getting this yes if I’m if I’m uploading 52 clips I 16 year old player will not looking at 52 clips like not forget it there’s a few rare ones that do it but if you’re expecting it I think that’s a mistake so one of the biggest things that I can recommend to you is what I do this does take work I watch it twice and I only watch it twice I don’t sit there and watch you know step step step step step I don’t sit here and watch all that I come in and [Music] i I see the questions in the chat here I’m gonna get to me second because I think you’re good ones what I do I come in 52 clips on here loaded them up i watch the room i just the first watch through i just basically make a playlist and any play that i see i duck it check it check it check it okay so i check it then I will go back I will create a playlist so I’m only doing this for my offensive line I think that’s important to point out I would do it our head coach works with our quarterback we’ve got an hy coach we’ve got wide receiver cooks we’ve got an AR coach they can all go through and do the exact same thing I well I think the back to wide receiver coaches can’t cuz I’m filming offensive line quarterback and you know the running backs obviously way not in the way but I mean he’s there to hy coach would need to fill mr.

Suh me the XD coach from you Phil Mazzone I take that and thank you for the questions Brian Damon I’m gonna get to him in just a minute I take that film as I watch it I see something that is worth mentioning hey check it I see something twice I ignore the second one I see it over and over and over again from different players I might check it I might not but not gonna beat a dead horse what I’m looking for is five to ten clips of things that we can improve on and I’m not going at specific players back I never use this is something I’ve started doing more of I do not use player names in that tagging in that you know I go and put the little word you know little word box I put a little bubble around somebody if I just want to highlight that player I want to highlight their foot well how do I put it all around a lot of feet because I want to see their steps on offensive line I never when it’s critical I say never I probably do sometimes but I try very hard not to use their name when it’s a critique or a mistake I’ll say right guard this left tackle banner right guard needs to work with left tackle on this earth left tackle way to combo right guard needs to work the center on this combo and I don’t use names because I don’t want this to be hey Tommy I want you to sit here and watch ten clips of yourself I want all let’s see I’ve got 15 or 17 or so offensive linemen in my individual group as JV and varsity okay and I also want the ages and the Y’s to be able to see it too those 15 or 17 guys I don’t want them to be watching this and remember they all nobody has a position right now it audist second oh no it is longer start announce 1204 am position out somebody does something great and may use their name I tagged one kid today who was doing exactly what I’m looking for all that out I wanted everybody to see that I want him to know doing exactly what we’re looking for but when it’s hey your kick steps wrong or your reach step is wrong it’s left guard needs to up this way better you know I’ve you know how do you explain that I take that playlist I tagged it up with the with the information and I share that playlist with my offensive line group and Hollow I message them in huddle send it to them tonight I usually try to message them sometime tomorrow we don’t practice til again we’re in camp right now I could’ve probably message them during the season during the day but also be home earlier so I made my message them might get home at 6:30 upload the film and have a little has some notes on it by 7 and then message them at 9:00 hey hey don’t forget to check that out now it’s like at home I got them to practice at 9:00 9:30 the film done by about 10:30 would say a lot of time in between hey I wasn’t like I was working for I’m not trying to overwork myself we’re talking fifteen team is a work that’s work I’ll send them a message tomorrow so they’ve got the film now at 10:00 it’s ten clips today ten clips was filmed my cellphone they got that already they can message me on huddle if they want to if they want to watch it right now and sometimes they do I’ll message them tomorrow as a group remind them to watch that before practice so that’s what I’m trying to do to get better I think the key is I don’t give them fifty two clips to watch what happened I try to find and was too much for you today but I felt like felt like it was okay someone more repetitive but I felt like it was pretty quick clips ten clips is probably what if you run it straight through and read it am i taking five minutes my goal is for that to take them five minutes watch it and hear it once before we get out in the field to better that’s that’s my goal overall is that when we get on the field I’m not gonna walk out on the field and have it it’s not gonna be corrected when I get on the field but if I say hey what do we say about this on the whole notes I want at least a couple kids to be like you know we got to step this way or we got to do this but you know whatever it is so I want them to I want to already be in their minds win that’s what I’m going for it’s not gonna be perfect you know it’s not gonna be fixed when we walk out on the field tomorrow but we’re we’re moving that way already in their minds they already know the coaching points so that’s what I’m trying to accomplish with oh that said that’s what I do that’s what I did when I got home I set it up I obviously have a lot of weird things to do that not every else does like figure out how to do a live stream that’s what I’m doing now and I will go back up here and check this out all right David said who calls the offense if you are filming I call the office it doesn’t it’s not that hard again I’ve been doing it for four years I understand completely but not everybody’s been doing this but I sit here and I talk and I’ve already got the whole app open this hot lap is open and I just sit here and you know I don’t know if you can see it on the screen there I’ve got all of our plays most of you know what it looks like I got that huddle app opening it I pull up the record new clip I turned the audio off because nobody needs to hear what I have to say and then I’m ready and I’m just holding it like this and I’m watching the play and I’m not holding when I talking to a quarterback so we’re not hurry up maybe harder if you are or something like that or you’re doing a bunch of signaling and stuff they get into the huddle we’re back comes to me I call the play I’ve got a script sometimes sometimes I don’t today I didn’t but I call her I want to see cuz in the huddle makes the play call they get up the line I just click I’m not watching it I’m not trying to film picture-perfect and all this kind of stuff I’m just I’m holding it right here I’m watching the play I’m not watching the camera watching the play I just hold it up and I’ve gotten pretty good I can glance down and make sure I’ve got the hy in the picture but it’s a pretty quick glance and I don’t care if I don’t get it perfect it’s not a big deal if I don’t get the pole play whatever I’m first steps and things like that so I film it if you feel like that’s impossible it’s not but again I’ve been doing it for four years um this is you know the film the actual filming I’ve gotten pretty good at just like ghost film um how would you film like up there you know from top I have no idea I’ve never tried to do that I’m filming the offensive line I get the quarterback the o-line I get the I get the running back in there when I film defense I get the d-line linebackers and I can see the safeties I almost never get to receive corners hopefully we have a dedicated receivers corners coach we’re looking at that it’s not that they’re not important but if I can get nine in there and still coach and still call and I’ve done this as a defensive coordinator calling the defense I stand behind I get the linebackers in the D line I can see the safeties and things like that but just working it Brian said why do or when do you have time to review film with your players I don’t I don’t we’ll make time now this year we’ll have a football class so we’ll make time but general we don’t that’s why we have to have to train these kids to get this I’m in there yesterday in a locker room like you need to have this app on your smartphone if you’ve got it if you don’t hey get it you don’t have a smartphone I mean if you don’t have a smartphone fine you don’t have internet at home I and during school bottom have internet like you know classroom is often Oh probably blocked or something but um find a way get on your friends phone for again you’re making a 52 clip deal they’re never gonna be able to just grab their buddies head and watch it but if it’s a 5 clip deal okay hey you know dami im gonna don’t have a smartphone so when he gets the school phones are banned and i’m school whatever or when he gets to the locker room and he pull it up on your smartphone and watch it so he got it for try to facilitate that so that’s that’s an option um we will have a football class this year so it’ll be a little bit of time but you know it will be a weightlifting something like that that’ll help us um we’ll schedule meeting times that’ll help us but I promise you that by October it’ll be a whirlwind just like every time and won’t have that much time to watch film so I’ve got to train these guys to go on from five minutes want to be great want to accomplish what we can accomplish we want to be the best player that you can be five minutes all I’m asking I’m not trying to get football to take up 45 minutes I don’t have you stubby a playbook because I didn’t give you one okay I’ll put one up for game playing stuff and that’s it five minutes we have another coach film while we are in our team drill if you got one that’s you know that’ll work I want our coaches coaching and and I’m you know I don’t want anybody focus on filming I want you you know everybody should be coaching I’m just the one who always pulls the phone out Damon said how many yards behind the offense I don’t know and probably they’re gotta be at least three or four yards behind the the are let me see if I can Jax I can Lisa thank you Bob or so I’m not gonna be logged in now you yeah I’m probably ten yards behind most of you do another question while follow the ball or stay on the old line I don’t know I have no idea because I’m not I’m not watching it like I guess I probably followed the ball unless I’m turning to yell at somebody and then it flies over you know wherever wherever I’m looking at a renewable account all right this is today blue you and yeah so I’m probably you know three you one second tell you what it looks like what the shot I get looks like that’s what we’re looking at okay I mean that’s basically what we’re gonna get you know got we don’t have shoulder pads on yet oh I can see the offensive line I’ll come to the side a lot to get it more of a side view so I’ll probably you know is this thing runs I’ll probably move around and not always be directly great behind although I’m definitely gonna stay directly straight behind this time and I won’t be able to see the center steps but you can see there that’s kind of you I get I’ve got a little bit of the H back I’ve got well we’ve got an hy I’m gonna reload formation that’s pretty much what I get you yeah it’s a standard huddle app something special I start and stop each time and it’s just it’s pretty easy just button so I started talking time yeah as I don’t just leave if I don’t leave it running because that would take forever how you have a film coach the highlife will uh yeah we don’t have a film coach I’ll be honest and later points in the season if a guy gets hurt who is trustworthy so if we have an injured guy who gets in if we have an injured guy if we have a guy who gets injured for you know an extended period of time if it’s somebody that I want to be paying attention because you back next week then it won’t be the case but if he’s injured for an extended period of time then I’m gonna teach him how to how to film it leads and Tails and all that sort of stuff and I’ll teach him that I hope that gives you guys some ideas on what we’re trying to do and this is specifically oline but I did the exact same thing the day before with our D line though nothing different not Ilana to the exact same thing luckily this year we’ve got another coach who’s gonna run our JV the the coach is gonna call our JV offense he’s gonna call our our Scout team and run our Scout team as well so that keeps me let’s me coach this year I’m work with defensive line so let’s meet coach defense I hate being one side of the wall now I want to be involved with our guys when we film drills are they shared with players I’ll do the same thing I’ll film drills and then I’ll take the clips that I want very much players I’m still has students who volunteer to film awesome I wish we had that stuff we just haven’t in recent years if you guys can get somebody else to film do it this has been the easiest thing and I know for a lot of you guys especially youth coaches and a lot of you guys are in situations like me there’s nobody around to do it I want to get and it doesn’t take away from my coaching at all again that took some work probably that probably wasn’t always the case but took some work but if you can do it even if you only do it for 10 plays or something like that and get it I don’t get every play like I don’t get every play I’m much better at it now I’ve been doing it for a long time but if you can do this you can get some really good stuff and gets it really work with you guys so I hope that helps you guys out I appreciate you be on this live screw you enjoyed it please like and share so that more coaches get on this it helps to build grow the channels grow the website and keep me doing more of this stuff and I just picked up this little yep or where it came from appreciate it guys thank you very much appreciate to be on here a little midnight football have a great evening.


July 22, 2020



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