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box football live starts now welcome to our season premiere of Fox West Texas first high school football show Fox football I will be your host all season long I’m Tim O’Brien I’m Dax gray and we are coming to you live from San Angelo Stadium right here in

the heart of Texas looking at the season ahead each Friday night will we be live on location at a different stadium featuring Friday night’s game of the week well you can’t have a game of the week without your fans of the week to be nominated as our fan

of the week it’s pretty simple all you have to do is post a 10 second video of your school spirit or your crazy fandom on social media don’t forget to use the hashtag Vox West Texas fan that is the only way we can find you and put you

on television you guys at home can vote on your phones on which spin you like the best this week and fast-forward 30 minutes to the end of the show we’ll announce the winner and then that winner will compete at the end of the season for the champions of

Champions championship now let’s get into where we’re going to be for game of the week on week one our game of the week for week one will be La Mesa verse Lakeview so we will stay here right here in this spot for the entire week just set up

shop shower and eat right here in San Angelo Stadium you can shower here at the stadium if you want I’m gonna go home and do that the Chiefs head coach Hector Guevara will try to start the season on a high note with a win in front of his

hometown they are trying to run on their first playoff win last year since 2014 could this be the year the Chiefs start to turn some heads Jim Ned is that team that’s right on the cusp of a team pushing deep into the playoffs this season and now there’s

some extra motivation from a past alum who is on the biggest stage for everyone to if you were to walk through the gym Ned football locker room you would see a wall dedicated to Jim Ned Indian great an NFL quarterback Colt McCoy his story from back in the

day is still used as motivation to the present day as you know a lot of kids like do you think he can’t make it coming from the three a school but Nicole obviously showed that it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the talent you can get your name out

there and go on to do great things just like he has from Jim Ned Colt went on to be a college star at Texas making his way to the pros where he was just named starter for the Washington Redskins preseason game somebody from the small school like here

can go and do things that big I mean he worked hard enough and so he was able to get it talked to him a few times where he comes into town just like he just talks about how hard you need to work and all the hours you have

to put in so it’s just like it’s good to talk to you about that even coach Matt Fanny thinks it’s special that a hometown boy made good I think it’s it’s nice to be able to look within your own program and see a guy who’s risen through the

ranks like families you know when you talk about the opportunities that kids have to go played for college ball or even further you know we’ve got somebody locally who’s actually done that and and he stays connected with community and they’ve got coaches on staff that coached him when

he was here so it’s it’s a real benefit coach Fanning emphasizes a playoff run as a goal but you have to live in the moment from one to the other time will come you know we can get real serious and thanks can get heated real quick and then

we’re right back to the way we are all the coaches here most most coaches the state in the world big high school kids anyways we’re coming to you live from the field here at San Angelo Stadium where the Lakeview Chiefs call this place home but there’s another team

in town that does as well they share this stadium with the San Angelo Central Bobcats they’ve made the playoffs nine years in a row can they make it a decade of winning we sat down with head coach Brent Davis to talk about his 10th year at the helm

of Bobcat football coming off a solid spring the central Bobcats are looking forward to a new year and a new season to prove they are playoff contenders our spring was fantastic you know gave our quarterback a lot more reps and you know he was going into the fire

last year but had a great great offseason in spring and so I think just him being able to get 18 practices as a you know as a more mature players will help admonish Malachi Brown is the Bobcat QB one last year just thrown in at midseason now is

the go-to guy for central last season Brown booked the school single game rushing record rushing for over 330 yards against Richland while playing quarterback yeah a great game and that was kind of when he when he kind of a light came on for him and things started to

slow down and you could tell he was getting more comfortable with the offense and running the opposite so that was really a turning point though yeah I think he’s gonna perform great like I said he really improved you know he’s always been a great runner he threw the

short game well but now he’s long balls a lot better and more accurate and he’s becoming a leader and leading the football team in the direction that we wanted to go he’s been here this summer almost every day trying to be the guy that you know to take

this football team to the next level and I don’t think your spring could have gone any better you know we’re looking for a really big thing with a dual threat quarterback it spreads out the offense for more weapons to the crucial parts of the game one part of

the offense you should keep your eye on is the bobcat back we moved a guy over there from defense Ashlyn Hartsfield that played linebacker force last year and we just feel like he’s more of an offensive type player and he’s gonna play running back Chris Jackson’s a kid

off our JV that that was a you know kind of a diamond in the rough and he finally decided on his own that hey I’m gonna be a player you know I started doing the things that you have to do to be a to be a quality 6a

football player and really has turned the corner and think he’s gonna be good and then we got Bobby Pena who’s a two year returning starter for us and hurt himself in the spring game but rehabs going really well and hopefully we’ll get him back before the season’s over

Bobcats are always looking forward to facing their arch-rivals in this season is no different one of our biggest rivals has always been Abilene so it’s it’s a it’s the closest 6a proximity to us long-standing tradition to play in them you know goes back to the 1920s and it’s

always a great ballgame it’s always well attended it’s a big rival for so that one’s always gonna be one that you that you want circling and we got them at home this year which is a good thing home is where the heart is and heart is always in

San Angelo Stadium and the fans that fill the stands are the blood line to a successful season anytime you can get you know I don’t know what it is ten or twelve thousand people in there consistently and wearing orange and yelling for the angry horns and that’s a

big deal anyway when you get that’s a big home-field advantage the last say I’ve been here ten years and probably the last eight years we’ve had that thing pretty full and we’ve had over 20,000 in there and we played Allen and when we would play Permian in Abilene

people like that will fill it up so it’s a big it’s a big home-field advantage for Singh they they’re great fans are knowledgeable they come you know early and stay late they know what’s going on in the game Davis has made the playoffs every season except one is

10-year career at Central this season is looking to follow suit and possibly beyond I’ve been here ten years I longest I’ve ever been anywhere we’ve got a great administration that allows us to do our job we’ve got things kind of panned out now in the right direction so

it’s a great place to be the people here in San Angelo love love football I mean it’s a West Texas town and it’s been that way for a long time and just one of those deals where you know it’s a great place to coach we have a lot

more coming up on our pre-season special a fox football live coming up later in the show we’ll have your first Fox football live rankings here in West Texas will go division by division you’ll see what we think and then you can see where your favorite team stands and

brotherly love has a whole new meaning for six-man football team and Rachelle we visit with the Hornets and see why this season will be a first for two of their coaches more fox football live coming up next welcome back everybody to our Fox football live preseason special we

head down to Rochelle to find two brothers trying to make the six-man program a winning tradition down there and this is the first time they’re doing it together John cherry was hired on as rachelle football head coach then he immediately hired his younger brother Michael on his staff

making their mother very proud not fair to say favorites here was he was definitely one of the golden children himself you know how older brothers are always think about it now I’d say we’re pretty balanced you know we’re both pretty successful in life so the brotherly duo is

always looking to change the atmosphere into a meshing family built on competition perfect for the Hornets football program I would say we competed and everything we did absolutely everything was a competition you couldn’t we couldn’t leave a room without something being a competition [Music] baseball whatever jump on

trampolines somehow we made it to a competition so that’s just you know that’s how I think that’s how we’re so competitive that’s how we’ve always known and again it’s just a way when we were growing up to compete and just play and just have fun competition brought the

brothers closer than ever and it shows on the field when the coaches mesh the kids see it and they mesh we mesh weave meshed well so far together the community has been absolutely amazing think about competition is it makes you a better person and that’s kind of how

we look at it and in every way in life it makes you a better person it’s a husband where’s your dad whatever it is and that that’s something we strongly believe in feelings when we preach that that competition making them better people and also closer brothers and now

coaching together on Michelle’s football field I got hired here the first things I said was I have to get my brother here didn’t know how I was gonna make it happen he’s at a top program two years removed from being the state championship game first I was I

was hesitant you know me and John we’ve always talked about working together at some point but you know I felt like I was about ready I thought you know more we thought about it talk about what my wife prayed about it we knew this school instantly backed me

they said get him here as that’s possible so we made it happen with both sherry brothers at Rochelle the Hornets program now needs to be rebuilt we want to build something and I think as a coach no matter who you are at some point you want to build

something and you know you want to turn the program around so that’s that ultimately what our goal is and that’s what we fortune we’re just having fun like and we say that every day of the guys were like this is a game at the end of the day

is a game now the cherry brothers are hoping that their competitiveness in their family atmosphere will transition to the boys out here on Friday nights this fall coming to you from Rochelle Texas I’m Dax gray fox West Texas sports I’m Abilene High head football coach Mike Fuller and

you’re watching the Fox football live Aaron Rowand has not been the head football coach at Abilene Cooper for very long he’s a coach that has learned from his mistakes early on and now knows what it takes to make Abilene Cooper a team to be feared with 14 years

with the program and entering his second year as head coach Aaron Rowand wants the Abilene Cooper Cougars to grow into the potential he sees just being better you know having a year I’ve got a lot of room for improvement from last year this year I need to be

better you know I think the things that they do and have done since I’ve been here we do things the right way and I think that they’re the schemes that we have and those sort of things we believe in though so changing those things is not something new

to getting better at what we do and I get better what I do the old saying goes spring brings new growth room believes the same with his football program I’m looking forward to seeing contingency growth you know I think we have a lot of growth throughout the spring

and I’m excited to get back on the field and see the progress that we’ve made over the summer and one leader on the offense is quarterback ad Thompson his development within the Cougar offense is something Rome wants to see flourish as well as the players around him and

the strides in the guys around it’s not a one-man show or one guys got to do it all that’s what the game football I know it’s everybody working together but he’s grown tremendously understanding our offense those types of things you know and taking charge he’s in progress tremendously

one of the men in the office who want to make sure that we’re making sound decisions and in being a leader out there that’s what I think that position entails and this season’s upcoming schedule could make this team better as each week passes rone sees where this team

needs to step up and against – we want to get better each week through our non district schedule because you know it’s gonna prepare for our district game you know we you always want to open up district with a win and you know that’s something that you want

to start district with some momentum and that’s what we’re looking to do when we get into it you know at that point but we’ve got a competitive district very tough district and so we want to make sure that we’re using each and every known this for games we

can prepare ourselves for the ones that really matter one of those non district games is against crosstown rival Abilene high you know it’s a great environment you know did a lot of people you know a lot of teenagers don’t have an opportunity play in front of you know

environment like that in the atmosphere like that so it’s very unique for our kids to be able to play in something like that it’s fun to coach in it’s going to be a part of the whole thing you know the whole week you know it’s something isn’t it

exciting you know but the way it is when we’re not in the district we haven’t been for a while it’s not a it’s not a make-or-break like it has been in the past between the two schools and district titles have been on the line coming into that game

but it’s a fun competitive atmosphere against a great ballclub that they’re gonna have this year and you know it’s it’s great for our kids to be in that you know that environment in that setting and go out and compete roam credits the fan base to push the team

to their full potential throughout the entire season our fan base the fans that we had and the energy that they bring we’re looking forward to getting them out in the stands and bringing that energy and helping us out any way we can you know the band the cheer

squads the the spirit groups it’s just it’s it’s fun to watch so many people get involved and come together in an atmosphere like that especially when you have a home game that will save you it’s just very unique it roans message to the fan base on what they

can expect this season a team that will turn heads you know we’re gonna put a good product out on the field you know we want to get we’ve been for the products out there that gouget run around that fly around that play the game the way it’s supposed

to be played they play hard for each other and then get after it you know we want to bring our best every single day every single every single play we want to go out and perform our best bring our best and everything that we do I’m wall Hawk

football coach Houston guy and you’re watching Fox football live [Music] Fox football live coming at you right now with what you’ve been wanting to see all night long it’s time now for the Fox football live rankings West Texas high school football division by division now it’s time for

our preseason Fox football live district rankings starting off with the class 1a district 13 coming in at number five patron number four bronze Robert Lee at number three number two very best and number one eden class to district 8 division to number five Minar number four rocks spring

number three miles number two crystal ball and number one El Dorado district 13 3a coming in at number four is Brady number three comfort number two Blanco in number one Sonora district for three a number five grape Creek number four Anson number three merkel number two Ballinger


July 22, 2020



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