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the Community Police Review Commissionwas created to promote public confidence in the professionalism andaccountability of the City of Riverside Police Department the Commissionconsists of an all civilian panel of members from across the citythe Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all policerelations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deathsreceiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against WarrenRiverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing communityconcerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department if you’reinterested in learning more about how you can serve or for information on theCommission visit riverside CA gov slash CPR c special Saturday night edition of theCIF high school football game of the week we’re at King high schoolit is homecoming for the Bears of Riverside Poly and they have animportant Inland Valley matchup coming up against the Lancers of Lakeside I’mGazala son this is Jeff Gorham and the playoff implications have started inWeek eight abound in the City of Riverside you look at the lakesideLancers who are the Polli opponent tonight their own seven but you don’twant to get surprised by this team they’re very dangerous led by their dualthreat quarterback Dakota Polk Dakota Pope threw it all over the Huskies lastweek in a near upset he threw over 277 yards and 22 unanswered points in thatfourth quarter like I said nearly pulled off the upset alright let’s move over tothe home team the Riverside Poly Bears looking to get to the playoffs for thefirst time since 2015 we know about bud Bernie the very talented quarterback hecan fling the ball all over the field but the X Factor might be the seniorrunning back Jason Harrell for the Bears well Jason Harrell had some injuryissues earlier this season but I’ll tell you what he’s got a great coach in billPowell and bill Powell likes to run Smash Mouth football and that could bethe difference to in tonight’s game all right playoff implications for theBears of Riverside Poly before we start this one will kick into the third memberof our broadcast team standing by on the sidelines is Nick rice thanks cos also Riverside Pauli watchinglast night North beating Canyon Springs knows that they must win tonight to staya game back of the division lead with both JW North and orange Vista meanwhilethe Lancers head coach James siedler knows that despite lakeside beginningthe year oh and seven a win tonight could go a long way towards their hopesof turning around this program midterms are over some of the different injurieshave been cured for these two teams so they’re healthy coming into tonight nomore excuses we’re time for football poly and lakeside guys back to youthanks Nick and we got the keys to the game before poly they really need totake care of business if they can win today and they win next week that Northgame at the end of the year could be for a playoffs John Rice has said they needto clean up mistakes and they need to finish the game fourth quarter hasn’tbeen good for the Bears no in fact we saw those mistakes when earlier thisseason when they had King I’ll tell you what they there was some bad bad badplays by that team they’ve cleaned it up I hope to see an improved poly bear teamtonight versus the Lancers of lakeside lakeside wants to avoid turnovers thesetwo teams played last year they turn the ball over eight times they also want toget their passing game going here’s the kick back to the five-yard line bringingit out these poly up to the 30-yard line that’s where they’ll start first in tenoffense as we talked about orchestrated by but Bernie did a nice job for threeyears a three-year starter the return was by Aaron maciel Lopez for poly thebig offensive line a different left guard playing left guard is going to benumber 68 Bubba Remy res will play the left guardposition Austin Robles has been hurt most of the year he’s back on the polyoffensive line that could take factor we talked about Jason Harrell in theopening yeah Jason Harrell a power back he’s one of those guys that can reallyreally change the complexity of a game because of the ground game his strengthlet’s see how it works out tonight to backset first intend Harrell will getthe first carry submarine over the 35 yard line coming up and making the playfor Lakeside was Dakota Pope so six yards on the first play bring up asecond and for Bernie with the give right into the teeth of the defensebouncing away but he can’t escape that was Harrell again helping out with thetackle Alfonso Romero was the first white shirt to himRomero the five seven junior good defensive unit for Lakeside they’re justnot particularly deep they’ve been battling injuries they have eight menplaying on both sides of the football Jeff cross the front they’re missing oneof their defensive linemen but they do have some depth upfront that’s about theonly place they have depth is it’s a third and one coming up need to get overthe 40-yard line does poly for the first down option Bernie keeps it he won’t getit yes jaylen McGee comes up from hisstrong safety position to make that play it’ll be a fourth down the linebackersand the defensive backs are the key for the lakeside defense can they hold inthe athletes of poly on the outside but the first series any indication Jeffthey’re gonna run between the tackles they are gonna go between tackles botsay what you look at that defensive unit for the Lancers only three seniors to goalong with peppered em some sophomores and juniors a very younglakeside team pantos aback to receive the kick from Austin Zuniga and it’ll godead inside the 30-yard line so a good kick we have some chaos in the booth uphere the offense for the Lancers watch Dakota Pope their quarterback JalenMagee the running back is a big threat as well they have some count John Medinahad a huge game against North last week catching 11 passes against the Huskies so the ball will start at the 28 yardline with 959 to play here in the first quarterso Pope we mentioned the open he is a dual threat running and throwing secondyear as a start low he’s just a junior little circle right out of the backfieldincomplete trying to hit McGee and second in 10 as a result of theincompletion I tell you what he threw 277 yards against a very good North andwe saw North and they’re a great defensive unit coach Brown does a greatjob and most of those was in this was in the second half as they had 22 pointsand nearly like I said pulled up the upset versus eight great North team yeahcoach James idler who he talked to said the passing game is really starting todevelop and come around and with that the handoff to McGee takes it up themiddle surging to the 31 yard line wrapping him up his Daniel Ledbetter thesenior leader on that front line for the defense of poly crossed the front Talamock Sanchez Westover Ledbetter the front four for Riverside poly theyplayed the four to five Joseph serda and Mike suby Michael Burke of thelinebackers and the five defensive backs the rover is Mikey Scouten and butBernie and Sammy Sanchez at the corners Luke Pruitt the Ethan la montagne arethe safeties third down eight Pope kind of a broken play but you’llsurge over the 35 serda with the tackle before poly and fourth down a smart moveby the quarterback had nothing like that broken play but was able to find a gapand get themselves in position but the looks like they’re gonna go to the punthere so team you exchanged punts on the first sequence getting back to receivefor poly is Ethan LaMontagne back to punt for the Lancers angling it is Adrian Seratohears LaMontagne 40 gets past the first tackle near midfield finally taken downnear midfield by JB Garces good return and good field position for poly I’mtalking about LaMontagne last year the Bears beatLakes i29 to nothing and while Montaigne was a big part of that was 60 yardsrushing in 18 yards yeah the big thing last year for at lakeside they turn theball over eight times in that game poly ran all over the the Lancers to metotally 386 yards Bernie to her al trying the right side early contact andthen he’ll be written down first man to the ball for lakeside was Edwin Jimmy Ohwho’s the defensive end Jaramillo is a 4.

0 student so he’s a pretty goodfootball player and a pretty good student all-around guy short gain boomthey’re gonna say three yards up to the 48 yard line so call it second and eightunder eight minutes to play first quarter for poly bears trying to go to 2and 1 an inland Valley League play lakeside looking for their first win ofthe year here’s the RPO Bernie keeps it and getsup to about the 43 yard line so five more yards makes it third and manageableBernie in fact ran a similar play to this when they took care of King here onthis field that was the winning playwright was the way actually was thatRamona that was the game I put it with that was the winning play and that showsthe the legs of Bernie 3rd and 2 from the 42 of Lakeside so good drive startedat midfield for power they’d like to keep it going hereand that’s the power that bill Powell brings over from his days as head coachat San Jacinto how about Harold he’s driving the legs he’ll have to firstdown and more to the 34 and why not do it what worked for you last year yet youhave blanked Blake side like you said over 385 yards on the ground had 43yards on 18 carries last week did Harrell against orange Vista they werehard-fought yards between the tackles John rice felt they matched the physicalintensity of Warren’s Vista but let Han let it slip away late didn’t finish aswell as he would have liked them to finish to back Setzer to set up as thefull-back and here’s Bernie with the keeperBernie near a first down up to the 25 and talking about orange vista to greatdefensive players to defensive ends our pac-12 down yeah and I’ll tell you whatHolly held their own for much of that game good fake to have both runningbacks going in the same direction and then Bernie kind of pulled a little bitof trickeration there to jump to the outside the thing about Lakes I don’thave a lot of size on defense John rice though was concerned because he feelstheir athletes can match poly with regard to speed so we’re a little biggerwhen try to wear him down second and shortquick throw on the slant incomplete la montagne the intended receiver JohnMedina on the coverage for the Lancers third down and one up coming AnikaLaMontagne’s not too thrilled with himself that was adefinitely a catchable ball and as you see him heletting out a couple little yells there Lyle Perkins an interesting study forlakeside he’s their defensive end most athletic defender 6-4 245 pounds seniorvery good against the zone read so you’ll likely be locked in on but Bernieand a timeout called by Polly on the third and one play with 556 to play herein the first quarter Kazaa hassan with you along with Jeff Gorham Nick ricedown along the sidelines bonus Saturday night edition its homecoming for theBears of Riverside poly we’re here at King high school so for those who don’tknow probably doesn’t have a feel they can play a game on I think they onlyhave one side of stands and so they’re playing their homecoming game on in avisiting field get a look at the poly huddle and I guess they’ll all go backto poly for the date of the postgame dances that how it works well it’s anentire day Gasol Polly had a pancake breakfast this morning from 78 I believethen they had the the parade down Magnolia no no so the ever football onparade and they they had floats we saw earlier today incredible day of fun forthe Bears parallel straight ahead but runs intothe front line of leaks I don’t think he got it Jeff flag comes in on the play so they’ll market if the line judge iswhere I believe he is they’re gonna mark it short blind judges you can see he’sadvancing up just inside the 25-yard line they need to get over to the 24 anda facemask called how about that that really got a hurt lakeside lakeside hadthe stop but a personal foul face mask penalty will allow poly to move half thedistance to the goal let’s see it again to Jeff a good call there at the end so first in 10 they mark the ball to the13th poly drive started at midfield after thepunt return by Ethan LaMontagne that was at 8:28 year in the first quarter Bearstrying to break out on top to give inside this is Serta Sirte swervesinside to the 9 starting linebacker will get some time at running back as welland I talked with John Rice and I’m talking about the strength he thinkshe’s got stronger guys right now on the lakeside hopefully running this SmashMouth football against this defensive line will wear out the Lancers and seeif poly can capitalize on Harrell to the end zone touchdown ten yard run for the touchdown cappingoff the drive that started at midfield so Harrell we talked about him in theopen and John Rice said he’s playing the best football right now on this team hewas out for a game because some injuries earlier but the offensive line healthyagain and Harrell the first couple of drives he’s been their main focus thep80 from Colin Avery is true 7 nothing Polly with 447 to play in the firstquarter very good drive by poly and all led bythat young man but Bernie as he did that harpy off the first play and then it wasby committee great roll out by Bernie gained nineyards on that play and they go to their guy Jason Harrell and finish off thedrive with Harrell with a nice touchdown going outside unscathed untouchedtouchdown bears happy birthday Bill Powell I love BillPowell 29 the offensive coordinator for poly hafiz is today or tomorrow isBertha believe it’s today I woke up this morning and jumped on the social mediaand everybody was telling bill Powell happy birthday so the first thing I sawand said to him was happy birthday young fella three players deep for Lakesideinteresting formation jaylen Magee Alfonso Romero back short kick thoughpeel about the 30-yard line and not too much more after that could tackle on the plays ACMA on thecoverage got some help as well from Angel Sanchez so first in 10 ball on the 35 forlakeside offensive coordinator Craig Bell for lakeside first-year head coachJames side low had a nice conversation with him before the game has no realconnection libera 2 to lakeside had coached at great oak head coaching theSan Fernando Valley couple of teams he’d been at Sylmar San Fernando as well asGolden Valley and it’s a career military man and had to retire due to somephysical things a shoulder injury would can’t tell by looking at him still lookslike he could play yeah still super fit first and 10 I don’t know that littleconfusion or design play this is Pope Pope making something out of it making aprofit over the 40 lamontagne puts the coup de Gras on on the hit and a goodadvance on first down for lakeside so all the way up to the 42 8 yard pickax or 7 yard pickup second and three get another look and looks like there was alittle mess up but that’s twice tonight there’s been some games by Pope on somebroken plays hey McGee do the right thing if there’s confusion just go hitsomebody yes exactly don’t take the ball just go block somebody and he went andhit somebody and his quarterback was able to pick up seven on first down this is McGee runs right into the graspof Daniel Ledbetter but looks to be close to the first down penalty on theplay see what we got so one facemask is right side and the other facemask now onpoly though it’s all even-steven like you lose 20 bucks in the morning Jeffyes but your jacket on there’s $20 bill in the pocket you didn’t remember I wishthat would happen to me more I usually lose 20 and then I look and there’s adollar in my pocket couple pennies happens to all of us sometimes you havekids though it’s different you’re probably disappearing left and right allthe time not that they steal it folks it’s a useit kids are expensive fake it I always want popsiclestoys and food from the 42 of Polly Pope to throw out of the backfield McGeeMcGee puts his shoulder down riding forward to the 30-yard linenice job along the sideline by jaylen McGee McGee last week against North 58yards on 16 carries but he also caught four balls for 77 yards 11 yard gain fora first down la montagne with the tackle that was the hot read yet scout comingon the Blitz and he gets the ball to the outside on Mageefirst down and ten nice job moving the ball from lakeside got help from thatpenalty tight set right up the middle McGee McGee carrying tacklers with himstill moving the pile in town to almost a first down look like a scrum right there the rugbyaction so biggie got inside the 23 just short of the first down look at him justdrive here Jeff that’s weight room right there binderyou flood kicking off four or five defenders with easethat wasn’t easy had to work a little bit but it tells you what kind of playerjaylen Magee is senior for lakeside he was a starter on defense last year andthen kind of moved to offense later in the yearMcGee I’ll take it he’ll try the right side this time he’ll spin in Para wetdown inside the 15 so maybe Craig Bell the offensivecoordinator for lakeside taking a page out of bill Powell’s look he said youknow Coach that drive looked pretty good let’s try it the other way let’s go offtackle as well makes for quick games I’ll tell you that nice kick out blockon the outside for lakeside that was JB Garces freeing up some space 7-nothing pali we near two minutes toplay first quarter nice drive for lakeside this is McGee again pingponging around pinballing down still driving the pile stands up at about the11 yard line so four more yards for him well he can’t move an entire pile I’lltell you what the strength of that young man is evident here early came inaveraging just under 5 yards a carry 349 yards and two touchdowns on the seasonfor McGee Froy yard pickup second and six rightback to McGee McGee surging forward leans forward into the endzone touchdownthe lake side with a nice response on the drive they drive 65 yards and it’s a7 to 6 ballgame Jalen McGee finds pay dirt for his third time on the seasonhope and McGee that was them the entire Drive there but McGee Wow the strengthof that young man the power we’re seeing that could be a tough one for the Bearstonight so on for the p80 is Carlos Cruz Cruzalso a soccer player in his past three for three on PA tees this season got acouple of guys who kick for lakeside the special teams coach for Lakeside isa guy named Bob Vic he’d worked with Robbie Robinson and they’re gonna trythe two-point conversion and it will not succeed but Vic is a character he likesto run a lot of different formations he worked with Robbie Robinson at chaparraland at Great Oak and James Siler the head coach at Lakeside he’s a great oakguy who was a defensive line coach there for three years so he bought over acouple of the assistants from great oak let’s look at the play well here’s alook at the drive so the broken play that Dakota Polk turned into somethingand then here’s the little pass out of the backfield to McGee and look at himjust kind of pinball he loves contact and here’s the run we’re talking aboutearlier he’s just carrying guys with him driving the pile staying upright andthen begin rest of it was just jaylen McGee though maybe a Jason Harrell JalenMcGee thing doing a Larry Bird Dominique Wilkins sort of thing on that drivetouchdown lakeside to the Lancers ever they played and that was the the problemwas the bobble McGee was gonna throw that it was the bobble off the snap thatreally hurt that two-point conversion attempt so 7-6 Poly homecoming here tonight atKing high school for the Bears of poly poly one and one in Inland Valley Leagueplay three and four overall lakeside Owens seven owing to any one Valley leadplay the Bears still looking potentially at trying to get into the playoffsit’s tough probably need to at least win the next two games to set up thatshowdown with north and the season finale Jeff I think coach rice feels hisguys are ready but right now it could be anybody’s gamekickoff picked up inside the 4 yard line by Herron Marcia Lopez Lopez breaks freeand he’ll finally be spun down at the 30 yard line making the tackle for lakesideangel Dominguez so from the 30 will be poly nice run by Lopes was barajas who camein and made the tackle one of the quarterbacks for Lakeside now I know afriend of yours runs the defense for lakeside Garth Jensen I know you guysare pretty good friends you talked together I have known a guard Jensen forover 20 years he we worked together haruka Valley but he was also theathletic director at Valley View he’s the head football coach there as wellHarrell loses the ball on the turf looks to have recovered it and will be seconddown coming up was the head coach of the Hupa Valley Jaguars at one time supadupa dupa yeah and he was an assistant great oak been everywhere so I was apleasant surprise to see guard Jim one of the better football minds hereworking with the Lancers I just didn’t quite have the ball did Harrell a lossof to second in 12 let’s see what the poly offense comes up with Bernie maybechanging the play right now Harrell adjusts here’s the give Harrell gets around thefirst defender but then McGee cleans it up McGee’s everywhere another loss hecan run he can jump the gap I’ll tell you he was there so quickly he got byPerkins and then McGee came in and cleaned up three receivers to the bottomof the screen for pilot Zack ma Ethan Tijerina among them Bernie rollin lefty looksdownfield puts it up for T arena who hauls it in at the 40 all the way to theend zone touchdown Ethan Tijerina from but Bernie a 72 yardstrike and poly stretches the field to take us 13 to 6 lead I was a perfectlawn dart throw it was high and it landed right in the man’s hands andnobody could touch him great pass from Bernie T arena caught the ball at the 40yard line nice design bootleg there by Bernie and finds his man down the field settingup the rut the throw the pass with the run p80 upcoming Avery puts it up and through 14 to 6last play of the first quarter another look at itBurnie rolling and got over the top of help was supposed to come over the topgot there a little bit late and T arena makes the catch and saunters down intothe end zone we have Nick rice standing by on the sidelines into the firstquarter 14 to 6 what do you got Nick face Gasol end of the first quarter it’sbeen a thriller so far for riverside Paulie they let up that long drive to aclub in Lakeside it’s a very interesting story considering that they’re on abrand new athletic director less than a year into this new tutelage and a brandnew roster just about with all the youngsters that are on this team but thehead coach team siedler 15 years of experience youth footballsemi-professional football and Jeff he’s the huckleberry for lakeside for thiscoming year and even though the Lancers are on 7 they proved to us on that longdrive that they’re capable of matching score for score that’s what Riversidepoly puts up on the board but back to you guys comment or me on to kick it off I’m just glad Nick rice watchedtombstone last night cuz he didn’t know who Wyatt Earp was but he didn’t throwout the huckleberry so I’m proud of you for doing your homework there youngfella Medina Magee and Polito back to receivethis is Magee back inside the four shifty move up over the twenty he’ll beSubmarine there at about the twenty three check that instead making thereturn was Alfonso Romero Carlton dance all right here’s trivia for you and it’sbig right what’s the chimein it’s it’s okaywhere did Alfonso Ribeiro what did he base the Carlton dance on we’ll comeback to that later they really don’t and I should know thisI know he was the tap dance kid he was a tap dance kid absolutely and then he wasin a little thing called silver spoons with Ricky Schroder that’s right so itwas Jase Joel ray Plus right Jason Bateman true back toaction second quarter under way Polly with a big strike makes it 14 to 6 on ahomecoming Saturday and lakeside back on the offense coming off a very successfuldry first in 10 for the 23 Pope to throw Pope under pressure looking downfieldhe’s got a man Medina incomplete little bit overthrownLaMontagne in coverage for poly and that’s something James Sadler was verypositive about with regard to his team yes their own 7 but he said our passinggame is coming around Pope is starting to figure out what he needs to do showedit there had a lot of duress but was able to still make a pretty good throwdown the field seeing the pressure saw his receiver could come open overthrewit a little bit second intent give to McGee trying to find his way tothe outside a couple of yards wrestled down from behind making the play therewas Jake West over now west over and Ledbetter were both playing outside theybumped West over inside so short game there but you look at the numbers firstfour games lakeside average 86 yards passing thelast three they’ve averaged nearly 200 so the passing game kind of finding itsway Medina in the near slot for lakeside so two backs three receivers hopelooking to throw quickly and incomplete to the outside coverage by Sammy Sanchezintended receiver was Jacob Montel pray so fourth-down Sanchez is one of thosesenior leaders on defense John rice so effusive about him can’t find enoughgood things to say about the young man and Sanchez who’s one of the captains onthis team he’s johnny-on-the-spot right there justball skills knocks it down fourth down cerrado will kick to lamontagneLaMontagne had a good return setting up the first touchdown for poly in thefirst quarter bit if a line drive will bounce and skip and roll out of boundsat the 40 so 37 yard kick no return poly with thelead back on defense can take control of this game the big play Jeff by polyreally kind of flipped the script a little bit in this one they sure did itwas a big time pass from Bud Bernie that really just changed the complexity sofar let’s see if they can regain that confidence we saw in that last Driveit’s interesting because after the score by polylakeside responded well and poly came right back though trickeration here’sthe reverse lining up to throw the ball and losing the football is brown ballloose too loose lakeside had a shock did they get it they did not poly willretain possession but they’ll lose yardage back to the 25-yard lineI believe they’re gonna give it to linoleic side Wowlakeside picked it up and I know the firt they had the first shot so theturnover and that’s something John Rice talked to us about he said we need toeliminate our mistakes he talked specifically about penalties andturnovers they’ve been ok on the penalties but the turnover here giveslakeside very advantageous field position they’d been running extremely well asyou get a look another look at the play the ball bouncing around


July 22, 2020



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