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welcome back to the Riverside TV game ofthe week the 2019 regular season concludes tonight and we may have themost important game of the season as John W North tangles the RiversidePauley Bears I’m Nick rice joined by : Holt and a game that has some hugeimplications tonight JW North fresh off a win looks very good at 8:00 in one ofthe year yeah I’m really high on this North team and talking about going outwith a bang this season I mean this matchup tailor-made for TV when you canreally sink your teeth into in North all kinds of playmakers the quarterbackCorey Hoxie mica a late just a lot of guys to watch and it’s gonna be a funone yeah certainly after the huge win last week over orange Vista North knowsbeing in a playoff position they need a win to get one of those first round homegames that they’re looking for the poly bears had to face some tough times overthe last couple years but they find themselves and not just the thick of theplayoff picture but just one went away from a conference championship tonighthead coach John Rice and his first year has done a terrific job he’s got thisprogram going in the right direction no doubt but with orange vista winning lastnight remember this is the difference for poly between a sheriff first and athird-place finish so for Riverside poly take a look atthat defense and look for them to kind of be what they hang their hat ontonight is they come off a shut off win so that wind that is JW North eight andone and poly at five and four but the conference championship comes downtonight and for more on this matchup we send it over to J or ybarra the thirdmember of our crew the Inland Valley comes down to tonightbut first let’s send it down to JRE Bart Jarek in previous this is a huge matchupfor both of these squads as there’s some big implicate feet in CI f JW North isin the driver’s seat if you will perfect for no season so far in the InlandValley League 8 and 1 overall they’re seated 5th right now I should say ranked5th in the all right well we’ve got some audio issues with the junior ybarra butwe’re just about set for what should be an incredible matchup tonight john wnorth and rivers Riverside Pauley the Bears a team that many people of goinginto the year had some question marks with a club that didn’t make theplayoffs the last couple of years but now in 2019 are one win away not justfrom ensuring a playoff spot but : this is a team that can clinch the toughInland Valley Conference yeah absolutely and again like we said in the open thisis really what a way to go out in the regular season because this is the kindof matchup people love and two really really strong Riverside programs andpollie been around for for forever it seems like in JW north who has had theirshare of success a bit of a downtime and then now back on the rise with DennisBrown Nick rice and : Holt with ujr ybarra on the sideline and before we gotthis season started we knew that JW North and Riverside Pauley would both besome good teams I don’t think we anticipated this type of implicationsfor this game and credit to Riverside Pauley for winning the way in which theydid a two game win streak coming into tonight the Huskies of won their last 7games they’re being introduced right now JW North comes in with the best recordoverall out of the league at 8 and 1/4 and on the conference and they’replaying some incredible football yeah absolutely they’re numberthree in division ten for a reason and they’ve tested themselves as well thatone loss is to a very very good Servite team in a game in which Dennis Brownsaid they weren’t manhandled but they actually kind of held their own a littlebit against Servite who we know has a long long history of football success sofor JW North to put together the schedule that they have I mean gamesover Temescal Canyon and a win over Palma Valley as wellI mean j2b North has tested themselves and they’re still at 8 and 1 and it’sgonna be another tough matchup against Paulie because Paul he’s not gonna goaway easily well we are just about set to begin what should be an incrediblematchup tonight the winner clinches a conference championship and as far asthe standings go it’s a game that has some interesting developments because wecould see a three-way tie out of the conference with a win for the BearsJW North would clinch it all alone with a victory themselves Ethan LaMontagne ofthe poly bears brings it back across the 2 yard line and he weaves through sometraffic and is tripped up just across the 15 by Zairian streets so the polybears come out to the field with an offense that has been clicking fresh offa shutout win last week well this is a great chance for the poly offense to setthe tone to get the ball first in this offense which is played well all seasonthey’re putting up quite a few points I mean they were shut out against citrusHill and since then 21 34 53:8 last week this offense is produced so if they cancome out with a good Drive here and essentially as coaches love to say punchhim in the mouth on that first drive that’d be a real good tone Center forthis poly offense Bears quarterback bud Bernie has coming off a careerperformance on Friday and their visit to the Paris Panthers three touchdownsthrough the air and over 150 all-purpose yards completing eight of 11 throws andtwo blowout win he lines up as the quarterback for poly with some roughfield position to start the game with first and 10 inside their 20 and we havean early snap penalty for the poly bears and head coach John Wrightin his first year with the team yeah and you can tell these kids are excited tomaybe just a bit too excited to start things off again I think the Bearsrealize just how important this opening drive is and we heard the coaches saypregame that for the seniors gotta remember this is their last regularseason game and so I think especially with this being North poly Leaguechampionship on the line everybody’s just a little amped up certainly we arehere in the booth knowing just the implications of this football game todaypoly goes quickly outside and but Bernie’s passes complete to EthanLaMontagne who should be a go-to target for that poly offense today yeah lamontagne through middle school and as a freshman in high school he was aquarterback he even played a little quarterback here at poly so for him toreally understand what the quarterback is seeing what but bernie is seeing andwhat’s going through his mind it’s really helped make la montagne a Forsettreceiver and now he leads them in receiving yards in fact he leads theentire conference with 522 yards and four touchdowns in the 2019 yearLaMontagne is part of a bunch set towards the right side of the field forpoly as the Bears gain seven to number seven ethan LaMontagne on first downBernie on second and eight he fakes the pass takes off and has tripped up bystreets at the 24 to short second down carry for Bernie who has just had someincredible numbers this year the poly quarterback leads the league at 61%completions over 1, 200 yards 13 all-purpose touchdowns he has been aforce in 2019 days a three year starter and this kid I got to see him as asophomore against Temecula Valley early in the season a couple years ago waswhen he kind of burst onto the scene and I was watching I remember thinkingmyself this but Bernie kid is really special and he can be part of it kind ofa turnaround for poly and he’s done just that six yards a carry but Bernie withthree rushing touchdowns I mean he is as gifted or runner as we have seen atquarterback in this conference and it really puts a defense in a toughspot when there’s a quarterback that that can do both like that and boththese quarterbacks for both sides our multifaceted and again as adefensive coordinator that stuff will keep you up all night most certainlywill our referee for tonight’s critical defecto conference championship is LeonFisk II umpire Paul Williams head linesman Tony parks line judge Joelmalkor and back judge is Phil Barrios as these officials also know theimplications of this football game tonight crisp and cool night earlyNovember fresh off Halloween those midterms are over for these studentsthey have their minds set on football with the playoffs looming large 4jwnorth and Paulie after this game tonight yeah what perfect football weather andthis evening and again everything just coming together this is classicRiverside football North and poly on a Friday nightRiverside TV game of the week I mean this is just fun to watch yeah I callhim we’ve done about a dozen and a half of these games for Riverside TVthroughout the year 17 this season and it’s just been fun and this may be themost important out of all of them with a conference championship on the linetonight’s off the timeout from John Rice of the Bears Bernie’s past tipped in theair and intercepted picked off by Jalen streeting the North linebacker is stillon his feet and it appears they may have a touchdown to muffle ao2 PO number 45boy was that a wacky play yeah strange turn of events there and in big gameslike this you gotta expect big plays maybe some wacky plays and JW North getsthe momentum early just a tip drill ball in the air and everything goes their way let’s take a look at that insert replayfor a moment because this this JW North defense has I mean to begin the yearthey were good but now the sign of a good defense to a great defense weshould get that at some point but the Huskies have from formerly early in theyear a team that forces punts and forces long fields now they’re gettingtakeaways and turning those opportunities in the touchdowns as wesaw they’re just an incredible way for the Huskies to take the lead and it’s a12th interception of the season now for North and this is a defense we talkedabout Polly’s defense in the open but like you said jdb North’s defensethey’ve just been getting better and betterover the course of the season and right there they come up with a huge play tostart the game and now for Paulie you have to shake it off and you have tostart fresh because if you let that get in your head you’re gonna have all kindsof problems because there’s a lot of game ahead of you yeah the Bears a teamthat has throughout this years had some emotional wins and losses it’s been aback and forth campaign for Riverside poly that comes into this contest thatfive and four they are 3 and 1 in the league and just on a weekly basis whenlooking at head coach John Rice he is thrilled with his team a bit frustratedoff with their win over lakeside the 41 points they gave up and that win againstthe Lancers but then Paulie turns up the heat against Paris with a road shutoutlast week it’s been back and forth and the Bears are tell delts where theconference title the line a tough start as they’ll set up at their own 20 fortheir next drive it’s important for but Bernie here wholike you said has been so good all season to just flush it just go outthere and play his game an interception that you can always take a look at thefilm and dissect what went wrong later but it’s a tip drill it’s a wacky playhe can’t take all the blame himself he’s got to just go out there and like I saidflush it start clean with this poly offense you’re down by just a touchdownthere’s a lot of game left Huskies lead 7 nothing on a tipped pass from BudBernie intercepted by Jalen Street occur then laterals the ball to his fellowlinebacker muff elio to Poe who brings it back 30 yards for a touchdown jetsweep to lamontagne but first we have more whistles as we have played just abit over of minutes and for North who last week a game with very few penaltiesit was a very clean game in fact Paulie had a similar effort by the Huskiescommit a neutral zone infraction a little sloppy to start this game incontrast the last week yeah absolutely and like I said I think these playersknow just how important this game is and so everybody’s just a little jumpyespecially in this first quarter you’ll see some false starts some offsidesneutral zone infractions but they’re trying to get Ethan la montagne the ballas much as possible and they’re gonna try to do it in a variety of waysthey’ll fake the jet sweep Bernie keeps it and he is smoked by Sammy see mica LAand we should hear of his name quite a bit today he is one of three mika labrothers number 55 and but Bernie against him didn’t stand much of achance yeah that’s textbook defense right thereMika la knew he was quarterback all the way so he’s gonna let la montagne go andjust go right after but Bernie and Bernie decided to keep it as a baddecision is Makayla was right there his seventh tackle for loss this year thatnote in fact it was a play for no gain so just six he’s at 28 stops this yearfor a defense that so far in 2019 for North they have the most interceptionsthe most sacks the most tackle four losses and all of the tough InlandValley League with just one game to go in the regular season but birdie towelsup the D ball and overthrows lamontagne coveragefrom Jabari Martin on second down again they’re trying to get la montagne goingin this game and again they’re gonna try to do it in as many ways as possible hehas been quite the weapon for them and he’s been here since his sophomore yearhe in but Bernie have kind of grown together and they’ve got some chemistrygoing and they’re gonna try to get la montagne involved against the defense inNorth that for a majority of that game last week against Orange Vista to simplyshut down the passing attack of the Coyotes and they’re 29 to 15 win sevendays ago at Husky Stadium just across the way here in Riverside third down anda long nine for poly after the ink completion bears go ground gut run toJason her el the senior running back is stuffed short but he has had a fineseason for the bears 106 runs 510 yards three touchdowns at 591 60 he iscertainly not the biggest or the fastest running back but he has been a workhorsein 2019 absolutely and you just need to keep defenses honest sometimes inHarrell like he said workhorse is a great word to use to describe himbecause he just goes to work every day yeah he’s been a bell cows well by farand away the main toll getter for the Bears in 2019 and they’ll bring out thepunt group will Riverside poly fresh off the return touchdown the punt is blockedby Elliot’s it rolls in the end zone it stays inbounds Elliot may havetouched indeed he did the sideline touched backers the ruling so thetouchdown for JW North is averted but the Huskies get a pump block alreadyfresh off the return touchdown that defense and special teams has beenswarming so far the punt was from Collin tore meabsolutely and that’s just hustle play come sliding in and boy if he had beenable to get to that ball without touching the sidelines JW North is in areally good position moving forward so now the referees have to sort this outbecause it’s not every day that you see the punt walk touch back and so they’llhit the rule books and should be that Polly will either punted or kick it offfrom the 20 a believe that’s how it will workyeah officials are still figuring out exactly what the ruling is JW north andPaulie as the two teams confer this’s a de-facto Conference championship withthe league standings going into the final day of the regular seasonJW North leads the league eight one four and overall a half game in front oforange Vista who want last night 54 6 over Canyon Springs the Bears are a gameback if they beat North they would force a three-way tie with orange Vista and ofcourse the Huskies for the first place bought the conference and everybodywould have beaten each other in that league of course North wind’s out rightwith a victory tonight then bringing up the rear out of the conference is CanyonSprings three and seven two and three in the conference and a battle of twowinless clubs is underway as well tonight the Inland Valley oh and nineParis and oh and nine lakeside one of those teams will finish the season with10 losses and I stand corrected they’re gonna treat it like a fumble because itwas a live ball which means the touchback will give the ball back to theoffense first down of the 20 and that’s where Paulie is right now they get a bitof a break play action for birdie who rolls the pocket right and dumpsunderneath to the tight end alon d Tillamook a then he is spilled acrossthe 30-yard line and he was dropped by Jaylon street ikbut very few I’m sure kudos to those who picked that in the first three minutesof this game we would see a interception lateral return for a touchdown as we seea personal foul will tack on the run for Alon D Tillamook a but we have also seena pump block which results in a touch back certainly not the the play as youmentioned you see everyday what has been so far in the first four minutes of thisgame an unusual start in this de facto conference title match that’s getting tosee a little bit of everything but they’re gonna get daily babies here fora penalty after the play was dead you’ll see Dennis Brown get on that realquickly he runs a pretty tight ship over thereand North a defense that has just been sensational and they have limited thepenalties as well Bernie looks right all the way and dumpsto her out who races downfield and is chased by the leading tackler in theconference in Vitelli mika la he is yet another one of the mika la brothers butit’s a her L catch and run to move the chains for Paulie feels like paulie’srunning off a script which a lot of coaches will do that to start the gamethose have a list of plays they want to run to get their offense into a rhythmbecause we’ve seen a lot of different things from Paulie we’ve seen themtrying to air it out we’ve seen him run it on a traditional hand app jet sweepback at the backfield tied and everybody’s gotten involved early on soit feels like paulie’s just trying to find a rhythm and they’re moving theball now and with the momentum certainly shifting off of that touch back as herEllis smokes taken down yet again by Sammy say Myka L a number 55 he has beenjust about everywhere to start this game seven tackles for loss this year and ifit weren’t for some of his other teammates he may have boredAmica a lay like he said we’re gonna say his name a lot tonight and he justsniffs it out he’s there to help out second man to get to the ball and hejust finishes it Naim Hoxie was the first one to hit himand he’s also one of those names that we should look out for tonight he should bea name we talked about quite a bit this year one of the leading tacklers out ofthe tough Inland Valley League where both of these teams are vying for atitle tonight Bernie is under pressure mica le was one of the first ones thereand he is there for the sack joined by Jalen Street ik and a loss of twothere’s not a lot of teams in the Inland Empire that can boast the defensive linethe JW North has between Hoxie make an ala Street ik just upfront JWNorth causes all kinds of problems for opposing offenses it’s a big third downhere if you had twenty fourth sack this year for the Huskies as both of theseclubs appear to be playoff bounce certainly the north Huskies who come inwith just one loss and what has otherwise been an unblemished year forJW North fresh off an impressive win over or Vista last week after apromising bear drive that crossed the 50 poly faces third down at their own 48 7nothing Huskies on a return touchdown from MEF elio to Poe a linebacker of JWNorth delay of game for Pauley Bears appear a bit shaken to start thisgame with the penalties they’re led by head coach John rice it’s his first yearwith Paulie and a former has a decorated head coach a former state champion atSaint John Bosco he has been a coach across Riverside football in fact coachJW North a short time ago and has just put together quite the program here withthe Bears Bernie dumps it to LaMontagne he slips a tackle and is escorted byAdams at around the 45 yard line yeah coach rice has been there done thathe knows a thing or two about coaching football teams and this is not his firstyear necessarily with the program but his first year as a sole head coach andnow poly has made this manageable at fourth and nine and la montagne againthey’re gonna try to get him as involved as possible in this one seven yard passplay to number seven ethan LaMontagne sick six-foot 170 pounds senior receiverand he is nearing in on six hundred yards all-purpose and what has been afantastic year for the Bears wide receiver he’s just one of a couple thatshould be in the receiving targets of Bernie who takes the snap on fourth andnine he rolls to his rights and has nowhere to gotripped by both but the North defense as we see both is a little slow to get upPaulie is forced to turn it over on downs and that’s a high IQ move for asenior quarterback schoo down don’t try to force anything a throw aninterception you’re gonna give North the ball backinto our own territory if you have to cut it back upfield and hit the turf andthat’s a a veteran move for Bernie certainly a well coach club and theBears it took nearly six minutes but the North offense heads on the field fortheir first series of the game the Huskies a club which is next to theleague’s best in scoring and in rushing this year their quarterback is Corey onRayford but the storyline this season has been their sensation at running backin the sophomore vanassa mika ella he takes their hand off heads to his righton a stretch run he’s got the first down across the 45 yard line and has markedout of the 41 a gain of 15 first down JW North this offensive line according tocoach Brown has been getting better and better each week he said when the seasonstarted they’re kind of young and inexperienced and now they are acohesive unit and when you’ve got a running back like Mika la doing thingslike that and an offensive line that’s opening up holes for him it’s hard tostop a north’s offense well that offensive line was good tobegin the season as they fake the handoff to Mika AlaJude on Adams gallops across the 40 and slips on the turf monster at around the36 yard line the stop from Michael Burke of the Bears a good pursuit PiperPolly’s defense is gonna have to stay as disciplined as possible against thisNorth offense because they’ll do that to you they’ll try to kind of misdirect andif you’re chasing down a play from behind and you lose your lane they’llcome right back the other way and beat you the Huskies no matter how they dialit up this is an old-fashioned offense with their reliance on running the ballJW north or except just under a hundred and seventy yards per game rushing withtheir dynamic bull horse at running back in vain’ Osseo mika la they also have adynamic signal caller as he is in the pistol now we see a neutral zone againstPaulie Cory on Rayford 510 155 we saw him run for a 69 yard touchdown lastweek against orange Vista he is quite the athletes yeah and but Bernie Bullskin can do it on the ground and they can do it in the air and that causes allkinds of problems for a defense because he’s essentially two players at thatpoint and you’re defending 12 on 11 first and ten Rayford pumps he haspressure right away so there’s a look at his legsas he scampers across the 30 tripped up by elan d Tillamook a after a scamper offour yards for chorion Raiford this year the Huskies quarterback has 55 carriesfor 270 yards and three touchdowns there’s another good first down run forchoreographer yeah and Paul you’ll do that if they’ll give me the four yardsgranted it’s a first down but we talked about discipline for this poly defenseand they stayed in their Lane in the backfield and when you’ve got Cory AndreFord who can make you miss with his legs Paulie did exactly what they needed todo and just stay discipline once they got to the backfield didn’t over pursueand it’s just a short pickup of four yards and you can wipe off that with theholding penalty and as the Huskies have suffered four flags in this game morethan they


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