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the Community Police Review Commissionwas created to promote public confidence in the professionalism andaccountability of the City of Riverside Police Department the Commissionconsists of an all civilian panel of members from across the citythe Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all policerelations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deathsreceiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against swornRiverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing communityconcerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department if you’reinterested in learning more about how you can serve or for information on theCommission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C welcome to another edition of theRiverside TV game of the week I’m Nick rice drone by Jeff gormer here at SakuraStadium on the campus of notre Vista High School Braves head coach Ken battendolfe yet again has this team playing wall to start the year six and one andfresh off a thrilling victory last week well I’ll tell you what they played thetwo toughest teams in the league with Ramona and Hillcrest and they’re playingtheir biggest rivalry the longest rivalry in the out board district lasierra versus ordered ISTA and this is going to be a good oneyeah we saw la sierra thrash paris the last time we covered them a couple weeksago and since then they got their quarterback back which has to do wondersfor that offense well tell you what la sierra their biggest thing is they wantto go for an upset they want to be a giant killer and what better place to doit but on the home field of noir de vista coach Gary headland has his guysfocused and I’ll tell you what they have an outside shot tonight my notre Vistathey have to get off of that certainly against Hillcrest emotional performancehow do you think they’ll fare knowing that seven days later they’ve got to putthat win behind them and focus on this opponent well I’ll tell you what youcan’t have a letdown like I said you beat the two best teams in the leagueand you’ve got to go through the rest of the teams you got to play smart and yougot to play like every day is a championship game notre Vista lostcierra the kickoffs coming up next in a prime matchup between two river valleyrivals here from notre Vista High School in Riverside California the Riverside TVgame of the week is coming up next notre vista and la sierra with RiversideTV it’s the game of the week from Zach Ertz Stadium in Riverside CaliforniaNick rice joined by Jeff Gorham these games are flying by we’re all readymidway through the league year and the Braves as we take a look at notre Vistaand they’re read on the sidelines of fresh off a thrilling victory against socrest they come into this game at six and one overall and two and on theleague they battled a loss Sierra Eagles fresh off a tough loss they come in at 2and 5 in the 2019 season and I’ll tell you what we’ve seen the best of lasierra and we’ve seen two not so good of la sierra the last time we had the theEagles was against Paris they won 27 to nothing here on this field it was agreat game for the Eagles and it was great momentum going into River ValleyLeague play la sierra off of that win right there looking to rebound tonightthe Eagles led by head coach Gary headland last year this team want fivegames that was the most wins they had in any season since 2011 as we take a lookat the coin toss now meanwhile notre Vista comes into this game fresh off animpressive performance against Hillcrest these two teams both are strongoffensively they’ve got their starting quarterbacks in the fold now with theinjuries becoming a bit of a factor for the Eagles but they’re getting healthynow as is notre Vista for this critical matchup tonight well you know there’stwo different things you want to look at you want look at last year and they’relooking at hey there’s nothing to lose go out play leave it all on the fieldplay as hard as you can and try to get that upset on the other side of the coinyou have known of those two who’s highly ranked in their division 10 they’replaying for the high seed they’re playing for a number one seed going intothe CIF playoffs you get a number once he give a shot a good shot to win achampionship and that has eluded to can bat door fear in his 26 years as headcoach of the Braves old dive into those playoff rankingsand for the future scenarios for the Eagles throughout the remainder of thisyear in a moment notre vista and la sierra however meet and these two teamsare the closest together in terms of distance among the river valley leaguesince the hotly contested matchup Salcedokicks the onside and there was some contact on the field as los cierresChris Daris paired to be torched the receiving out of that ball the Eaglesare dressed in the whites with the red numbers meanwhile notre Vista is in theall Reds a la notre vista walnut sauce elected to defer which means the eagleswill begin possession and this is a good start for them at their own 48 yard lineyeah and if they can control the ball keep you know take their timeoffensively they can make this a game if they make it attract me it could be along night for the Eagles because the speed the strength and the size ofnorthern goes to is really unmatched right now against this relatively smallEagle team we’ve got the crowd set up for tonight and a wonderful stadium’s acurb the site and Riverside on the campus of notre Vista High School forthe game of the week there’s a look at La Sierra quarterback just gonna screwBelle who was out the last time these last time we saw the Eagles in actionElijah Randall is taken down for loss he should be one of the league’s topgetters for La Sierra in this football game and Eagles offense that has beenstout nearly 300 yards per game for La Sierra this year and last year we’ll doa lot of different things offense early they’ll throw some spread though runsome power offense coach Gary headland and his staff will try to throw a lot ofdifferent looks at nor do those tough and test that secondary we saw last weekbut northest has safeties and defensive backs were tested and that was reallythe Achilles heel for the Braves first is that Hill Christine just what was anincredible game I’m sure you were in awe it’s your job of the floor after thatincredible fourth quarter Squibbles hit as he throwsand finds the excellent dual-threat Umberto Jarrah who motors out of boundsat the 49 yard line Jarro was thrust into the quarterbackspot for La Sierra when they played Paris the last time to cover them onRiverside TV he is arguably their best receiver and best rusher in thisincredible offense umberto jar number 21 he’s one of acouple of sophomore offensive threats we will talk about throughout this footballgame it’s at nights what is a hotly contestedLeague the River Valley midway through to the third of fivegames for these two out of the conference fraction yeah looking atremember last week Christian Dorado had two hugeinterceptions in the fourth quarter to really save that game versus Hillcresthe is somebody we need to keep an eye on number five for the Braves yeah him andMicah gains were exchanging positions and for Toronto who can play linebackercornerback and safety they moved them around last week and those twointerceptions were basically the backbreaker as well as otherwise just anincredible performance for the Hillcrest Trojans on the road against the BlitzEsquivel fires to the leaping Jarra and he is hammered a yard short of the firstdown mica Gaines the Braves sophomorecornerback makes the incredible open field stop setting a forth in shorts andMicah gains a transfer from last year so playing against his old team heretonight with a big-time tackle there the fourth and short to see now theEagles are going to keep the offense out there to go for it on the opening driveat the game a squib all under center quarterback sneak and a cloud of dust by the Eagles offense has been strongthis year over 21 points per game and they’re often certainly was wasn’t theissue last week in their 4228 lost of aruba Valley and the Eagles now at OUand suing the league or a desperate need of a win tonight that fourth down stopfor the notre Vista defense brings out Braves quarterback Daniel Gonzales andone of the greatest running backs in this league so far 2019 Edea Lane numberone he’s the single setback for notre Vistato begin this game fresh off the for nowt by la Sierra toss to Elaine whoexplodes past the first wave and slips a tackle at the 40 ante Elaine touchdownNotre Vista we got to be happy if you can run playslike that one plane out any Lane the true sophomore brother of Freddie Holleythe running back starting running back of the rainbows of Hawaii that bigsophomore getting his first carry Edea lane scores is 39th career rushingtouchdown that’s just in 20 career games all right the superlatives do not fullydescribe just how illustrious this man’s young career has been as the runningback for notre Vista three touchdowns last week and notre vistas critical winagainst Hillcrest and he scampers on his first play of this Drive 457 yardgo-ahead touchdown Notre Vista less than three minutes in lead six nothing so sayit along for the extra point righto hold for the Braves so Sado sofar perfect on PA TS this year and he knocks through another one for theBraves seven nothing just an incredible run from Eddie Alain a sophomore runningback 510 170 pounds he has the terrific mix of athleticism speed and strengththat makes him really the go-to runner officer Austin the Braves have four orfive different capable runners including juniors and seniors but Eddie Alainkudos to this kid who steps in as a freshman very few freshmen play at thevarsity level and he immediately makes an impactoh let’s you know just think of the the top rushers nordicist has had the lastyear’s but mentioning his older brother Freddie Holly had over his career twoyears at 6031 yards but they’ve had some other great ones they’ve had air MalloyCo who ran not only four thousand four hundred fifty nine yards but is thefourth highest total in the history of high school football in this country notin the city not in the state but in the history of the United States the fourthhighest rushing yards in one year in the history of high school football at justover forty four hundred and fifty nine yards he also holds the single gamerushing records get this 573 yardsthose that was a video game of numbers yeah that’s Madden 20 type stuffEddie Lane he has a measly 9:57 but given his production over the course ofa year and a half I mean the sky’s the limit for this kid and really I’d saycomplacency has to be the only thing slowing this kid down he is thattalented la Sierra attempts to answer the Braves scoring drive as they’ll setup shop at the wrong 21 to begin their second possession and right away they goground and Notre Vista brings the Blitz Oscar Godoy was one of the first Bravesand on the stop and that front line of nor do this to it is strong and powerfulyou know la Sierra is down a little bit the last of weeks with injuries a coupleother players are not playing tonight so there you have their good they’re gonnadefinitely have their hands full with his morning mr.


July 22, 2020



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