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the Community Police Review Commissionwas created to promote public confidence in the professionalism andaccountability of the City of Riverside Police Department the Commissionconsists of an all civilian panel of members from across the citythe Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all policerelations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deathsreceiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against swornRiverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing communityconcerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department if you’reinterested in learning more about how you can serve or for information on theCommission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C from stadium here at North HighSchool what a game we had tonight in the River Valley League we got nor the Vistagetting set to take on Hillcrest I’m Trent rush with me is Jeff Gorham andJeff there are a lot of League championship implications on the linesand I don’t crest a season ago five ago they were the league champs Nord ofascent four and one their lone loss was to this team and this is gonna be areally big time game tonight I’ll tell you what every these two teams areplaying the best football of the year hands down and I’ll tell you whatwhoever wins this will be League champ and it’s gonna go through these twoteams Hillcrest and Nord of this thing Jeff it really does feel like there iskind of a championship vibe here tonight at this game who are some players you’regonna be keeping an eye on I’ll tell you what for Nord of this they’re gonna runthe ground-and-pound they’re gonna play Smash Mouth football and they’re gonnago through their running backs they’ve got Eddie Elaine the young sophomore thetop 50 in the entire country as a sophomore and then they have carvahalwho will also backup him they are tough but on the other side Hillcrest has agreat vo-tech guy he can run out of the pocket he can throw and Cameron Payne isthat guy for Hillcrest it’s gonna be really fun to watch this matchupespecially the two different styles we’re gonna see in this game should belots of fun alright for more on our contests this evening let’s bring in thethird member of our team Nick rice and not very often do you get a footballgame with these type of implications as you mentioned earlier this being ade-facto conference championship also not very often do you get a game whereHillcrest plays a home contest on the road againstthe rival notre Vista so despite this being a Trojans home game this has thefeeling of a neutral site conference championship can’t wait to do it as weget the kickoff going let’s send it back up to you guys all right thank you verymuch – yeah these two teams share the site here at this beautiful stadium thatis zag herb Stadium we got the supervisor the superintendent is here atthe game tonight hang out checking in with both head coaches and nor the Vistain Hillcrest getting set for a huge huge game in the River Valley League reallythese are the two best teams in the league Jeff and it’s very clear thisfeels like the league championship game I’ll tell you what Hillcrest is thenewest school the City of Riverside and then you have one of the oldest schoolsin order to listen can bat Dorf who’s been here for 26 years of those manyyears I’ll tell you what this is a great game and I truly believe whoever winsthis ballgame will go on to be the River Valley the true champion meanwhile onthe other side for the Hillcrest Trojans their head coach Travis Carter in yearnumber one we’ll talk more about him a little bit later on Hillcrest won thetoss they have elected to defer so they will kick they are the team that is inmaroon and then you have Nord Avista the Braves in white nor the Vista this istheir home field but they are the road team tonight as mentioned before and weare underway it’s an onside kick to start the game but it’s not going to goquite the 10 yards so a little trickery by Travis Carterknowing how big this game is trying to get his team to get an early advantagebut it doesn’t pay off to start now I’ll tell you what that gives norther that’sa great field position as we look over the nor the vista offense there I’lltell you what you got to be careful because they do have great running backsstarting with that great sophomore Eddie Elaine the Elaine train is what somepeople have called them but he’s got a good offensive line up front and we willsee the Braves running all night long we were joking around with Ken bete noireif I don’t know how much he was joking though he was like oh yeah I threw a lotlast week we threw five passes yeah in fact he said before the season startedgoes it’s gonna be an aerial circus this year and I said wait a second threeyears ago I think he threw five passes all season long so maybe we’ll see alittle trickery tonight Danny Gonzales is the man under center Elaine is wearing number one he’s linedup on the slot side over to the right man in motion is there gonna go with alittle sleep and nothing to and picked up right away by Hillcrest for a hugeloss they were all over that the Trojans weren’t and I’ll tell you what the speedof Hillcrest could pose a problem because on the edge they’ve gotquickness that means nor do this is gonna have to try to go straight up thegut that was a little different call from Kim batt Dorf normally it’s offtackle house right house left yeah we could expect to see nor Davis they’retrying to run things sideline to sideline east and west a little bit morethan usual as at least that first play might have been an indication of thatand you’re right Jeff typically the Braves like to go right down the middlebut a facemask penalty against still crash stops so it could have been abig-time stop to start the game that has a huge penalty here early on let’s seeif Novi can capitalize on this and see if they try to punch it right up the gutright up the middle off tackle here I things could not have started worse forHillcrest failing to get the onside kick and then after getting a big stop a15-yard penalty sets up a first and five situation this time it’s gonna be apitch they go to a lane and he is through for a first downand he will get the bulk of the offensive snaps but I’ll tell you whatthey have a great other running back Eddie Carver I was like carvahal who isa phenomenal more of a power back Elaine more of a finesse kind of an EricDickerson esque type player big back right through the middle real shiftyplay Elaine was a 1500 yard rusher a season ago and that was with a seniorwho is another thousand yard rusher not a whole lot of room to work here theygain a couple of yards but that’s it yeah talking about those great runningbacks that can bat doors had Elaine’s older brother Freddie Holley usesstarting running back for the Rainbows of Hawaii as get a chance to meet theHillcrest defense up there in the middle Gabriel Dominguez a senior six 175pounds moved from defensive end to inside linebacker the issue or senior heis a captain of that group the one thing that nor do this to hasn’t seen too muchof this year is the speed of Hillcrest Hillcrest has great speed on both sidesof the football it could be interesting as we get deeper into this ball game sothat sets up second and nine here the man in motion is a lane and it’s gonnabe Hannah carbajal up the middle gets a little bit of space drags a defenderwith him and he’s got himself a first down and there’s the power of carvahalit’s kind of thunder and lightning ask member of the old USC Trojans that’s theThunder the lightning of course being a lane but last game board mr.

Rand ballfor 14 minutes 25 play drive lasted 14 minutes so the whole first quarter theyheld the ball I was textbook right there by JessieCarla hall the sophomore just kept marching those legs and took it offenderwith him they go right up the gut to Elaine here trying to create some kindof space he’s dragging some defenders too and he’s gonna get close to that15-yard line so an 8 yard pickup on first down on theground contact was made will hide away by the Trojan defense and Elaine saidyou’re not stopping me he is too quick likes it he’s tall he’s athletic playsbasketball just one of those guys that if he gave him a football basketballbaseball could probably do well in everything I mean an initial contact wasmade about 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage we were just talking aboutGabriel Dominguez their inside linebacker roomthere was no problem front Lane this time they’re gonna go with a pitch toconsolidate all’s not a lot of room ball came free but he was down first sothat’s gonna be a loss on the play that was a big time hit there’s we’re gonnawatch here on the replay hello there welcome to the to the grass yeah thatwas Gabriel Dominguez he didn’t like but he just got drugged on the last play andmade up for it with that big hit on second two so they will say thatGonzalez got back to the line of scrimmage their third and two outstanding field position for NorteVista to start this game trying to capitalize here first third down andthat’s a lot of movement up front and they’re gonna call this a false cardagainst the Braves and typically can bat Dorf teams are pretty pretty disciplineddon’t get too many procedural penalties well maybe a little nerves here playingthe big rivalry game it’s got to be weird playing on the opposite side ofthe field though sure third and seven they stay on the groundnot a surprise pickup of a few and we will see if this ends up being a fourdown situation I know can bat Dorf and I do they are going to go for it I thinkgenerally speaking if you see it seem run the ball on third and seven butactually in the kick it right as it something against him what can bat doorif I’d normally accustomed him to do Fernando Salcedohas not missed the p80 or field goal and that kick is a good one plenty of legdid he keep it straight enough he did right down the middle 35 yards hislongest of the season and that puts not’ve hist ahead three nothing to startthis game you got to be happy if you are the Braves walking away with threepoints that’s something in their arsenal we haven’t seen is kicking the balluntil maybe he’s got a secret weapon and those three points could really reallymean something later on in the ballgame little recap and how we got to thispoint a nice run up the middle by Eddie Elaine but that’s a false start Purdumsot joseph lucky trying to pound it up the middle and we just continue to seethe running attack of the Braves not one pass on that opening drive again that’snot unexpected big hit right there by Mingus big-time I could imagineHillcrest is probably feeling good to have only given up three points a failedonside kick they had a bad penalty there where they had a facemask and that’s ashort kick there so it’s gonna be decent field position here for Hillcrestthey’ll start at about 32 and you gotta be happy you only held nordicist theyonly held the ball for for just over four and a half minutes right that’swhat I’m saying even though in norther VISTA that they’re pleased to get pointson that drive but it could have been seven very easily considering the shortfield considering a 15-yard penalty and it didn’t take a lot of time as youmentioned so now we will see the Trojan offense that’s Cameron Payne out of theshotgun he tossed it right away / – Manny Robert their tailback he getshit right at the line of scrimmage and he’s gonna lose about a half a yardon that play yeah Hillcrest will throw a lot of tunnel screen passes they’regonna get it out quick but pain if he gets the open field let’s say he hasbreakaway speed he’s very agile and quick as can be here he actually pickedup a yard on that place that’s up second and nine once again empty backfield nowfor Payne from the shotgun all different tempo here trying to go up the middlejust overthrew the intended target and Isaac Perez and that’s where none ofthis two could have problems because a lot of teams haven’t thrown on thembecause they are pretty quick but with the speed and the size of the receiversfor Hillcrest it could cause problems in that secondary for the BravesCameron Payne more of a zap ass first quarterback but he’s got good speed canuse those legs you’ll see a lot of different receiving options for painhere this time they go up the middle to Robert Robert little breakaway speedjitterbug move and then he gets it at the 40 so I pick up a six yards and thathe’s gonna bring up fourth and two now we’ll see trips to the left at atime Alec being called here by Nord Avista let’s see if coach Travis Carteris going to continue to try to go for it here with fourth and short with coachbat Dorf and his defensive coordinator Andy Martinez talking it over let’s seeif they change it up good chance to meet the Braves the fans here see Josephlucky he’s done a good job for them as a former Bank all-purpose player for themsenior Anthony Valdez upfront that’s done a good job Justin Jameson on theedge a lot of different options in this secondary for North Vista GoldbergGarcia their inside linebackers done a good job this year as well in fact inlooking at the Braves linebackers three of the four are almost sack machines forthese guys averaging close to one a game Garcia a little hampered right now witha leg injury but he’s out there playing tonight he doesn’t want to miss thisgame he knows how big this is can’t miss big games like this paint from theshotgun fourth and two he’s gonna keep it himselfand he looks like just got to the marker and that looks like a first down fromhere it’s gonna come down to this spa but I think Cameron Payne got the twoyards he needed but there is a flag on the play if it’s a hold it’s gonna change thesituation and there it is boy that one stings for the Trojans and that one’sgonna hurt because pain had it if there was a hole that was outside of ourcamera view there a big one so that’s going to set up a punt situation and nordo this to thank you not to receive a lot of high school teams this year goinginto the they call it the fire just get out kick it hopefully you get it anydecent field position here well if you have a great punter that’s one thing orsomebody that can catch punts I’ve talked to a lot of players and as youcan talk the NFL guys so that’s one of the hardest things to do in the sportfeel the punt so that’s going to go to the 43 which once again means good fieldposition for the Braves imagine catching a football in the darkfront everybody I have ice in my veins Trent lush ice but I don’t know if Icould do that like playing Little League baseball you get that they fly and theSun is in your eyes I know if it was basketball and you weregetting an ally you’re tossing I know you’re throwing that thing down I’veactually now that you’re the lean mean machine hi I’m John I can dunk again Ibelieve you this one goes up the middle of lanegonna get past the 45 to the 46 yard line pick up a three you had to pullback the curtain hear the voice of UC Irvine I’m the voice of UC Riversidemen’s basketball and in fact when you come down to the SRC determine a dunkfor you I want to see it I’m gonna do it my dress shoes I want to see it with myown eyes otherwise I’m at a hard time believing that I’m gonna be completelyhonest with me I’ll be hurt for about two weeks but I’ll get one offhey David Patrick’s got a good team this year you’ve got a great squad I formation this time they go up the guythey have to stuff down by the Trojan defense it’s funny you mentioned thethunder and lightning I can’t help but think about the Reggie Bush Lindalelight combo and it’s against the Trojans exactly now we could talk about likewhat Mike Leach did the other day where he said did you see when he talked aboutthe mascots of the pac-12 I did see some of the salmon who would win between abrave or a Trojan because they both have weapons that was the thing that’s that’sthe difference Mikey right there but see and they both have horses it might be apretty evenly man that’s about as even as it getswhat was he saying there should be more sharks and gorillas up the middle twoaway and he’s gonna get past the sticks and that’s gonna set up a first down foran order Vista boy it’s nice to have a weapon like that yeah tell you what it’sit’s nice because the off but you got to credit that offensive line there they’reyoung and in fact the left side of the line I think Bolivar all seniors theright side is all sophomores so which you go with you go with your sophomoresin hand today for two more years I’m gonna take area the Elaine train was like a freighttrain up the middle a little trickery here in the back field trying to dancehis way through and getting stuffed by Nord Avista a little misdirection andnowhere to go for lucky and Lucky’s been caught why he’s doing that this eveningI love a good I love a great trick play I want to see the Statue of Liberty Iknow it’s only done in the streets of football but we did have a flea-flickera couple weeks ago which is kind of fun to watchmaybe the cowboy is a little pull a Statue of Liberty I mean that is KalinMoore’s move that’s it boys escape second and 14 for midfield here littlepump fake through the middle it Scott a past completion buddy Wilson junior onthe reception and that’s gonna bring him real close take him about 14 will bringup a third in one nice play that’s a quarterback who’s never playedquarterback so pretty good nice poised there in the pocketwell Danny Gonzales with that pump fake – I mean Hillcrest is thinking runbasically every time why wouldn’t you and then they take one pump fake andthat sets up a wide-open Wilson on a good around third and short this time upthe middle Elaine and he’s got it with bonus yardage why he walks right pastthe first down mark and this is the kind of football that we’re used to seeingorders to run they’ve had the ball now for the majority here the first quarterthey with a great defensive stance against the Trojans on their first driveand if you’re Hillcrest you’re thinking my gosh we had something going here wehad the first down and a really tough hold on that opening drive and in a gamelike this the Wayne or de vista plays every position is magnified they allmean more because it’s a shorter game as a shorter clock because of how much timethe Braves eat up this time they go up the middle carvahal stopped in his trackof your yeah Annie like you said anything is magnified amistake is magnified Noord of this did not usually makes they don’t make toomany mistakes on offense defensively they’ve been known because they dogamble at times because they very quick in the in the secondaries but yeahthat’s very rare for novita digging themselves in the hole ever seen how bunched up this wholecrest defense is trying to pack the middle it’s a game in the trenchestonight that’s Joseph lucky in the backfield and that’s gonna be the secondtimeout call I know a Vista here in this opening half you know what you know what it is it isit is October you know what that means it means only one thing it’s HalloweenSaturday October 26 it’s Riverside Halloween festivities in costume andheaded to white park in downtown Riverside like I said for Halloween festbe two and 10:00 p.


there’s a costume contest for both kidsand adults so you can dress up as anything you liked rent a haunted trailkids zone with crafts and games Halloween vendors will be there andthey’ll have a food and beer garden Halloween festivities for adults andfree for kids 14 and under that Saturday October 26 from 2 P 2 to 10 p.


atwhite park in downtown Riverside for more information call seven eight fourthree one one one we have a second and nine here that’s gonna be a toss to theleft I’ll go to lucky trying to get around the corner there he gets past theedge takes one tackle on drags a defender for another picks up five yardson the play but before we get the third down Jeff Glor I have to know what’syour Halloween costume gonna be up here’s here can you reveal it is it okayit’s okay I can review it I am going to be Jon Snow oh maybe a six foot eightJon Snow my wife is going my wife is gonna be Daenerys the the queen of thedragons are the mother of dragons I like that see we got a brand newGerman Shepherds I’m gonna walk around with this like a wolf and my kid myson’s gonna be Tiger Woods one of them one of my boys Tiger Woods the other isgonna be a ninja and my 13 year old refuses this year what yeah I don’t getit it’s a crazy crazy time that’s you know what that bet is the age wheremaybe you’re a little too cool for I still wouldyeah well you’re a special breed oh wait up the middle we’ll see if he got thereon third and five he’s gonna be real close to that stick and the officialswill say yes that’s a first down so five-yard pickup for a lane play onthird down they have no problem going to him and he picks up another one herethat’s the third of this Drive and it once again dominated the first quarterby nor desist oh and that clock and quite honestly things haven’t gone thatgreat for Hillcrest they’re only down by three they go back to a lane up themiddle breaks a tackle find some space towards the end zone and it is a firstdown Oh long running to you stop just shy at the one long run right therebiennial Lane and that is going to take us to the end of the first quarter afterthis great play the biggest rush of night xavier banks got drugged about fiveyards there so with norther vista up three nothingat the end of one let’s go down to the field and check in with nick rice thankstrench so um here at the what is now in 2019 the new way to look at plays forhigh school football the big monitor and the tablets where they take a look atsome of the miscues of a particular play Travis Carter Hillcrest head coach spokeabout one play Cameron Payne’s overthrown touchdown there’s somemiscommunication the emphasis of the play was a trips to the left andthroughout talking about that play there was a receiver running a wrong routewhich led to the overthrown football and a potential touchdown that was saved byNotre Vista critical play the football game will Steve Hillcrest can adjustback to you guys thanks Nick yeah just think about Miss chances for Hillcrestin that first quarter yes nor de Vista has dominated but they had the firstdown that got brought back on the hold you had a really big-time play that hewas talking about with Isaac Perez running up the left side with lots ofspace and it was just a Miss throw there so it could be a very different gameright now meanwhile the Braves are about a yard away from punching this one in onfirst and goal and they will go right up the middlethey go to their man Elaine and he is in the end zone that’s a touchdown firsttill tonight makes it nine nothing nor the Vista andanytime you’re in a closed situation like that you got to go to yours yourstud and that is Elaine trained according to our unofficial stats the13th touchdown of the year for Elaine sets up p80 opportunity for so said OhLord he hit a field goal earlier in this game but misses the p80 wide to theright so still nine nothing you know but Elaine was just a workhorse on thisdrive for envy carvahal with a touch there it was the Elaine train all drivelong that was the pass play I thought that really set up everything theyreally did and it really changed momentum because it spread that defenseout you can’t just pack the middle and we have seen a few times already tonightJeff the Braves try to work things to the outside but like we used to see onthis play right here by Joseph lucky they’ve gotten a little bit of successthere Trojans seem to be ready for it but not ready to stop that guy in anyland there is the touchdown when you run off tackle with those greatoffensive linemen you kind of could you don’t have to be super quick you justgot to be smart and Elaine is that smart kind of runner about the 13 this one isgoing to be fielded by Isaac Perez Perez a good return gets past the 30 sets adecent field position for the Trojans here that opportunity for Hill crafts totry to get back trying to build on some of that momentum after the Miss p80 twovery different styles pain from the shotgun they go right up the middlethat’s Robert picks up five yards let’s see if he’ll crest after just one Driveto see if they’ll test that secondary like they tried early in that firstdrive slow to get up on that play was hey Suz Gonzalez and he is backed downand will be attended to by the athletic trainer here Manny Robert who had thatlast carry where’s number nine for the Hillcrest Trojans he had a fourtouchdown game 104 yards against Aruba Valley last week the Trojans won thatgame forty seven to eight here’s what happened at the end of that play but for Nord of histah in theory thenext best team in the league behind these guys playing each other maybeRamona in the river valley league well nor to Vista just beat Ramona 43 to 7last week and that’s who Hillcrest is gonna play next week in fact Ramona wasundefeated going into that ballgame and I’ll tell you what it look like he’s atthat first quarter Drive really I think tired half the defense of Ramona andthat’s really where that offensive line paid dividends that’s a big number Cameron Payne shotgun pump fake he goesup the middle of Robert Robert takes the defender with him and he’s gonna beright at the first down line and that’s gonna be a first down and he gets itneeded three he got it so here’s what happened at the end of the previous playwhere the injury happened it looked like it was right at the end it looks like hegot that right leg twisted in there hazers Gonzalez did the junior a 4.

0student should have been a live ball it was picked up but the officials blew adead boy that was behind the line of scrimmage to Robert that should havebeen a fumble I agree that that’s that’s a live ball that’s a lateral I’m reallysurprised to see the whistles blow that one dead it’s good another look oh yesby about a yard it wasn’t even particularly close no wowyou know I’ve saw nor de vista back in the 70s used to throw a bounce pass tothe ant honest and it would throw everybody off and guys they would scorebecause everybody thought was a dead ballagain up the middle to Robert he gets back to bath e47 sets up a third andmedium here who crest five it Oh River Valley Leaguea season ago this season four and two one and oh so far in league thedefending champs trying to be envied for the third straight yearRobert is stopped right there at midfield after a gain of two in factlast year John Brannon stepped down and retired as coach and Travis Carterstepped in and runs a lot of the same stuff but has added to that offensiverepertoire fourth and three and a timeout called byHillcrest Travis Carter will take it this first year as the head coach from aquarterback at RCC and Mahon it’s been his high school days a king and afterthree years as an assistant of quarterbacks coach at Hillcrest now he’sleading everybody back me I had him on the coach’s perspectiveearlier this week great show by the way hey thank you thank you it’s fun to talkto these young coaches and you know sometimes you talk to these guys andthey give you a lot of coach speak and you listen to me go but Travis Carterseemed to be very genuine on and off the camera about his guys he loves his teamhe’s excited to be a first first year head coach at a very great school herein Riverside at Hillcrest with a you know a tradition the school’s not veryold but they’ve they’ve won CIF championship in basketball they’ve beento the semifinals in football it’s a very good they’ve got great sports andeverything and he couldn’t be happier to be at a place like Hillcrest they’re ona very New Age style of offense everybody to the leftand they’ll pass it right looking right side over the top and it’sgot what a catch right there by Isaac Perez huge for the senior that was ajump ball just throw it up and go up and get ithe went up right over the brave and grabbed it out of the air great playeverybody was to the left including the Braves defense and Cameron PittsPayne says hey Isaac I got you up the right side for a first down so a fourthdown conversion and here’s Paine once again now we’ll go to Robert up the guyand he’s gonna take an offender with him to about the 26 yard line but see I likeseeing that in high school football I like totally innovative and and fun Imean that’s gotta love high school football for that reason alone heyTravis Carver is keeping everybody on their toes tonight from the Bravesdefense to our broadcast booth and all the fans here on this homecoming forHillcrest empty backfield toss end zone again just overthrew Manny Robert theirgreat offensive call they’re like said twice now they’ve had opportunities inboth times have been overthrown and the junior pain has got a good arm but justmissed a touchdown there for Manny Robert got as many touchdowns on the ground isthrough the air this year brings up third and five Rivera and Robert to the right trips tothe left looking right side his pain he’s gonnakeep it himself avoids a tackle and he’s gonna be just shy of the markers that’sgonna bring up fourth and one and if you’re painting I’ll tell you what yousaw a hole that big you’ve got to attack that hole and go fourth and one now let’s go to Nick ricedown to the sideline well we’ve got an important fourth and one first yeah yeahwe’ll see this it’s gonna be a keeper here for Cameron Payne but a flag on thefield and we’ll see who this one is against and this may be I can’t stillcrest and it is a 5-yard penalty let’s go back down to Nick okay I awesome sothanks Trent one of the top tacklers for nota Vista hey soos Gonzales was injuredand seek medical attention but he’s back on the field for the Braves meanwhilenotre Vista and talking to Ken batten Dorf the head coach and throughout theweek notre Vista has been dealing with some injuries we’ll see how that sort ofhealth situation comes back to affect that seam later in the ballgame guysback to you thanks Nick fourth and six from theshotgun is pain slips through two defenders and he is touched to theground for a sack a fourth down stop well done up the middleOscar Godoy comes up with it Braves will take over yeah I’ll tell you what yousee that sideline that’s momentum shifter right there already up ninenothing the defense holds strong for the Braves this could be an ice breaker here look at that last Drive I mean early onwe saw Manny Robert so a good job carrying the load up the middle but endsup being a stop for the Braves who already are up buying nine in this gamethey go back to Elaine Elaine gets across the 35 for the 36 for a gain ofabout four that’s right you’ve been covering angels baseball forever let’sgo to this the drive here yeah this was the sack at the end there Godoy was allover him there were two defenders already and we saw Payne slipped throughtwo and then couldn’t get past the third this time they go back to a Lane up theright side hillcrest stops him after a gain of about one now cover in baseballfor the angels this year you know going to all these baseball games justwatching football now seems superfast to you and then you go from foot baseball’sbaseball’s fast if you’re trying to pay attention to what kind of pitch is thepitcher gonna throw and what’s the hitter thinking about where’s thedefensive line and where everyone’s supposed to be if you try to think aboutall that it’s quick it goes real quick have you just sitting there enjoyingsome nachos in a soda and then you change your pace yes this does feel muchquicker than pitch the outside they go to luckytrying to get around the corner and the Trojans have him stopped in thebackfield coming up to make the tackle Asante Makua I am a calderavery quick to get up to lucky on the outside lucky is not had a lot ofsuccess going to the outside tonight yeah it’s obvious the Braves are reallytrying to get him around the edge and again not a whole lot of space theTrojans seem really ready for them brings up a punt situation back toreturn it here is Isaac Perez he’ll just let this one go and we’ll roll all theway to the 27 yard line and that’s where Hillcrest will take over with 528 to gohere in the first half a pretty quick half here so far pretty flag freefootball for the most part I think two weeks ago listen to this room he had a agame we called yeah there was 37 37 penalties on first half37:45 Slayton season for that oh it’s one thing if that happens week’s euroit’s not supposed to happen in a September it was brutal it la Sierraversus pairs 37 penalties in that first half they try to go back to Perez andhe’s taught at this time got some space up the right sideline drugged down atthe 20 and a big-time pickup right there Cameron Payne the 43 yard completion upthe right side to isaac Perez good throw right on the money and buddy Wilson it’sa little lost there defensively and great play by the Trojans boy that is afour yard generous spot they just got in that one yesthat is one of the most generous spots I think I’ve ever seen if you are aHillcrest fan 5:07 left they go up the gut that timefor Hillcrest that was Anthony Carrera Perret excuse me it was like acontinuation playing basketball here he goes we just take a look that’s the runhere I like that just keeps going second seven little keeper pain get stopped at theten he’s gonna be about two yards shy of the stick so third into here and you cansee the Trojans marching and marching with confidence Jeff Gorham yeah we’refighting finally seen a little swagger from the Trojans here and a lot not go there way to start thisgame a couple of opportunities blown but now you see looks like Hillcrest has putthat behind it but now they have an opportunity to get right back in thisthing trips on the right pane pump-fake RPOkeeps it himself and I think he’s gonna be shorthe just guest gets back to the line of scrimmage so now fourth and two let’ssee if they’ve got a kicking game or they’re gonna go for it just to getpoints I’m one of those guys if you get down you’ve got to get points on theboard somehow some way you want to make it a one possession game either way sofield goal or touchdown but then it becomes confidence in your kicker fromthis yardage most times goal kickers can get it done from here fourth and twotrying to get Nordo Vista to jump and it looks like that was just the idea therehere’s a timeout by Hillcrest they thought they got the Braves to cross andnow I expect to see the field goal unit here let’s see if they do in fact youknow high school and you know in college you can’t take those timeouts with youand a half times they might as well use them and see if they bring out thekicker here but you know it is time for is we have another event going on andit’s dia de los muertos all right feel like I said that very good yes the Dayof the Dead returns Saturday November 2nd at white park in downtown Riversidefrom 1 to 10 p.


July 22, 2020



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