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okay here are the games about a kickoff Newcastle Stoke its and James’s Park we’ve got Huddersfield Leicester at the John Smith Stadium Liverpool Berlin Anfield today West Brom and West Ham at the Hawthorns and Watford Manchester City at the vicarage row both unbeaten Robbie both playing well but sitting with nine goals in their last two games this week alone there the five bullets Liverpool and they just had a chance Mayer at the near post it was sterling who should come in for the middle today the only change city of may they got to the barn and cutted back and I was David so with the Flex for a corner and what for make two changes young Matt and Mary have put coming for Femina and cobalt who’s got a hamstring in G good start from City Michel Newcastle fans will be a little bit more buoyant helping won the last two Newcastle at home to Stoke this afternoon yeah to my older clubs facing off and it’s just been a well reasonably quiet stars Richie just as a shot that gets blocked from the edge of the box but Newcastle they’ve made three changes from Sunday’s win against Swansea headland makes his debut from Bamber and at soup also start in place of gammas makyo and Murphy Stoke just one change from the drilling Martens in the camera and West Brom and West Ham Rachel what are you expecting in the West Midlands well it’s been a bright start for West Brom early crisp front corner was wasted really just over delivered but they’ve made a lot a number of changes West Brom they’ve made three changes with a 3-1 defeat at Brighton last weekend it’s Kieran Gibbs James Morrison Chris brunt all coming for Alan Niang Jake Livermore and Salma Rondon and but on point here Gareth Barry starts today for a 600 Premier League game and equals equals Ryan Giggs all-time record of 632 Premier League appearances no one’s had 600 starts before how that’s on West Ham they keep the same side that bigfooters field to know on Monday and Chris is going to be watching a little pool and Burnley at Anfield yeah and Bernie has just got a free kick in the Liverpool half and you think this is where there’ll be opportunities for Burnley set-pieces but probably Brady just going to take his a diagonal from the left-hand side over the fasting knock down and Liverpool just about scramble it clear but Liverpool they’ve Maidan for changes Cuttino comes in for his first start milled of Robertson and storage also start it’s a clash of heads from that free-kick with wood going up at under which Liverpool player it is that’s nasty they’re both going for the ball and a clash of hay and Burnley well let they’ve made they’ve made two changes in force the goal keeping one with her Tom Heaton he’s our I think he’s going to be out long-term and Nick Pope coming in and just to tweak a change of formation folks has dropped to the bench and our field he’ll he’ll bowls to that midfield and just play in and around Chris Wood a Jordan Sinclair first senior goal for him as Bri can lead it dumped off and a peterhead lead at Cowdenbeath and Paul Ince is gonna watch Huddersfield Town and Leicester City yeah I mean it just had a great a really decent chance Thomas down an F then so I whips of bullying suitor pot choice making his first start then it again he squares it and it goes puts it over the pass got to do better Thomas there can we just point out to the uninitiated Thomas it’s your boy yeah that makes it easier to change is 21 inches coming for billing and Mooney I use got a sore ankle so their patron comes in for him a change comes in for indeed he comes in for James and Hermione stops to the bank for energy on and of course this is it’s against Michael which we’ve seen before from the tunnel in Old Trafford in the wreck in the mid-1990s here we go there notice Peter who that is in goal we think he’s going to Alex Bruce don’t we still use his son so here is in the tunnel at Old Trafford and here comes a young man why hasn’t he dropped his shoulder and Binta in the far corner 25 grand a week he was on the can’t boys boy clean teeth you guys reactions new the Crystal Palace lost today Roy Hodgson’s first game in charge but the palace designs are actually tweeting and they have seen something positive to take out of the game and that is the return of Loftus cheek he was out for a couple of games with a groin injury he was actually sucked off in the 80th minute but fans were very impressed with him Ben Webo said Loftus cheek is going to be some player for us mission to get palace back into this game what a talent he is and Shawn MCFC says Loftus cheek is actually Lampard and Yaya touré in one still on loan from Chelsea as well so they’ll be keeping a close eye on that one David wieners come from Exeter in the transfer window put QPR in front there at Middlesbrough five in six Vermont McGuigan a Stenhousemuir lead at Annan and harp leading at Hamilton by Colton Hill Ross Callahan has scored are there let’s go round everywhere then Chris what about Liverpool and Burnley yes it’s this games taking a pattern which you would expect Burnley sitting in they’ve got that four at the back that Latinos actually playing a little bit of a deeper role to start this game a bit like de bruyne has done at man City but Burnley just on the just Breaking Away but living on the stand and brightly Robertson’s whipped a couple of good balls into the box I think alka Street and chef Fraser has made the long long trip to Barrow Geoff I hope the train was okay good afternoon during a 92 mile round-trip but for the talkee fan so far they will not be regretting it they’ve literally just gone one new up James Gray with the goal came out and nowhere they’re better in possession Suki now on the right hand side of the 18-yard box he’s come inside his marker and just you’re on it across the keeper it goes in the corner one-nil talkie-talkie fans would enjoy that particulars having a miserable start to the season and their bottom of the league okay Huddersfield and less than Huddersfield three clean sheets the most in the Premier League Hall in so far as I’ve done well I mean preferred I’ve just put the two girls I can see that against West Ham but in this game and then let’s go at will the problem less they’ve got because mark Reilly’s as planned on the right hand side he doesn’t want to trek back so every time how hard is forget it they’re going straight into the fall back I’ve got a 2v1 on the sides all day long they’re just putting forward into the box at free one to sponge across the goal should have scored and Adam got a corner here looking very dangerous cover for this month of time I mean less have lost three of the four that they’ve played already but they had a pretty horrendous start of the season when you look at their feet reality that’s where we probably expect them to be given the people of how to play already yes for sure Alden siscon down with Mitaka a head injuries on his head so he must be a head injury [Laughter] from West Ham as it hit Carolyn play often yeah absolutely for the first few seconds to be fair it has been that book oh that’s a late tackle yeah a little bit but nothing nothing sinister but it is a yellow card that celebrities a collector yeah to Pablo Zabaleta but I mean to considering this is a game where West Brom don’t tend to concede and West Ham tend to score I was kind of expecting you know not a lot of action to be happening all packed out in midfield but with the route 1 football that both teams seem to be implying there’s been corners at both ends already in these early stages so there’s promise and hope that we’re going to get gold a Jordan Tilson first got in 18 months for him and Exeter top of league to have solid so well 19 points for a possible 21 and their one-up on crew and Grimsby one up on Yeovil as well Danny Collins after eight minutes chastised early Marc remember the goalie got against it wasn’t what he volleyed it in against Everton exactly the same position de Bruyne it is great on the right-hand side ball was over to de bruyne a first touch on the volley into Sterling’s path eight yards out center of goal miss kicked it the great chance just went through his legs and then Fernandina on the rebound he’s playing so yeah the season is way to pass his awareness you know his energy you know fantastic player Michael stood out well having world was Shaqiri then he look pretty unhappy with a challenge yeah he’s just added I think a little stood down his achilles have actually been a couple of bad tackles well Hayden put on a really bad one on Fletcher just a minute ago but no yellow card either so Ref same in the end yeah I was though you know I was quite impressed with them I think that a bit more upbeat you know there’s beginning the season was a was a bit hard and then they be asked I’ll see the chain I mean when I say the beginning of season like preseason the amount of money that they didn’t spend yeah it seemed a bit tough but the artists have changed things yeah there’s not a great feeling amongst the fans I don’t know why cuz when you look at the results of Marcuse over the recent seasons I think he’s from 993 times and and 13th or some it wants and that’s actually about a record and it’s only Ghoulies who they the fans obviously hold daily so he’s he’s done well and the bad a good starts the season and they had a tough start to the season as well the picked up some points against some big teams a Barnet long journey for them to come rib up there leading John Louie at cock-crow after eight minutes confirmations Jeff was telling us about James great scholars talk he make the long journey to Barrow and it’s MK Dons nil Rochdale one chance of West Brom ah to good chances for West Brom is crisper Brantly where who got past his defender at the other end pinned it across without his first chance well pop by Winston Reid but the follow ups and Kieran Gibbs that would have been a dream first start for him West Brom from only seven eight yards out it doesn’t make a full contact with it he gets blocked by the the Western fellas corner the West Brom Oh headed over the top by somebody yeah it’s West Brom we were pushing the tightest pushing the closest at the moment I think it was burying you just not to over your hearts bother but certainly there turned on the pressure spinner there was a chance down the other end just pray to that Andy Carroll saying for Gareth Barry but just over-the-top shelling the one Colchester nil golden lead to Cambridge one Coventry nil commentary for for the start of play and Swindon one up on Stevenage as well Robbie what about what for them and very impressive this starting to see have my other now you see they’re gonna break Tom Cleverley over the top to graze one-on-one against stalls he goes into the box Dawn’s play very well midweek Joe that’s not the top that’s not the touch of a record scorer is even in the rain no it’s pouring down the rain but you know City about for today Mike so you know four three three gone things change from the street at the back porch would have been a good situation there one on one against thorns stones very good as I said Matt midweek test for him today against the pace of gray and I’ve been depressed with McAllister as well on the left-hand side a Dundee once and Johnston nil in the Scottish Premiership and Aberdeen there has been a goal at Pittodrie let’s bring in Emma Dawn’s controlled the opening exchanges it was up all flashed into the box from the left-hand side it would be pointed out by the car Manik defender and Stevie May was able to control it before lashing a volley high into the net it’s Aberdeen one come on ik now as salmon Hines with the goal in the National League there is made certainly dat Macclesfield in the championship burn now be known at a difficult start of the season but Stephen Warnock has given them the lead of the Pirelli at home too full of Robin the interesting about Watford is we hear it so much your you must have stability to succeed in a football club in terms of the managers Chelsea disprove that reward at the top don’t they and maybe Watford elsewhere begin to disprove it because the pot so family have owned the club since 2012 but we’ve had three managers now in three seasons in the Premier League with Watford and maybe they’re just saying listen it’s fine but we reckon we can get better and we need to with a different manager what a start they’ve had if they win today they go chop me don’t they you know my managers you know Paul’s being a manager Chris has being a manager at the mouth I’m these mountains let’s get look at Southampton you know we were sitting in the green room before people saying if he loses that today the stamped Amanjit will he be under pressure you know Claude pul finished 8th got your final yet he’s not in a job at Southampton which is nonsense once again so change the Warford works chance for Chelsea works it on they start the season well Watford Paul you think there should be a manager’s window do you like a transfer window I think it’s something we should actually look at obviously in our tunnel we played you know the players when there was a long season now we’ve got viously since it stopped there and they doing at certain times of the season I just think it’s something at the LMA or firmly but not unless the point-to-point and it’s tough because like we say with you lose four or five games owners are registering them to set their managers but it doesn’t give any stability to the to the club to the players it’s not practical though I know but to speak of something we should look at that because I think the monies haven’t got any power now they’re not just talking about the big managers and talk about the managers who come into the game last five or six games and get sacked so why can’t it be a time where we actually start from we can segment it is like them second like we’ve seen the fake Weber off before going see Paul was unlucky as a manager but Chris you can understand some way go sack because he was useless [Laughter] Stephen Kragen is seeing normal service resume for the home side yes marking the Celtic backlashes and fill floor tom Roberts after 13 minutes who is gives Celtic the lead geum’s forest goes well in the right hand side rule to borghi forehead to Robert’s near to the pot moves on to his favorite left foot and smashes it into the bottom corner past our mechanics or 1mil Celtic now we’ve just had some news from Millwall top of the championship leads are away there today a Millwall have actually just had a goal disallowed which has caused fans to throw things on the pitch so they’ve actually stopped play for the time being and will let you know once that resumes but it is still goalless there okay Jose we’ll keep a close eye on that one a Cardiff in second at playing Sheffield Wednesday today who was sick and Sheffield United and third at home to Norwich at the top three in the championship are currently or have been managed by Neil Warnock and through the top six from Yorkshire well so strong start for the Warnock and Yorkshire connection in the championship this season strong start for Cheltenham to up around the Colchester now and lead to likewise worse when and at home to Stevenage Keshi Anderson has got the second goal there what about what a Burnley up to in this game how they play in this Chris Sutton but I was at this game last year mark where Burnley took an early lead and it’s the same they just sit in their heart to beat they’re actually saying to Liverpool you can have possession you get the ball out wide you cross it in and we can deal with that you don’t have any physical presence they’re just struggling to get up the pitch see what’s interesting a skier is living ball just long ball into the box hooks away then I asked Paul and Michael X X livable place he changes his defense every week has done it again today that can’t be good that that lack of continuity just a claim for a penalty from satellite goes down but what do you think about that Paul I just think you know looked you for the truth in the house but the keeper wants to know who is playing in front of them you know you can keep the same team it gives confidence if you keep changing it you’ve got to know how people inflate when I play get palestro and boosts afraid all the time you know so you know what you’re getting going in and game out if you keep changing it and everything to get back does it does he not know his best defense is if that wise changing it well I think he does I think that’s why I keep the change of the goalkeepers but not known as goalkeeper you know I don’t know he’s unsure what she’s best defenses but you know attending that I got to keep playing the same team to pick it be successful am i inked uh-huh it’s been oh how do I feel Polk’s be honest I doesn’t dumb it down this left hand side marlis doesn’t want to check back so that kind of kick the ball down all the side putting balls into the box to the Poncho’s that I had it just come past the post what one Chancellor said it because I think it’s Miller Samaras on the bowl was it in that child nearly scores it’s a great block from Tommy Smith Liverpool just had a penalty claim salla on the turn in the box I don’t think it’s a penalty he turns quickly and the ball gets away from and be interesting to see what Graham has to say about that but I think that he takes a bit of a tumble knowing that the balls away for him when he can’t get the shot off and Chris just going back to what you were saying about Liverpool’s defense we’ve had a couple of social media reactions to this loose kanyon said since his arrival at Liverpool Klopp has spent a hundred and forty million on attack 30 million on midfield and just twelve million on defence not rocket science is it she says and then Terence Ramsey says as much as I love clop mark my words this Liverpool defense will cost him his job in the end the old percent who scored that Newcastle one-up Michael who’s got the girl that Newcastle won at Suez it and everybody’s jumping on him banette says he’s not jumping up and it was it was just a click ball to the bat-boat and apps who’s just nicked in from from I’d say about four yards out and kept it low into the back of the net just seeing the replay now Stoke actually give the ball away in their own half trying to play a little ball around the corner and that’s was just loitering on the left wing Ritchie left-footed from the right hand side and ran to the back post brilliant ball brilliant ball and the ball is it Michael just steals in around the back at so like an inswinger and that’s who just I think it’s current zoom and that’s sleeping on the back boat and he just nips him behind him four yards out defending it right in it yeah it kind of mercy that the player be understand its own square ball watching it’s got in fact its barometer off the off the clock yeah it he’s at fault as well although he’s an attacking player you’d thought Zoomer could have helped him out right – what about Jack Butland what could he have done anything more there it’s one of those where you got to watch it all the way across because as players come in central of you and as you move towards the back pole should expect your players to have least tracked at least blocked the player and what doof didn’t do there was take old side of his man which he should have done that obviously protects the keeper and from that point blank range I think was only about one or two yards out but he actually puts the ball in my tummy reaches a so you can’t do anything about it yeah yeah so you know you’ve gone back to look cool thing that understanding between that unit of goalkeepers and defenders what you expect what you don’t expect that takes time to gel sometimes and you know going back to the Liverpool chuckling changing that the goalkeeper and black line is a unit that needs to be worked on as much as midfield and a forward unit that is the first goal in the Premier League for a Christian at SU as well that’s got a grand pole then who’s at Wembley for us for the late kickoff Tottenham and Swansea and grab what Chris was talking about was Salah going down there was her a shout for a Liverpool penalty afternoon mark it was it was it was a half-hearted appeal really I think Chris called it right which makes a nice change I think so I let the ball the ball went away from him too easily and he’s just gone over I’m a challenge from Tarkovsky definitely no penalty but nice to be here we joining Graham as an when I’m just gonna run through the championship scores for you because they’ve been a few goals of late no goals between Birmingham and Preston Brentford in their worst run of form for over ten years nine without a win but they’re leading reading at Griffin Park a Bristol City nil Darby nil Stephen warlock scholar the Pirelli means that Burton Albion at least Fulham a Cardiff in second against Sheffield Wednesday in sickness goalless the two relegated teams from last season meeting at the cake on James Vaughn’s first four son and how they need that Sunland struggling they’re leading at the cake on no goals of Portman Road at QPR with an early lead at Middlesbrough we’ve heard about that disallowed goal from Jules and a little bit of trouble afterwards at the new 10 Millwall the leaders Leeds nil nil at the City Ground Sheffield United going very well in third nil nil at Bramall Lane and part against Aston Villa is a tee-time kickoff michael newcastle mr.

great chance to make it to they did and it’s the left foot wand of Matt Ricci again from a corner in swing up much prefer in swingers I they they tend to create much more problems it’s literally landed on about four yards out the cells up there similar to his had her against Swansea last week he’s handed it down alright but he’s almost flick added it to the laughs them and it’s gone to the side of the post huge chance to double New Castle’s lead in Ligue 1 5 and 7 for Stefan Payne the leader Shrewsbury leading at Oldham shows with such an impressive start to the season for them and that’s the bottom two meeting at Vale Park and Port Vale lead by kolten ill Dan Turner right now what’s she carry up to now yeah it’s it’s another left-footed in swinging cross at will and it was definitely across Elliott’s out to back paddle in the Newcastle goal and tip it over because it was it was probably creeping into the far top corner so he’s flicked it out for a corner which yashi carry he’s so capable of that is and you can see him a bit like Robin does you know cuts into it on to his left he knew that what he wants to do yeah and an outswing being brought up just the ones that I don’t like Northampton under Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink leading at routes whole Leon Barnett with the goal their hips one up on mother well in a Scottish Premiership and it’s Bradford one rather a mill in league one as well busy start then to the three o’clock show back in a second.


July 22, 2020



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