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we’re back at zakharov stadium Alvordschool district in the city riverside for the high school football game of theweek this week we have Hillcrest and la sierra i’m Ghazala son that’s JeffGorham and we’re back in the river valley league Jeff it is the backyardbattle for the Bell I’ll tell you what this is a big one a lot on the linetonight it’s the rivalry they both have won two games apiece this is the fifthgame in this series last year won last year it’s a big one tonightHillcrest right now probably Jeff playing the best football in the cityand it’s real easy for them than I they can take care of all business they canbeat their rival la sierra avenging last year’s loss they can regain the backyard bell which is the symbol of this rivalry and they can win the rivervalley league with a victory tonight well i’ll tell you what they start offthe season playing some great great teams and that really got them ready forthis river valley league they are dominating right now at this point andi’ll tell you what they want to separate themselves they don’t want a five-waytie they want a single winner this year for the eagles of la sierra jeff theystarted off real well they won five of their first six they’ve taken it on thechin each of the last two weeks a combined score of 111 215 what can GaryHeadlands team do what do they need to do to get up off the mat and get backinto this fight well it was an awkward game last week it was lightning therewas hail there was rain this week they just need big plays they have a dynamicduo of picks and Thomas they could be big playmakers tonight all right it’s arivalry Friday in Week nine in the River Valley League before we get to thatthough we’ll go to the third member of our broadcast team that’s jr.

Riverahe’s standing by on the sideline little bit of a snack there we won’t quite getto jr.

Barra we’ll get to momentarily but good evening welcome to Zacharystadium ghazzal Hasan Jeff Gorham with you the aforementioned junior Riveradown on the sidelines our entire award-winning Riverside TV crew and Jeffhere it is no crest has the league title in its sights they win today they willbe River Valley League champions all alone yet remember last year one of themost bizarre events in Inland Empire history a five-way tie among the top ofthe River Valley League coach Brandon says enough is enough let’s take overand can do it here tonight anotherinteresting wrinkle was last year it was La Sierra pulling the upset in thebackyard battle for the Bell as they call it this is the fifth all-timemeeting between the two schools and La Sierra kind of after Hillcrest stumbledagainst patriot took advantage of that with the 2113 win yeah and if you lookover the years they’ve been blowout to except for last year was a closedballgame 21 to 30 nan alive this is electric tonight can’t wait to see thisgame here’s the kickoff and it’ll be Hillcrest fielding it the kickoff fromLa Sierra and getting some space and getting into the open space is the ballcarrier for Hillcrest who’ll traverse up into la Sierra territory so a huge playhere to start off this ballgame we talked to coach Brandon before the gamehe’s fired up isn’t he yeah coach Brent he’s really fired up and ready to gotonight and so are this or the Eagles I mean this is kind of you know a lastsigh for them they want to stay in the race for a playoff opportunity and theball will start at the 39 for Hillcrest first and 10 Cameron Payne having a verysuccessful campaign as the quarterback will take the snap as a sophomore he’llgive to Dominique clay clay will slide in between the tackles over the 35 tothe 34 five-yard gain on that play so we’re gonna see he’ll crest reallyworked that Smash Mouth football years he tests that defensive line of LaSierra second and five line is the 34 forHillcrest they are already in La Sierra territory starters for Hillcrest you geta look at that Dominique lay has really been a big difference for them in thegames he’s played he missed a couple of games early that offensive linemunos Thomas Maldonado Barajas and Walton coach Brendan was very effusivein his praise for them and how they’ve come together particularly in leagueplay five-yard Markoff against Hillcrest it’s second and 10 the option keeper bypain and pain will be spun down he got up look liked about the 32 is we’regonna mark them so it’ll be third and manageable this game is gonna bephysical not a lot of love loss here between these two teams but you know itjust separates by one by the freeway coach headland part of that coachingtree of can bat Dorf back here it nor do this tonight third down in to line toget is the 29 would be a big stand for the La Sierra defense if they can stopthe Trojans the pain swings it out of the backfield to clay he’ll have thefirst down he’ll get bought down over the 25 Julius Hicks back in the startinglineup for la Sierra makes the hit but about four yards on the play enough fora first down we saw Hicks out of the linebackerposition watch the big boys up front we’ll see some rotation Joey Alvarezback had missed some time with an injury and there’s a little miscommunicationbut clay will take it he’ll get inside the 25 bill about the 23 maybe a yard ortwo on the play for dominique clay you know one thing Hillcrest is gonna try todo is they’re gonna throw the ball a little short passes to those white outsand they’re gonna they really think they can makereally take care of that with the quickness on the outside versus lost theair tonight Brian Howard split out to the near side of the nearside Xavierbanks tight slot up top is Isaac Perez he’s the leading receiver and will get apenalty marched off second penalty already against Hillcrest another fiveyarder yeah both move with their on the line both penalties here need a littlenerves starting off here early cos all ball back to the 23 of La Sierra secondand nine Julius Hicks is a big return on defense for La Sierra Hicks Doradoinside Knoll and Torres outside the linebacking core a very important unitfor the Eagles take a look at the keys to the game as we have this little delaylossky are real important you got to bounce back from those last two lossesthey need to get the offense going poppy and Thomas are a big size part of thatand I got to match the physicality for Hillcrest really it comes down to numberthree they’re gonna win the league trust the process let it fly we had a nicetalk with John Brenda before and he kind of wants them to just cut loose tonightJeff cut loose get ready for CIF kind of finely tuned this machine that he hasgoing on offense from the 29 this is clay slashing right up the middlehe’ll lower the shoulder get maybe back to where they needed to get just outsidethe 15 to the 16 so it’ll be second in two coming up if clay can get runs likethat all night long feed the beast let him go right there that’s the success of thatoffense clay again turns the corner and he’ll be tackled inside of the ten thatwas Bryce poppy playing a little defense so another ten yards for clay getsinside the five to about the six clay if you watch the initial initiates the hithere I mean here his runs right over Christian Murillo Glen little fullbackbought him a little extra space with a block at the end of the run first andgoal from the 6 for Hillcrest here’s clay right up the middle and he he’s inhe lost the football no indicate that they indicated touchdown so he crossedthe ball broke the plane and then lost the football but the side judge alreadysignaling touchdown and it’s a touchdown Hillcrest for dominique clay a big run they’re powerful back and wesaw them early in the year versus Notre Dame and you know they played a verytough schedule and they had three losses right at the very beginning of the yearthey really seemed to be clicking on all cylinders offensively and defensively little Wildcat option they’re gonna gofor two and a false start coming up against Hillcrest that was Dominiquelayout of the Wildcats and other penalty three penalties for Hillcrest alreadythe drive Jeff seven plays 39 yards it took 239 keep in mind there were acouple of penalties that stalled them Dominique lay with five carries for 36yards on that drive and he caps it off with a six yard TD run looks like now they’re gonna kick it soGerardo will come in he’s 18 for 20 it’s up and it’s good and it’s seven tonothing Hillcrest and Hillcrest playing like a team Jeff that’s looking toclinch a league title yes they are and I’ll tell you what it’s been a share orit’s been nor two Vista for you know since the inception of the River ValleyLeague coach Branham tonight is looking to bounce back after you know thinkabout it we talked about their schedule they played Arlington which say theybarely won that first game you know beginning jitters but then they go andplay Notre Dame Grand Terrace and Kaiser and all three of those teams are allgonna be in the CIF playoffs this year then they start there they’re reallytheir run of Temescal Canyon they they hammer in order this to they get Ramonathey get Patriot they are just a juggernaut right now playing in thisleague their non league games they played all division seven division eightteams Hillcrest currently in Division ten so they played up for all of theirnon league play and that according to coach Brenda me for River Valley Leagueplay 7 nothing Hillcrest started off with about a modest two minute 39 secondtry they had a nice kick return to set that up and it’ll be a kick that will goout of bounds let’s see as Perez and Thomas were deep let’s see if coachheadland makes them Rica core take the ball at the 35 we’ve seen that a fewtimes this year or they’ve made him read kick remember the playoff game last yearagainst Arcadia John Brandon made Arcadia wreak a couple times it’s likethe Eagles are gonna go out on offense take over on the 35 yard lineso Gary headland the 4th year head coach of La Sierra 5 wins for Coach headlandthe most since he’s been at last year we’ll get a look at their startersJulius Hicks will also get it in the rotation and running back as wellAnthony Dorado Andre Thomas we talked about him mister electric and AdrianLopez sliding in at center for Joey Alvarado who may see some time he was agame-time decision here’s the reverse little razzle-dazzleand that’s Gaines being thrown down by Christian Murillo for Hillcrest a lossabout three yards on that play and last week we saw Lamar games havesome big plays in that lost to Ramona that crazy game that we had here inRiverside TV with the lightning and thunder and apparently there was a hailafter we left so a crazy night last week in Riverside a lot of games kind of weresuspended or halted or had to be replayed it was a really topsy-turvyweek 8 in the Inland Empire loss of 4 officially from the 31 of La Sierrasecond and 14 for the Eagles poppy the lefty he’ll swing it out and Hicksseeing his first action in three weeks couldn’t hold that oneincomplete brings up third down a nice play there just may be getting a littlerust off he hadn’t played in three weeks we’ve had the Eagles for the last threeweeks too so it’s I’m looking forward to seeing mr.


July 22, 2020



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