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so mark this is the famous smash you’ve been telling us about for a while now yeah I’ve been here a handful of times every time I learn something new I played some ping pong the last time I was out here it was the new menu and now

we’re talking about the new NFL season and how you can experience the game so let’s go meet up with my friend Joel the general manager learn all about it the NFL ticket means we got all the games that are coming on Sunday and it’s it’s really heavy so

we’re have it all afternoon we’ll have it into the night and our experience here with the NFL as well just having a ticket we’re also gonna up the money night games we’re gonna Thursday night games and then we’ve got the college ticket as well so the college games

so we have a Friday Saturday I mean all the fans anything you don’t want we have all the TVs you can you know see around this building we’re gonna have great food which is gonna be really incredible a lot a lot of apps to offer it’s gonna be

happy hour all night so come down and enjoy we got plenty activity for halftime so what really comes down to is we got ping pong which is you know one of my favorites and then we’re just started a whole new program which is a beer pong so and

we also do those events on Monday night where we have some competition with the tournaments but football ping pong at smash or just the beginning they offer amazing dishes with so much variety that even the pickiest eaters will find something they’ll love and it all starts with the

happy hour specials get wings I’m gonna showcase someone at me will have some wings a little bit later and then some nachos and then we got big pretzels favorite variant pretzels great food real value if you’re looking for a sit-down dinner option they also have you covered we

have Southwest slime chicken we got Walter salmon dishes pasta dishes all great stuff and that incredible bar they keep it stocked with just about every spirit known to man including a few local brands yeah we definitely use carve and which is right out of Jacksonville and oh especially

a lot of our beers and everything are local as well you know big push what we’re trying to do now sure what you want to drink let the bartender’s that smash whip you up a specialty cocktail just for you craft cocktails is uh you know that’s it’s a

new rage yeah you know what I mean it’s not just mixing couple drinks it’s almost like you’re cooking back there so you’re muddling uh different ingredients and throwing them together and it’s great mixes we got whether you’re trying to find a new spot to watch the game or

place to hang out with your friends and family you are sure to find an incredible deal at smash not really anybody can beat us you know especially in this area right here you know when it comes down to you know happy hour and you know you can’t you

know like we got two four ones and you know five dollar apps and you know the portion sizes are really great so you know do you really feel the value from that I want to make sure I’ve got it right so these are five dollar appetizers yeah we

end the two-for-one on the beer two-for-one on the beer we got the toll right here can’t beat these deals and we’re even doing buckets you know four six six beers in a buck is 15 dollars $10 pitchers unreal Wow and then NFL take it with that so every

game you could watch no matter what I game that you’re rooting for oh yeah we’ll have it all over every spring yep yeah football as well college football as well okay all right it’s gonna be football every day this week smash Jack’s calm for more information and I

will crunch to that and I will cheer us it out and I will also choose to that


July 22, 2020



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