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every city live happy Friday boy I tell you it feels good to be back on a routine obviously the hurricane it came and it didn’t affect too many people here you know which is great you know our thoughts and prayers everybody knows affected by it in the Bahamas

and really anywhere else even south of here in the North Carolina South Carolina so we still have to do swing good buds out and then I know the kids went back to school today so I know a lot of a lot of parents were like yeah we you

can’t stay here everyone out just get a lot of kudos to everybody not just here at News for Jax but a big shout out to everybody in the media because there were a lot of hours put in I mean we did our share but there are some people

that did double and triple what we were able to do and then you know I think just all around in general from the EOC to you know this happens every every time we were the next day thanking everybody but our news for Jack’s team man Wow yeah and

you know just another reminder just be careful because it’s not over yet we still have you know almost two months left of hurricane season and there’s already things developing off you don’t know if it’s gonna be here now it’s so just keep an active eye and let’s get

into a routine all right so I’m excited because the routine is football yeah so it kicked off celebrating 100 years last night and I think they threw it back to what the game was like one of the most boring games I’ve ever seen in my life it was

10 to 3 not a lot of offense and but anyway I know fellas here everybody can see the Jags taking on the Chiefs on Sunday so I’m excited about that and one of the things that I feel like it’s a trend a lot of starters didn’t play in

the preseason cuz no one wants to get hurt and I feel like that hurts offensive teams a lot which is very favorable for the Jags I feel like well I was actually having this conversation this morning and I said you know I had some Intel this isn’t true

by the way what I’m about to tell you I said I asked them Intel that that in practices you know falls in the line just looked so amazing that they didn’t want to put him in pre get you know in preseason because they didn’t want ever you know

a huge secret and we are about to unleash it big time on the cheap let me tell you the Intel is the fact that gets paid so much money and they don’t want to get him/her that’s the exact but if you want the real facts the truth of

the matter we do try to bring you that all the time on the Mark Brunell show which i think is a worth noting that this week we’re going to be having the Mark Brunell show on Tuesday as opposed to Monday because we have a couple of games on

Monday night so we’re gonna wait and bring it to you from sneakers on Tuesday night a couple of changes this season one of which is our all jagd up contest you know used to be every every Monday night you come out Tuesday this week every Monday night you’d

come out to sneakers and if your table was the most jacked up we would pick up your tab this time around we’re asking you to actually send in photos or videos or things that show you all season long or even in the offseason where you’re really showing your

Jags colors and then we’ll invite you to one of our shows and pick up your tab I like that we are putting it up front opening it up give you the email address but we’ve already been receiving photos videos I think we have some that we’re going to

show you right now and one of them was a photo of this little this little guy all jacked up and then again I did save videos you can send us a video to here’s a little bit some buddies hi so here’s what’s gonna happen you email us at

Mark Brunell show at WJXT calm again Mark Brunell show at WJXT calm and then at the start of every Mark Brunell show we’ll show you a couple of options and we’ll let you go online and you’ll vote for the winner so that’s how it’s going to work so


July 22, 2020



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