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our CC in San Bernardino Valley firstplayed football against each other in 1926 in 1948 the Topeka Atchison andSanta Fe Raylan donated the bounty for this rivalry the victreebelwhich is resided in Riverside since 1996 coming up next on Riverside TV the 74thedition of this cross county showdown welcome to Wheelock Stadium folks myname is Gazala son here’s Jeff warm alongside it is RCC against SanBernardino Valley College some JC gridiron action here in the City ofRiverside let’s start with the Tigers the home team from RCC over the yearsTom craft very renowned for his offense they’re very prolific to score a lot ofpoints last week however they had to gut out a defensive win on the road againstFullerton College well when you’re 91 and 15 in 10 years and you can dictatethe way you want to play the game if they want to slow it down they’ll slowit down if they want to score they can do bothmoving over to San Bernardino Valley College their offense over the first twogames has been prolific to say the least a thousand yards already passing forJeremy mosa he’s already thrown for 11 touchdowns that offense is clickingpretty well into Jeff well I’ll tell you what when you score 131 points in twogames something’s definitely clicking they scored 80 80 points two weeks agothis is unheard of and it’s and it’s gonna be fun tonight to say the leastthese two teams played last year it was a 77 35 RCC win and to be fair RCC isthe more established program but Daniel L GaN is the head coach at SanBernardino Valley he brings a Moneyball approach tofootball any way they can pull the upset tonight Jeff I think they can if theydecide to go all out and just run run run score score score they have anopportunity the problem is RCC’s defense can tightenup at any given instant it’s the Tigers and the Wolverines in the battle for theBell now we’ll kick it to the third member of our broadcast team keptFernandez standing by hey guys big news big news coming out of RCC with theTigers climbing all the way to number one in the state also number one in thenation include the clue from the JC gridiron poll also big news for SanBernardino Valley College a perfect to know to start the season as is theTigers but San Bernardino Valley College two winsaveraging about 65 points per game in their first two and Jeff I know a littlebit later in the show you want me to tell the story of the Indio firedepartment and I will share that story because these are two teams that canscore a lot of points it should be a good one Pete the Tigers and theWolverines both be perfect to know again that target on the Tigers back largerthan ever now with that number one ranking in the entire land goes all Jeffback to you guys Carson Reed will tee it up for RCC KobeStribling back deep with mantra more – no Tigers number one in the nationagainst San Bernardino night teeth in the current California coach’s poll andCarson Reed will put it into the end zone it’ll be a touchback and SanBernadino will start first in ten and we talked about him in the open Jeff Jeremymosa their quarterback he is an Eastvale Roosevelt product played for Tommy leachprolific is almost an understatement I’ll tell you what anytime you throwover a thousand yards in two games that means you’re averaging 500 yards a gamejust put that in perspective a great quarterback put that the University ofHawaii transferred back and I’ll tell you what he has this offense going onall cylinders the big boys up front for Daniel all got us on the WolverinesFredrik oak Perugia on the left tackle Matthew shot on the left guard Corybutcher at Center Oscar Figueroa the right guard an intriguing player atright tackle trae Edwards 6-foot 11 from Arlington Texas he is a formerbasketball player Kevon Johnson Don’s a Nolan the wide receivers along withAaron Howard Kade really the tight end Darryl Turner Jr will be the tailback tostart it off and they’ll start off with the empty set will San Bernardino Valleyfirst in 10 line is the 25 mosa down the field trying to stretch it incomplete intended receiver on the play you knowwe don’t of course don’t have a number 6 I’ll tell you what thoughMusa almost got away with one right there through just a little bit outsidebut there was nobody behind that receiver play-action here comes thepressure ball deflected and falls incomplete dangerous past Cade reallythe intended target for San Bernardino Valley College a number 6 is ColeSchroeder out of chaparral gotta say it like pep chaperone empty set fivereceivers in the formation third and ten from the 25 for Jeremy Musa steps up in the pocket here comespressure puts a little bit of air under it and it’s going to be interceptedpicked off by Ray Estes Estes weaving past the 35 gets to the outside got aconvoy he’ll cut back in touchdown Tigers flag on the play go out to sortthat out afterwards Tyler Kinslow in there with a late blockto spring Estes to the end zone so a pick six to start the game and let’s seewhat the officials have to say yeah have you watched Musa Musa looked a littlerushed back when he let go of the ball looked like he might have been tippedcuz it looked like somebody was duck hunting out there that ball was in Doverin let’s see on the replay I think somebody hit his arm and it wasjust a bad toss there a caucus of officials and we’ll get another look atthe pic and Estes now all of a sudden he just becomes a wide receiver gets to theoutside and that block late by Kinslow Springs him into the end zone the flagcame in late so take the six points off the boardthere were two fouls on the play one was on San Bernardino and one was onRiverside Riverside we’ll keep the ball and have it first intense so no pick sixbut the interception will stand and so the first turnover though Jeff by SanBernardino and they really needed to play a clean game especially earlyagainst Riverside you don’t want to let the Tigers dig in if you’re Daniel wellgoddess and the Wolverines you want to get off to a good startyeah and I’ll tell you what even though that six points didn’t count that’sstill everybody on that sideline knew it was a touchdown that could be reallytough especially the first series but coach how God is probably is telling hisquarterback hey look you’ve thrown for a thousand yards this isn’t a big deal andit’s a snake bite that’s a snake bite series this evening get out of the wayso line is the sixteen first and tenth we got our first look at MikeIrwin Irwin the Safa more from Lake Oswego Oregon was a University of Oregonplayer and now he’s playing here for Tom craft at RCC here’s the give moving tothe right side is Griffin trying to cut back up between the tackles and he goesdown at about the 15 yard line some extracurricular activity there he’shustling there with Daniel miles so about 1 yard on the play and Mike IrwinI’ll tell you what watching him play the first the first game of the season he’svery mobile you know they went with two quarterbacks he and barlas barlas moreof a pocket passer but erlin kind of a Tim Tebow ask ty Kennedy the top of yourscreen option good play fer win’ is taken down Mike STV makes the play themiddle linebacker for San Bernardino Valley and that’s where they’re gonna use himthey’re gonna use him on a lot of RPO stuff here because he is so physical andrun tight and running back at times but stop they’re great defensive effortthere by the Wolverines Ty Kennedy split out to the far side rolling rightIrwin looking complete the underneath completion to the running back Griffiththe flag comes in so we’ll sort that all out on the third and eighth play on theseason red zone wise RCC 78% seven of nine but five of nine on touchdowns sosecond flag of the game Oh technically third flag of the game already the firsttwo penalties one was declined and will get pass interference offensive passinterference so coach L goddess will have the penaltymarked off and let them go again on third down back it up to the 29 yardline of San Bernardino and the one thing we didn’t see from Irwin the first timewe were on Riverside TVs he didn’t throw a long ball we saw a barrage come inthrow a couple deep passes we didn’t see a whole lot of arwen testing thesecondary through a lot of tunnel screen passes and really looked to get to theoutside because they do have explosive seats speed on both sides of all GiovaniSanders will now go to the far slot split out to the far side his Ty Kennedyto the near side is Isaiah Leaf and a timeout called by RCC so when I talkedto Tom craft earlier this week he obviously wasn’t particularly happy withthe offense he felt the defense and the special teams carried them last weekagainst Fullerton College of course Fullerton pretty good team they’realways ranked they’re ranked this year as well RCC went and got their first winover Fullerton since 2014 and early on the defense makes a big play he was kindof on the defensive backs too he felt they weren’t good in terms of playingthe ball last week last as I thought played the ball well on the pick and nowthe offense stalls a little bit penalties were an issue last week forRCC 13 penalty he’s a couple of the falsestart varietythis wasn’t a false start but obviously the passenger fear in himand that was the problem gets a low Caminos you know they did put a lot ofpoints on the board I believe they put up double nickel 55 but they did have somany penalties in that ballgame and in fact two touchdowns called back it couldhave been a much better game for the Tigers to buy to that’s ty Kennedy toextreme top of the screen third down play finds a spot in the zone it’scomplete inside the 15 back to the original line of scrimmage thecompletion incomplete Isiah leaf with the reception I’ll tell you what give alot of credit to Donnie long he’s watching her in the replay hereoffensive lineman really holding that d given her win a lot of chance to throwthe football 29 yarder San Bernadino took a timeout Jeff cuz they had toomany men on the field there was a man running off the field you may have heardthe coach in the background special teams coach for RCC yelling them towailing to his team to hike the football yeah would have got a much opportunityto possibly go on fourth down it would have given him fourth and one fourth andmaybe two you got to be smart if you’re a long snapper you got to know thosethings tom craft said special teams won it forus last week they blocked two kicks they had a big loss on a fake punt byFullerton and he said Carson Reed who was the punter and the kickoff man mighthave been our MVP last week that’s that’s always something when here yourkicker is your MVP got a count on those guys because like I said they win ballgames for you Zach cyrillus on to try the field goal he’s got a long of 33this year two of three on field goals eight of eight for P ATShe is from Norco high school great kicking tradition at Norco high schoolyou and I called several of his games he’s amazing kicker has the distance and has the accuracyit’s three to nothing I think our CC at 12:25 to play in the first quarterremember Lukas Harvick was the previous kicker before surveillance he’s now atArizona Zach was the kicker after Lucas harv a second he’s pretty good too hehad a big year last year as well yeah I’ll tell you what there’s always been atradition of kickers here we’re going back all the way to the 70s Frank Corralyou know play for the Los Angeles Rams but at UCLA’s first two years here hewas he was an all-american he never played he was a soccer guy and highschool Quentin ordered this that came out here started kicking the footballwas the leading scorer in the NFL Schroeder and Stribling back to receiveagain in the aforementioned Carson read we’ll kick it away three to nothing RCC12 25 to play first quarter gazelle Hassan Jeff Gorham with you pep fernandais down along the sidelines number one ranked Tigers of RCC against SanBernardino the battle for the Bell here’s Schroder got some room gets ablock but now he’ll be tackled first man to him from RCC was Nathan Bolton thisdamira to product and more flags you know you were talking about you knowbefore the game we’re got the band back together what band would we be I have agood one for you gonna enjoy this I’d say the cars but you know they justhad a try don’t say that we’re like the Jonas Brothers Bopno that was somebody else right we have better hair we do have much better hair so the personal foul will be assessedagainst the Wolverines and the ball will go back to the 14 yard line San Bernardino has struggled withpenalties – they’ve been penalized 23 times over the first two games and I’mwondering looking at the numbers that might just be a CCC AAA thing as opposedto either one of these teams I guess they call a lot of fouls at this levelyes they do that you know Pep calls a lot of the San Marino Valley games andhe says I was there for four and a half hours penalties mosa brings them to the line ofscrimmage first and 10 from the 14 here’s the give scootering to theoutside is Darryl Turner Jr he’ll get back to the line of scrimmage no gain onthe play second and 10 for San Bernadino movie Turner Jr again trying to get theedge and he won’t getting in there and tripping him up for RCC khylin Ross Rossfrom Calabasas played his high school ball for Chris Claiborne yeah North kidmosa what a smooth motion there one on one incomplete intended target on theplay was Eric wells the Pacific High School product San Bernardino product hewas covered on the play by Kyle and Ross fourth down and San Bernadino now willhave to punt the ball we’re gonna look our first look at Ben Falk citrusvillekid Falk line drive kick feel that about the47 and like you said penalties everywhereSean door so on the return for our sea scene will need to sort this out again I believe they’re probably gonna call apersonal foul or a targeting I thought it was a pretty clean his we’re gonnasee here on the replay I mean it is a monster hit still back it out I’ll tell you whatthat’s probably harder to call it full speed than watching it on a replayvideos exactly they’re gonna mark it back what they call targeting their15-yard 15-yard Markoff so our CC will begin on the tiger 40-yard line 60 yardsto traverse with 11:15 to play here in the first quarter keep in mind whenthese two teams played last year the score at the end of the first quarterJeff was 35 21 right quarter holy smokes so here’s urlan thrown to the outsidesanders runs past the tackle gets over midfield and then he’s knocked downthey’re combining on the hit jaden row our first look at him the product fromNotre Dame high score in Riverside also when on the hit withshaylen Lewis from Rubidoux first down to the 47 of San Bernadino erlin littletoe tap under throws Elijah Bennett out of the backfield incomplete secondintent Bennett a Claremont High School product Tom Crabb did say running backby committee today a lot of guys will get a shot here’s the throw here’s thecompletion to ruts lap ruts not with a straight arm and now they’ll say hestepped out of bounds at about the 35 yard line it’ll still be good enough forthe first down ruts left his sixth completion on theyear the freshman from Centennial High the evil empire was a big-time targetfor the National Player of the Year two years ago Tanner McKee who was going tobe playing football next year and it’s Stanford as he’s finishing off hisMormon mission second and ten play-actionruts laugh again now he’ll have the first down a flag comes in and they’llhave to wrestle him out of bounds at about the 20 yard line so a 15 yardpickup to straight completions to ruts laughs but let’s see what the flag isabout Tom craft right there in front of the white hat hands on his hips kind ofsteering out of what’s about to transpire it looks like it’s gonna getmarched off against the Tigers so to go back to the 40-yard lineillegal man down the field we call our CC Jeff comes in averaging 35 and a halfpoints a game in 338 and a half yards per game about a two-to-one split inyardage 115 yards a game on the ground 223 through the air so tile Kennedy tothe top of the screen ruts left at the bottom of the screen two by two goes ourCC there comes pressure Berlin’s got a little bit of time thoughcompletes it to Giovanni Sanders Sanders tackle just outside the 30-yard linemaking the play for San Bernardino Valley Claudette another product of bothJohn W North and Riverside poly high school a lot of local talent on bothsides Jeffrey and and that’s what Daniel goddess has brought to San Bernadinovalleys he’s brought he’s come into the Inland Empire and taken a lot of thesekids that normally wouldn’t have played to Sammartino Erlin complete Tourette’slaugh inside the 30 and claw dental dosey doe him out of Bounce of the 25I’m talking about coach el goddess he’s one of those guys he’s he’s aRenaissance man he’s a magician he can he can do the Rubik’s Cube in like lessthan a minute he’s a musical guy he’s just one of those guys that can hang outwith any crowd he’s one you know he was a quarterback guru at mount sac pulls abackup quarterback at UCLA just a solid guy and I can see why he’s a dynamicpersonality bring guys over Sammartino another penalty will be marched offagainst RCC and this was again was an issue 13 penalties last week and youknow Tom craft has been around a block it’s not his first rodeo and he told methe issue he had was the penalties the offensive line I don’t need my offensivelineman getting penalties and starting us in negative situations second and 13from the 38 for RCC orwen loads it up Rhett’s laughs again on the slant routeto the 30-yard line breaks the tackle gets to the outside bumped out of boundsinside the 5-yard line making the tackle Jaden Roe for San Bernardino Valley andit’ll be first and goal for the Tigers there was a big time missed tackle therest laughs showing his strength and away from their just spun off and ranoff for a great run there under ten minutes to play first quarter alreadythree to nothing RCC Tyler Kennedy split out to the far side tight set on thenear side here’s the gifts tumbling down is Cameron balsleycostly the freshman from Kylene Texas Schumacher high school you know and youtalked about that running back by committee against El Camino they usedeight different running backs in that game three yard pickup it’s second andgoal from the – Irwin option touchdown Irwin now Jeff he has all three rushingtouchdowns for RCC a drive started back at the 40 yard line of the Tigers theyTraverse 60 yards to make the score two minutes 35 seconds on the drive andthat’s why he’s so dangerous is he strong he can run and very physicalquarterback p8t right through the middle of the uprights to make it a tenthnothing lead for RCC and you know we talked about it beforethe game Riverside as long as Tom Kraft is here has never really had an issuemoving the football but he’s a coach and he really wants to be able to run theball as much as he wants to throw the ball and I think it’s gonna be acontrast if Styles tonight I mean they’ve come out and they’ve thrown theball right slap with a couple of nice plays been a nice completion of Sandersbut given the choice I think Tom craft probably more inclined to play ballcontrol the Daniel got us we have something down on the sidelines from PepFernandez hey guys I saw an interesting stat not too long ago that 1/8 of allthe quarterbacks who are starting in the NFL right now played junior collegefootball her when engineering 10 early points here for RCC he will give way toJacob Arledge at some points and on the flip live flip flies for SBB see we’vegot Jeremy Musa at a Roosevelt High School in nearby Eastvale so we’ve gotthree great quarterbacks and just because they’re playing at the JC levelthey’re still playing at a very high caliber these are division 1 collegeguys playing here at Wheelock Stadium tonight but a 10-zip lead for the Tigersand thanks to Mike Erwin and showing off his legs and through the air AaronRodgers Cam Newton Garrett min Shaw who’s the fourth I don’t know who thefourth one is JC quarterbacks in the NFL I have no idea top my head so 10 nothingRCC with 839 to play in the first quarter good tidbit Pat it’s like we’redoing a reunion show Stribling backing up and another touch back carson Reed wementioned coach Coach Kraft said he was their MVP last week ten pots five wentinside the 20 they really played the field position game well againstFullerton so far tonight the field position game very much in the favor ofRCC yeah if you have a punter they can be that that deadly and to spot exactlywhere he wants you can really dictate the tempo and the game Deon’s a Nolanjunior to the near side Kevin Johnson split out far for San Bernardino Valleylone men in the backfield Darryl Turner Juniorfirst and 10 line the 25 double stack formation now mosa has time lofts itover the middle and it’s going to be in intercepted Isaiah Powell Powell withthe acrobatic interception right in the middle of the field second turnover bySan Bernardino Valley very unlike Jeremy Musa throw a couple picks so quickly andreally not great passes but you got it you got to credit the defense of RCCgiving him a little rush in there rushing him to throw the football andthat secondary right there very athletic very quick and very alert Powell Powellthe free safety had six tackles last week he’s from Oceanside high schooldown in San Diego of course the alma mater of the late junior sail NFL Hallof Famer from midfield Irwin throws the slant it’s complete relentless whitener makes the catch andthere’s a penalty flag white nerd the freshman from Arcadia High School Ibelieve they’re gonna say roughing the passer they’ll tack that on to the end of theplay and the ball will move all the way of the San Bernadino 27 yard line so wementioned a couple of moments ago the the field the field position game andthe field position game very much so far over the first seven minutes of thisgame Jeff in favor of the Tigers yeah they’ve really owned this game so farand they put a lot of pressure on Moosa to really kind of come out and do histhing that could hurt a lot on him because football you gotta haveconfidence right now and a whole lot not going well for the Wolverines white nerdto the near side Sanders nearest lot hi Kennedy split out to the far side Lorantin the far slot for RC C first and ten from the 27 looking for whitenerone-on-one with Claude dent incomplete little hand fighting going on at the endthere dint very physical with whitener whitener 165 debt goes about 160 soevenly matched and it’ll bring up second intent yeah like Irwin two going deep tothe end zone to the corner to the end zone good pass the first time we’ve seenhim aired out tonight we’ll also see Daniel barrage I’m interested to seeDaniel barrage as well the young freshman from Valley View for RCC theTigers up 10 to nothing number one team in the nation second and ten from the 27evades the pressure Sanders just dropped itincomplete third and 10 so giovanni sanders who played at Murrieta Mesa lastyear came in having two touchdowns averaging nearly fourteen yards a catchdrops that one and it’s a third down situation for RCC coming into the gameJeff RCC was at 30.


July 22, 2020



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