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the Community Police Review Commissionwas created to promote public confidence in the professionalism andaccountability of the City of Riverside Police Department the Commissionconsists of an all civilian panel of members from across the citythe Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all policerelations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deathsreceiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against swornRiverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing communityconcerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department if you’reinterested in learning more about how you can serve or for information on theCommission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C welcome to the Riverside TV game of theweek on what is a terrific matchup at Husky Stadium on the campus of JW NorthHigh School I’m Nick rice that’s Jeff Gorham gerra bar will bejoining us on the sidelines momentarily for what might not just be the game ofthe week but maybe the game of the year between the Huskies and the Coyotestonight these are the two top teams in the Inland Valley League and most likelythe league champion will come out of this matchup tonight and with JW Northjust one loss on the season here at home with the league title up for grabs thisis a huge one for them tonight oh this is huge I’ll tell you what this this isthe the dawn of a new era this is the Dennis Brown era everywhere he’s gonehe’s won he won at Pauley he’s won here and I’ll tell you what he has everybodyin his corner he’s got a great running back he’s got a great defensive schemesthey are ready they are looking for a league championship and it has to gothrough Orange Vista well JW North has been a winning program but they’researching for their first league title since 2012 a big reason why they haven’twon the conference title has been the team they’re up against tonight OrangeVista they’re usually a run heavy offense but this year they have somebalance on that side of the football well tell you what they have athletes onboth sides of the ball they have two pac-12 commits they’ve got a very greatyoung quarterback and they’ve got two phenomenal coaches in the zom– allbrothers and they have a state championship and many CIF championshipsin their name this will be another one I’ll tell you another great game here onRiverside TV in fact I circled this game at the start of the season and this isthe one I’ve looked forward to all season long well I probably circled itbefore you because we thought coming in this might be the game of the year forthese two teams and as of right now it appears that it indeed is the game forthese two for the 2019 season Orange Vista comes in 6 and 2 JW North 7 & 1both undefeated in the league and have a shot for the conference crown it appearsthat will come out of tonight’s game orange Vista and JW North is coming upnext on the Riverside TV game of the week from Husky Stadium on the campus of JWNorth High School we bring you the Riverside TV game of the week and forthese two teams the game of the year between the Huskies and the Coyotes formore of this integral matchup we sent it down to the third member of our crew injunior a Borah well guys as you’ve alluded to there are some bigimplications for a league title tonight as both of these squads coming with aperfect three I know standings in Inland Valley League play and it’s going to bea family affair if you will here for JW North with the McCawley brothers sueMcCauley at the running back position has they had a very impressive seasonwith 628 yards I was kind of expecting a little bit more out of them this yearbut he does have eight rushing touchdowns and every time he touches thefootball he gains about seven yards per carryit’s his older brother patellae on defense he has over forty eight tacklesalong with four and a half sacks then it’s the junior brother Sammy seehe has 22 tackles along with one sack on the season now when you look on the flipside to Orange Vista it’s kind of three biblical names with Elijah and Isaiahthat it’s going to be storing for tonight first off it’s Elijah Robinsonthe quarterback with a thousand yards on the season along with 14 touchdowns nowwe were expecting Elijah banks at the running back position but it looks likeChris banks his brother is gonna fill in here for the first part called thisfirst quarter and at the wide receiver position it will be Isaiah Jones 353yards has had several touchdowns he’s the usual go-to man for Robinson so wehave a great matchup between two teams that are looking for a league titletonight so let’s tee it up let’s play some footballthanks jr.

Taryn Shive did tee it up and on the return for orange vistas IsaiahJones and he is buried at the 21 yard line and a fitting way to begin whatappears to be the conference championship game for the regular seasonnow there is a potential way for the champion to not come out of thisconference but the winner is for know in the league and for these two teams theyapproved to be the top two teams of the conferenceso far this season yeah both teams are tops in the conference seven and one forthe Huskies of North their only loss came on this field to a Trinity leagueteam Servite who’s a very good team and orange VISTA with their two losses twohighly ranked teams in fact one to allamani who they lost to last year whois ranked number one and one CIF they are looking to redeem themselves andlooking for a league championship as well well orgs Vista they as JR abaraalluded to are working without their lead Bell cow running back in numberthree Elijah banks his brother according to head coach Gregg so malts AwardsVista is the fastest player on the team and he received his first carry of theseason and he was drilled right away by number 21 JW North’s Alonzo Elliot’s his23rd stop of the season well these two teams as we look at the comparison theCoyotes and the Huskies are two of the terrific clubs out of this conferenceI’d like to look at the bottom ticker yards per carry and Jeff these two teamscan run the football yeah and the azole mall brothers have notoriously ran thefootball when their their days at citrus hill fact they want to statechampionship I don’t believe they ever threw the ball in the entire time theyread citrus Hill but they have a quarterback and that quarterback canthrow the football which makes it very dangerous when you have a great runninggame and you court a young quarterback that can change up the game the coyotesignal caller is a sophomore who forced the senior for this coming year to quitthe team he was the full-time starter in 2018 Elijah Robinson steps in as thenumber one quarterback of Orange Vista and has thrown a league-high 14touchdown passes and a conference filled with premier tile high levelquarterbacks including a couple of guys who are getting looked on in collegiateprograms Robinson tosses on a third down to Chris Banks who cuts inside and isdrilled two short of the 30-yard line the stop from naheem hoxsey as seniorbacker makes the stop about three yards short of an orange Vista first downwe’ve seen naheem Hoxie several times over the fewyears here with Riverside TV a great player very good athlete fact part ofthe hoxsey family that’s been around forever at John W North High School Itell you what I’ve been around 48 years I think there’s always been a hawk seeit and it seems there’s always been conference championship implications aswell at JW North High School and they came within a loss to this club lastyear did the Huskies of winning the league a season ago but still finishedwith yet another playoff berth it’s a punt for orange Vista first punt of theball game for the Coyotes and Wilson he sends it end-over-end that ball soarsinside the 25 yard line and his track short of the 20 and the Huskies willbring their offense on the field led by one of the top running games and all theinlet valley second and run yards second and scoring the Huskies led by vanassamika la just a sophomore tailback is starting for the huskies tonight welllast year he was a human highlight film this year had a little bit injuriesdealt with an injury bug but talking to the coaches he is ready to go health isgood and we’re gonna see a great running back tonight in fact my favorite lastyear watching him play he is lined up as number 34 JW North five-foot-eight 200pounds and for his career he is averaging just under eight yards a runhe jumped early there is a flag thrown late as Rayford the quarterback of JWNorth hops on the ball this could be a false start on Benassi omeka la hisnumbers are just ridiculous by Jeff Gorham Benassi Omega la over his careernearly eight yards a run two short of 2000 all purpose yards and 15 totaltouchdowns hey and I’ll tell you what he was phenomenal as a freshman a lot ofguys are starting to key on him but now under Dennis Browns regime like we saidhe’s got other guys he’s got playmakers that’s something he didn’t have lastyear and they had to rely a lot on Benassi omeka a la this year it’s bycommittee and also throughout the game it appearswe’ll have some scores from other games heritage up six nothing early and whatit is another integral riverside affair Rayford with a short drop rolls to hisright with the straight arm unloads down failed leaping catched by Harold Hendrixthe junior tight end makes the catch the officials appear to rule thatincomplete Hendrix a 6-foot to target he leaps in the air and nearly made whatwould have been a circus reception let’s see if that was the right call I thoughthe might have stayed inbounds but there’s the frayhe should that should have been a catch looks like that’s NFL rules two feetdown let alone high school rules our officials for tonight’s affair willWilliamson Dan Carranza Robert Bailey Dennis let’s our rats and Pete’s salcedodid you say will Williamson him and vanassa omega la two favorite names forthis football team as after the short yardage run JW north will be faced witha fourth and appears to be about 14 to go as both clubs begin the game with thethree and out I’m talking about those making a la Brothers two of them thedefensive players patellae they played for citrus hill last year and for thatcoach across the way Erica so mall who is now the assistant head coach over atorange Vista with his brother Greg also another former citrus hill coach thepunch sores downfield and orange vistas Isaiah Jones retrieves it on a bounceacross the 40 yard line flag has been thrown as he spins to the 50 and Joneshas then hammered out of bounds by Ellen Davis after return of 17 yards theycrashed Jeff gourmand the sideline junior Ibarra early first quarterbetween two clubs undefeated in the lead come again JW North seven and onewinners of six in a row against orange Vista who come into Riverside winners of4-straight including a 50 to nothing thumping of the Paris Panthers at aleague affair last week that game was over by about the first kickoff they led32 nothing in the first quarter Robinsonthrough a season-high five touchdown passes and their quarterback trots backon the field as a sophomore who seems to be improving every single week forOrange Vista this season and his head coach Greg so moths had mentioned if itweren’t for some of the pick sixes he thrown this club could be undefeatedwith how great he has been throwing the football the toss the banks goes nowherehe is hammered by submit get LA it’s his 23rd stop and that was with authoritythere’s a look at the big man who makes the big time first down tackle I’mlooking more at his flow look at that hair sticking out the back and leavinghis powerful hit Pam took him down yeah the former Citrus Hills startransferred over this season to play with him he’s a little brother and thismay be one of the first times Orange Vista matches up against the defensiveline with that size especially Mickey la that is something to watch in tonight’sgame second down and 11 after the tackle for loss for Mikki la banks on thestraight-ahead run he is smothered yet again Nayeem hawks he makes the play fora 1-yard loss look at hockey who was so quick off the ball there both teamsreally look fired up and ready to play then it’s gonna be a defensive battle aswe see here early and that what it could come down to is the defense we’re not wemight not see a high-scoring affair here can you imagine that the last coupleweeks we’ve seen 5060 I want to see a grind it out tough football game for aleague championship more you have it right here tonight these teams rankedone-and two-and yards allowed points allowed and takeaways that tells youjust how balanced they have been this season Robinson fires at in brakingroute towards Michael Yin it’s over his head and on third down the Coyotes aredenied yet again pass was overthrown looks like it was a miscommunicationbetween quarterback and running the route maybe in non-conference action butwe’ve got a league title on the line tonight can ill afford to have thosemiscues and back were you and when you were acoach Jeff there was never any miss skews for your Bunch he kidding me I wasmister miss ki he had mr.


July 22, 2020



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