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they’re coming home they’re coming homeEngland’s coming home Oh dear me what a pity what a shame Ican’t believe it I really can’t believe it England are out of the World Cup how can this be realitywe were so certain we were so sure that we were going to win how can this bereality I really don’t know it’s not fair I tell you hi everybodythis is mr.

Duncan in England England yes how are you today are you okayI hope so are you happy I hope so here we go again it is Wednesday nightlate and live and it’s mr.

Duncan that’s me live on YouTube we are here live islive can be yes of course tonight I’m sure you were watchingI was watching mr.

Steve was watching we were all getting so excited becauseafter five minutes England scored a goal and then in the second half it all wentto pieces what a shame so that’s it it looks as if the dream isover for this year so on Sunday the final the World Cup final will bebetween France and Croatia no England unfortunately isn’t that a shame I can’tbelieve it already I’m getting lots of lovely messages from people saying ohI’m sorry mr.

Duncan so sorry that England lost I had so many thingsplanned tonight and I’ve had to scrap all of them I had a lovely England flagon the screen behind me but that’s gone now I had my pizza ready to eat mycelebration Pete sir that is now sitting in front of me cold I don’t feel hungryI don’t feel like eating pizza dear I don’t know what to do what to dofrancisco is first on the live chat tonight thank you for joining usMina is here as well hello my teacher sorry for losing the match well youdidn’t lose it and I didn’t lose it Gretel says sniff sniff sorryBielarrusia is here hello mr.

Duncan and the classmateshello to you as well thanks for joining us tonightPedro is here hi everyone Gretel I wanted England to win I know I know it’sa shame isn’t it alex is here also Aurorahello mr.

Duncan from Brazil it is very cold because it’s winter is it really isit really cold at the moment in Brazil it’s feeling very cold here tonightacross England and it has nothing to do with the temperature nothing to do withit you might say that the mood is very coldvery sad funny baby Trump says Bella oh yes did you see Donald Trump floating byand of course he will be in the UK towards the end of this week DonaldTrump is coming to the UK this week a lot of people getting very excited aboutthat of course if you do get excited about something or bites something itdoesn’t necessarily mean that you like it so the excitement might be excitementas in anger Belarusian says Croatia and France the two teams that had to sufferArgentina oh by diller says hi so how are you doing I’m okay not too badbut I must admit I did end up watching thewhole of the match and I didn’t realize it was going to finish so late aroundabout what was it half an hour ago about half an hour ago the match finished Ican’t believe it so that’s the reason why I am slightly lateAurora said Brazil came home before England yes but now England will becoming home they didn’t win the World CupGabriele says I’m very sorry and sad mr.

Duncan just now I can’t stop crying OhGabrielle though please don’t cry please don’t cry you’ll make me cryKatherine hello Katherine thanks for joining us tonight Nicole is here hi mr.

Danko and Debbie sad the English team was almost successful so sad that Francewill not have the pleasure to beat England Thank You Cara des for that hmmyes I think a lot of people were looking forward to see France and Englandplaying against each other but no it is not going to happenthe English arrogance is punished in football says zigzag thank you very muchfor that well yes in the first half Englandplayed quite well but then in the second half it seemed as if they were all tiredout yes so I think even from my point of view I think Croatia in the end were thebetter team I think so Belarusian I am supporting Croatia and of course I amvery happy about the matches final result between England and Croatia oh okthen thank you Anna for that Tomic I’m here for the very first time onWednesday late in live Thank You Tomic thanks for joining us it’s nice to seeyou here I have a fly buzzing around me at the moment there is a fly buzzingaround in my studio and it’s really really annoying mehello mr.

Duncan from Algeria Miami or Miami hello to you as wellKurdish I guess you are good thank you very much sir thank you as well merryangel says hello mr.

Duncan hello to you as well thanks for joining me tonightit’s a little bit sad because we didn’t win tonight Croatia are through to theWorld Cup final which is happening on Sunday which also happens to be the daywhen I’m on live once again Pedro Pedro Belmont is here today saying hello toyou the football is a great business don’t be sad really I’m okI’m all right Nicole says Nicole asks a question what is waistcoat Wednesdaywaistcoat Wednesday refers to the clothing that Gareth Southgate wears atthe side of the pitch he wears a shirt and a tie and also a waistcoat so manypeople were copying the way he dresses except for metonight you will notice that I am not wearing a waistcoat I am actuallywearing my smiley t-shirt mr.

Duncan don’t worry be happy yes I’m ok not toobad thank you very much the only reason why I sound out of breath is because Iwas rushing around I I became very distracted by the football to be honestPalmira says don’t worry be happy yes I’m fine don’t worry about thatteacher can I join your livestream I am listening in London yes of courseyou are more than welcome to join in everyone is welcome to join in sodon’t worry wherever you are watching in the world wherever you are wherever youcome from you are more than welcome to join me I became so flattered when Ispoke to my friends according to the lessons I had here thank you very muchmr.

Duncan oh I’m Zia thank you very muchso are you saying that my lessons helped with your English I’m very pleased tohear that Chris Choi says it is not done yet because England have another matchleft yes I believe they are playing a consolation match consolation match so Ithink the two losses in the semi-final get to play each other is that right andI think they call it a consolation match it’s a way of saying well you didn’t winbut at least you can still play a game saman says hi mr.

Duncan it’s the firsttime joining you from Kurdistan hello salmon and you are more thanwelcome no problem emori says today I did my memorizingfrom the English language and I am happy to say this Thank You amoreI’m glad my lessons have been helpful to you as well where is mr.

Steve is hecrying I think he’s upstairs at the momenttalking to his mother on the phone but yes we watched the match together and Iwas almost having a nervous breakdown in the second half but of course once thatsecond goal went in for Croatia I had a strange feeling that it was all over andI was right Rosa says hello mr.

Duncan distract is the same as keen distract isthe same as keen not enthusiastic distract I’m not surewhat you mean there I will try to work out what you mean by that good eveningfrom Syria Abu Omar is here hello to you as well mr.

Duncan can I ask you ask mewhat what do you want to ask me oh I always feel nervous when someoneasks mr.

Duncan can I ask you something because it normally means that apersonal question is about to appear I think so so we have lots of things toshow you it was a very strange night tonighta very strange evening as far as the weather was concerned so let’s have alook tonight you can see the view looking over into the distance and yesyou can see the sunlight coming through the clouds but today it’s been a verystrange day it’s been very very dull especially this evening and tomorrowcan you believe tomorrow we are going to get some rain for the past three weekswe have had no rain it has been so hot but apparently tomorrow and Friday weare going to get lots and lots of rain so I’m kind of looking forward to thatanother view for tonight just to show how dark the clouds are you can see theclouds are very dark and gray in fact I think that really does sum up the moodat the moment in England I’m sure a lot of people are feeling very gloomy sothere it is the view tonight lots of clouds in the sky and lots of rain onthe way yes there is rain on the way we are going to get some rain a lot ofpeople are feeling very happy because the other nightin my kitchen this happened can you believe it onceagain we have no water about 40 minutes ago I turned on my tap and this happened again this is the fifth time I kid younot this is the fifth time that we’ve had the water cut off in the past threeweeks now I’m just wondering to myself what will come first the generalelection here in the UK after Theresa May calls for the country to go to thepolls again or a national hosepipe ban the bets are now being taken dip dip dip dip dip do it is Wednesdaynight and this is late in life with mr.

Duncan that’s me by the way broadcastinglive from England England it is a very painful word to say at the momentsadly England are now out of the World Cup I know I shouldn’t be talking aboutsport so much especially for me because I don’t really follow sport but I haveto be honest I have become a little obsessed by the World Cup over the pastcouple of weeks mainly due to the fact that England have been doing very wellso Eve even I have become very enthusiastic and very interested in thefootball the live chat is very busy let’s have a look see who is on welllots of people are here I am practicing with your lessons says amore oh that’sgreat thank you very much for that has now says wow what beautiful nature youhave in the UK yes the UK is a beautiful place would you like to see the animalsthat live at the back of my house we will have a look at those in a momentGabrielle says wow England is very scenic yes it’s very scenic where I livebecause I live in the countryside Louise says Mr Duncan life is going on but youlike your country and you like your region so that’s a good thingthank you very much for that Louie mr.

Duncan my name is Daniel from Brazilhello Daniel Daniel Vale watching in Brazil and of course I know that I havea lot a lot of viewers watching in Brazilyes mr.

Steve will be here soon don’t worryGretel says no water no way please don’t cry I thinkit’s necessary to organize a national demonstration well talking ofdemonstrations there is a big demonstration taking place in Londonthis week because a certain person will be visiting this do you know who it iscan you guess you may have seen him at the beginning of today’s lesson floatingby okay let’s have a look at the lovely lovely animals shall we so we have somelovely cows at the moment in the garden and here they are are they lovely ohhello so there are some cows and also someBullock’s and they are living at the back of myhouse and this is what I saw tonight watching the cattle in the back of thehouse aren’t they lovely and one of these carols is a magic cow it canactually change its appearance yes so look out for the magic cow you will seeit in a moment in it it can change its appearance I’m not joking it canactually change its colour but you have to watch very carefully or you mightmiss it did you see it that’s a magic cow forsome some strange reason that cow has the ability to change its color itchanged from one to another hello Oh Oh is coming to say hello isn’tthat lovely hello are you having a little Minjcan you see what that cow is doing it is eating my plants at the back of mygarden and there’s the magic cow it’s changed back to its original colour solovely so for those asking about the animals living at the back of the gardenthere they are they are doing very well thank you and the farmer was thereyesterday he gave them lots and lots of water to drink because during thisweather it is very very hot okay ladies and gentlemen boys and girls a lot ofpeople have been asking where is mr.

Steve well mr.

Steve is on his way I’m not sure what’s going on here Steveis doing something next to me and it’s really really strange mr.

Steve what onearth are you doing hello hello mr.

Duncan how are you and hello toeverybody else out there yes we won Oh fantastic mr.

Duncan what a night I meanI didn’t see all of it I had to go out but I you know I I knew we must havegone did you see the first five minutes yes it was fantastic and I thoughtthat’s it I don’t need to see any more I can go water the plants everything’s allright so I’ll just come back in obviously to find out you know how manygoals we actually got against Croatia oh dear you might need some of this we lost we lost I have I have my my consolationpizza I need some vodka what vodka maybe that’s nothingappropriate drink is it really that bad I don’t think it’s that bad I knew wehadn’t I knew we’d lost actually I was just joking I don’t know how you can eatthat pizza mr.


July 22, 2020



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