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from JW North High School in Riverside awonderful non-conference showdown as the two and one Hemet Bulldogs out of themountain pass league visit the JW North Huskies also two on one representing theInland Valley League Jeff warm John Ramey with youthe sun has dipped beneath the western horizon beautiful colors to the west 94degrees officially winds out of the west-southwest and seven miles an hourgusting to eighteen miles an hour a beautiful late summer September eveninghere in the Inland Empire Jeff I’ll tell you what you couldn’t ask for betterfootball weather and you couldn’t ask for two teams really kind of gettinginto their groove John W North with the great Dennis Brown who you know it tookRiverside Poly to a CIF championship he is back here at North and he’s leadingthem in his sophomore season then you have Dennis Dragovich over at Hammettwhose last year they were it was a hundred years since this team went tothe CIF semifinals they are under the tutelage of coach Greg bovitzand I’ll tell you what this should be a great ballgame tonight JW North comingoff a victory at Temescal Canyon 20 to 16 last week and hamath winning at homeagainst banning 26 to nothing let’s go down to our sideline reporter the thirdmember of our broadcast crew tonight JRE Barra oh hey good evening guys we gotourselves a really classic matchup tonight as we both have teams at 2 & 1and starting off the 2019 season a rather positive way when you look atsome of the key players that you want to take note of for tonight with JWnortheast a quarterback Cory rayful Cory Andre Ward he has over 419 yards oftotal offense which includes passing orders at 300 and running yardage aswell in the backfield there’s some strong legs in the backfield there withAustin Elliott with 83 yards so far this season and the man we all want to see CoMcCauley he’s only a sophomore but as a freshman he really impressed us on thefield with his running capabilities he’s coming off of a few injuriesso he’ll be rotating in and out in the first half of the gamein terms for him and their offense their quarterback jaramana graves comes inwith over 551 total yards of offense which includes about 415 yards ofpassing yardage 136 on the ground now his most favorite target is ethanleonard the wide receiver 25 reception so far for 254 yards and six touchdownshey it’s Friday the 13th with a full moon in store for us what could go wrongbut I think we’re in for some great football tossing it back to you thanksjr.

Hemet has won the toss and they have deferred to the second half so North isout and they will receive I’ll tell you what this is wonderful but I am curiouswe have a beautiful sunset but we don’t have any lights yet John Rainey thelights are not yet turned on that likely will be remedied shortly I hope soit’ll be like playing on the street a little street football Elliott and Adamsdeep in the navy blue jerseys gold pants gold numerals navy blue helmets of JWnorth the huskies Hemet in the white with the red helmets numerals andlettering trimmed in gold an Isaiah Aguilar set to kick it awayfor Hemet our referee tonight Vince Jacobo leading a five-man crew Timburrows the umpire Matt burrows the head linesman Herrmann Thomas the line judgeAnthony Sanders the back judge ready for football in the Inland Empire from JWNorth Hammond kicks short to the far sideline a bounding ball is over theline a flag is down and procedure on the kicking team to open the affair nopethe lights are on we’re ready to go John here come the lights they’ll need alittle time to get going but there still is some daylight in the sky as we gazeto the west we’re on the eastern side line I’ll tell you what this Northoffense it’s really really pretty good young team though but they do have thebest running back in the entire world I think and that’s the van Accio Mikaylacheck out him he was a great soft freshman last year was one of the bestmost electric players in the area wide receiver Jaden Adam Adams quarterbackDavid Bulger keep an eye on him also keep an eye on number five Cory onRayford junior spoke about him in the introduction he’s a junior and he is aquarterback that makes this offense go right now after the flag down thekickoff out of bounds line of scrimmage the 39 yard line for the Huskies goingright to left and a little bit of deliberation from the outset here Vincejacoba the referee now setting the line of scrimmage at the 43-yard linewhere’s kickoffs cannot go out of bounds and the receiving team has the option towreak ich or take the ball after the penalty first in 10 of the 43 for Northone man of the backfield pistol alignment for Rayford quick thrown nearside he’s got Adams Adams up the sideline into Hemet territory crashingout of bounds but a first down for the Huskies tackle from Garrett Arnold ofHammond I’ll tell you what if Dennis Browns gonna throw those quick passesand they’re able to get you know a first down flip every single time haven’t seenfor a long night let’s see if they can control this this early passing game arelatively easy pitching catch on the wide receivers screen quick throw nearside and Jaden Adams the playmaker making a play to get this one startedand I’ll tell you what John W North has some great athletes they’ve had greatathletes in the past and there’s so many guys that they just reload every singleyear coach Brown gets the best out of those guysRayford is the quarterback but i co mika la is the running back he’s a sophomorepistol alignment five yards deep maybe four and a half on that truncatedshotgun of the pistol and trouble on the exchange of fumble and Hammett’s got itat the 48 yard line recovery for the Bulldogs Dillon snow pounces on theloose ball there was trouble at the mesh point between Rayford the quarterbackand me ka lay the running back yeah and it’s just just like that bad bad handoffMikayla just couldn’t handle it and that doesn’t bode well for Northhere as a start so I turn over and here comes the Hemet offense Graves is thequarterback and remember this team went to the CIFsemifinals last year out of the Mountain Pass League it had been a hundred yearssince they were in the CIF semi-finals Bradley Phi is the running back pistolalignment quick throw on first down incomplete over the head on the far sideof Ethan Leonard the senior who is 6-3 but not nearly tall enough to haul inthat one incompletion stops the clock 1108 first quarter no score second downin ten for him at the Bulldogs taking over after a first down pass play fromJW North and then a fumbled handoff on the 2nd snap from scrimmage of theevening and we’re still early in the season you know four games in therestill gonna be some early mistakes see if these two teams can clean up a littlebit here second and 10 to the 47 here’s the handoff hit in the backfield andthrown down for a loss of two is bradley 5 that sets up third down in 12 forhim–it North defense Boeing up and the tackle for lost there on the second downrun play and look at number 44 naheem hawk see the senior defensive end he hasbeen a great player for North the last four years third and 12 at the Hemet 45line to gain is the 43 of North graves is in the pistol he turns and throws andthat ball is incomplete at the 45 of North they wanted Trevon Sims on theslam instead it’s fourth and 12 and theturnover apparently will go for naught as the Bulldogs cannot capitalize afterthe takeaway here in the early going there is no score but I am kindasurprised that you know Graves has a very good arm he’s poised in the pockethe’s thrown a couple good passes last one was very catchable but earlymistakes for both teams here in the first series adams is deep to receivestanding at the 15 yard line for north garud Arnold on to punt Arnold rollingout pressure the punt is deflected ball rolling on the near side laterally it’sout of bounds on the Hemet side of the 50pressure from JW North on the punt play and they get a deflection a blocked puntsets up North pretty much where they left off with the fumble yes they did infact you’d watch the replay here got in quick just outside the end there lookedlike it was Brandon both we got a pop up there on the punt block for North 1stand 10 Huskies at the 49 a Hemet I saw a couple bova jerseys around the thebleachers here tonight so he’s got some fans Rayford in the pistol first and 10 behind him iike a lay who had the fumblelast snap from scrimmage here’s a completed pass on the outside


July 22, 2020



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