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welcome back that’s right we are back in the Publix kitchen you get a double dose of Tony this weekend but it’s a good reason right so it’s the public’s boat city showcase presented by sonic we’ve been talking all about it so we have some awesome high school football

games at bowl school that’s gonna be a great event you can watch right here on channel 4 so you know what goes hand-in-hand with football gym food but you know what even is better than that because the University of Christian Bowls game is actually featuring 19 state champion

Wow those teams between the two of them of 119 state titles over the last that is amazing Thursday 30 years how about that I don’t really know but that’s unbelievable heard on a radio last night yeah I was listening but no that’s great but champions need to be

fueled right me he needs to be fuel was that uh Creekside is that who’s there and then hold on I’m missing one I can’t remember oh man I got my thought I got Mandarin atlantis atlantic coast yeah cuz that’s the coach that i was listening to yesterday in

the afternoon so i need food for champions public’s ‘god does I want to show you some of it you can talk about it real quick cuz this showcase tomorrow we’re gonna be featured a little bit in the VIP area too so but let’s let’s set this up right

just as continuation from this morning I have a couple things that we showed there we had just collard green cole slaw I just dressed this one for you though that special dress up for the the bold City showcase by Publix one day that bacon right here pimento cheese

macaroni salad with green onions and bacon we had a slider this morning too we’ll get to that in a moment tomato salad roasted corn green onions with a basil aioli right so fresh and these are all southern things right yeah this is all what happens for us and

it’s real good but we’re gonna go southern to we’re gonna we’re gonna you’ve been under southern kick lately you’re on one yesterday as well I like it I’m in touch with my roots if you will wait till we start doing some Louisiana stuff button right it’ll be like

what you’d be like yeah mmm so right here and that will be the exact conversation we have that’s it I’m not some white gravy a little bit of extra pepper in there I got some baking going on you pick up those little dead chickens yeah so this is

some some country fried chicken let’s put it right on right and I’m gonna put that on top of that I used cornstarch in a little flour in there to make sure got crispy let’s do the other one too yeah I might as well right no these teams are

gonna be out there giving it their all all right so we want to make sure that we beat them at home tonight that we give it our all with something that’s going to fill them up and get them going but we also tomorrow before they eat we want

to make sure they have some good protein as well some complex carbs because all those those high school athletes they’re gonna be at it and we’re gonna be over in the VIP area with some barbeque chicken pork we’re doing a pesto potato salad and a coleslaw with a

sweet onion and celery seed dressing that sounds awesome you don’t really want you talk about high school football one of things that I love especially about this area in Jacksonville there’s a lot of big-time recruits now coming all those area this area has been discovered by d1 programs

across the country which is really cool a lot of talent here and you can see a lot of talent tomorrow you know well you know that’s the thing is it’s almost like a hidden gem for so long yes and then it’s like you find gold right there’s an

explosion that hits everybody’s like they run to the gold mine and it’s Northeast Florida right and these six teams into Publix both cities showcase really embody that competitive spirit I’m all the money plus it what’s the teams that are playing tonight – I mean I know it’s the

Friday before we were saying how good they are and again you know watch some of these athletes because come signing day which I believe is in what January or so the names will come back up again they’re gonna be going to some really big programs which i think

is so cool and it’s kind of like they kick off the fall if you will school just started footballs rolling out and full of fact the game will be tomorrow right here on channel 4 so we’re really excited to be a part of it against the public’s bold

City showcase presented by sonic so uh yeah you got three great teams at both it’s a great venue that stadium by the way is beautiful I’ll pass it on my work on my way to work every day it looks like a collegiate stadium it’s beautiful I like to

watch them practice a little bit too sometimes I’ll just drive slower you know in the afternoons I could see some of the practices that they do that’s great ya know really to learn more you can go to Virg XCOM slash recipes to pick up these recipes and right

now we’re gonna send over to Eden and she’s gonna be talk about the weather for tomorrow


July 22, 2020



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