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here in California citrus is a part ofour lives every day but what if it all just disappeareda devastating plant disease called huanglongbing or HL being spread by theAsian citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your ownbackyard that’s why it’s important that we all do our part to keep Californiacitrus safe don’t let California citrus disappearvisit California citrus threat org to learn more welcome back to WheelockStadium in the city Riverside more junior college football action onRiverside TV I’m Ghazala son he’s Jeff Gorham the RCC Tigers are not only thenumber one team in the state of California according to JUCO gridironJeff they’re the number one team in the country and they face off against alongtime rival the invaders from the south the Vikings of Long Beach CityCollege Long Beach City is hoping for an upset City they were three or four timesthey were League champions last year had a bit of a down year looking to rebuildthis year for many years Jeff these rivals were in the same division they’veswitched a couple years ago last week San Bernardino Valley in the first halfput up a really game effort in fact they were within a point into the thirdquarter did perhaps San Bernadino success offensively give some solutionsto the Vikings as to how to attack this RCC defense well I don’t know if you cando anything against this RCC team they are so powerful but I’ll say this greatathletes Long Beach Poly Long Beach Wilson a lot like Riverside Riversidegets a lot of local guys Long Beach does the same thing okay and here’s thethousand dollar question right now if you are Long Beach City College is thereany way to stop this offensive juggernaut that is the RCC TigersI don’t think so I’ll tell you what the space station is fully operationalwell thrown out of the third member of our broadcast team standing by on thefield Brian Wilson yeah guys one thing to watch tonight Long Beach City Collegecomes in tonight averaging 240 yards on the ground and Riverside comes inaveraging giving up only 50 yards on the ground don’t be a good watch matchup towatch out for tonight back to you guys good point bought up by Brian Wilsonlast week San Bernadino Jeff as we’re back in the booth kazama’s on JeffGorham with you Brian Wilson on the sideline our entire award-winningRiverside TV crew also on board for number one Riverside College RCC againstthe 16th ranked Vikings of Long Beach City College they will kick it away willthe Vikings they won the toss and elected to deferand they will kick the ball away to the Tigers of RCC Roland Asst whitener andTy Kennedy deep and here comes the pooch kick looks like white nerve will feelthat at the 19 yard line gets to the outside at about the 30 he’s got somespace cuts back inside just in front of the 40 he’s over into LBCC territory andwill be tackled on the other side of the 50 yard line by destiny Hall making theplay for Long Beach City College so a good return to start it off by rowLandis whitener and the Tigers will start first in ten from the 35 yard lineof the Vikings that’s a 46 yard kickoff return I’lltell you what whitener though just made it look so smooth effortlessly didn’tlook like he was running a full sprint but man a big-time pick up there look atthe starters Mike Irwin behind Center he is the transfer out of Oregon for RCCthat big offensive line did a great job last week they’ll swing it out that’s tothe tight end rolling up over the 30-yard line insidethe 30 complete to Caleb herby we saw him lastyear he was a standout for San Jacinto high school so 7 yards on first downmake it a second and 3 Jeff yeah he was he’s plating some big games remembersaying suno went to the CIF championship for the first time in ages four teams inthat conference went to the semis he’s been in some big games for receivers inthe formation Reggie Watts laugh to the near side and settle that dig route tocomplete to Lorant catches the ball inside the 10 yard lineso another 18 yard pickup on the play it’ll be first in gold Tigers make thislook so easy but they continue to just start the game like this it could be atough one well in the early going we’ve just seena couple of different plays but remember at the beginning of the game last weekthey seemed like they were a little bit out of sorts early in this game thefirst three plays from scrimmage they definitely seem to be clicking verycrisp looking sharp as can be right now firstand goal from the 10 her one out of the shotgun flares it out and that’ll be atouchdown to cameron Bosley Bosley with the reception straight circle route outof the backfield catches it out in the flat and does the last eight yardshimself and quickly RCC on the board four plays in 35 35 yards in four playswe saw Bosley cleaned out her steam engine El Camino and he it wasphenomenal played a great first half it’s nice to see him getting back on theboard here as we start this game so at 1343 of the first quarter it’s nowseven to nothing in favor of our CC the kick threw off the foot of Zack sirEllis who was 5 of 6 from PA TS last week against San Bernardino Valley andone thing when talking to coach Brett Peabody of Long Beach City before thegame as we see the plays on that early drive that was the big play right therethe completion down inside to dylan Lorantand now here comes early when he just finds his running back Bosley out of thebackfield into the end zone for the touchdowncoach Bret Peabody said hey we think we can run with our CC but we got to startfast this is not a team you want to play uphill against well it’s the Tigers thatgot off to the fast start the number one team in the country yeah and I wastalking to coach Daniel all got us last nightSammartino Valley coach we talked about the you said we were in this game fortwo and half quarters we tried to make it a track meet but when you have forcestough to run Carson Reed to kick it away back deep to receive four LBCC Zionbones and Julian Woodard both of them are Blazers this is woodard from the 8th woodard forlbcc little waggle at about the 25 yard line dives forward to the 30-yard linetackle there by Braxton Smith for RCC and here’s the offense for Long BeachState Watch – Sean Turpin he’s the big left tackle division 1 prospect DerekWest the starter and Bowens wouldn’t Woodard and right all have speed to burnon the outside for Long Beach City they’re gonna try to challenge thedefense of Riverside City College well we’re gonna get to see a lot of workhere from this defensive line versus a very very capable offensive line of theVikings defensive line played very well for RCC against San Bernardino Valleyfirst and 10 line is the 34 lbcc here’s the gift to pat know it comes back alittle option play and Derek West just flails it out to the outside burns thedown miscommunication there wasn’t sure if it was an RPO or just a muffedhandoff but an incompletion I guess at least you get out of there without aturnover or a loss yeah great great hands as you see him a fake handoff whatlost it there but gets out of the tackle box and throws it away good good headymove by the quarterback no Marcus Wilson up front for RCC tonight AJ Tala filegets the start instead you see him there in the middle big number 96 on theoutside Sevilla Vito log’ Alejo and then karo kashikar Ian on the otherside for our CeCe so this is the penalty on Long Beach City College moves theball back to the 25 it’ll be a second and 15 there’s the end around on the jet sweepup at the 30 is Woodard wooded over the 35 close to a first down he’s up endedjust the 40-yard line but like he’s just shy of the first downlet’s see if they give him a favorable spot and they do they get the first downthere ghazan Woodard a freshman from Carson California he prepped thatNarbonne high school had a 44 yard kickoff return a couple of weeks agoagainst mount sac lyon is the 40 it’s first and ten for lbcc long count west will hand the ball topat pat we’ll try the middle nothing doing maybe a couple of yardsforward progress will take him out to the 42 yard line bringing up second andeight and that defensive line was so stout last week for RCC against SanBernadino yeah they were great in fact you know both teams kind of felt eachother out for the first two and a half quarters and then it was all RCC andthat defensive front really stopped Jeremy Musa who had thrown for over athousand yards in those first two games really put the staples to him second andeight from the 42 of LBCC this is Woodard in motion instead option DerekWest will keep it but he’ll be knocked down by Holyfield pola field will triphim up at about the 44 yard line so third and six coming up Holyfield had 11tackles last week against San Bernardino Valley he’s the real deal third and six coming up four receivers in the formation longbeach city in the white gray jerseys anthracite gray four RCC the man to thetop of the screen is Zechariah dolphin in the Far slot Zion Bowens West lookingthat way he’ll put it up down the field one on one coverage down the fieldnice cats but I think he was out of bounds Sean door so on the coverage hewas matched up one-on-one with Zion Bowens Bowens the sophomore from LongBeach Poly hauls it in but he was out of bounds it’ll bring up fourth down yeahcoach Peabody had really high hopes on him coming into the season he’s reallywith their big playmaker as a receiver but again look at that one-handed catchgreat looking that’s just out of bounds Jacob Lemieux a freshman from LakewoodHigh we’ll kick it away for a long beach city college and or so is the receiverback for our CC rugby style kick angling it off it’ll take a long beach citybounce inside the 25 would be downed at the 20 Long Beach will run theirdefense out there the Vikings two and one they’ve split two games in one oneby forfeit a big defensive line Shaq Lyubov no abayas Devine o Bashar andShane Irwin across the front good line backing through as well nunu to nickdeadly Delgadillo malik welch Dallas branch and then the secondary BurkeGibson and Bailey Gibson’s nickname is Bam and he’ll show you why here’s thegive first and ten for our CC from the 20 maybe the line of scrimmage it’llbring up second down I’m looking to see if coach craft is gonna employ bothquarterbacks tonight we saw the young quarterback Bartlett’s last week torchedSammartino Valley in that third quarter I’ll stop calling him Daniel which ishis father’s name it’s Jacob Bartlett’s had a big game last week but Mike Irwinstill in there on the second sequence he did so well the first one why notthat’s Griffin in motion second down here’s the throw from Irwin it’scomplete over the middle Dillon Larock down at about the 38 yard line hit onthe play by Justin Bailey the freshman from Long Beach Milligan move the sticksup 17-yard pickup and that’s the good thingabout Long Beach and Riverside we talked about in the openings Long Beach has alot of schools to recruit from so officially market at the 41st and10th quick throw Giovanni Sanders with a quick catch outin the flat he’s flattened at about the 43 yard linetackle on the play Malik Welch combining with Justin Bailey Long Beach Poly LongBeach Wilson Jordan and like Riverside there’s just a pool of talent in thoseschools that’s why these two teams have been such great rivals over the yearssecond and seven lined the 43 purlin play-actionstepping up he’s got some pressure weaving his way buying some space andfinally is upended by Malik well chat about the 46 yard line so three moreyards it’ll be third and four and watching her when Aaron is such a greatathlete watching him run around the pocket there’s two different we readBartlett’s more of a pocket-pouch can throw you know pinpoint passes butyou’ve got to be smart because her one is such a great runner he’s strong andable to make plays of his own which makes him a dual threat here from the 46third down and four Berwyn quick fake complete to Sanders first down and moreSanders finally bumped down at the 43 yard lineof long beach city college by Malik Welch Saunders out of Marietta Mesa tellyou what he was a great player so I had a chance to watch him play a coupletimes over his career they’re nice just pitching catch easily comes open now here’s Sanders coming up in the nearslot Irwin back Irwin steps up down the fieldof Sanders a little bit of a push off some jostling there between JustinBailey and Giovanni Sanders on the sidelines it’ll fall incomplete seconddown and 10 comes up for our CC you gotta like to wait both teams areplaying clean game so far last week you and I were here it seems like we saw apenalty every other play tonight so far they look like they’ve shored up thatproblem certainly our CC and the first twooffensive sequences jeff has been pretty coarse from what we’ve seen second downhere’s the throw complete and it’ll be a first down ranging forward is Isaiahlief the freshman wide receiver they’ll mark him up inside the 30-yard line onthe sticks move up so about a 14 yard pickup there one or going into anotheror bone in so the organ connection on the right side of the field and they’vereally been peppering the right side of that field Jeff the first two times downfor the offense for RCC Elijah Bennett now in the backfield along with Erwintime to throw he’ll throw again to the right side lief the intended receiverincomplete second and ten coming up from the 29 balls thrown a little high I’msure and lief wasn’t too sure if he was getting hit by three guys that was atough tough grab I was gonna say last weekRCC didn’t seem as efficient or crisp on offense and as definitely it’s almostlike night and day Irwin throws it flings it complete tosander sanders danced and gets through the tackle nearly gets through thetackle but good second effort there making the tackle is eight the AnthonyJones Jones the redshirt sophomore out of losing er wrestles him down after again of about four so call it third and along six sizes going to continue tothrow these short passes if they’re wide open he’s just gonna have to show up thatline back of course gonna have to pick up guys man the man here get it’s wideopen ty Kennedy on the far slide lofted into the corner of the end zoneincomplete intended receiver was leaf flag on the play 720 to play first quarterRCC had a kickoff return out to the 35 yard line and they punched the ball infour plays later this will go against the Vikings so now it’ll be a third andtwo ball needs to get to the 19 for a first down for the Tigers big third downcoming up for RCC last week or two weeks ago against mount sac the defense 17third down situations mount sac converted eight times 47% whitener splitto the near side of the near slot SandersLeif split out to the far side of the in the far slot Dylan LaRhonda a game thatlooks like there was some confusion with Irwin in the offensive coordinator coachKraft what to call I’m gonna say as crisp as RCC came out I would imaginethe volume of instruction was probably increased a little bit at practice thisweek it would have to say so I mean it’s and it’s a funny thing to say we’relaughing about it but you win a game 58-37 and there’s still stuff to cleanup and Tom Kraft obviously looking for perfection is what’s the old VinceLombardi quote if you fall short of perfection you land in excellence thirdand seven Erwin deep drop gets away from the first tackler now ranging trying tobuy time over the middle complete to Dylan Laurent for a first down Laurentwill go the rest of the way straight arm and he’s pulled down inside the 5-yardline Dallas Burke the freshman from LosAlamitos with the tackle a 22 yard game and its first and goal for the Tigerslook at this replay Erwin nearly grabbed once twice looks athis progressions finds a perfect wide open launch great play great heady moveby that quarterback and this is a very talented front seven for Long Beach CityCollege so for Irwin to escape I believe was D Anthony Jones bearing down on himuse some moxie and some strength from the sophomorequarterback of the Tigers first and goal line is the for option Erwin stop justshort get a running touchdown last week has three on the year he’s run down ashe’s trying to run wide his mic Erwin it’ll bring up


July 22, 2020



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