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gonna be a battle tonight RCC andSaddleback Riverside coming in the top seed in the southSaddleback right behind them at number two mirror images of each other for bothteams you talked about the matchup here todaypower versus speed power on Santa backside and RCC’s absolutely gonna flyaround but some athletes at the disposal here for Saddleback and of course theyare led by their stud chance Nolan Nolan on the year hundred 85 of 265 he’scompleting at 68% on the season Tunes 2613 yards 30 touchdowns only twointerceptions he’s not only leading the conference in passing he’s also leadingin rushing to talk about his numbers in that department 130 rushes on the year 7180 yards four touchdowns he’s averaging six yard to carry dual-threatquarterback can do it all and he’ll be met tonight Jacob arlash of Riversidethe freshman taking over for Mike Irwin last week eight touchdowns in a big win versus OCC 76 to 3 we are set and readyto go and a big lane for Riverside early onand this one might go to the house touchdown saving tackle made by AubreyBooker current incredible effort early on by thespecial teams giman McLaury big return to the 36 yardline for riverside and that’s where bar lodging company will start things offout of the backfield this is Thomas Kinslow pins low cut downby Tyreke Bell and Bell on the season having a monster year for the Gauchos64 tackles on the year four and a half sacks ten and a half tackles for loss wesee one right there by Tyree Bell and this one shooting out forward out of thesecond level marcus sullivan defensive lineman and just like that third andlong situation make it third and 14 for riverside on their opening possessionafter a huge return from Jamaal Magloire they sent Kinslow in motion bar lashlooking over the middle pass is caught ball is on the deck they’re going to saythis is incomplete pass intended for Isaiah Leith Leith on the year 20reception sewer in 23 yards three touchdowns everybody giving into the actlast week and a win over the Pirates of Orange Coast 76 to 3 as we mentionedearlier punting unit on Sean Poma back to receive the kick for Saddleback this one put it away and let’s see ifthis one can stay out of the end zone it will not parson read unable to keep thatone from being a touchback and the Gauchos will take over on theiropening possession tonight’s broadcast being brought to you in part by BajaFresh for convenience South Orange County locations live well eat freshlava graphic for you on that later in the ballgameapologies having some technical difficulties with some of the internethere but happy you joined us everybody spread the wordwww.



July 22, 2020



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