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welcome to Ramona high school for the14th meeting between Holly and King it’s old-school versus new-school RiversidePoly opening in 1897 m.


king high school opening in 1999my name is ghazzal Hassan Jeff quorum alongside as well to bring you thisrivalry matchup in the city Riverside for the Poli Bears Jeff it’s bounce-backtime they lost 37 nothing against Benita last week what do they need to do I’lltell you what it’s it’s a new system coach rice has got these guys playing adifferent brand of football but we’ve seen great potential from these guysthey’re putting up numbers but they’re gonna be inconsistent that is where theyneed to find their identity where are the Bearsall right you saw King in week 2 against great oak they struggled the score butlast week the offense seems to be back on track they’ve been dealing with someinjuries they finally look to be healthy here in week 3 well I’ll tell you whatthey’re working hard we talked to Coach Mac he loves this team he thinks aregonna be a lot better they’ve improved week to week to week and right nowthey’re looking to go against the biggest rival the Bears okay it’s arivalry renewed here at Ramona high school king and poly coming up next CIFhigh school football game of the week on Riverside TV lavon’s hang with the return on thekickoff and he’ll get up near midfield for Polyso King won the toss elected to defer the kickoff went to Ethan la montagnethe senior brings the ball up to the 46 yard line and that’s where Polly willstart their offense led by Bud Bernie the quarterback he is the senior hasbeen a three-year starter for King last year threw for over 800 yardshis sophomore year nearly a thousand first and 10 line is the 46 Bernieoption he’ll keep it over midfield and the ball loose on the turf we’ll see whogot it still loose scooped up looks like King comes up with it it rolled to the35 yard line where it was recovered by Tyler Smith it’ll be wolf wolf theWolves football tell you what one away to start to this ball game the bigrivalry between King and poly run right up the option up the middle Bernie agreat runner spits it out but wow what a great start here in the opener againstCorona had over a hundred yards let’s look at it again here’s the play whereit becomes dislodged ball just loose on the turf logan hancock combining withDonovan Brady on that and then the ball they couldn’t pick it up it was like aslippery oval two shots at it for King they finally recovered at the 35 yardline and a flag comes in and it’ll give King some additional fuel position theball was covered in butter I’m looking around there’s funnel cakes over herecuz all you’ve got popcorn on one end it’s the butter the kettle corn butter should have not had any so King we’ll go to the offense Jaden k4up behind Center had a hundred and one yards passing last week in the gameagainst Great Oak junior quarterback for the Wolves turn and give they’ll try areverse here’s Brady Brady finds some space right before he gets to the secondlevel he’s knocked down at the 37 yard lineso a 13-yard pickup for Donovan Brady will get a look at Brady on the endJohnny Gardner had a couple of good running games the big offensive line isthe key look at Nolan Reynolds at the left tackle he is a key for King andtheir offense and on Reynolds a 4.

0 student part of thee he’s but he’s inthe AP program he’s does a lot for the school coach really depends on him a lothe’ll play both ways you’ll play on defense as well today Jeffery firstintent line the 37 for King Drake Dustin in motion will take the ball he getssnuffed out goats by Sanchez but he’ll be knocked down maybe a yard loss on theplay trying to stretch the play out beyond the number Polly’s defense we saw Sanchez in themiddle of that defense they’re off the defensive line anchored by DanielLedbetter watch Joseph Sirte the senior at linebacker and Sammy Sanchez doeseverything the coach could ask you the starting corner for poly call it secondand 11 a yard loss to the 38 King rumor they really stepped it up last weekafter struggling offensively in weeks 0 and 1 they put up 28 points againstPaloma Valley here’s the give and eight yards on the play out to the 30-yardline surethat’s Johnny Gardner with the run for King so here it is third and manageablegive him six on the play third and five Gardner lunges forward hurdles for thefirst down through the tackle down to the 20 yard line and watching right nowafter seeing King play that first game against Grado they look to somewhatanemic offensively offensively tonight though attacking on the groundgreat reverse call the first play of their series they’re pulled in tighten alittle bit of a wide split on the right side and said they’ll run to the leftside little shifty move there by Gardner he is tackled Ethan LaMontagne drops himdown number seven tackles number seven aftera gain of about four and Gasol we’re gonna see this King run a lot ofdifferent offenses they’ll run some spread they’re gonna run some doublewing some some I powered offense we saw three in the eye last time thisday played against great oak it worked very well in the second half the fanHatter now almost an h-back normally a tight end kind of a fullback h-backhybrid here’s the give running to the rightside and he’ll be blocked down west over in on the hit getting help from Sanchezalso Mike shooting with his nose around the football three orange shirts drophim after a gain of a couple so third down here we go third down situation forKing there in the red zone under nine minutes to play in this first quarter noscore a turnover early and King trying to convert the turnover into pointsimportant Jeff to get off to a good start as both these teams kind of tryingto find their footing here in the early season yeah I mean King really playingwith all a lot of new guys on this offense and defense poly a lot offamiliar faces Gardner running through some contact won’t have the first downhe’s swarmed just two at the 15-yard line the hares decision time now for PatMcCarthy I’ll tell you what if it’s Coach Mac and working with him you knowhe worked over in order this – with Ken batt Dorf for a year when they went tothe CIF championship versus Sanji he’s a defensive minded guy but he’s also veryvery in tune with getting his guys motivated getting them going see if thiscould give a little momentum getting this first down here and gif it at thenear side Dustin in the far slot split out to the far side is Donovan BradyGardner the lone setback and a whistle it’ll be a penalty awarding a first downto King on poly our officials tonight Dan Durst is our um pot as our refereeLi Hamblin the umpire Jeff O’Connell the head linesman Iran Thomas the line judgeand Michael Bustillos the back judge so first and goal now for King a nice earlyDrive Jeff Gorham I tell you what this is a differentdefinitely a different team we saw in week zero versus great oak they lookreally darn good tonight they look efficient they had someproblems with some penalties when we first saw them but yet very very much adifferent team so jumbo backfield look they haveshelana cand cobs lining up his full backs and a timeout called by King herein the early going let’s go kick it down to Nick rice for a little bit of insightinto this rivalry matchup the 14th meeting between these two schools polyone last year in overtime King had won the previous three yeah thanks to saw for King high schooltheir head coach Pat McCarthy is one of the most decorated is one of the mostdecorated head coaches in the Inland Empire he has over four decades ofcoaching experience during his stints across the CIF he made eight straightplayoffs during his 16-year run at arlington high school and then hetransitions to Fontana’s a B Miller where he was not just a conference coachof the year but also in LA Times Coach of the YearVanek King in his first season for the Wolves he makes the playoffs strugglingthis year at OU and three the king with a win tonight against rival RiversidePoly could get back on track to what they hope is another playoff run guysback to you here’s the give up the middle driving but then pushed backPruitt in on the hit shal on ik with the carry for King it’ll be second and goaland I’m talking about that coaching tree you know he’s part of the dick coachingtry fro hi you’ve been hanging around Fazio too much there’s a lot of coachesthat have come off that coaching tree playing wise guys that have gone intocoaching has it have been assistance for Coach Brook so yes very big very largecookie tree a Sycamore second and goal here’s the toss this is Gardner Gardnerlooking for some space is he in he is in a touchdown King what a drive by Kingthey score the turnover Jeff and then drive 65 yards Johnny Gardner puts thecoup de Gras with a three yard run a great run and we’re starting to see alittle bit of he saw a little spread then we went to a little double wingaction there very reminiscent of Nohr to this in fact coach Ken batt door forspend a little bit of time with the King wolves in this season coming out to apractice hanging out with coach Mac you can see a little bit paying off heretonight Gavan bloomed all in to try the p80 anda flag comes in they’ll move it a little bit closerMikey Luna in kind of the option quarterback they bought him into thatGold Line situation replacing coffer so King you know we talked about theiroffensive problems now they’ve been banged up a little bit and the key thatCoach McCarthy was telling us this week was how the offensive line gonna playobviously it’s a talented group they haven’t really been able to put it alltogether but it looks like they kind of found some answers against Paloma Valleyputting up 28 points and now they drive down the field in the opening drive forthem here on Saturday night it looks like they’re gonna go for twoGlumdalclitch ilanic cobs and Tyler Smith is the tailback they’ll give -ilanic the first man through no signal is of yet they got it two-pointconversion is good and King up eight to nothing great play call there by coachMcCarthy and there they are running that power offense which was very successfulat times versus great oak but you could tell it was early the season guys weretired and just it was it was tough for those guys to change their office butnow it looks like they’re getting more comfortable running this better look atDonovan Brady that nice run for him and then here’s Gardner making some spaceGardner again for King so Gardner and Brady a bit of a one-two punch there inthe backfield for the Wolves and then here’s Luna tossing to Gardner who getsin for the touchdown using the legs to kind of surge forwardthrough a defender LaMontagne trying to bring him down here is the two-pointconversion from SH ilanic nice treatise by Nick rice on head coachPat McCarthy people don’t realize you know you talked to Pat McCarthy not ahuge guy was an all-state player at college of the desert after Fontana andplayed safety at Cal Poly Pomona so a decorated playing career before he gotinto coaching and assistant at Fontana head coach at both Fontana AV Miller andthen obviously Arlington and King talking about a tough guy just the kiddon’t know I mean he talked to him he’s kind of a scary guy to talk to but onceyou get to know him he’s he’s a wonderful man but tough as nailsthere’s the pooch kick to the thirty it hits the turf and it’ll be fallen on bypoly poly having all kinds of troubles holding on to the football here on thefirst two touches Brody Brown and covered it he was the man who was tryingto catch the pooch kick and I think that’s part of the reason we’ve seen thepooch kick become extremely prevalent in high school football Josh yes it’s veryit happens all the time we saw it last night in the North game alot of problems with special teams and teams can capitalize on it especiallyhere early on but Bernie looking at his numbers this year had that big game tostart off when they beat Corona over a hundred yards passing and rushing forBernie first and ten line is the 29 for polyhere’s the give sweeping to the left side is her L and her L bumped out ofbounds in there to make the play was Tyler Smith he’ll get about five yardson the carry bringing up second and five and I thinkI really think that win versus Corona really propelled them you know kind ofgot them going a little bit here early in the season you beat a big a teamyou’re playing another one tonight this could really get the bears inposition to possibly get a good playoff spot yeah they’re lying up front Allenas Amezcua hunter Thetford Willie Jones door west over Daniel Ledbetter left toright couple those guys will play both ways second and five here’s the giveusing the middle of the field and he’ll twist forward to the 40 will her L it’llbe a first down for poly and you know bill Powell running the offense for polytalked to John Rice earlier this week they’re gonna try to run between thetackles they’re gonna run some power they like what Bernie can do throw-inthe football but they want to go back to some old school football block andtackle Jeff and I’ll say in high school football it’s sosuccessful a lot of guys try to coach outside of their element rice and Powellcoach with in their element they’re gonna coach the the weight of the guysthey have first intent from the 40 here’s the throw nearly intercepted byTyler Smith LaMontagne the intended receiver that’ll be a good matchup onthe outside Ethan la montagne superb athlete for poly against Tyler Smith apretty talented corner for King get another look here Jeff here’s the playaction and then the quick throw to the outsideno slant route and Smith was kind of waiting there la montagne a little bitbehind the ball it’ll bring up second intent trips to the near side for poly here’s the throw to the outside thereceiver fell down I think Brodie Brown was the intendedreceiver but he hit the turf and the ball sailed away incomplete but talkingabout both of these coaches coach rice and coach McCarthy they’re gonna coachtheir offense or defense based on the personnel they have a lot of coaches aI’m gonna run the spread I’m gonna run the spread no matter what I have theseguys can really kind of mold their team’s based they can run anything theythink for doing it for so long and it’s nice to see guys coached to thepersonnel they have Ethan T Arena split out to the near side for poly third downand ten play action over the middle complete to tell amok first down he losethe blue football ball loose on the turf t arena had the first shot but King saythey have it I thought T arena got on top but the ball may have scored itloose flag thrown on the play great look by Bernie right over the middle it’s aman wide open but yeah what a great defensive stop they’re not swiped out ofit but the receiver just lost the ball three times so far by the bearsso I’m sports been like conduct whistle Don King so they’ll have the footballbut they’ll be backed up good throw and catch on that play it’s the only thingyou didn’t like was the the turnover so twice poly with positive yardage butthey COFF up the football great fake nice move there by tell amok and theball just comes loose you’re right it wasn’t stripped or anything you lost iton the way down tackle made on the play for King by Devon Meza so first and tenfrom the 20 for King they already lead eight to nothing second turnover hasstung the Bears of poly rivalry game you don’t want to give the other team toomany chances confer with the give here is the reverseDustin stumbles up to about the 25 is tackled down around the ankles andthat’s the first play of the game we saw from King doing it the same way gettingthe same amount of yards they’re gonna continue to go run off to acolyte Ibelieve because all so they scored their touchdown with 639 to go and then withabout six minutes they got the second turnover and I know you love DrakeDustin for a variety of reasons because he’s got he’s got a name like he’s anmi6 guys like James Bond can gif it at the top of the screen here’s jonathanbraden out of the bottom of the screen in the near slot Jeff’s favorite playerRiverside Drake Dustin I have another kid I’m a name of Drake Dustin Gormanhere’s the handoff to Gardner find some space and Gardner some marine downmaking the tackle for Poly Michael Burke one of the linebackers for the Bearsmove the sticks up now we saw Yancy Dotson before the game and I wasdisappointed this is a king home game as a result Yancy Dodson not on the chaincrew no he’s hanging out he gets to see hisdaughter was a cheerleader just to just hang out with the family he had his wifethat has his boys here tonight I wore my Hawaiian shirt in honor of oneof my closest friends Yancy in gufa to the bottom of the screen far slot isDustin copiers screen Donovan Brady for King they lead eight to nothing againGardner they’re gonna do that block and tackle they’re gonna the bread andbutter right up the middle but he runs right into the hands of aWandy tell amok the gentleman who made the turnover makes the tackle and it’dbe second down and nine it looks like Polly’s kind of adjustedto the run game here they’re putting nine in the box let’s see if they canforce King to throw the ball and test that secondary so watch Brady he splitout wide split out to the near side in gufa far slot Dustin for King option Kaufer launching it down thefield for Brady one-on-one and what a catch by Donovan Brady Brady hauls it inat the 28th you be the yeah the 20 32 yard line excuse meyeah great catch his eyes were on it the entire time was aggressive enough wentup for the jump ball just grabbed it took it out of the air and that’s one ofthose things when you’re running the football you mentioned it Jeff theylocked into the box play action rolling to the right coffer just loads up andit’s a one-on-one matchup down the field that Sanchez the best corner for polyagainst the best receiver Donovan Brady Brady one that one good coverage thoughdown the field just Brady just made a play momentum has definitely been infavor of the Wolves here in the first quarter so far and then they’ll tack ona flag he’ll move it a little bit closer so a five-yard penalty tacked on at theend of the play and I’ll tell you what the confidence in this King offensecompared to the great oak game Jeffery is night and day now to there in theirdefense coach McCarthy told us we’re finally healthy we were missing aboutfour or five guys the last two weeks first down in ten Gardner threw firstcontact finally spun down but I like what Coach is doing here he’sgoing off tackle off tackle he doesn’t have the breakaway outside speed that hewould love to have so you got to play Smash Mouth football and like who saidhe Ted they brought everybody into the box and they tested that secondaryWestover with the tackle for poly at second and 10 from the 17 of poly Kingagain advancing they’ve started the drive on the 20 yard line in Kingterritory in the long pass to Donovan Brady flipped the field for the Wolvessecond and 10 end-around fly sweep Brady dives down inside the 10yard line tell you what Johnny Gardner reallyblock there the running back as you see he gets that young man a couple extrayards with a big time block on the outside gets the corner and the nicekick-out lock their ball down to the eight yard line so a nine yard pickupit’s third and one Brady to the top of your screen Farr slot is Drake Dustininga the bottom of your screen for King Gardner the setback flexed out to theright side his van adder third and one Gardner dancing skittering hurdlingtouchdown Jonathan Gardner with a big block on the last play to give it acouple extra yards then takes it himself good job by day young man the Wolveshave come to play today they’ve offense has come to life in the first two gamesof the year they scored in a measly six points they put up twenty eight againstPaloma Valley last week and now with two minutes or so left in the first quarterthey’re already up 14 to nothing and here’s Blum doll on to try the p80 make


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