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I mean here we are live we’re gonna be talking about outside linebacker drills and overhead safety drills they’re the same I don’t differentiate greatly between the difference between four to five and a four for defense if you’ve been around me very long or you’ve seen me stuff my

stuff before you know that I don’t think there’s any difference whatsoever I’m not here to overcomplicate freaking football that a bunch of kids play fact that’s one of my kind of passions is simplifying this game because it’s it shouldn’t be that complicated so that’s what we talking about

the day when we talking about some drills that you can use if you’re a drill junkie and you just want 9,000 drills to run I’m not your guy I’m gonna tell you a few drills you can use to get better force against the run out of your outside

linebackers or overhang safeties whether you’re a 4 to 5 so primarily looking at 425 for for defense or three three five three five three types of defense and that would also include five three and six two because your ends should be throwing a sound defense should be your

force players so that’s what we talking about on this live session if you have questions please go and introduce yourself and chat in the comments and I will answer a couple questions at the end if we have time you [Applause] all right so this is all gonna go

along with episode 209 of the football coaching podcast if you haven’t listened to that yet came out today in iTunes our episodes will be coming out on Wednesdays for now during the season in iTunes and on the website so you can go to Joe Daniel football calm /

to 0-9 to get that as well and it’s all about how to coach your overhang safeties and again as I said at the outset your overhang safeties are the same thing as outside linebackers they’re your force players that your flat defenders you can make it super complicated you

can talk about Nickelback sauce I’m not gonna go into that it’s all in the episode 209 of the football coaching podcast so go ahead and check that out what I’m gonna talk about here last night we did a live session specifically for we’re doing every Tuesday night during

the season a live session for Joe Daniel football clients and so RJ DFP insiders which you can go to Jordanian football comm click on the join button up at the top to get all the information about that you get access to all of our systems and then if

you’re a member of one of our individual systems like the four to five defense you can go to four to five defense comm to check out we get in there do live Q&A on Tuesday nights for anything that guys have you know questions about during the season problems

need to fix things you need to solve personnel issues adjustments depending a certain front jab machine or a certain you attacking the front whatever it is and one of the things that came up kind of going along with the podcast was some questions about outside linebackers and outside

linebacker drills and I said at the time I’m not a drill guy I’m just not I don’t value drills I know some guys are drilled junkies and there’s so many drills on the internet and there’s so many drills out there that you could run and I see coaches

that are running drills with no purpose other than to fill time you know you’ve got 20 minutes of individuals band I’ve got to have four or five drills to run during this time or my case is gonna be bored I don’t make it to be bored I’m character

bored they shouldn’t be bored if you’re working if you’re teaching if you’re coaching if you’re enthusiastic if you let them know this is important they shouldn’t be bored and so I don’t believe in every day drill because I’m also not gonna go out there do the exact same

thing every single day but my viewpoint on drills is that drill or for solving a problem and they serve no other purpose they are not a time filler they’re not supposed to be fun though they shouldn’t be miserable drills serve the purpose of solving a problem so if

you are having a problem with your with your offense or your defense you’ve got a player that has something that they’re supposed to be able to do on the field and they are not able to do that they’re not able to execute that then that is an issue

that I need a drill for and so when guys drill ideas are great but even go to youtube and you could look in a million different drill ideas and each one of our systems comes with kind of a core what you might call everyday drills they’re the core

drills that you would start with but the fact is and I’m trying to get to where I can see these there we go the fact is that you can’t just run drills I can’t tell you for example I can’t I can’t play into practice because I’m not watching

your film and seeing what your guys are doing I’ll give you an example my defensive lineman right now we’ve been working on keep all we do one thing all day for the most part I mean they read the fee tree defeat me defeat because we’re to gap kind

of front the problem we’re having right now is is pablum and so I’ve got people yelling at them hey you know paddle paddle paddle paddle that doesn’t mean anything so all I’ve been working on in trailers hands above eyes and like it’s all part of the same drill

we always do but I’m just focusing on that one element of it and that to me is gonna be more effective or upside down here than yelling it guys and and and so when I work a drill is to solve that problem and even though I say I

work the same drill over and over and over and over again I’m not gonna keep working that drill if we don’t have a problem related to it now I’ve simplified the position to a point where this is what they do and again just in case anybody’s wondering I’m

not I’m the offensive coordinator in our current staff so this isn’t I don’t teach the two gap deal very much although I’m learning it and I wouldn’t do it but I know guys who want to do it and so I’ll be happy to talk to you about it

sometime um maybe something I did but anyway let’s talk about these outside linebackers because I’m pretty simple in what we do with these guys so I start out with a read and the read if you listen to football coaching podcast episode 209 you can go to Judeo football

calm and you can get all that information on the read I go through how we read the quarterback why we do it what we do it you know what we’re trying to find out what we’re trying to see but essentially and I talk about where we fit but

this is a real simple guarding drill okay so this would be this is our force fit drill and I’ve got three comes out here comes the carcass Kota is a tackle this cone is our fit point I’m going to use running back and I’d like to have a

quarterback or a coach stimulating this movement and it’s going to start off really simple it’ll start off with an outside run like a stretch and I’m going to have this running back do add my outside linebacker whatever your alignment is now we are basal I’m at a 7

yards wide 3 yards deep we’re keying the quarterback but let’s you know keep it let’s put it wherever it’s gonna be hey this is our strong safety or outside linebacker whatever you want to call him it really doesn’t matter I go through in the podcast why I call

it my strong safety even though he’s probably really not and I’m gonna have this quarterback come out and let’s say we’re just gonna run a simple stretch path right a quarterback’s probably not gonna go through all that on day one and I’m gonna have this running back I

put this cone there for this running back to run directly at it and my strong safety reads and he bounced reads and again whatever you read whatever your keys are if you want to read him men on the line of scrimmage I would have an M man out

here giving him a run research so it’s gets used to training his eyes to go from for us Porter back to back key backfield and that’s fine so we’re doing this and this is called our force fit drew and all I’m teaching them is to rear on come

downhill they’re coming to a spot one by one off of where the defensive end would be get into that spot and then I’m gonna tell this are to either cut it back or bubble it to the outside okay so day one he’s learning if I turn it back

inside I fold back in by bouncing the outside I shuffle out okay and so that’s day one that’s all he’s doing is getting the read and coming downhill and I can add in elements with play action and you know whatever else I want to do if I want

to turn this into a naked or turn it into a key pass or you can build on that drill so this is one drill but I can build on this drill so the first thing that I can add in is I can change the path of the R

I can take this code out let my or I’m maybe or will leave that cone there and maybe tell my arc I could throw in a let’s say one to and at three and I can make this replays again I can expand this thing I don’t just do

this at random I do this based on what do we actually see and so I might tell my cue or my coach and my are hey we’ve got three plays that we run and the strong safety has a different reaction in each and so let’s say that he’s

going to get a inside zone and again I’ve got to teach my ores to do this or he’s going to get the stretch where we started this is why I like to use a coach is the cue because it’s just easier whatever the quarterback you want you want

to adjust this from week to week based on what your opponent actually runs and then maybe they’ve got a a toss and the key here is I want the quarterback action because we’re keying quarterback I want the quarterback action to match up with what they do I’m not

gonna spend a lot of time on one because it’s not critical to my strong safety okay I’m gonna spend more time on two and three this is the force player but that’s that’s a beginning drill I can add in beyond that now okay again and this is why

I don’t have a ton of drills I just build and build and build and build and now I can say all right I want to build let’s say I want to just build on the two going to a Dinn and this is what we do we work we

work a lot of riff move because we’ve had especially recent years we had very small outside backer overhang safeties and so they weren’t really good at coming in and crash block destructing with the shoulder into the blocker so we’ve been using rip move because if they’re you know

I had where we were at before like 200 and something pound tailback leaving up 145 pound ool be like that’s a loss it must suggest you know as we do something else we use this quickness and would rip move it because I feel like it would give a

smaller service but that’s all you know that’s all how you block destruct and that’s a different topic but I might want to come out here and say okay we’re gonna add a new element to this I’m gonna add in a blocking back and so now rather than cutting

off of the cone I’m gonna have my oar follow my blocking back my blocking back is going to come out here to block the strong safety on safety now has the added element it’s his read he’s going to come and either blot destruct he should blot destruct and

what I teach on the Block destruct is that if he’s attacking this thing here and again we wanted me to a little more in this area one by one and then shuffle out because what I want to teach them is if you do a good job Scot we

either cut back to the pursuit or he will be forced the bubble and again I’ve got a train my arse de who are probably other outside linebackers I better train them to be good teammates and some probably gonna start this out like 50% 60% 70% not full speed

day one knowing that I’m gonna get to a point where we can run this drill quickly and effectively but it’s probably not gonna be right now it’s probably not gonna be right away so I’m just going to expand on this drill and build on this drill overtime if

you guys have questions or comments or anything I will try to answer some questions at the end and it’s it’s just PowerPoint the program I’ll try to answer some questions at the end but that’s for spit drill it’s like I said this is one drill and so when

you’re looking for 19,000 drills we just expand this to look more like the game we start out with the one-on-one my strong safety getting is read out the quarterback and fitting on the arm okay we don’t have tackling to the ground you know the dumb that’s dumb this

is a purpose the purpose of the drill is arene right I can especially with no blocker in front of them to like let me see people run this guy over don’t don’t do that I could add in a tackle off the blocker once he’s got a blocker you

know if I want to but even then I’m not gonna go full speed right away because they’ve got to learn to feel this and I’m more and more becoming a believer in learning to feel how not a walk through not where we’re just walking through and everybody’s lazy

and giggling but where we are slowly progressing through a perfect rep in other words stepping we sort of a something I got from Lou Johnson we started bird walking our offense I just a go of it and they one step one step one step one step and the

defense is one step with them and I’m going to do the same thing on this early on so that they feel what it’s supposed to feel like so that’s force fit drill and again I can continue to build this I can add in other elements I can add

in a receiver in a corner and turn it into cracker place that’s gonna be the number that that’s gonna be the first tool that we do and it’s you know it’s one side it’s one one-on-one and I will basically take this and progress it sooo our umbrella drill

and there’s not a lot of it like I said now the other things we’re gonna do we’re gonna walk the strut one on one block destruct however you teach a block destructor with these hands you teach shoulder you teach rip whatever you do I tend to teach all

of them because I want to give guys options and some guys are better at certain things and so I’ll work some of them you know work each one of them individually at the beginning and then I’ll say okay you know what Tommy you’re really good at the RIP

move you do more of that Bobby you’re great with the shoulder you do more of that and give them options give them a tool you know get my tool chest to work from but then I’m going to progress like sit will watch destruct we’re work tackling I’m gonna

have drills for the past drops or pass reads or whatever that is – I’m gonna have drills for they’re blitzing so we’re gonna tackle we’re gonna block the struck we’re gonna work drills on blitzing back out with the quarterback edge blitz is we’re going to work on pass

drops we’re going to work on but we’re altum Utley going to get to this umbrella drill and this is something I took from when I was studying a lot of teasing you stuff I saw it on some teasing your video somewhere and all that I’m gonna do if

you don’t know the umbrella concept go to five defense comm / podcast maybe YouTube – for 25 defense comm / podcast and take a look at that the video is free there’s nothing you need to put anything in the video interest you there’s a free free video series

on the 45 defense that you can get by enter your email address but the video and understanding the umbrella concept is free and you can get it without putting anything without putting any you know there’s no barrier in like that so what we do with this is from

week to week we set up what we’re gonna see I’m gonna see a two back-formation with the tight end let’s say I’m going to set up my fullback hide in tailback and then our strong safety and again this is four to five you can call it whatever you

want before 2-5 cover three basically the same as before for cover three is no different I don’t care what you call it and I’m gonna line up this umbrella concept and I’m gonna start going through what they do and usually three things three to four things I’ll do

best outside one place so there’s no reason for me to work on ISO in this true there’s no reason for me to sit there and go okay I so here’s what you here’s what you do here’s how are you react like it doesn’t matter how they react to

a nice F okay so I’ll say alright this team I formation team let’s just say that their best play outside run game is boss and so I’m gonna show them tall strong I’m gonna show them toss week I’ll have a live why out here because I might play

action with him I’ll have a live why out here if I was keying him which I’m not usually I’m working the quarterback but he’s just a good guy to have out there to see it if they were gonna pull like we do our truck toss they’re gonna pull

the tackle I put a lot of tackle out there oops okay whatever you need the pieces that you need and this drill is where I’m going to again spend the majority of my time I’m gonna work block destructs especially early in the season I’m definitely gonna work tackling

I’m gonna build a lot of our pass into this where I can give them a pass read off of this and see their drops or their man coverage or whatever it is this is again guys say well you like I’m looking for drills this is it drill the

game drill the game this is their game and I always tell my favorite thing to tell defend defensive players that I coach is win the one-on-one game play the one-on-one game let’s strong safety is one-on-one game is that h-back coming to blocking right now he gets his read

and he’s meeting this thing and again I want to meet him right about there slamming and shuffle wherever you teach my free safety slow pedal it’s a run you see the toss getting down in the alley okay weak safety read step alright down a reverse bootleg ball goes

away counter burst bootleg and then pursue dang and I’m gonna work that I’m gonna start it out slow Monday here’s what they do here’s the backfield action on their top three outside plays and their top three outside plays may not all be run plays most likely not okay

boss sweet maybe stretch or an outside zone a play-action that attacks the perimeter hey what are those plays and that’s what my safeties and my free safety are gonna work on so I am NOT a believer that I need ten thousand I’m not and you know that I’m

gonna need 10,000 different drills that I’m going to break it down to the small things and I clear out the mess for them in your individuals the individuals are about the one-on-one game okay how little do I need I might even take this or I might even take

the are out if if we’re having trouble I’ve done this too if we’re having trouble and again just have the quarterback go through the motion with the ball or whatever and have them catch it and then stop but I’ve had where big issue was the block destruct and

so I’m gonna have him I’m gonna say I say take him out I need somebody to catch the pitch but then he’s dead I don’t don’t come off the tackling defeat the block because I get the are running some wild path here and the strong safety never makes

engages with the H because we don’t run toss sweep with a lead blocker or whatever and now all of a sudden we’re getting all kinds of crazy stuff he’s just running outside and I’ll say look our issue drills are for solving problems let’s take everything out once he

catches the pitch you block destruct eh and don’t worry about anything else when the one-on-one game okay so I hope that gives you some ideas guys that’s I mean in this drill I’m getting block destruct work so do I need to continue to work five minutes of block

destruct morrow one every single day not after a certain point once we established that we we know how to do it you know early on certainly but you know after a certain point I’ll take out the block destruct I’m still going to tackle because I don’t want a

live tackle too much in this so we’re definitely gonna have and obviously tackling is the most important safety wise we’re gonna work plenty of that but like do I need 10,000 drills here no I mean let’s play the game let’s get out here and take out the unnecessary

pieces football’s 11 on 11 I’m talking about one guy what does he need to play the game he’s got a block just he’s got a key to cube because that’s a wiki whatever you key he’s got a key to cure defeat the block make the tackle get it

real it’s out of there if the guy who’s he’s king the guy who’s just blocked threat and the guy he needs a tackle in there simplify simplify simplify that’s that’s the most important thing you have questions you can post them in the comments or just post them in

chat box there and and I’ll hang out for a few minutes let me just look back here and like I said this is PowerPoint it’s not a big deal that’s nothing special there Ronaldo says let’s see beat number 2 off the snap I don’t we’re nowhere near number

2 on the snap we’re keen quarterback on the snap the linebackers are it’s whatever you play I mean whatever you play although that’s how far off the linebackers are off the line of scrimmage it’s whatever you do mine my strong safety is 7 by 3 7 yards outside

and 3 yards off the line of scrimmage is base rule but that that’s what I would say chalkboard rule is 7 yards outside for the strong safety 3 yards off I got that from TCU we align wider again if you listen to the podcast go to if you

want to get all this information on alignment in my opinions on alignment listen to the podcast Jodie annual football calm 2:09 we’re going on iTunes and search football coaching podcast and that will tell you everything you need to know about what I think about outside linebackers will bring

safeties um you know it all depends on your coverage it depends on what you do some guys are 3×3 that’s fine where’s my weak safety is 5×5 if there’s no tight end number and I give all the reasons for that as well so you know without going in-depth

like our geyser um our guys are 7×3 on the strong side seven yards wide three yards off five by five on the weak side bass rule but then really the true bass rule is aligned to perform line up where you need to be in order to in order

to make the play do they fit on number two as soon as they see or coming out of the expecting to be the number two receiver we’re we’re run first guys if ours were we’re the forced player so if always coming out there we’ve got to force it

now if you’re talking about having a number two outside of us we don’t we play five by one we play when you’re outside of number two receiver five yards off of him and because our primary job is to force so there is a divider rule if he goes

out past a certain point which is really gonna be a lot based on game plan that will go back inside but if you’re talking about a split number two receiver you know we’re not gonna be outside of them so we’re gonna be yeah we have to beat the

blocker first and then and then attack the are always you got to defeat the block I tell our linebackers outside safeties whatever you should expect to beat a block before you make a tackle you should expect do you always have to know cuz team screw-up but you’re not

good if you’re making tackles and nobody’s blocking you like that doesn’t make you good what makes you good is if you’re defeating a block and making attack when you make a tackle because somebody didn’t block you that doesn’t make you good that shouldn’t go on your highlight film

like it shouldn’t and I’ve been in college and I’ve I’ve you know the the most valuable linebackers to recruit we’re the ones who defeated a block there’s tons of guys with highlight films that they’re just making you know open field tackles essentially so I hope that answered your

question we should always be expecting to defeat a block first one of the things we teach our guys is know who your block threat is and again that’s gonna come in this drill that’s gonna come in the drill that we’re running here where we’re gonna say you know

here’s their best plays on the outside run who’s blocking you well it’s either you know the HVAC or the number two receiver or it could be a crack block we should get a crack call from the in the corner no your block threat hi guys appreciate it thank

you very much if you’ve enjoyed this video has been helpful to you please like and share get more coaches on here I greatly appreciate you jumping on here on a Wednesday night check out my youtube channel Joe Daniel football comm slash youtube if you want a bunch of

other videos I hope this gives you some ideas on how to work your outside backers I usually except by the way I use the exact same drills for quarters Safety’s any force player is gonna use these exact same basic drills because they have a force defender so any

force defender is gonna use the same drills you can use it if you’re interested in more about the four to five defense check out four to five defense calm for all the information on how you can get instant access to the four to five defense system at a

pretty cheap price I kind of put it together because I want you know I wanted something that you can learn football from without em to invest $3,000 in it and you can get access right now pretty cheap so go to Joe Daniel football calm or should we go

to 45 defense com2 check out my for 25 defense system if you’re interested in the 34 defense for the 33 defense 33 defense or 3-4 defense those are also included in the JD FB insider membership go to junior football comm slash and join you get access to all

five of the system so a lot of stuff there if you have questions email me thank you very much guys have a great evening thanks for joining me on Joe Daniel football live and remember coach simple play fast win


July 22, 2020



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