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football player knows all about overcoming challenges he was born with one hand now he’s getting ready to run his first Boston Marathon on a team founded by a Marathon bombing survivor as wbz’s animal shows us the cause is important to both of them as a football player for MIT Riley Quinn has made some incredible interceptions but the first is one he’ll never forget I think the coaches and players were a little surprised I look at this kid has one hand and he can catch a football we should be able to figure this out so I think I was a little source of inspiration to motivate my teammates Riley has always inspired those around him he was born without a left hand but he has never let that limit him not in baseball basketball football or life I like to think I live my life and don’t really let anyone else define what I can and can’t do he has that same mindset now as he gets ready to run the Boston Marathon with team limitless raising money for the Heather Abbott foundation and I thought you know he just embodied our motto which is live your life he was you know obviously born with circumstances that could have limited him a lot if he let them and he didn’t Heather started her foundation that year after the Boston Marathon bombings so I was impacted by the second explosion I remember feeling as though my leg was on fire I was in a lot of pain and I knew I couldn’t get up and run like everybody else was doing as Heather recovered from having part of her left leg amputated she quickly realized that learning to walk again wouldn’t be the only challenge a lot of times insurance won’t cover some of the more advanced prosthesis that are cosmetic or used for athletics like running amputees are faced with either a very large bill to pay for them or being limited and not being able to do activities that they want to do through one fund Boston and other charitable donations Heather has been able to get customized prosthetic devices like this one which allows her to wear high heels again I think it gave me feeling as though I didn’t have to give up everything that was important to me in my life and also my privacy without people seeing it all the time now heather has made it her mission to raise money so other amputees can also have access to customized prosthetic devices which can cost tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket it’s a way of paying it forward and I guess kind of making sense out of something senseless so far her foundation has helped 30 people who have lost limbs due to traumatic circumstances and the goal is to help many many more just knowing that I’m raising money for for a Cause that matters so much to me and we’ll go impact the lives of others so it’s like that extra push where it just makes me try a little bit harder and get through that those last couple of miles and my legs are dragging and heavy and yeah I just having that that motivating force to keep going forward on a miler WBZ news Riley and Heather two inspirations since its founding the Heather Abbott foundation has raised about nine hundred thousand dollars and the organization hopes to increase that to a million dollars by the end of this year I have no doubt that that will be raised particularly when people find out that those donations help other people achieve independence they wouldn’t have otherwise when you see some of those images that people when they get that with that prosthetic that helps them run or live their life a bit more normally absolutely what a remarkable gift that they’re giving everyone Heather Abbott from the start has been an inspiration no question life-changing and great to tell Riley story to WBZ of course proud to be your marathon station race day is coming right up it’s Monday April 15th we’re gonna get you started with WBZ this morning live on the race route and marathon coverage starting at 7:00 a.


July 22, 2020



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