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Sport during lockdown they said it couldn’t happen But it’s back And we’re here to bring you All of the action We start with soccer and go live now to the Brandywell where kickoff is just minutes away Well Brian I’m here on the sidelines and let me tell you the atmosphere is absolutely non-existent Sounds like it’s going to be a cracker Oh there’s been a goal in the Dublin Derby That’s right Tierny swining a lovely cross in to the box there Dinny Corcoran completely unmarked due to the 2 meter social distancing rules Gets a head on it It’s a weak attempt But the goal keeper doesn’t get anywhere near it because he is too concerned over surface transmission from the ball It’s all square here in Dalymount Now it looks like our man of the match in the early kickoff is with Peter Peter? First of all, Shane, what a game.

Yeah it was tough out there You know, I was finding it difficult to breath through the mask, especially in the second half But it all turned around after half time? Yeah, well credit to the coach we got a cracker of a half time speech on zoom The sound cut out a bit but we got the jist of it.

And went out there and got the job done.

And we have the manager now live from his home in Donabate Pierre what did you make of the game? Obviously I could not be there.

So I have to watch the match on TV.

But I do not have SKY Sports so I have to get a dodgy stream It kept stalling Very difficult to watch I missed both goals And now I think my computer has a virus.

Onto basket ball Where we are just minutes away from tip-off Both teams emerging from the tunnel now Ukraine wearing their yellow PPE And England in their traditional white PPE Both teams looking very nervous.

Well we go to athletics now where Chris McLachlan has just taken silver in the men’s 100 meters I ran a personal best today but unfortunately it just wasn’t good enough I think Paulochev’s 2 meter head start it could have made a difference It’s a lot to make up especially over the 100 meters.

The 4 by 100 meter relay just finished now How did it go? One of the slowest races we’ve had here in recent times Each change over of the baton was met with a spray and a cloth Really slowed the whole thing down John Unwatchable Paul O’Hare is ringside Well I am here at the boxing Where it has been a very drab affair Both boxers avoiding each other like the plague This one’s going to go the 12 rounds We go live now to the Monaco Grand Prix Jack what do you have for us? Well it is neck and neck here Between McLaren and Mercedes Oh and it’s the Mercedes car That is being stopped at a police check point Well he’s losing valuable seconds here He’s having to explain where he is going Lewis Hamilton looking furious.

Leo Where are you? Well I’m here at the fencing where eh.



Not much has changed really Gloves, face mask and 2 meter distancing A sport flourishing during the pandemic Curling is a sport that’s also flourishing Very true but with one minor alteration Disinfectant has been added to the brushes on the ice So they are not just playing the sport but also sanitizing as they go Usually there are a few new sports that pop up every few years At the last Olympics it was rugby sevens and golf.

But what do we have now, Leo? Hand washing Brian.

It was only a matter of time.

Unfortunately the sport is already mired in controversy As Irish athlete Michael Donovan Was found in his residence to have traces of the banned substance Nutrogena on his hands He has disputed this.

And the hands have been sent to Seville for further testing.

Doomdah! Thank you very much for watching we’re Foil Arms and Hog We’ve new videos every single Thursday Hehehehe hooo If you like what you see why don’t you subscribe to the channel? And if you really like what we do.



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July 22, 2020



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