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eight hundred seven nine six seventy two thirty eight [Music] with you here from TJ ribs on a Wednesday night lots of Tiger football to cover here this evening real quickly before we get started want to send our thoughts and prayers to those in the path of hurricane Michael again coming ashore today a category 4 just below a category 5 and devastating video that was coming across this afternoon so we certainly want to send our very best to everybody in the path of that storm fans head to your local Subway restaurant get your 30-ounce LSU collector’s cup while supplies last with any meal deal purchase you can choose any sub a bag of chips cookies or apples and receive your 30 ounce LSU collector’s cup during the month of September hurry in these cups won’t last long and Subway reminds you go Tigers another great crowd here at TJ ribs on this Wednesday and once again it’s my pleasure and honor to welcome to the show everybody our head football coach at OSHA Ron coach great to see you know it was a tough game last week I know you’ve talked about it a lot this week it was an SEC battle you had two very good teams two very good coaching staffs good players all around a rivalry game and listening to you following the game on Saturday and even this week early on the theme seemed to be missed opportunities by the Tigers the big difference in the 27 to 19 loss yeah you know guys we’ll check out the game sort of coaches though we felt that we could have won the game we should have won the game we thought that were a better football team we missed opportunities of no excuses we had a lot of opportunities to put the game away we didn’t we had turnovers unusual Eternals we had penalties we had missed assignments or defense missed tackles and you can’t play a good team on the road and beat him on the road we beat ourselves you know right out of the gate again LSU as they have this season came out ready to play ten play 75-yard Drive you open the game go up seven to nothing quiet in the crowd just a little bit and then on that second drive the Tigers would have quickly driving again in Gator territory but one of those uncharacteristic turnovers you said a fumble one of three on the day allowed the Florida crowd to stay in it early and to me even though it was very early and a lot of place left to be had it was a big moment in that game no question the gaining momentum will returning of the momentum when outside that was first down I think going to 28 yard line we had slide protection I will F chord step down for a second to the right he should have stepped to the left and their speed went around there is Joe could see it it was the fumble it brought their crowd back in the game last week on this show you talk about the challenge that both polite and Zuniga would present coming on every snap from the defensive end positions Tigers had to make sure they accounted for them at all times they came away with three sacks in the game combined they were in the backfield a number of times and and you said just like a moment ago even on Monday in the press conference there were a lot of issues technique related how much emphasis any more so than any time the rest of this season that you guys have worked on that this week as you move forward because you’re gonna have some really good defenses coming down the line including this kind of Saturday you know listen Adrian McGee played guard for two days and he made that mistake there’s no excuse for that but you know we’ve had some injuries that offensive – Sadiq Charles didn’t practice all week and when you go play a fast football team again a good football team you don’t rust in here with rusty or mismatch protection that’s what happened all right let’s go out to the phone lines real quick again if you’re out there tonight want to get a call in to coach show here in Baton Rouge – 2 5 5 7 8 for 8 to 7 toll-free from anywhere 1-800 3 1 5 8 2 5 5 we’ll start out with fritzy tonight fritzy you’re on with coach Oh Fritzie we’re here fritzy we don’t fire pressure couldn’t wait to hear from you last week the Tigers didn’t quit okay and do coach yesterday you want coach stay if I coach the baller tomorrow and small fish [Applause] batter them when George comes into I fall in and they love that theory is if we don’t pop he’s gonna be just like a fool and II just hope he’s right and people get stuck thank you pretty we appreciate you we love you thank you Fritzi all right thanks Fritzi for the call we’ll continue with more will put to bed this past Saturday again a very big week for the Tigers at home 2:30 kickoff Georgia and LSU at Tiger Stadium much more coming your way we want to remind you you can upgrade your game day and tailgate with block party this football season for a unique hassle-free experience block party elevates the traditional tailgate experience by providing guests with premium products unmatched customer service and the latest technology join the party for memories that will last a lifetime we got more coming up with Coach OH from TJ ribs here on this Monday night the official barbecue restaurant of LSU athletics remember TJ ribs open late after games located here on Acadian Thruway Siegen late and ant prayer Ville back right after this on the LSU sports radio network do you have osteoarthritis in one or both knees if you have osteoarthritis in one or both knees are you on Medicare Obamacare or other health insurance if you answered yes you may be eligible for a prescription-strength solution for osteoarthritis of the knees covered by Medicare at little to absolutely no cost to you our experienced staff will work with your doctor and handle all of your Medicare or insurance paperwork find out for free by calling the vac and knee pain center call one eight hundred seven nine six seventy two thirty eight [Music] Bob Eubanks what are you guys doing here hi there I’m Bob Eubanks on behalf of the tax defense group and hopper had a big problem with the Internal Revenue Service back in 2010 I had a bad separation from my business partner and I basically left my business with a lot of debt and in regards to taxes it was a trying time and I just needed someone on my side where they weren’t willing to understand from my voice they were willing to understand from film attacks defense crapsalot hey if you owe the IRS more than 10 thousand dollars and you’ve got unfiled tax returns that you better call my friends at the tax defense group I mean who knows we might come to your house that’s right Bob call the tax defense group to see if you qualify for tax relief call 802 1 883 48 that’s 800-283-4847 on the beach on a towel or on your couch with your kid your campus is wherever you want it to be you know go to college college goes to you that’s the independence that’s Independence University you schedule classes around your schedule and all your supplies including a brand new laptop and tablet are included with tuition at independence you you’ll learn from professional instructors with real work experience you’ll get personal support in school and employment assistance when graduating get your degree but keep your life that’s independence and that independence and diversity so if you’re really smart you Nicole now call one eight hundred nine two one zero five six three independence you for an independent you call one eight hundred nine two one zero five six three all the Andal on show presented by hand chocolate from the LSU sports radio network a nice cold coke gameday it’s a great time to pick up Popeyes and a refreshing coca-cola I love that chicken for Popeyes proud sponsor of LSU athletics coach will continue to talk about last weekend before moving ahead this big matchup coming up Saturday that all the fans want to talk about I know you guys are hard at work this week getting ready for the matchup with Georgia on the defensive side will go out to Twitter again if you’re out there tonight have a call for or a question for the coach you can call in here in Baton Rouge 2 to 5 5 7 8 for 8 to 7 toll-free from anywhere you’re listening tonight at one eight hundred three one five eight two five five number of times on Saturday and you mentioned it some missed tackles and going out to the Twitterverse Glen wants to know coach so many missed lower leg tackles on Saturday and of late especially in that Florida game what changes in practice did you guys try to implement you know we worked on tackle and start Monday went back tackling a slant went back on a long stride short stride a technique that we use we worked on angle tackle an open field tackle all the things that we can do in practice we thought it up we worked on get to the Balmoral treyton more turnovers you know we get in the backfield we got to make those plays you got to run your feet and wrap up you know it’s one of the things that we saw at times the Tigers in position against Felipe Franks and against those running backs who would eventually rush for 218 yards and it was if they were in the right position of just couldn’t finish the play you just got to wrap up and run your feet and you gotta get more people to the ball you just can’t have one guy making a tackle you got to get three or four or five Tigers to the football we work tremendous week couple of things jacob phillips unable to go i know you talked to him before the game thought there was a chance for a game time decision just couldn’t do it Micah Baskerville who’s played well in his timer this year having to carry the load at linebacker first off want to get your thoughts again on Micah’s play in that environment against that competition how that’s gonna help him moving forward and this team and the good news at least at this point a good chance Philips gonna be good to go this weekend well he did very well and he didn’t know if he was gonna have to play the whole game but not we didn’t know Jacob Felton was gonna play till right before the game like a plane I thought he did very well Mike and some great instinct he was coached well and he banjo high school is the 5a state Defensive Player of the Year we believe in Micah you know he made some mistakes all freshmen will make mistakes for the most part I thought he played very well and again Jacob Phillips the prognosis looks pretty good going into Saturday yes sir we’re gonna need him you know at this time last year Jacob phones were ready to play and now we mess up when he’s not playing so it’s a matter of those guys getting the reps those guys getting their fits fitting in the right gap King diagnosed being the right place the right coverage and making plays when they get there another thing you talked about in the opening of the show six different combinations starting at offensive line this past Saturday in as many games Sadiq Charles was back but of course you felt he had some rust to have to to work off a little bit it was a loud environment pressure coming on every snap again the good news lessons learned obviously earlier this week in preparation but also maybe for the first time this year this has to be a great thing you may have the same starting combination for the second week in a row yes we do it no we wanted to revisit it on Sunday night we thought about moving Adrian to offensive tackle and I let chase on Heinz talk so chase ionizes is completely healthy but wanted to keep the continuity to keep the calls they’re you know lawyers done a great job for us Damian Lewis has been very solid so we wanted to keep the


July 22, 2020



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